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26 Unusual K-pop Asks: What's/Who's...
  • A: Something really attractive that your bias does?
  • B: A favorite physical feature of your bias?
  • C: A color that you think your bias looks good in?
  • D: Your favorite dance?
  • E: An idol you think would be easy to get along with?
  • F: The first group you loved?
  • G: A group you wish you could see more of on your dash?
  • H: The best hairstyle your bias has ever had?
  • I: The most interesting voice or style in K-pop?
  • J: A group you love to jam out to?
  • K: Your favorite non-Korean idol?
  • L: Your favorite line from a song?
  • M: Your favorite Maknae?
  • N: The best/catchiest name (or stage name)?
  • O: Another occupation you could see your bias being?
  • P: Your favorite photoshoot?
  • Q: A quality your bias shows that you absolutely love?
  • R: The best rapper, or, the best rapper line?
  • S: A song that never fails to get stuck in your head?
  • T: Your favorite hidden talent an idol has shown?
  • U: The most unusual group?
  • V: The best/sexiest voice in K-pop?
  • W: Something you wonder about?
  • X: Your favorite cross-group friendship?
  • Y: The last M/V you watched on Youtube?
  • Z: Not related to Z, but... Your favorite Kpop blogs?
Fantasy ga Hajimaru
Morning Musume
Fantasy ga Hajimaru

What’s wrong with being free?
There’s nothing wrong with doing what I want

Don’t think everything
Will go your way

I’ll walk down the most vivid road
In my most eye-catching outfit

Why do you put
Such heavy chains on me

When you’re nowhere to be found
On those occasional nights when I want you to hold me?

Stop tying me down
It hurts my wings

My body’s started moving of its own accord
Sorry for being sexy
I’ve got the glass slipper in my hand
My fantasy is beginning
My fantasy is beginning

Kiibo finding out his s/o is J-Pop/J-Rock trash?

So cute! I love it!


  • You’d been obsessing over a specific J-pop group for a week now
  • Their music was too catchy and both of you admit the members were hot
  • It was all you listened to on car trips, and you had even started to play it just when you two were relaxing at home
  • The upbeat songs lifted both of your moods!
  • You even had a few posters in your room here and there
  • It fascinated him to see a human so enthusiastic about a genre of music!
  • He also thought you looked really cute whenever you talked about it!
  • “Kiibo, I’m such trash for these guys, you’ve no idea.”
  • “…”
  • “T-Trash?”
  • “You aren’t trash!!”
  • “Stop calling yourself that!!!!!!!”
  • You giggle
  • Silly Kiibo!!
  • Later that night, he returns to the computer
  • He types into the search bar something he’d be too embarrassed to ask you, ever
  • “Tell me why my partner calls themself trash?”
  • He reads and reads as many responses as he can…
  • He finds the urban dictionary definition most helpful!
  • It reads, ’When your entire reason of existing is a certain thing, you are ____ trash.’
  • He gets it now!!
  • The next morning, he decides to impress you with his vocabulary!
  • “It is my understanding that I am what can be referred to as s/o trash!!”
  • Your face goes red
  • You spit out your food
  • Kiibo what-
  • Kiibo what did you just say-
  • You look back at him
  • He looks more than a little proud of himself
  • You give him a peck on the cheek for being cute
  • He’s glowing red, too, and he can’t help but smile!
  • He’s glad he could make you happy!!

Meet the J-Pop Group Consisting of Homosexual Men.

I get that this is like “Representation of the Gay Community”, but this representation isn’t necessarily a good one. 

They’re selling this as a concept and not really promoting the normalization and acceptance of the LGBT Community as everyday people. This concept exists purely for profit. They’re capitalizing off of it. It’s not really “sexual” because it’s like… whatever they’re just kissing, who cares. But it exists because Yaoi and boy x boy pairings are SUPER popular and it sells. 

I don’t think the creators made this with the benefits of exposing homosexuality to a conservative nation/continent in general in mind. I think it’s purely for the pleasure of those who fetishizes romantic/sexual relations between two men and that’s just not good exposure for an already struggling and over-sexualized community. I think a better representation of the LGBT community is actually FFC-Acrush, because it comprises of androgynous women who uses “they/them” pronouns. They aren’t over-sexualized, they don’t put emphasis on their sexualities or gender or draw much of any attention to it either. It’s simply a group of people who just so happen to be a part of the LGBT Community. They focus more so on talent than their sexuality and THAT’S good exposure.

This is what I’m trying to say; Frank Ocean, for example, is a bisexual man, right? People know he had sexual relations with Willy Cartier, and it’s known amongst general pop culture media that he is apart of the LGBT Population, however, when you hear the name “Frank Ocean”, do you think of him being gay or his music? 

You think of his music right?

That’s because he is known for his talent. His talent is why he’s so popular. And because of that, other bisexual men who also just so happen to be singers can look and him and say, “wow, I could be like that one day!”

Another example, Laverne Cox. When you hear the name “Laverne Cox” you don’t think of her being transgender first. You think of her being an actress first. She doesn’t sell her transgender experience, she sells her talent. And other people of transgender experience can look at Laverne and say “wow, I could be like that one day!”

That’s what representation should be.

I wish this J-Pop group didn’t sell their sexuality. They’re known for being gay. Their album sells and their music video streams because their audience fetishizes their homosexuality more than they actually enjoy their music, dancing, and the hard work put into them creating and releasing content.

And that sucks for not only them but the gay community as well.

- Admin Dayna

I feel like this a shot in the dark, but are there any other CHERRSEE fans on Tumblr? They’re a J-Pop group produced by Brave Brothers and they trained with AOA in Korea and they’re really cute and have catchy songs but they only debuted a few months ago so they’re still kind of unknown (yet still getting a lot of hate online for being “a horrible k-pop parody” honestly smh). They have 4 Japanese members (Nene, Sayuri, Miyu, and Hikaru) and 1 Thai member (Lena). They even have an English subtitled introduction video!! Here’s their second single that was released in September (and the intro video)! You guys should check them out if you haven’t already!

Favourite Comeback Concepts

Girls’ Generation - Oh!

2NE1 - I Love You

SISTAR - Give It to Me

KARA - Pandora

Wonder Girls -  Nobody ~あなたしか見えない~

T-ara - Sexy Love

4Minute - Love Tension

f(x) - Hot Summer

miss A - 남자 없이 잘 살아 (I Don’t Need a Man)

Brown Eyed Girls -  한 여름 밤의 꿈 (A Midsummer Night ’s Dream)

After School -  첫사랑 (First Love)

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Headcannon: While Mondo would never admit it and hides it diligently; he's into J-Pop and Idol groups. He had to use all his strength to resist fangirling whenever he saw Sayaka, who is one of his favorite idols.

Honestly Mondo, Togami, Kirigiri- all the real stoic/uptight characters in public keep their persona, but I bet when their home alone its full:


And no one can tell me otherwise ~Mod Anju

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What are everyone's favorite type of music?

I listen to instrumentals, from jazz to classical to techno. I rarely listen to songs with vocals anymore.

- Mod Evie

I have a wide array of taste tbh. It can go from Panic! At The Disco to Hamilton or Heathers. Sometimes I listen to synthwave/techno types too if I’m feeling it. But I prefer songs with vocals.

- Mod Lex

See above with Mod Lex.  We may both be Heathers and Hamilton trash.  I also love Starset and Imagine Dragons.  Marche Militaire, Elfin Tarentelle, and Dance of the Marionettes are great pieces.  Chopin and Schubert are great composers.  Debussy has amazing dreamlike pieces too.

 - Mod Waffles

I like a wide variety of artists, but I tend to favor J- and K-pop groups (Asian tendencies activate), Porter Robinson, P!ATD, Amy Winehouse, and plenty more. Not a fan of rap, heavy metal, or stuff like that, but otherwise I’m pretty open to different genres.

-Mod Tyra

I’m a huge fan of music that’s from the 1950′s to the 1980′s! I listen to just about anything but I always drift back to Hall and Oates. Other things I listen to include ANYTHING from the Fallout franchise. Also I like Arctic Monkeys.

-Mod Skye