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To you being angry with them and punishing them no sex


Namjoon stares at you with a blank face “I don’t get what you’re mad about, it was just a joke” The unimpressed stare you give him is enough for him to back off with a long sigh “Fine, but you know where I am” you roll your eyes at him as he walks “JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE HOT DOESN’T MEAN THAT I’M GONNA GIVE IN! …asshole”

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“I don’t know if you’re underestimating me or overestimating yourself, but I think that we both know that you won’t be able to resist me for long” Seokjin had known that you’d been a little annoyed, but your threat had completely bypassed him and he had taken to being amused at you, and excited about what was surely to come.

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“Wha- but it wasn’t even my fault!” Yoongi complains hearing his punishment. “Wasn’t your fault aye? So I imagined everything last night and it wasn’t you that left all these marks on me?” you say raising an eyebrow. “That’s not what I meant. And don’t just say these marks, they’re MY marks. By the way Kitten, when I say it wasn’t my fault I mean that if you hadn’t looked so god damn sexy it wouldn’t have happened.”

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“No sex? I don’t think those two words go together in a sentence… Especially when it comes to us” Hoseok seems confused. You decided to ‘punish’ him with no sex for the next month, since he decided to keep going when you had to take your mum’s call earlier that day. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing that it was noisy on her side on the line…

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“I know that I’ve been naughty boy, but do I really need to be punished?” Jimin pouts. “I’ve upset you and that makes me sad” he says looking down. “Chimchim, it’s okay, but you need to make sure to listen to me next time, yeah?” you say reassuringly, lifting his head. “Okay, but I still don’t like it” you laugh “I know baby boy, I know, but punishments are supposed to be liked”

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“No sex you say? That’s fine babe” he says nonchalantly. You breathe a sigh of relief, honestly you thought he would put up more of a fight. “You’ll be coming to me begging for it later anyways” he says eating his lollipop seductively, walking away with a wink and you can’t help but feel like you’ve lost.

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Jungkook laughs at your sudden outburst, you hadn’t meant to tell him that you weren’t going to have sex with him, it just came out in your anger. “How long do you think you can go without sex for baby doll?” he says still laughing. “How about we make a bet, you go one month without sex or touching yourself and I’ll do whatever you want, you don’t.. and well it’s whatever I want” he says smirking when you hadn’t answered. “Deal”.

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BTS reaction: their s/o wins an award & holds a speech


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He couldn’t be there for the award show, because BTS had a schedule, but he watched a video of it afterwards, to see if you won, and to hear your speech.
Even through the screen, he smiled widely. Every time he saw your face or heard your voice, he would instantly smile. He was always astonished at how confident you were. You looked happy, and like you genuinely appreciated receiving this award, but still, you were in control of your emotions, and you had a nice speech planned. He could see the tears glistening in your eyes, you obviously held them back, for professionalism. Jin really liked your speech, your behaviour, not to mention your dress for the occasion. You looked incredible. Anything he loved about himself, he loved even more about you, he wished he could have met you there and congratulated you in person.


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He admired your passion for music a lot. As someone who worked just as hard, and had just as much fun making music, he had always adored you. You two were friends, but he liked you more than he should. He knew that you two couldn’t be in a relationship, as you were both too focused on your jobs, and the media would be all over your relationship – but watching you win this award, and hearing your emotional speech, brought tears to his eyes. He wasn’t one to cry this openly, or to cry this easily, but your words and the look on your face made him not only wish he could be with you, to have a deeper relationship, but it also made him think back to his first time winning an award like this with the other boys.


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As your boyfriend, he knew how much this meant to you. He knew about the struggles you went through to get to this point, so as you were in the middle of your speech, and you started to cry, he couldn’t help but to get emotional as well, he teared up too. He was already waiting for you off stage to hug you tightly. “You made it” he would whisper into your ear, both of you crying happily. Namjoon went through similar struggles as you, so he was just as happy and overwhelmed as you were. He had always been there for you, supporting you, and now that your hard work had paid off, he congratulated you.


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When you won the award, he would be so happy for you. Being the perfect boyfriend, he had prepared some nice things for when you would come back home, since he couldn’t be at the award show. He had ordered some food, bought some other snacks, and he even decorated the place all nicely. He still watched everything through the TV, and listened to your speech. The people didn’t know that you were dating, so obviously you couldn’t mention him and thank him in your speech; he hoped that one day you two could go public, and then he could come with you to these events and you two could openly show your love and thankfulness to the world.


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He would try not to make it too obvious, but he was still watching you the whole night. He knew that you were nominated, and he loved you a lot, so he really hoped that you’d win.
The others were teasing him, telling him not to stare, that you would be fine, and he tried to focus on other things, but when you did finally win, his eyes were back, glued onto you. He listened to every word that came out of your mouth, clapping for you. He was so proud of you, he just admired you so much. It was really cute to him how happy you seemed. The others convinced him to walk over to you, talk to you, and even ask you out.


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When you won, he was so happy for you. Having been to a lot of those shows, he also heard a lot of those speeches, and he was very excited to hear yours.
He listened closely, and noticed how nervous you were – you stuttered, and once even just stopped in the middle of a sentence. Obviously, you were overwhelmed by the happiness of winning, but you also were nervous about speaking there, so he got up, clapped, whistled, did anything to encourage you and to make you laugh with how much he overdid it. When you came off stage again, he would hug you and tell you how great you did.


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He reassured you from the beginning, telling you that you would win. You didn’t believe him; as your best friend he had to say stupid stuff like this anyway, so you didn’t even bother thinking about what to say.
Later, the cameras at the award show caught Jungkook laughing loudly, as you won, and you stammered out “thank you”s and other nice words, the other members of your group luckily were more prepared. After the show was over, he teased you for it, saying that he had told you so, but he also congratulated you. He thought that it had been so funny and cute, you had been so surprised about winning, he found it extremely adorable.

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Reaction to getting caught during sex time

Request by anon: Bts reaction to walking in on you and your bts s/o

Request by ranmin10: BTS reaction when he’s having a privet time ;) in the shower with Y/N and member walking in them ??

Answer: The requests are basically the same, so I decided to mix them. Hope don’t bother you and hope you like!

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After reading all of these theories for “Love Yourself”, I thought that I would just chill out by going on twitter. Except, it wasn’t as relaxing as I had hoped. I see that #Please_Apologize is trending #1 worldwide. When, I looked more into it, I realized it was about ARMYs asking for apologies from Antis because of how they have been treating not only BTS but as well as K-ARMYs. Apparently, Korean fans are not able to celebrate the accomplishments of BTS and this fandom virtually and in real life because  are constantly ridiculed and harassed. That breaks my heart as a fellow ARMY but as well as just a human being in general. The fact that these people are not able to proudly share their love for BTS only because they are scared is just ridiculous to me. As I read more and more posts about the situation, the more disheartened I became. My heart just kept breaking for K-Armys and BTS. But again, as I kept reading, I just became angry. I just don’t understand. Why do antis need to hate on other groups for no reason. What is it about liking a group or celebrity that makes them turn off their humanity and lose the sense of respect for other human beings. The reason why I ask is because not every fan is like that. There are handfuls of fans that become infatuated by a group of celebrities and decides to support them and love them as people and their music without putting down those that are not a part of their fandom or other groups. They still respect others and show compassion. But why are these people out here attacking fans of other groups and actual group members? I want to know what they think they are actually going to get out of it…Now, let me just state that I am not claiming that the entire BTS fandom is free of faults because I am sure that there are some “fans” of BTS that act immaturely and real fans have apologized for their behavior. But the fact that Korean ARMYs are actually seeking help speaks volumes…and they are not only seeking help for themselves but also for BTS. WE all want to stop the hate…from all sides of the situation. WE want all members of the fandom to be free to celebrate the accomplishments of those that they support. That is honestly a right that no fan should be begging for. As a fan of BTS…I don’t seek for these boys to be labeled as the “best kpop group in the world”…antis can gladly take that title for their favorites, in my opinion. I don’t seek hundreds of daesangs. What I seek, is for these boys and their fans to be respected as human beings. I seek the acknowledgement of all of the hard work that these boys (and their fans) have done. Some may want the entire world to bow down at the feet of their favorites but I just want mine to stand proud, healthy, and happy. 

I get it. Not everyone is going to be a fan of BTS. I am not a fan of every KPOP group under the sun…but here is where I begin to get lost. My lack of interest in a group/artist is not reflected in hateful words/actions towards them or their fans. Unlike certain people, I am able to be mature enough to keep negative opinions to myself.  This is literally how it works…

*I listen to a group’s music and/or watch some MVs*

“Oh, I don’t really think that this is for me…”

THATs it. I have formed an opinion and kept it to myself. I don’t attack the artist or their fans. It baffles me that this concept is not understood by some people. 

With all of this being said, I just want the hate and immaturity from all sides to end. I want to be able coexist with other fandoms in peace. If you want to support fellow KPOP fans then that is great. But if you don’t then just keep to yourself and your fandom…lets just live amongst each other peacefully…Please.