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Suga's (and BTS) obsession with his name
Suga (A.k.a. Agust D)
Suga's (and BTS) obsession with his name

Since people have been noticing how much Yoongi likes saying/whispering his name in some of BTS songs (not that the rest of the members mind tho) I decided to make a compilation for all of you to die along with me while adding this to the infinite kink list this man can provide :) 

*Sorry if the editing is not as perfect as I would wanted it to be. Some bits of audio happen so fast that it is hard to merge them all nicely*

Personally my goal is to be like Seungri sunbae. We (Seungri sunbae and I) came from the same province which is Gwangju! I want to make music like Seungri sunbae. I respect him that not only he’s more than an active entertainer, he also gives bright and cool performances whenever he’s on stage.
—  J-Hope of Bangtan Boys (Oricon Style Vol. 7, 2014)
all that is you | yoongi

pure fluff goodbye i am too soft i’m def not good a summaries but pls enjoy!!

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a long day has you dozing off at 9pm, but you know that it’ll be another two or three hours until yoongi gets home - if you’re lucky. he always urges you to choose sleep over him and promises that he’ll be there when you wake up, but you were selfish and you wanted the best of both worlds.

“how many times do i have to tell you that you don’t have to wait up for me?” yoongi’s voice, low and hoarse with constant use and fatigue, echoes faintly in your ear. 

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BTS brothers sexting their younger siblings Pt 3 (Pt 2 & Pt 1)
There are some references to the first parts I’m a marketing genius

FINALLYYYY, omg I didn’t know how could I do it 😭, I didn’t want it to be boring or repetitive “I had a hard time” *says dramatically*, Anyway I hope u like it ☺️

Oh I’ll also post another fuckboi texts this week and I want to do a Mafia au! of each member.


BTS - All members - Snaps when you tell them that you`re pregnant with twins