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Bts reaction when you play soft music to sleep:

Anon requested: Love your reactions!!❤❤bts react to you hating the silence at night so you put on soft music to play you to sleep
A/N: Here you go! Thank you so much :)


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He wouldn’t mind it at all, actually it’ll kinda become part of him, where everything fits together. Like the habits couples get used to because of their significant other.


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When he comes home and finds you fast asleep to the soft music he would find it unbearably cute, might as well bend down and kiss you. Other times, when Yoongi has time to actually sleep with you, he would be totally okay with it, as long as it isn’t something loud and could possibly disturb his light sleep.


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Hoseok is such a considerate sunshine. Of course when you first told him he just squealed and nodded his approval, but as the days went by, thoughtful boyfriend Hobi made you more soft soundtracks so you can remember him when he’s not around to hold you at night.

Rap Monster:

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It won’t be just your thing, it’ll rub off on him as well. Like the nights you’re both getting ready for bed and he just suggests a calm ballad and you’d both fall asleep as he gently plays with your hair, sharing the same earphone.


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Why listening to music when he can sing to you? If you don’t mind, Jimin will wing you to sleep each night, otherwise he’s going to hum along the song as you rest your head on his arm, gradually drifting to sleep.

V/ Taehyung:

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It’s not something everyone does, so he’ll be a bit surprised. But again I’m sure Jungkook does that too at times so Tae wouldn’t mind it that much. Nights when he just grabs your ipod without you asking and hands it to you before bed are the cutest, especially when you find new music That Tae downloads for you when you’re not around.


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Absolutely loves it. I mean Jungkook is known as the member who always has music in his ears and having a partner who adds music to their day, even if it was for a small portion, would mean so much to him. He wouldn’t talk about it though, but he will certainly smile at you as you fall asleep.