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  • Most books: One plot twist, maybe, sometimes two???
  • S.J Mass books: More twists than a fecking pretzel
  • Most books: Love triangle!!!!! Lots of ships
  • S.J Mass books: Love dodecahedron. infinite amount of ships
  • Most books: ONE character w/ a tragic past that breaks your heart OR an upcoming tragic future
  • S.J Mass books: Literally any time I think about ONE of the character's backstories or futures I get chest pains and a head ache
  • Most books: none :( or one or two gay couples (maybe more if it is a book specifically about the LGBT community)
  • S.J Mass books: a couple gays relationships, BUT SO MANY POTENTIAL GAYS. r u gay? how bout you? You could be. gay sexual innuendoes all around. I see it. swinging both ways. ok. GaY SHiPs
  • Most books: pretty great
  • S.J Mass books: LITERAL WORKS OF ART
RuPaul’s Drag Race Alphabet

Come through
Eat it!
Fuck you, Alyssa
Go back to Party City where you belong!
I’ve had it, officaly
Jasmine Masters
Let’s get sickning!!
Not today Satan
Peanut Butter
Ru Paul’s Drag Race has fucked up drag
Sugar Daddy
Tyra is a complete bitch
Violet Chacki

Don’t Defy Me, Doll Master List

i’ve been asked by a couple people to make one these, so here you go, dolls! 


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12



I promise I’ll try to keep this updated as i go along. 
thank you, again, for all the love, support, and advice. 
You guys are the best.

Disney Songs in their Cultural Languages - MasterPost

*Placed in two categories due to the internet being unable to agree on anything

Hunchback of Notre Dame
A Guy Like You
The Bells of Notre Dome 
God Help the Outcasts 
Out There 
Beauty and the Beast
Something There 
Be Our Guest 
Beauty and the Beast
The Work Song 
So This is Love 
Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale 
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes 

Snow White
I’m Wishing/One Song 
A Smile and a Song 
Whistle While You Work 
Mother Knows Best 
I see the Light 
When Will My Life Begin 
I’ve Got a Dream 
The Work Song 
Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale 
So This is Love 
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes 
Sleeping Beauty*
I Wonder 
Once Upon a Dream

The Little Mermaid
Kiss the Girl 
Under the Sea 
Poor Unfortunate Souls 
Part of Your World 
Love is an Open Door 
Fixer Upper 
For the First Time in Forever 
Do You Wanna Build a Snowman 
Let it Go 

Greek - Hercules (sorry I couldn’t find Ancient Greek ;)
One Last Hope 
Zero to Hero
Go The Distance
The Gospel Truth 
I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) 

I’ve Got No Strings 
Give a Little Whistle 
When You Wish Upon a Star 
Sleeping Beauty*
I Wonder 
Once Upon a Dream 

Mandarin - Mulan
A Girl Worth Fighting For 
Bring Honor to Us All 
I’ll Make a Man Out of You 

Arabic - Aladdin
Friend Like Me 
One Jump Ahead 
Prince Ali 
A Whole New World 
Arabian Nights 

Hindi - The Jungle Book
Bare Necessities

Zulu - The Lion King
Hakuna Matata 
Circle of Life 
I Just Can’t Wait to be King 
Can You Feel the Love Tonight 

161215 BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL.3 in Osaka D2


Namjoon: Welcome everyone to our fanmeeting. I’m your leader, Rapmon.
Yoongi: I’m Suga.
Taehyung: Natural perm~ I’m V!
Jimin: Everyone, I’m Jimin.
Hoseok: Make some noise! Wow, Osaka’s boy, boy meets Osaka. Everyone, Hope, Hope, I’m J-hope.
Seokjin: Hi everyone, I’m Jin.
Jungkook: Osaka’s man. I’ll protect y’all. I’m Jungkook!

Quiz Game: ARMY Master

MC: We have been receiving questions about the members up until last time, now I’ll ask you questions about the most precious presence to you, ARMY.
Taehyung: The one who got it correct the most will be ARMY Master?
MC: That’s right.
Hoseok: J-hope~
Jimin: ARMY Master is me.
Namjoon: Everyone, look at the spelling of “ARMY”. There’s me in “aRMy”.
Yoongi: The one who knows ARMY the most is me, genius Suga.
Seokjin: Hold on, I see ARMY even in my dreams too. ARMY Master is me, Jin!
MC: How many points should we give the first question?
Taehyung: It’s ARMY so 10,000 points.

Q: What’s the full name of ARMY? (10,000 points)

Seokjin: Angel, Real, My, Yes!!
Jimin: Army, Real, My love ARMY! Yo! I love you!
Taehyung: Apple, Replay apple, My apple, Yappari (indeed) apple.
Namjoon: All wrong. Everyone knows this right? It’s Adorable MC Representative for Youth. ✔
Yoongi: Arigato (thank you), Renshu (practice), Muzukashii (difficult), Yoshi (okay).
MC: Rapmon-ssi, correct!

© mondomizel1

• Master List •

• Kim Seokjin  •

• Min Yoongi  •

  • Numb ( platonic Yoonmin)
    Angst, Death involved, drubble. 
    words: +400 
    Summary:   Today I was reading about a bike ride in a book I recently bought and you appeared in my mind, when we were young and we used to ride as fast as we can, feeling the wind between our hair, while our cheeks were freezing.

  • We Were Born To Die
    angst, fluffly, Major Illness involved, death involved, sex scene.
    words: +8K
    Summary:   Until now I envy the infant’s carelessness, a child is a perfect creature, unblemished from the world’s brutality, unaware and unconcerned of the wickedness hidden in the lowest and remote angle of human kind.

  • Healing [Collaboration with @bxngtansmut ]
    smut, there isn’t a real plot, sex involved.
    words: +5K
    Summary:   Let’s just do it slowly, one step at a time. 

  • I hate U (request)
    fluffy, light sex scene, angst, internet friends.
    Chapters: 1 || 2 || 3 
    Summary:  For months I searched a guy in vain, I might take it as a game. I bite my lip looking at my computer on the table. A game. I just have to see it as a game. I swallow the water and I put the glass on the sink.

• Jung Hoseok  •

• Kim Namjoon  •

  • His Voice
    Smut, sexting, public sex, kinky.
    words: +2k
    Summary:  The phone’s vibration made you gasp. You looked around, then you took your phone from your bag unlocking it to look at the message you just received.
    “That red lipstick really suits your lips, hon.” 

  • Kinky Cards
    Adultfic, AU, Het, Kink, NSFW, Oneshot, choke, exhibitionism, fellatio, oral sex, alchool, handjob
    words: +8k
    Summary:   “Rules are easy” The blond guy began as he took the cards. “Each suit has a meaning. For example: I took hearts, this suit means “kissing” and it means that the person that takes this card has to kiss the girl, or the boy, that the bottle indicates” He said smirking at you “The number on the card represents the number of minutes each act have to last”.

• Park Jimin  •

• Kim Taehyung  •

  • PlayRoom
    smut, kinky, V p.o.v, tied up, choke,
    words: +2k
    Summary:   She was my favorite, for sure, and I loved marking her. Every mark was something of ours. Every night were hours in which she was mine.Only mine.

• Jeon Jeongguk  •

  • First Time
    fluffy, smut, first time, language barriers.
    Words: +3k
    Summary: You couldn’t deny to have been pretty worried as you heard he was going to visit your city. How could you have talked since he didn’t speak your language? 
Dream of Me (Padawan!Reader x Master!Obi-Wan Kenobi)

A lot of y’all have requested an imagine like this, so I hope you enjoy! Have a good Valentine’s! Just as a warning, here be smut!


You hadn’t started out as Obi-Wan’s padawan. For the first ten years or so of your training, you’d been under Master J’Org. But after you turned 18, your beloved master died, leaving you only partly trained and devastated. Your friend, Obi-Wan, though, put a stop to this.

He’d lost his master, too, and was there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on or some friendly advice. He helped you to be strong, and therefore the council thought that he would be a good candidate for finishing your training. His padawan, Anakin Skywalker, had recently become a knight, so he was able to take a new apprentice on at any time. He was kind enough to choose you.

That was two years ago. Now, the two of you had become even closer friends, and, if you were being honest, your feelings for him were beginning to grow even stronger than that. He was so kind and handsome, and you were so lucky to be learning from him. It would be easy for anyone to fall in love with him, and you were no exception.

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Master C & J - Face it
Label : State Street records / Year : 1987


Nerve chapter 6 (JokerXReader)

I’m sorry guys, this turned out not as good as I wanted it to be, I don’t know why but I don’t like this chapter even though I revised it several times. :( Hope you enjoy it anyways, I’m really sorry. <3 :(

Nerve chapter 6

One week later you were standing in Mr J’s master bedroom trying on some clothes he had „bought“ for you that day you and him were at this boutique in the city centre.

It was late in the evening and he wasn’t home, probably in his club running business or whatever.

He didn’t want you to come with him, he was kinda overprotective in front of you since he shot down the henchmen, who was staring at you whilst your fitting in the boutique.

You couldn’t figure out why he was like that, you were just a toy to him, a pretty play thing you thought, and suddenly he behaved like that?

This was odd.

But what could you expect, he was the Clown Prince of Crime, no one would ever understand what was going on in his mad mind.

You were looking around in the big penthouse after deciding to put on the black skirt with the matching stockings and the pink sweater, maybe this was strange, but it was your favorite outfit by far, -not to mention that it was Mr J’s favorite one too, what made it a little harder for you to actually wear it.

No one was here, they were all out besides the two goons which were guarding the front door to make sure nothing could happen to you and of course to avoid that you would run away.

But you had already given up on that, after watching Mr J work for one week now.

There was no human being in this entire city that he or Frost wouldn’t find, no matter how hard they’d try to stay incognito.

Also until now you hadn’t really a reason to run away.

Mr J wasn’t a good person after all, but he never hurt you and he kinda took care of you or at least he tried to do something like that, because you couldn’t believe he really cared for you.

Although you hated it to be jailed in here.

It was boring and it made you feel like he took all your freedom away from you.

You weren’t allowed to go anywhere without his permission and if you were allowed to do something it was only okay if Mr J himself or Frost were with you.

You sighed discontented.

Maybe there were a few things in the fridge so you could at least cook something, to keep yourself a little more jolly.

You knew Mr J never cooked for himself -that’s why the fridge would probably be empty-, he always sent Frost to bring something to eat or he went out with you for dinner, he was so spoiled at those things.

But to your big surprise there was something useful in the fridge and an hour later you were standing in front of a big wok with asian noodles and chicken meat.

It smelled delicious and you already got hungry whilst cooking it.

You were about to put something of the food on a plate until suddenly the front door of the penthouse slammed open and two big goons with machine guns stormed into the room.

You stared at them in disbelief.

„Oh … um … sorry, Miss. We thought someone was in here … we’re … really sorry“, the biggest one of them said after realising it was just you standing in the kitchen.

Awkward silence came over the two big henchmen and they were looking at each other like they never had experienced something that embarrassing.

„Well, would you like to eat something?“, you just asked and smiled at them.

Finally soemone to who you could talk to, even if they were just two of Mr J’s henchmen.

„Oh, no thank you, Miss. Mr J wouldn’t be delighted to see us eating with you“, the second goon said an smiled back at you a little nervous.

Joker wasn’t even here right now and they were still scared of him, wow …

„Are you sure? It’s really good and Mr J isn’t here yet. I won’t tell him, I promise“, you said.

„I’m sorry, Miss, we-“, the first goon started again but suddenly he stopped as he was smelling the delicious flavor of what you’ve cooked.

„Is that Asian cuisine?“, he asked.

You nodded your head and grinned at them.

„Well … I mean he isn’t here right now and … it smells so good, what do you think?“, number one asked number two.

„Just a small portion and then back to work.“

You couldn’t believe those big guys with the machine guns in their hands were such big fans of asian food.

You handled them both two plates with a small portion out of the wok and a few seconds later they looked like they landed straight in heaven.

„Oh my god … this is amazing …“, they munched.

„Thank you“, you said smiling at them.

„How interesting, is this what you call work when I’m gone?“, a low and gravelly voice suddenly asked into the blue.

The goons in front of you froze on their seats and your eyes got wide in shock.

„Mr J it wasn’t their fault, it was mine I-“, you said but he kept you silent with his most aggressive gaze.

„So, would you guys please be so kind and tell me WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE? DIDN’T I TOLD YOU TO STAY WHERE YOU ARE? DIDN’T I MADE IT CLEAR ENOUGH?“, Mr J yelled at them pointing his gold and purple gun at their heads.

„Mr J I swear we were-“

But before goon number one could speak further Mr J had shot them down both within a second, now his eyes were on you.

You couldn’t help but stumble backwards against the wall, while he was stepping towards you.

„And you … haven’t I told you not to talk to someone, while I’m gone?“, he snarled.

„I haven’t talked to anyone, they just came in, because they thought someone was in here with me, but I was just cooking“, you whispered.

Don’t you dare lying to me, doll …“, he growled.

„I’m not lying I swear“, you said.

Tears were running down your cheeks.

„Oh, you’re not lying, doll? THEN WHY THE FUCK HAVE THEY BEEN HERE?!“

He grabbed your neck roughly and pulled you in the middle of the kitchen before he raised his hand while you closed your tear filled eyes prepared for him to slap you.


Joker’s POV

Come on, punish her, she disobeyed you!

Just one hit!

She was crying and tears were running down her face while she closed her eyes in panic, ready to take whatever he wanted to do to her.

He was mad, he was in a rage and he wanted to punish her, but he couldn’t slap her …

Why not?

You told her, you don’t want her to be scared of you.

„Please“, she begged her eyes still closed.

Mr J grolwed in anger and let his hand sank down.

„Go to bed“, he said harshly before disappearing into the bathroom, where he surveyed his face in the mirror above the sink.

He looked pale and dangerous as usual, but something was different.

Something inside of the insane clown.

You like her …

You can’t like her, that’s impossible.

How could you let this happen, idiot?


You could hear Frost taking care of the two goons Mr J had executed half an hour ago, while you had been gone to bed, to avoid seeing Mr J mad for a second time.

He hadn’t done something to you, what really surprised you, but you didn’t want to court your luck.

As soon as you heared the bathroom door opening again, you were pretending to sleep, the blanket half covering your face, you didn’t want him to see you right now and you didn’t want to see him as well.

He said he doesn’t want you to be scared of him.

He should better think about his actions, before he could expect that from you.

The bed was sinking a bit, after he laid down besides you.

He was close and you knew this was out of purpose, he would talk to you, even though you didn’t want to.

„I know you’re not sleeping, doll“, he said a few seconds later.

You didn’t talk back.

„Don’t ignore me. Daddy doesn’t like to be ignored.“

You were still not saying a word.

„Alright, listen angel. And listen good, because I won’t tell this a second time to you“, he hissed into your ear, forcing his arms under your blanket and pressing your body close to his own.

„I don’t want you to be around any other men, you understand that?“

You nodded your head, holding back some tears again.

„I can’t hear you, angel“, he growled kissing and biting your neck.


„Yes, what?

„Yes, daddy.“

You wanted to avoid his touch, you had to process first, what happened in the last hour.

He was so close to really hurt you, you didn’t understand why he hadn’t done it but all you could think of now was: What would happen the next time, he got mad at you?

Would he hit you?

Or would he do even worse things to you?

Living with this man was like sitting on dynamite, you never knew when he was about to explode.

„Stay where you are, doll. I mean it“, he growled dangerously as he recognised that you wanted to back away from him.

He tightened his grip around your waist, so you were forced to lay with him here, till the next morning.

Last time you’d won his game, this time you lost without even playing.

Will you ever get used to this?

Norwegian iPod/Computer Vocabulary

Avsender - sender
en konto - account
et batteri - a battery
Aksjer - stocks
oppdatering - update
Et album - an album
Et anrop - a call
En app - an app
kamerarull - camera roll
Batteri - battery
varslinger - notifications
bild(er) - picture(s)
skjerm(en) - (the) screen
et skjermbilde® - a screenshot(s)
Et glimt - a flash
Personvern - privacy
Skjermbeskytter - screen protector
restriksjoner- restrictions
innstillinger - settings
en post/et innlegge - post
en emoji - emoji
oppføringer - events
påminnelser - reminders
favoritter - favorites
flymodus - flight mode/airplane mode
en gruppe® - group(s)
en mobil - mobile phone/cell phone
lysstyrke - brightness
hjelpe - help
bakgrunn - background
Indikasjon - indication
Deksel - case/cover
Informasjon - information
en kalender - a calendar
en kamera - a camera
en kart - map
En ringetone - a ringtone
Et kompass - compass
en kontakt - a contact
Høretelefoner - headphones/earphones
en lader - a charger
volum - volume
en sang - a song
Media - media
En mikrofon - a microphone
meldinger - messages
Data - data
musikk - music
en melding - message/text
et nettverk - network
Tjenesteyter - service provider
et nødstilfelle - an emergency
et notat - a note
Et nødanrop - emergency call
et tall - number
bruk - usage
personvern - privacy
Profil - profile
et profilbilde - a profile picture
en kalkulator - calculator
et skjermbilde - a screenshot
smilefjes - smiley
programvare - software
kapasitet - storage space
taleopptak - voice recording
Strømsparemodus - power saving mode
et tastatur - keyboard
en nøkkel - key
Telefon - telephone
lyder - sounds
en klokke - clock
en tilkobling - connection
video(er) - video(s)
Forhåndsvisning - preview
Retningsnummer - dialing code
Forstavelse - prefix
Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi
vær(et) - (the) weather
Playback - playback
oversetter - translator
en lenke - a link
tilgang - access
en knapp - a button
en utgave - a version
et passord - a password
et brukernavn - a username
et vedlegg - an attachment

Aktuell - current
generelt - general
Redigert - edited
Mørk - dark
Ladet - (fully) charged
Lyst - light/bright
Høyt - loud
stille - silent
tomt - empty (battery)
Mobilt - mobile
Ukjent - unknown
tilgjengelig - available
blanding - random/shuffle
bak - back
levert - sent
lest - read
sett - seen
gyldig - valid

å avbryte - to cancel
Å svare/Å ta telefonen - to pick up (phone)
å abonnere - to subscribe
å spille - to play (music)
Å veksle - to alternate
å oppdatere - to update
å endre - to change
Å pause - to pause (music)
å logge på - to log in
Å tilpasse - to adjust
å ringe/å kalle - to call
Å skrive til - to write to/to send a message to
Å svare - to answer
Å vise - to display
Å arkivere - to archive
Å legge på - to hang up (phone)
Å fotografere - to take (picture)
å logge ut - to log out
å slå av - to turn off/to switch off/to disable
å markere - to select
å redigere - to edit
å slutte - to end
Å notere - to notify
Å blokkere - to block
å laste ned- to download
Å entre - to enter
Å tilføre - to input
å slå på - to turn on/to switch on/to enable
Å begrense - to restrict
å lime inn - to paste
å sette inn - to insert
Å motta - to receive
Å fjerne - to remove
å låse opp - to unlock
Å erstatte - to replace
Å lage/Å skape - to create (event/account)
Å eksportere - to export
Å google - to google
Å opprette - to establish (connection)
Å legge til - to add
Å laste opp - to upload
å installere - to install
å kopiere - to copy
å lade - to load/to charge
å like - to like
å slette - to delete
Å flagge - to flag
Å tagge - to tag
Å rapportere - to report
å poste - to post
å sende - to send
Å ta skjermbilde - to screenshot
Å lagre - to save
Å blokkere - to block
Å låse - to lock
å spille - to play (music/game)
Å forstyrre - to disturb
å skyve - to swipe
å søke - to search
å dele - to share
Å tekste - to text
Å slå lett/Å ta lett på noe - to tap
Å taste - to type
Å forbinde/å koble til  - to connect
å bruke - to use
Å vibrere - to vibrate
Å bytte - to switch
Å videresende - to forward (message)
Å oppbevare - to restore
Å repetere - to repeat
Å spille om igjen - to replay
Å ta tilbake - to retake
Å gjøre om igjen - to redo
å vise - to show
å nullstille - to reset
å levere - to deliver
å trykke - to press
å klikke - to click
Å start på nytt - to restart
tusen takk til @xxflywithme for å hjelpe meg med oversettene og @languageoclock for ordene på engelsk (jeg bruket de samme ordene fra den tysk listen din)

thanks to Inger for helping me with the translations and Isabella for the words in english (I used the same words from your german list)

[EDIT: Thanks to @akademisk for making some corrections]