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Be My Princess Season 2 - All Seven Routes [Princess’s Morning Kiss~ Secretly Living with the Prince Event] Jpn GREE

「You really helped by having the same opinions as me」- Henry

「……when I thought that something happened to you…… I was really scared」- Sieg

「……this, isn’t it delicious? You try it too, here……open your mouth」- Kuon

「I want to hold onto happiness quickly with you」- Oliver

「I’ll tell how nasty it is」- Kevin

「What did you say?」- Maximilien

「Is it delicious?…… What a relief」- Ivan

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Last year we had the Flash in earth-38, but he barely interacted with Kara and a couple characters more. It was fun, a good intro to the crossovers dinamic.

This year we got Supergirl in earth-1, and she met every other hero in Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. And it was awesome, I really really enjoyed it. The cast, crew and producers did it great. And they made me want more.

So next year I want everyone to go to earth-38 and meet Supergirl’s world and other characters. I want Cisco and Felicity fangirling with Winn. I want Oliver and J'onn talking about their heroes childs. I want Mick and the other Legends just having fun at the DEO, maybe being persecuted by James in his Guardian suit.

And I want Sara to meet Alex. I want Sara asking her out, and Maggie making her entry like “excuse me, you white bi canary, this is MY girlfriend so the door is that way”. And I want Alex looking at Sara with an apology in her eyes and saying “maybe in another earth”.



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What if the prince came from different country? BMP2 Version / BMP1

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Finally done with the grandsons! (≧∇≦)キャー♪

agateilie here you go Kuon with red hair & Spencer’s o3o he looks so damn good with them ♡


“My wife loves LL Cool J. She saw him at baggage claim at LaGuardia, waiting for his bag like he’s a normal person, which he obviously isn’t - he’s LL Cool J. So my wife, for reasons best understood by her, decides to go over and speak to him. But instead of saying hello, she starts rapping the verses from ‘”Doin’ It.” 


Since I had fun making icons for the BMP princes, I decided to make a set for the BMP2 princes too! ♪  

Princes forecast: A group of animals with an occasional human or two XD

(I guess the next set would be the butlers then…)

(The BMP set can be found here)


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