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The Joker x Reader 9 (part 1)

When The Joker is imprisoned in a nameless hell, what will happen when he meets one of its demons?

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The Joker watches as they bring you to your glass prison, unconscious again. It’s been three weeks since he first saw you. He’s intrigued. Your glass prison has four wall levels, each one with their own security guards; his only has two levels. He feels a bit…mad about it. What is so special about you that requires such measures?! From the distance, he can tell you’re a woman. You’re never awake to walk around your prison though.  He just sees your long, bright red hair.

“Hey, wha’sup with the girl?,”  he grins at his guards, trying to stretch in his straight jacket. “Are you guys deaf? How com’ nobody wants to tell me about her?”

“Shut up, freak! Or we’ll make you!!” one of them threatens, pointing at the bruises he got last time he got out of line.

“Don’ matter to me,” J starts laughing, backing out in the corner where his mattress is, slowly sliding down the wall so he can sit. “I’ll find out eventually,” he hisses, annoyed.

“I hate this job,” one of the guards sighs, shaking his head and turning his back on the prisoner. “They’re all fucking crazy in here.”

Suddenly, everything starts shaking and the lights go out for a few seconds. The alarm starts blasting and the emergency lights turn on.

“Hey, are you going to take us out of here? There’s an earthquake!” the Joker yells at the security, trying to keep his equilibrium while the tremors are getting stronger.

Something is going on. Everybody is running towards your cell, guards and doctors alike. Mister J stumbles, trying not to fall while walking on the shaky ground, curious to see what’s going on. A flash of strong light, then an unworldly scream fills the air. It’s so loud he immediately feels the need to cover his ears but he can’t; his hands are tight up in the jacket.

He watches with his mouth opened as your glass prison is engulfed in black mist, trying to guess on what is happening.  The personnel enter your room, but he can’t really see the details of the chaos. Somebody yells in pain, then another voice follows.

“Oh, ho,ho,ho!” he starts chuckling as he notices bodies slamming against the glass wall. “ Atta girl!” J maniacally laughs, enjoying the show. “Finally, some excitement in this hell hole!”

More security goes inside your cell. The earthquake is calming down. Another loud, unearthly howl and J starts to notice two glowing orbs in the fog, standing about 9 feet tall.

“Holy…shit…” he mutters when finally distinguishing your scary, ethereal shape being pierced by a lot of syringes filled with tranquilizer.  Your body is beginning to regain its natural shape; the Joker can see your red hair standing out in the thinning smog. Everyone is on the edge, running around, orders are being barked and it looks like the clamoring won’t stop anytime soon.

“No guards tonight! Everybody out, I declare state of emergency! She’s getting immune to the drug. If she wakes up again, I don’t want any more casualties, understood? We’ll control everything from outside! If things go down, we can level this whole place to the ground. It doesn’t exist anyway!” Colonel Flag passes by the Joker’s cell in a hurry, talking to his sergeant. “Got it?”

“Yes, sir!”

Their footsteps are fading, and more take their place soon. Bodies are being removed from your cell, blood cleaned and you are placed back on your bed.

“Can you guys shut it down?” Mister J complains, “I’m trying to sleep here!”

“Keep yapping, Clown, and you’ll get what you deserve! We’ll wipe out that weird smirk off your pale face!” the guard grumbles, irritated, coming back to secure the perimeter.  

“Promise?” J teases because he never knows when to stop.

“You asked for it!” The security gets inside, more people follow soon.

“You guys wanna have sum’ fun?” the Joker snickers, getting back on his feet to properly greet them.

“You crazy son of a bitch!” he hears before the first blow lands. They keep on kicking and hitting him until he’s on the ground, bleeding from his mouth and forehead. He doesn’t feel the pain; he can only taste the blood on his tongue.

The emergency lights turn on again. “Please, evacuate the perimeter. Emergency shutdown in 10 minutes. Please, evacuate the perimeter. Emergency shutdown in 10 minutes.” The announcement keeps on repeating on the speakers.

One more kick in the stomach and they leave.

“You’re lucky tonight, Clown. We’ll continue soon!” they warn him, leaving the room.

He’s on the floor, grunting, spitting out blood.

“Are we going to leave him like this?” someone asks.

“Let him be, we don’t have time to clean him up!”

It’s starting to get quiet, the staff is heading out the exits and you can only hear the alarm going off.

“What’s goin’ on, man?” some prisoner inquires with loud voice.

“I dunno, I can’t see anything,” another inmate replies. Of course they can’t, only you and the Joker have glass walls, all the other prisoners are confined behind thick, brick walls, only a small gap allowed in the heavy metal doors.


Mister J felt asleep on his mattress, exhausted from the beating he got (again). He feels his green hair glued to his face, drenched in blood. He tries to lift himself up but the first attempt fails.

“God dammit,” J mutters, giving it another try with all he’s got. He’s finally on his feet and he takes a few steps, almost collapsing. Nobody around, just all the prisoners left behind, disposable casualties in case things go wrong.

“I’ll be…” his icy blue eyes widen with surprise, realizing you are up and walking around your cell. You look like a caged animal, running from wall to wall, hitting the glass with your fists, talking to yourself.

He starts banging his head against the wall facing you, attempting to get your attention.

“Baby doll, over here!… Hey!!! Over here!”

You notice the green haired man staring at you, his right side of the face swollen and bruised, dry blood covering his cheek and jacket. You cautiously approach the glass, squinting your eyes so you can see him better.

“What’s your name, doll?” you hear him ask while he flashes his silver grill at you.

You don’t answer.

He gets impatient. “You can’t talk or what?…C’mon, talk to me, I don’t bite…but you sure do!” J starts cracking up, excited, tilting his head backwards.

You smile back at him, amused by his reaction.

“Ahhh, so pretttttyyyyy…” the Joker purrs. “ Why are you in here? Is it because of that…thing?” He bites his lower lip, waiting for your answer.

You frown. Still no sound comes out of you.

He tries a different approach.

“I really liked what you did there… Nice work… “ the Joker praises you, puckering his lips in admiration. “Could you kill more?”

You finally speak, scoffing: “ I could kill everybody in a heartbeat if I wanted to.”

“What’s stopping you?” he grins again, happy you are finally talkative.

“I have to control myself, otherwise I will destroy everything.”

“Aaahhhaaaa,” J nods like he gets it. “What’s wrong with that?” he loudly hits his head against the glass, making you wince.

“Are you crazy?” you ask, starting to laugh, shocked he caught you off guard.

“Yessssss”, the man giggles, winking at you.

“Me too,” you whisper loud enough so he can hear you. “I need to get out of here.” You turn your back at him, closing your eyes, considering your options. “SHE’s getting immune to their sedative and I can finally be awake and leave.”

“I heard it: if they feel something is wrong, they will detonate all the bombs and nobody will ever know what happened. No one cares. No one knows we’re here,” J confesses with a sudden serious expression on his face.

You exhale loudly, calling HER forth in your mind. The ground starts to shake again; your eyes go in the back of your head, only the white orbs glow in your eye sockets now. You blink a few times, surprised at what you notice with your unwordly eyes: every shape you always see is covered in shadows but HE is glowing in the darkness. Never before you saw somebody shinning in The Void. You step towards the glass barriers and with no effort you pass through all four of them, liquid shards dripping behind you as you melt everything in your way. J watches you fascinated as you get inside his chamber, instinctively taking a few steps back to protect himself from the heat you irradiate.

“Wow, doll, I’ve never seen a metahuman so close before,” he admits with a demented smirk.

You’re starting to turn, black ashes and smoke surround you with a whooshing sound. Your human body disappears, you’re suddenly getting taller and the dark being inside you takes control. The glass and walls start cracking from your power. The green haired man doesn’t seem scared.

“They are taking this place down,” SHE speaks with the voice of a thousand shrieks, hurting his ears again.

“Set him free,” you command and with a gesture, his strait jacket dissipates in thin air. He cracks his neck and shoulders, then comes closer to you, using his right hand to protect his face from the scorching intensity of your body.

“Take us out of here,” the Joker hears your human voice from above, but he can’t find any trace of the beautiful red haired woman he saw earlier- just the creature starring at him with demon eyes.

SHE demands blood, SHE wants to burn him alive, but you don’t allow it.

“He’s off limits, don’t hurt him!” you order and the being snarls at him, barely containing its desire to snap his neck.

“Now take us out!” you frantically scream, already feeling the chain explosions that started on the other side of the building.

The black mist covers the Joker also but this time it doesn’t burn.

Flag watches the monitors, shaking in anger. He sees the fog, then the flash of light, and afterwards there is nothing left in the glass cage. The strong blasts take out the cameras, all the screens getting static in the same time.

“Shit! Shit!!!! We lost them!!!” the Colonel yells from the top of his lungs, frustrated. “How in the world am I supposed to explain this?” he moans in exasperation, starting to dial on his cell phone.

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  • Joker in Suicide Squad being fucking insane and leaves his girlfriend for dead in a car under water when he knows she can't swim, and simply just being crazy throughout the whole movie: "SOMEONE FUCK ME RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW" *drools*
Torn (Part 1) Bucky x Reader

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Hey, everyone! This is an idea that came to me today, so I thought I’d make a lil series of it. If you don’t like it, let me know but if you do give it some love! Also, let me know if you’d like to be tagged! It’s basically a DC x Marvel series.

Summary: reader is a mobster who works for the Joker and is best friends with Harley Quinn. But when a mission goes wrong and she is captured by the Avengers, can she turn her life around?

Warnings: swearing, violence

You woke up in your apartment to the sound of gunshots and police sirens. You sighed, that was basically an alarm in Gotham. You rolled over and checked your phone, seeing it was 7:30am. You might as well get up, you were due at bossman’s house at 10.

You got out of bed and began playing music out of your phone. You headed into your en suite bathroom and hopped in the shower. You did a full on hair wash, shave, and body wash session. When you stepped out you felt fresh. You brushed your teeth and walked back into your bedroom. 

You made your way over to your wardrobe and began searching through your clothes while swaying your hips to the music. You came to the decision of a tight blood red dress that had a plunge in the front and hugged your figure beautifully. You slipped into your favourite bra and panties and began styling your hair. You did your makeup natural, but still pretty and you straightened your gorgeous (Y/H/C) locks. After a quick spritz of your finest perfume, you stepped into your dress and looked in the mirror.

Hot damn.

Always dress to impress, Harley’s voice said in your head. You put on your cutest Louboutins and grabbed your clutch. You shoved in your keys, phone, money and lipstick before heading out the door.

Hey, sugar, Mr J. ready to see me? you texted Harley while stepping into your car.

As always, puddin’. We got a big exciting deal tonight which the bossman says we gotta be dressed to the gods for. She replied moments later. You smirked.

I think I’m ready. Be there in 5 sweetness xoxo

You put your phone back in your clutch and sped down the freeway. You may not be a maniac like J or Harley, but you sure as hell drove like one. You were blasting your favourite song through the speakers the whole way there, only turning it off when you pulled up outside your boss’ massive estate. You grabbed your clutch and stepped out of your car.

“Miss (Y/N).” the large man in all black at the front door said to you. You winked at him and slid past him into the huge mansion. It was gorgeous on the outside, but all black and gold on the inside. You can’t complain, it was a goddamn castle compared to your tiny place.

“Puddin’!” the familiar voice of Harley Quinn shouted to you from the top of the staircase. You looked up and grinned at her.

“Hey, sugar!” you shouted back, running up to her with your arms extended. She met you halfway in a tight embrace. When you pulled back from each other, she looked you up and down and smiled in the way a proud mother smiles at her child.

“Jesus, (Y/N),” Harley gasped, “they other gangsters ain’t got a chance on you, hot stuff.” you giggled.

“Look at you, though!” you exclaimed, seeing the gorgeous black and gold number she had on. Her hair was curled and she had on her signature eye look finished off with her red lipstick. She grinned at you, obviously happy with your response.

“Mista J is waitin’ on ya, hun.” she said, grabbing your hand and pulling you up the stairs towards his office. She opened the doors and you and her both walked in, taking the two chairs facing the large mahogany desk. Behind the desk was a literal throne which Mr J himself was planted on. He gave you a quick eyeing up and down before nodding in approval and grinning manically.

“We got the biggest exchange yet happening tonight, dolls.” he said to you both. “Sam Giancana and his guys are giving us almost a million dollars in exchange for the goods we got.”

“Mr J, if you don’t mind me pointing out,” you interjected, sensing a massive problem with his plan. “We ain’t got no goods.”

He simply laughed hysterically at you like you had just cracked the best joke he had ever heard. Harley snorted next to you and you elbowed her in the ribs.

“Oh, kitten”, he purred at you. “They don’t know that, do they? We get the money first then take them out.” your eyes widened.

“But Giancana himself will be there!” you shouted, not meaning to be so loud. “He’s the most feared gangster there is! We can’t take him out!”

“Ssh, ssh…” The Joker whispered to you. “You gotta calm down before you get hurt.” you immediately shut up and nodded.

“When and where are we going?” Harley asked enthusiastically.

“See, this is the response I’m looking for.” he said, pointing to Harley while staring at you. “We leave now. We’re going to New York.”

Harley squealed and clapped her hands out of excitement and you smirked. You had never left Gotham before, so you were pretty buzzed yourself.

“Where in New York?” you asked the Joker.

“Downtown. Near the Stark tower.” he replied. You rolled your eyes.

“Those fucking Avengers…” you mumbled. The thought of a bunch of superheroes all fighting in harmony to save the world made you sick. Everybody needs to be a little bit bad to have fun, right?

“I agree.” Harley said. “But we’ll need to lay low, won’t we J? Don’t wanna be getting caught in an exchange, do we?” you scoffed, she was such a suck up to him. She obviously liked him and he obviously liked her back and it was so frustrating.

“Damn right we don’t, dollface.” he smiled at her. “That goes mainly for you, (Y/N).” he said to you. Your jaw dropped in shock.

“What the hell you talkin’ bout, boss?” you asked him. He waggled his finger at you in an annoyingly patronising way.

“Don’t forget that one exchange where you blew up the building. And that one where you killed all the wrong guys. And that one when you drove a truck through the wrong club. And the one where-”

“Okay, okay,” you sighed in defeat. “I get it, dammit.”

“Why can’t you be more like Harley, here?” he said, staring at your best friend in awe. You could see her pale skin flush red.

“Sorry I’m not off my fucking rocket, boss.” you said. “Don’t lie, I’m the best one here mainly because I’m the only sane one here.”

He just groaned before slamming his hands down on the desk, making you and Harley jump. You apologised quietly.

“Stop arguin’ with me here.” he said more sternly this time. “Get off your ass and grab your shit. I’ll meet you at the airport in an hour.”

With that, you and Harley both darted out the room and parted ways. She headed down the corridor to her room while you went down the stairs to your car and drove back to your place. You pulled out your carry-on which you had deserted in the corner of your room years ago due to the fact you never travel, only to the Joker and Harley’s if someone was on your tail. Which, for the record, barely ever happens. You grabbed your makeup bag, perfume, phone charger and earphones (the necessities) before packing stuff like your most flattering outfits and heels.

You texted Harley as you headed out the door for the second time that day.

Hey, ‘dollface’ you at the airport?

In the car on my way with bossman. And OMG I can’t believe he called me that! I almost pissed myself in shock!

Oh, Quinn, you’ve always been a classy lady. How far out are you guys?

Like 10 minutes but he says he’ll have the jet ready for you. Wbu?

15 or so. Tell him I say he’s a sweetheart.

He says he’ll put a bullet in your head if you call him that again.

Shit. Sorry. See you soon xoxoxoxo

You hadn’t ever been to Gotham airport before, so you were actually pleasantly surprised when the taxi pulled up next to the entrance. It was dark, as was the majority of Gotham, but it was still extremely large and the steel architecture was amazing. You thanked and paid the cab driver before stepping out with your carry-on and strutting towards the private entrance.

“Mr J is waiting for me.” you told the guard who was occupying the gate.

“I’m sorry who?” he asked you like you were crazy.

“The Joker. Clown Killer. King of Crime. Lord of the Criminal Underworld. Ring a bell?” you asked him sarcastically.

“O-oh, him…” he began fumbling with the controls to the gate. “Sorry, ma’am. Please come in.” you chuckled at how scared people get when you mention your boss’ name. You thanked him and strode past him before coming to a halt at the sight of the gorgeous private jet in front of you. You were hurried on by the pilot and you plopped down next to Harley. 

This is gonna be fun.

After a long, and rather enjoyable flight you felt the jet jolt under the force of you landing at JFK. You and Harley were both busy taking selfies on Snapchat to notice you had landed until the pilot actually announced you had reached your destination. You both gasped in excitement and hopped to your heeled feet, tottering off the plane. 

A large black Mercedes pulled up in front of you. Harley and Mr J got in the front, and you got in the back with all the bags. Typical. Bossman was driving and you honestly weren’t scared, he’s no better than you.

After a painfully long car journey, you pulled up in front of a large club. You didn’t catch the name of it. You, being your vain self, was more interested in fixing your hair and putting on a fresh layer of lipstick. 

Before you could powder your nose, the security guard was opening your car door and pulling you out by the elbow. You were about to argue, but you were basically blinded by all the flashing cameras. Taken slightly aback, you just walked into the club with your mouth agape. When you stepped in, the deep bass of the music instantly had you swaying your way over to the bar to sit next to Harley.

“What the hell was all that?” you asked her, flopping down on a barstool overdramatically and dropping your clutch on the bar.

“Mr J is pretty famous out here,” she said, snorting at your dramatic entrance.

“No shit.” you mumbled.

“Looks like someone has their eye on you.” Harley said, sipping on her drink and nodding her head in the direction of behind you. You turned round on the barstool to see a hunk of a man. He had shoulder-length brunette hair and he had an immensely muscular build. The main thing you noticed though was his intense blue eyes staring right into you. When he noticed you staring back, he turned away and merged in the crowd.

“Think he’s one of Giancana’s guys?” you asked her casually while ordering a drink for yourself.

“I don’t think so.” she replied, “those guys usually blend in way more than just stare at their target.”

As the night progressed, you and Harley began to let your hair down more. Bossman approached you a couple hours in giving you earpieces to take orders from him while he was in the VIP lounge with Giancana. That was a while ago, though, and you began to wonder what had happened.

You and Harley had managed to get onto the centre stage and you were dancing with each other one minute, and spinning round the pole the next. People were throwing money at you and men were clapping, you weren’t exactly complaining. You were having a ball.

“(Y/N)! HARLEY!” the Joker’s panicked voice rang through the earpiece suddenly, almost knocking you off the pole. Your eyes scanned the building, trying to find him. You didn’t realise how drunk you were until you tried standing still. The club was almost empty, except a few guys who were still watching you dance from the bar. You began to panic, as you noticed Harley was gone. You leapt from the stage and made for the stairs leading up to the VIP lounge when the sounds of guns loading behind you stopped you.

You turned slowly and saw Giancana himself standing on the stage where you had just came from. Your mouth shot open, you couldn’t help it. One of the most feared gangster’s was smiling directly at you. 

“Joker?” you whispered into the earpiece, barely moving your mouth.

No response.

“Harley?” you tried again. Nothing. 


“Mr Giancara, it is an honour.” you managed to stammer out, earning laughs from himself and his men. 

“My dear, how polite you are.” his gruff voice said to you. He stepped down from the stage and swept towards you. You managed a weak smile. “Where are your friends?”

Your blood ran cold. How did he know? Surely he must have taken them otherwise he wouldn’t know about you and Harley being associated with the Joker.

“Who?” you whispered to him.

“Come on, honey.” he said, using two fingers to pull your chin up so you were facing him. “Drop the act.”

“I- uh,” you began, trying to think of a cover story. “What do you want?”

“You.” he said to you. Your mind immediately started racing. What did he mean? That could mean so many things.

“I-I’m sorry?” you said to him.

“Why don’t you join us?” he asked you, raising an arm towards his men who all still had guns pointed at you.

“Why would you want me?” you wondered.

“You’re incredibly skilled.” he said, smiling. “And a beautiful woman like you should put her looks to use.”


“Sorry, sir.” you answered him. “I work for Mr J only.”

His smile fell from his face. Oh, dear.

“I heard he doesn’t treat you right.” he said, circling you. “We could treat you so much better than he does. He just favours that Harley of his. They’re just crazy. We’d all treat you like the queen you are.”

“He treats me an’ Harley the same.” you answered him shortly. Your sassy attitude wasn’t helping.

“Is that so?” he said, a smug grin plastered across his face.

“Yes, sir.” you said.

He pulled out a phone and showed you a video which seemed to be taken from a traffic camera. It showed Harley and the Joker running out the back door of the club laughing. They hopped in what looked like a getaway car and sped off down the street.

“What the fuck is that?” you growled at him.

“Watch your mouth, missy!” he shouted, making you jump. “That is them leaving you here to deal with us. They planned this whole thing, dontcha see? They wanted you to be left behind to be killed for their escape.”

His words hurt like a bitch, but you knew they were true.

“Okay.” you said. “I’ll work for you.” you gave up, you had no other option. It was either that or dying and maybe working for Giancara would allow sweet revenge for you to get on the Joker and ‘best friend’ Harley.

“Good girl.” he said, taking your hand and leading you out the back door. “We’re gonna treat you real nice, lady. You’re gonna-” he was cut short by the sight you saw outside.

It was around nine people all around several black cars. One of them was the man you saw earlier.

It was the fucking Avengers.

“Hand her over.” a man you recognised as Captain America said from the centre of the group. You rolled your eyes. Giancara didn’t hesitate, he shoved you roughly towards them, causing you, in your drunken state, to trip over your own heels and fall to the ground.

“Fucking hell…” you grumbled, pushing yourself up off the ground onto your feet. You kicked off your heels and picked them up, deciding that was the less embarrassing option.

“You okay?” a redheaded woman you had never seen before asked you.

“Yeah, thanks lady.” you replied. “Excuse me for asking but what the hell is going on?”

“We’ve been watching you for a while, (Y/N).” a male voice to your left said. “You’ve been doing some rather illegal things. Although, we have also noticed you’re a half decent spy. We’ll be taking you in for a while and monitoring you, seeing if you’ll be a good addition to the team.” you turned around to see whose voice it was.

Tony. Fucking. Stark.


How the tables have turned.

So yeah, if you don’t like it, please tell me but I thought it would be a good idea and the Joker and Harley will return soon, don’t worry! If you do like it, don’t hesitate to like or let me know!

Thanks dolls! And Bucky x Reader stuff will happen next chapter.

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I’ll Show You Crazy Pt. 4

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Words: 1,656

Warning: Smuuutt

vine credit: shut up ho (you gotta check this account out it’s amazing)

“So, Mister and Miss J,” Our new client says as he sits across from us, “Nice to finally meet you two famous criminals.”

J and I smirk with confidence. I play with my fingernails on my left hand, taking note that I need to repaint them later.

“Oh I’m sorry, Misses J.” Our client corrects himself after seeing my very sparkly ring.

“Miss J.” I correct, “It rolls off the tongue better.” I explain, using hand gestures to add emphasis.

I lean on the bar counter with puppy dog eyes. “Whiskey, please.” I adjust my all diamond necklace J and I stole the other night as I wait.

“I got it.” The client from earlier pulls out his wallet as he sits next to me. I turn to him with a judging look as I get my drink. He places a $5 bill on the counter for the bartender. “What? Don’t accept mannered men?” He flirts at me.

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“I know you didn’t want roses, but I hope rose gold is still okay”
My first Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend, hell my first real boyfriend. He did so well.
I feel so freaking special around him. Not just Valentine’s Day but every minute I’m around him.
I pinned this ring to a board about “things I want but I’ll never have/find” and HE FOUND IT. AND BOUGHT IT. He doesn’t even know what Pinterest is but he knows me and it just blows my mind.
It’s rose quartz set in rose gold with two tiny diamonds. I hate most gold but rose gold is so special to me. It’s really hard to find metal I’m not allergic to and that happens to be one of them!!! And it’s PINK!!!!! And I don’t like diamonds so this is so perfect and just ugh. I love him and this. I don’t even know what to do with myself.

(Also side note behind the caption: I love flowers like a freaking lot. I find flowers more precious than oxygen. But I find roses to be tragically overused and cliché while still beautiful. But they feel so empty and devoid of meaning to me. I prefer peonies and babies breath and lilies and hydrangeas and well you get the point.)

Everyone’s coming up with deep, story-related reasons for why Bill possessed Blendin, but knowing that Alex Hirsch and Justin Roiland are real-life friends, I’ve got my own theory:

J: So, you’re finally getting around to that “end of the world” arc?

A: You know it!



A & J: *maniacal fistbump*