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Luv U Better
LL Cool J
Luv U Better


LUV U BETTER was the leading single from LL’s 9th studio album “10”. The song became a massive hit in the US reaching the top 5 of the HOT 100 and topping the US R&B chart (something he hadn’t accomplished before since I NEED LOVE in 1987)

“10” is a masterpiece, one of my favorite records..

Exo-Growl & BTS-Boy in luv mash-up 💜💙

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So this is the original/raw version of Boy In Luv’s song and choreo. The video was named REALMAN and uploaded two years ago on December 18, 2013 by David Lim. Someone said that he’s one of BTS’ choreographer too. CMIIW. 

The video is unlisted, but you can find the original video here.


Q: Why do I love BTS?

  1. They’re the best HipHop group worldwide
  2. They’re all talented
  3. They write/produce their own music
  4. They’re funny & dorky
  5. They slay us with their songs
  6. Their dance choreographies are fucking awesome
  7. The members threat each other like brothers
  8. They have an adorable fan club: A.R.M.Y 
  9. They share their emotions with us
  10. A group that won’t definitely fall apart

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anonymous asked:

i saw ur post of observations about jimin and it was so so interesting i was wondering if you had thoughts like that about the other members specifically hoseok and jk? ily


  • p much a master of masking his true emotions; i always remember that interview/v live thing where yoongi snorted in disbelief bc we believed that hoseok was always happy, loud, happy-go-lucky, etc - when he’s p much the opposite, off-camera. but, rlly, think of how often we see that side of him. can u count for me how many times you’ve seen that side of him, on-cam, thru the yrs
  • anxious, severely so - he’s been in hospital because of it, and i think him and yoongi know these sides of one another extraordinarily one - honestly, it’s part of what bonds them, but that’s another post lmao
  • perfectionist, prone to anger, extremely serious about dancing and his role as teacher. aware of the lack of appreciation he generally receives, esp for the fact that he IS the strongest and most talented dancer !! the lead !! 
  • (and he’s bitter about it, passive-aggressive in a way - but always, of course, references it with a smile)
  • honestly, i have no idea where he gets the energy to be someone so distant from his true self. he’s switched on almost all the time
  • hoseok is hard to read specifically because of his ability to keep up his j-hope persona at near-full power, almost always. alongside taehyung and jin, i’d say he’s the most capable of diverting attention from his real emotions, turning truth into a joke, being all smoke and mirrors - which makes it incredibly difficult to understand exactly who he is
  • and that makes him very, very interesting to me
  • i think he’s less overtly hungry for a chance at being centre stage than, say, jimin - he wants it, but he’d rather it be given to him and have the imbalance in attention pointed out by other members
  • he’s perfected the art of performance; his stage presence is incredible, and he knows how to translate off-stage


  • when i say social anxiety, you say - severe!!!! almost debilitating!!!
  • it fucked with the development of his social skills, in my opinion; he couldn’t even shower while the other members were awake?? 
  • he’d cry if they asked him to sing and ofc he was a literal kid at the time (legally… he’s still a kid, to me, bc there’s only a yr between us and god knows i’m not a fucking adult yet)
  • but who you are as a teenager, at the ages he was behaving this way (that we know of), 14 and 15, it’s all influenced so strongly by the world you grow up in. development at that age helps to form the very foundations of you as a person, it’s so delicate, and guk has grown up (is growing up) square in the public eye
  • bts is his family, they’ve had to be, and like we all know - they practically raised him. they’re the people he v likely knows even better than his biological relatives, at this point and i think he’s dependent on them, still, massively 
  • (i believe they’re all vry dependent on one another, but that’s what happens when you have a group of ppl go through so much together - that tight-knitted, beyond-platonic bond is formed)
  • the fidget spinner - his anxiety isn’t gone, not one bit, not at all. i think he struggles a ton w/ dissociation, same as taehyung (y’know that “blank” look they get, the one we make memes out of, where they look totally disconnected mentally from anything … yea)
  • where tae, like @sugodemic said to me a while ago, could have some kind of sensory processing disorder/problems, i think guk’s issues are rooted more firmly in social anxiety - i.e., the dick-grabbing incident w/ jimin. where jimin grabbed him practically by the dick to pull him in w/ the group bc he’d just totally lost focus … on stage, in front of thousands of ppl??
  • it isn’t something that tends to happen with many of the other members, even, say, hoseok - the older ones are definitely more equipped to outwardly handle those issues,  i think, they’ve had more practice at hiding it
  • it just screams of dissociation to me and i’m hoping the fidget spinner helps calm him!!
  • then there was the time he spent a whole break back in, i believe, early 2016 (forgive my shitty grasp on dates and memory)…doing nothing but playing games with yoongi, specifically league of legend. it reminded me a lot of myself - retreating into games to cope, needing to decompress in a way that limits physical contact w/ the outside world
  • !! he’s an introvert, like yoongi, but it comes with a painful shyness - and i think ppl mistake that for coldness or rudeness, when it truly isn’t
  • sometimes still a lil wooden? rehearsed, in interviews, but that’s necessary when anxiety is active
  • lack of understanding around social cues, at times - tae, for example, i think understands them p well mostly and sometimes kind of chooses to ignore the? operates in a different way to most? sometimes guk pushes boundaries or makes jokes in a way that can strike us others as odd, and he doesn’t even realise
  • kind of easily intimidated, a little unsure of himself, still, intense as hell, and a perfectionist like hoseok, to boot
  • jealous jealous jealous, possessive of the other members and his relationships w/ them (symptoms of a personality disorder? jimin n bpd? similar to guk? perhaps?)