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UGH j*hn m*y*r praise that puts down taylor swift gets me so heated. yeah she’s flawed and i hope intersectionality will become a prominent part of her feminism (although basing it on self-experience is a valid way to talk about your personal growth and is not “self-serving“ or “convenient” but rather “staying in your lane“) but validating the gross as hell man that abused 19 year old taylor swift when he was in his 30s is beyond ugly and in no way progressive. why can’t you guys pull your heads out of your asses long enough to realize that maybe you’re misinformed about some aspects regarding taylor swift because you literally don’t know her at all 👀


Now that trans day of visibility is over, I wanna seriously seriously talk about what visibility means to me and why I don’t want it.

This year, along with two others, I disrupted my city’s pride parade to protest a contingent of primarily-straight police officers marching in uniform. The response was violent and immediate - I was dragged by my hair out of the street, and thrown at the ground hard enough to break my arm. My two friends, who pass as white and cis, were uninjured. I’m visibly nonwhite, visibly trans. That video is me having my broken arm twisted behind my back and handcuffed.

On the trans day of remembrance, we memorialise those of us who this society has killed. Most of those people are Black trans women and trans women of colour (Goldberg & White, 2004). And then what happens on the trans day of visibility? Overwhelmingly, we celebrate white dfab trans people. Trans women of colour are completely decentered. We’re the ones who need support, we’re the ones who need help, we’re the ones who are dying in this community but you all still refuse to talk with and about us. If there’s almost no overlap between the people who are being killed and the people we’re giving our support to, we have a fucking problem. The issues faced by trans people are massively gendered and racialised. By completely minimising those power dynamics in favour of celebrating white dfab people, the trans day of visibility is functionally transmisogynist and racist. 

I am not satisfied with only being talked about after I’m murdered. Support us before we die, not just after. 

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She adored all beautiful things in their every curve and fragrance, so that they became part of her. Day by day, she gathered beauty; had she had no heart (she who was the bosom of womanhood) her thoughts would still have been as lilies, because the good is the beautiful.
—  J. M. Barrie, The Little White Bird