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Ok but Oswald made Ed cryogenically frozen just like Mr. Freeze did it with his wife in the original comics.

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You said I could request stuff so get ready for a mountain of things!!! ❤️ I am a fan of slowly revealed things but I love love love that selkie Taire, dragon Enj AU and I need to know what the others are please please pretty please??? I need more JBM as well so if you wanna combine the two I mean... I won't complain 😉😊 You're a sweetheart and feel free to give ME prompts bc I have no clue what to write now 😂

[I was so pleased you asked for this! Here you go, ~1.8k of j/b/m ❤️]

Joly likes to travel and they are particularly fond of meeting new people. The merrows that inhabit the sea around here are rather old-fashioned though. They only go up the surface when there is a storm on the water and they hardly ever approach the shore. Joly had to ask his new friend Grantaire if there was any convenient river he could use to swim further inland. Luckily there was and now Joly is happily swimming upstream. They like the feeling of freshwater on their skin, even if the salt being rinsed from their hair always makes it stand on end in odd ways. Besides, there are certain things to be found on land that cannot be got from the sea. Today, for instance, Joly is in quest of willow bark. When it comes to remedies against pain there really is no substitute.

Joly is taking their time though, allowing themself to enjoy the scenery as they swim steadily against the flow of the river. With only their head just above the water they look no different from a human out for a swim, at least to a casual observer. Not that Joly has a particular reason to fear being discovered. He has learned from Grantaire that most of the humans around here are open minded and that those that are not have by now learned to look the other way. In any case there is no one walking near the river today and Joly swims in unhurried tranquillity until they follow a bend in the river and spot a gorgeous willow tree. Joyfully they give a strong swish of their tail and swim to the grassy bank. The drooping branches of the willow nearly reach the water, casting a cool shadow across the rippling stream, but the tree itself is out of Joly’s reach. Admiringly they look up at the elegant braches.

“I’ve never seen a mermaid so interested in a tree.”

Joly splashes their tail in surprise. The voice came from above them!

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Birthday Surprise.

Warnings: Usual Joker stuff. Guns, robbery. You know…. Fluff

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Trying to find J, I walk through the hideout we call home. However as usual he was missing. How could he forget after I had dropped so many hints? Now I was pouting at anyone I passed along the way. J had left a few guards loitering around the hideout to keep an eye on me, but all of them averted their gaze when they saw me coming. “Is Frosty around?” I stop and ask the closest lackey. His eyes widened as he replied “No, urm, he, urm, he has gone out with the boss.” Panic all over his face. “Fantastic! Why is no one home? Today of all days.” I tut and sigh on the storm back to my room, slamming every door on the way.

Back in the main room I throw myself onto the couch and end up staring at the phone willing it to ring. Getting angrier and angrier ever minute that passed. That was it! I will not talk to him when he gets home. The silence treatment is what I’ll give him. See how he likes that. Getting up I start to pace the room, fingers clenching and unclenching as I paced. I knew he would walk in soon. That beautiful and perfect smile gracing his face that would usually turn me into a love-sick puppy but not now. No, this time I would stand firm and not give in, then when he sits down on the purple couch and seductively pats the space next to him, I’ll ignore him and turn my back. Even when I hear him say “come here baby girl” I will still stand firm. Knowing him he’ll probably stand up and make his way to stand behind running his hands up my arms, leaning in to trail kisses up my throat, I will stand firm. Even with the low growl in my ear I would not turn around. “Erm ma’am.” A voice breaks me out of my thoughts, turning around I see a guard cowering in the now open door “Frost has just called, the boss has been injured, he is asking for you.” He finally looked at my face and not my feet. “What?… No!” Panic replaces the anger. If Frost hadn’t killed the person who hurt J then I would.

Running out of the room, I head straight for the door and out to see a car waiting. I jumped in as it sped off to the unknown destination. The car zoomed through the traffic while panic and fear crept around my heart. What would happen if he was gone? The car finally began to slow. The car pulled off the main road and down a dark alleyway. The car stopped and I see the side door to the building open to revel Frost wearing a worried look. Getting quickly out of the car I headed into the building, Frost placed his hand on my back as he guides me through the building. “What happened?”  I asked trying to sound strong but there was a quiver in my voice. “Boss went into the back room, but didn’t see the man with a gun till it was too late.” Frost shook his head and lowered his gaze. “Where is he?” I looked round, the room was narrow with a lot of shelves and boxes, there was only a faint light coming from the corner. “Through there.” Frost pointed.  I headed the way he said but paused before I opened the door to glance back at Frost, making out his outline, I saw him nod in encouragement for me to carry on. “J, you in here?” I call out as I enter the room, feeling more scared than worried. I feel something brush behind me, an arm encircled round my waist. “And you thought I forgot. Bad girl.” A whisper ghosts over my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I sink into the warm chest as relief flooded me. Then I turn around and hit his chest “You made me believe you were hurt?” I snapped angrily. “Oh, that was the fun part,” he growled, which made all the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. J moved away and the light flickered on. As I blinked and got used to the light, I looked around and seen that I was in a jewellery store. A sign was hung above the nearest counter which read ‘Happy Birthday’ A chuckle escaped my lips and I look to J, his shirt partly open. As my eyes met his, a smile graced his face as he opened his arms. “Take your pick baby girl. One piece or even the full store.” He laughed as I ran to him and jumped into his awaiting arms. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I kissed him and pulled him close. “Thank you.” I lifted my head and grinned down at him. He put me down and lifted his index finger in a wait motion. J moved to another counter and looked at me “Close your eyes,” he grinned and I frowned, “Trust me.” He added. I closed my eyes, “hold out your hands,” J was close. I did as he asked and held out my hands. Something heavy was placed into my hands, opening my eyes I laughed at the large hammer that came with a large purple bow wrapped around the handle “oh J” I turn to look at him but he had moved back to the side where on the floor beside him were two women and one man, all tied up and gagged. All three had smiles painted red on their gags, and red and purple party hats. Each of them wore a sign that said, ‘happy birthday’ “Hey what did we practice?” J snapped pulling out his gun and pointing it at them. Then soon started humming happy birthday “J this is perfect.” I move to the closest counter, raise the hammer and bring it down on the case.

Once I was finally finished covering myself in my new jewellery, I was tired and wanted to head home. J walked towards me with hunger in his eyes “that was perfection,” he muttered just before his lips reached mine. Hard and urgent, his hands pulling at my hair. He finally let me go and lead me to the limo parked out back. Climbing in I spot a huge box. Sending J a quizzical look, I heard movement from the box. I kneel next to it and the lid is pushed out of my hand by a big, white, fluffy head, with soft floppy ears and the largest eyes moved to peer out. A squeal escaped my lips at the sight of the cutest puppy I had even seen. “He is so beautiful.” I say as I scoop him up and cuddle him. “I suppose” J sighed, yet couldn’t resist reaching over to scratch behind the puppy’s ear. “what are you going to call him?” J asked lounging back into the seat.

“What about Bats? Then you can give him orders.” I laugh at the look J gave. Putting Bats back in the box, I move to straddle J, his hands instantly moving up and down my back, grabbing my hips he pulls me closer. “Thank you so much for tonight,” I whisper as he trails kisses down my throat. “Oh y/n it is far from over. Now I’m going to have you all to myself. I’ll get Frost to take care of Bats.”

Back home I managed to spot a large cake on the table as J carried me through the hideout to our room and dropped me on the bed then walked out, to walk back in a few moments later with that said cake. “A birthday girl needs a birthday cake. I’m sure we can find a way to eat this in bed.” J laughed as he walked over leaving me grinning like the cat that got the cream.  

Save Me (5)

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Chapter 1: Second time? - Chapter 2: Awake - Chapter 3: First Love - Chapter 4: Mama - Chapter 5: Reflection - Chapter 6: Lie - Chapter 7: Stigma - Chapter 8: Begin - Chapter 9: Taken - Chapter 10: Torture - Chapter 11: The Plan - Chapter 12: The Escape

Reader X Jungkook

Mental Hospital AU


A/N: We really hope everyone is liking this fanfiction. We haven’t gotten many reviews so far, so we’re a little nervous about how everyone is feeling about it. Please let us know what you think! There’s starting to be more drama filled chapters. Thank you and enjoy! Also, please check out Gaisho’s new threeshot HERE about Minhyuk x Reader. It’s awesome!

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. We did take their personalities and match as best we can with illnesses, however we do not claim that the boys from BTS have these mental illnesses! Also, we did as much research as we can on each disorder. We are not meaning to offend anyone who has these illnesses at all. ALSO, WE DO KNOW BTS CHANGED THEIR ENGLISH NAME TO BEYOND THE SCENE BUT WE’RE USING BULLETPROOF BOYSCOUTS CAUSE IT FITS THE STORY BETTER.

Trigger warning: Mentions of mental illness, hospitals, self harm, suicide attempt and abuse. Both Gaisho and I recommend, if you feel like you need to go to the hospital for ANY reason, please don’t be afraid to do so. It can help. If you EVER feel like you need to talk to anyone, vent, or need advice on anything, please do not hesitate to msg us! We’ve been through it all.

Character Descriptions so far:
Reader- Chronic Depression, Derealization Disorder and Dissociative Amnesia
Jin - Narcissistic Personality Disorder (With homicidal tendencies)
Suga- Narcolepsy and Chronic Depression
J-Hope- Bipolar II Disorder

Chapter 5: Reflection:

       You, J-hope, and Jungkook walk back to the lounge where everyone else should be. You couldn’t help but smile. You’re starting to get to know the boys more and in a way, it’s very comforting. ‘For once in my life…Could I really be happy?’

       As you’re walking, you feel like someone is looking at you. You look to your left and J-hope is walking next to you with his eyes looking forward. You slow your walking a little bit and you see Jungkook trying to get a glimpse at you. Your eyes meet and this time he didn’t look away. His cheeks start to turn pink. Your lips move on your own, “Kookie…” Just then Jungkook turned bright red and he started to walk faster to the lounge. ‘Oh no! Why did I say that again!? Aghhh! Why do I gotta be this way…’

       You arrive with J-hope to the lounge and see that all the boys along with other patients are sitting quietly. You guys grab the next available seat. 

       “What’s going on?” You ask the rest.   

       “Looks like the big man himself wants to make an announcement,” says Rap Monster in a low growl.

       “Good afternoon everyone. As you all know, I am Dr. Seung Ho Choi, the founder of Be Free Behavioral. My goal is to further the science behind mental illnesses by *ahem* experimental means. In the next few weeks, we will be upping evaluations and eventually be splitting you all up into different groups, called controls. Then… That’s when the experimentation will begin,” he says with a creepy smile that makes you all cringe. 

       The preppy nurse interjects, “Well isn’t that just exciting news!”

       “So, this is what you meant… You’re right. He can’t be trusted. But, what do we do?” you whisper to Rap Monster with concern.

       “That’s the issue…” before Rap Monster could continue, the nurse starts talking again.

       “Since the doctor will be commencing his evaluations immediately, we’re a bit short-staffed during what would have been our group sessions,” the nurse visibly frowns. “I know, it makes me sad too! So, we will be playing a movie: Inception. We also have popcorn for you guys as a treat! I will be returning later to check up on you guys!” She skips away.

       “Oh! I love this movie. The human mind is very interesting… The way we think, the way we feel, and even the way we dream. The ones where it’s a dream within a dream… And we’re not really even sure if our current state is reality or dream…” Rap Monster says as he starts to trail off.

        “Ah ha… Yeah. If anything I think I know how that feels better than anyone,” you mumble nervously.

        “Hm? What do you mean?” he says as he tilts his head. 

        “Oh uh, never mind! Hey uhm, do you think we could talk somewhere? Some things are better talked about in private,” you say as you look around to make sure no one else is listening in.

        “Follow me.” You follow Rap Monster out the lounge and down the hall to his room. You notice something that you never noticed before. It looked like he was counting his steps and even was making sure he walks a certain way. 

        Just then, Rap Monster reaches his room. He turns the knob, but turned it a certain number of times before he actually opened it. ‘I wonder if this is part of his condition?’

        “AHHHHH!!” Rap Monster immediately trips over himself and he stumbles into a massive bee line until he manages to grip onto the desk though his legs continue to wobble. 

        “O-oh! Rap Monie, you okay?” you try to help him up.

        “Ah, I’m such a klutz. I just organized this room too… Please forgive me. I need to tidy up before I let you sit,” he scurries around the room picking up things he knocked over.

        “Please, let me help you!” you insisted.

        “No no, you’re my guest and I’m the host,” he says as he continues to clean. As you stand nearby watching, you see that he organizes things in a particular way. By the type of item, by color, by size, and everything in between. He even makes small tweaks to the positioning of the items. ‘He’s quite interesting.’

        “Y/N, please sit,” he motions you to sit at the edge of his bed while he takes a seat at the desk. He almost missed the chair and nearly fell again! ‘This boy…’

        “Ah, you need to be more careful!” you say with worried eyes.

        “Don’t worry about me, hehe, I’m just fine. Juice?” he pulls out two boxes of juice and offers you one.

        “W-what? How’d you sneak these in here?” you take the juice box and start drinking.

        “My little secret. You can’t be a leader and not have some tricks up your sleeve,” he tries to sip from the juice box all sly, but the straw missed his mouth about five times. You giggle.

        “I uh, I was wondering…” you stop because you don’t want to offend the leader by your question.

        “You were wondering what got me in here, don’t you?” he puts down his juice box.

        “Ah, y-yes, but if you don’t want to tell me, I understand…I just wanted to get to know you a little better is all,” you say while picking at the juice box.

        “Of course. Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed my uh, habits. The way I carry myself and how I do things. It’s… Different from others,” his face all of a sudden got more serious.

        “W-what? Noooo I -” he raises his hand to stop you.

        “Y/N, it’s okay. It’s hard not to notice. You see, I wasn’t always this way…”

        “You weren’t always clumsy?” you instantly cover your mouth. ‘Why do you have to be such a smart ass sometimes!?’

        “Hahaha! Good one, Y/N! No, no, I wasn’t always so… Particular about things. Being the leader means I need to take care of my group and the boys individually. That’s a big responsibility and sometimes I can’t handle the stress. Well, it caused me to develop habits that I can’t control. Thus, my obsessive compulsive disorder. The fact I’m super clumsy just makes it all the more worse,” he starts to rub the back of his head. “I uhm, I got so carried away with my OCD at one point that the boys found me in my room walking in circles and just spewing out random words, numbers, and nonsense… Having a complete mental breakdown was definitely not a good look as a leader.” Rap Monster sighs before he continues.

        “I know, every life’s a movie. We got different stars and stories, we got different nights and mornings, our scenarios ain’t just boring. All of the members, they have different dreams and aspirations. It is my job to help them get there. I care so much about them that, it drives me insane… Don’t get me wrong, I would die for each one of them. But you know, sometimes I really really hate myself. Heh, too be honest, quite often, I really hate myself. And do you know what I do? I just stand there with the familiar darkness,” Rap Monster starts to hit his head with a tight fist.

        You quickly get up to stop him and hold him close, “I’m so sorry… You carry such a big role on your shoulders. But, you need to remember how important you are to others. You’re important to me too, you know?” you bring his head towards your chest to rest on and you feel him start to relax.

        “It’s just that… I want the world for my boys. But, the world is just another name for despair. How am I supposed to give them everything when the world is so cruel? I just… I am all of my joy and anxiety. It repeats everyday, the love and hate directed to me. And everyone else knows where they’re supposed to be, but only I walk without purpose. I wish I could love myself. I wish I could love myself. I wish i could -”

        “Stop! Please, stop…” you hold him tight. “Do you really believe everyone finds their purpose in life? Many people die before ever finding what their purpose is, and that’s okay. But, you need to love yourself just as much as your boys love you. I see the way they look at you and respect you. I think without you… Things wouldn’t be the same. Maybe that’s your purpose. Being the rock for them, their cheerleader, their friend, their leader. All of those things,” you smile as you start to shed tears. 

        “Y/N, I’m sorry to have made you cry. But, thank you… Your words were truly kind. I feel… I feel I understand now. Now is not the time to give up and feel weak. If anything, they need me more than ever.”

        Just then you hear the door creak open and you look to see who it is. ‘N-no… It’s Jungkook!’ He sees you holding Rap Monster still. You step back and try to explain, “w-wait! Jungkook!” it didn’t work. He immediately ran off. ‘Great… Now there’s definitely no chance for me’

        You fall to your knees in defeat and mumble to yourself, “ugh, why am I so stupid.”

        Rap Monster comes up behind you and puts a hand on your shoulder. “I bet you are also wondering how to approach our maknae, huh?”

        “Am I that obvious?” you hide your face.

        “Nahhhh… Maybe,” he sticks a tongue out at you. “Well, being the golden maknae that he is, he is pretty shy and individualistic. His motto is ‘living without passion is like being dead’. With that said, I’ll leave it up to you,” he starts to exit his room.

        “…Wait, hold up. That wasn’t any advice at all!” you start to run after him, but he turns around abruptly making you stop dead in your tracks.

        He pokes your forehead, “just be yourself. He is just as random, funny, and rebellious as you are. In fact I bet he would have loved your comment earlier about me being clumsy. He definitely would have laughed.”

        “Rebellious? What makes you think that I am?” you nudge him.

        “Don’t you also want to get out of here?” he nudges back.

        You both smile in mutual agreement. Both of you walk back to the lounge and sneak back into the seats you were previously in. Just in time too. The nurse walks back in to call out a name for an evaluation.

        “Park, Jimin. Please follow me,” she says in a much serious voice. It’s definitely not what you’re used to. Usually she’s a lot perkier.

        “Be strong, don’t let them get to you,” Rap Monster says before Jimin exits the lounge. 

        You and the rest of the boys feared for Jimin. “So uh, that plan of yours…” you whisper to Rap Monster.

        He nods. “It starts now.”


Mumford and Sons - Tessellate (Alt-J Cover)


BBC Radio 1 - Big Weekend 2015 Mash-Up

Its strangely endearing though such a hot mess.

BTS Reaction to A Member Not Having A GF, But A BF

A/N: So, this is actually inspired by something that happened to me a few days ago. One of my friends here mentioned he was dating someone but never said anything after that but did say that he was bringing the person he was dating along to go to this Korean restaurant we planned on going to together. We were all surprised to find out that he actually had a boyfriend and not a girlfriend because he didn’t say that he was gay or not, but that didn’t matter and we all welcomed the boy and had a really nice night out. We spent most of the night talking about our love for EXO & BTS and I just discovered that my friend is so luckyyy!!! His boyfriend is super cute and plus he likes EXO & BTS. I want a boyfriend like that, lol. Anyways, that was the inspiration for this reaction. I hope you guys enjoy this! x

Happy reading! x


Jin: He would have went alone to a famous restaurant in the city the boys were currently performing in on their day off, ordering whatever looked delicious on the menu before he stood around waiting for his order, his ears hearing a familiar giggle. He turned around, thinking Jungkook couldn’t be here but yet he was, and he wasn’t alone. Jungkook and another guy Jin didn’t know sat at one booth, both sharing one strawberry milkshake and giggling with one another, sharing small kisses here and there. Jin would have walked over to the couple when he heard that his order was ready, surprising Jungkook but assuring him that everything was okay as he introduced himself to Jungkook’s boyfriend, his boyfriend appearing to be really sweet as he invited Jin to sit with them as they eat their food and made conversation, Jin discovering that Jungkook’s boyfriend was really sweet and funny and that Jungkook planned on introducing him to the boys later that day.

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V: Taehyung came back to the dorms and thought he was alone because the others said they were going out for a night of fun. Taehyung would have been happy to spend some time by himself, forgetting that in the morning Jimin said he would stay at the dorm because he wasn’t feeling too well. Taehyung would have gone full alien mode, forcing his hair and putting it into pig tails and singing random songs that he always heard on the radio, dancing his way into Jimin’s room when he finally remembered that he was sick in bed. He walked inside the room, smiling and singing but immediately stopped when his eyes laid on Jimin who was fast asleep in his bed, clinging onto another boy that Taehyung didn’t know. Taehyung would be totally confused by the site and wondered if what he first thought was true. The boy who Taehyung didn’t know suddenly woke up, surprised to find Taehyung standing frozen at the door and thus began the series of questions between the two. Eventually, Jimin would have woken up from his nap, thinking his boyfriend had already left and was surprised to find his boyfriend with the same pig tails as Taehyung, giggling happily with one another as they pretended to be girls and started painted each others nails. Taehyung would notice Jimin’s presence, speaking fast and excitedly, “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend! But he’s so cute and fun! I like him, he should come around more often.” All-in-all, Taehyung would be glad that he had another friend to hangout with, even if this friend made-out with his best friend.

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J-Hope: Taehyung would have mentioned to the boys that he was currently dating someone and was planning on bringing them over to their dorm for dinner. Oddly, he never answered questions about the person he said he was dating, even after the many times Hoseok begged and pleaded to know anything about the person Taehyung was dating. It was only until the night of the dinner where all the boys knew why Taehyung didn’t answer any questions about the person he was dating, because he was afraid they would think of him differently if he told them that he was gay. While the shock was still settling in for the other members, Hoseok jumped in front of Taehyung’s boyfriend, being his enthusiastic self and cupping Taehyung’s boyfriend’s face and saying out loud, “So, this is the guy we’ve been meaning to meet! He’s super cute and looks so cuddly! Welcome to our dorm, little cutie. I’m your hope, I’m your angel, I’m J-Hope!” J-Hope would be the most excited and happy about Taehyung’s boyfriend, always asking if he could come to the dorm to hangout and asking Taehyung and his boyfriend questions about their relationship.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would have been walking the park nearby just to clear his head and actually get some sunlight and fresh air, kicking the stones on the pathway he walked on. He averted his eyes else where, to the source to where he heard a familiar voice talking and was surprised to find Jin sitting on one of the park benches since he didn’t remember him saying he was going outside too, but what surprised him more was that he wasn’t alone, he was with some guy Namjoon didn’t know. Namjoon thought it might of just been a friend of Jin’s that he hadn’t been introduced to, but didn’t think that for long when he saw the two share a quick kiss, sweet ones that made Jin giggle out of happiness. Jin noticed another presence, mortified to find Namjoon standing not too far away, staring at him and his boyfriend that he didn’t tell the boys he had. Jin left his boyfriend on the park bench, trying to explain to Namjoon that it wasn’t what it looked like with upset tears in his eyes. Namjoon calmed him down, telling him that he didn’t have to stress himself out and that he didn’t think any differently about him after this because he respected the fact he liked the same sex and still was his brother no matter what. Namjoon would be really supportive of Jin’s relationship with his boyfriend, wishing the two the absolute best for the future.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would have been approached by Namjoon himself and explained to him that he was currently in a relationship with another guy and things were going really well, but he wasn’t sure if he should tell this to the others because he was a little bit afraid that the others might think of him differently and not exactly love him anymore because he liked the same sex. Jungkook would have instantly told Namjoon that of course the others would be shocked, because it isn’t a common thing where they’re from but the boys would still love him either way. Jungkook chuckled a bit to himself, saying to Namjoon, “As long as he’s not a dick, then I’m happy.” Jungkook would be content with this new discovery and wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, only doing so when all the others had finally met Nmajoon’s boyfriend and bragged about how the two were a match made in heaven.

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Jimin: Jimin wouldn’t be as surprised as the other boys when Yoongi walked into the dorms one day holding hands with another boy he didn’t know, seeing as Yoongi didn’t make it that private that he always preferred the same sex and was constantly going on and on about the person he was currently dating, sometimes using male pronouns when he spoke of the person. Jimin would just smile, joking when he said, “He probably didn’t tell us much about him because he knew we’d go after him.” Jimin would have made the tension in the air disappear, his joke helping the boys get out their state of shock and welcome the new boy to their dorm, all thanks to supportive and adorable Jimin.

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Suga: Yoongi would be at the dorms, locked away in his work space as he was in the process of composing new songs, losing himself within the music he created. Somehow, he heard a familiar giggle over the music that blasted into his ears, quickly removing his headphones and stood up, walking away from his work space and walking around the dorm to see where the disturbance coming from. He wondered to the lounge, finding J-hope laying on the couch giggling happily while another unknown guy laid on top of him, tickling the boy. Yoongi would be confused for a short moment, shrugging his shoulders afterwards before he cleared his throat and said, “I am trying to compose music here, go tickle each other outside.” All-in-all, Yoongi seriously wouldn’t mind that J-Hope was dating someone of the same sex and was just happy that someone was making him happy and keeping him away from him when he was composing music.

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          YOU TREAT ME SO WELL / like the finest of wine, savor me, care for me, until the last drop. Even after so long she couldn’t shake that this was so wrong. Never meant to be in the embrace of someone seemingly so loving. After so many years in the arms of lover after lover, each taking a piece of her with them, with him she could live in normalcy. J lounged about on the couch, cigarette dangling from painted lips. A lackadaisical guise rarely put on for she saw it as so unattractive- but today her mind wandered across the stars. ❛  Darling, could we talk about something?  ❜    //  @moriohkills

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Hozier - Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys cover)

BBC 1 - Live Lounge 

Ps. If you have never heard of Live Lounge let this be your interest. It’s one of the best youtube channels for artists covering/remixing other artists, performing new songs, or just jamming. It’s definitely worth while. The last resources that was this good was wearehunted until it was shut down. 



Person: Sammy Wilkinson

Warning: Some Smut


I was lounging round my home when i heard a knock on the door. I went to go check who was at the door and as if on time it was Sam, Jack and Jack.

“Hey guys, come in.” I say while moving to the side.

“Are you cooking the dinner tonight?” Sammy asks.

“Yes I believe I.”  answer looking at him while licking my bottom lip.

This seems to get a reaction out of him, he looks at my lips and and breaths heavily. I shut the door and go back to the kitchen to cook the dinner.

“Are you nearly finished we are so hungry.” Jack J yells from the lounge.

“Yes it’s done, can you guys sit at the table please.”

I take the plates over to the table, once they touched the table the two Jacks devoured it.

“So, Y/N how has it been while we’ve been on tour?” Jack G asks.

“Boring without my boys.” I answer.

When I say that Sammy puts his hand on my thigh and rubs it. Sammy and I have always liked each other but we were both too scared to ask. Every time he rubs my thigh he gets higher and higher. While he’s doing this he is talking to Jack J.

“Y/N what have you been doing?” Jack G asks.

“Well i have been-” I stop mid sentence because Sammy has now moved his hand to rest on my clit.

“You alright Y/N” Jack G asks.

“Yeah uhh sorry, so as I was saying I have been doing some photography and some random shoots and yeah.” I say.

“That sounds awesome. Do you think you could take some shots of me and Jack?” Gilinsky asks.

At that point Sammy decided to rub circles on my clit. I gasp and both Jacks look at me weird.

“Sorry, I think I can do that. It sounds like fu-un.” I say.

As I end that conversation the Jacks talk to each other about their new song.

“I can’t wait for the Jack’s to leave baby. I finally get to show you how much I like you.” Sammy whispers in my ear and nibbles the earlobe.

I lean over to whisper something back.

“Where did this sudden burst of confidence come from Sammy?” I asked him.

“Let’s just say I missed you a lot.” He says hungrily.

“Guys we have to go.” Johnson says.

“Ok. I’ll walk you to the door.” I say getting up.

As they left and I shut the door Sammy pushed me against the door and started to kiss my neck. I wanted him to kiss me where i most wanted his lips.. My lips. 

“I have been wanting to do this for so long baby.” Sammy whispered into my neck.

He then moves up to my lips and fiercely kisses me.