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as much as jade hated her job, she knew she needed it to pay for all of her school expenses. she worked the late shift, and she did have to admit the people that came in late at night till the early morning did keep her a bit entertained. usually it was a bunch of drunk high school kids looking for a snack or parents coming back from driving out of town and looking to get their kids something to eat. it was usually never the same person, except for the same girl that came in at the same time every friday. she always caught jade’s attention since she did buy the same things, condoms, some candy and some painkillers but also because she was just beautiful to look at. this friday, right on the dot she looked over at the door when she heard the bells ring and couldn’t help but to chuckle as she watched her walk in and give her a little wave. “long time no see.” she said with smile before going back to cleaning off her counter and waiting for the other to grab her things and come check out. again it was the same thing, and jade wasn’t surprised. usually she never flirted with her, hell she never said anything but a couple of words but tonight she did get a bit of confidence. “have fun with the boyfriend.” she said with a smile as she finished ringing her up and bagging her items. 

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“J-Jade?” It was… odd for Jade to show affection, especially to Dist. Something must have been terribly wrong with him. Dist wiggled and whined in Jade’s arms, but quickly gave up. He liked the attention. He was just worried for his friend. “I-is there something wrong? Do you need a-anything from me?” 

I want there to be as many harleyberts as there are 4-letter J names.

Jane, John, Jade, Jake, Joey, Jude, Jess, Jace, Judy, Josh, Jenn, Jeff, Joan, Jett (neither have relation to the famous female rocker, though Jett is a fan), Jośe, Juan (both part of the Harleybert family–elite Spanish unit), Joel, Jody, June, Jpbc (acronym for “Jake Please Buy Condoms,” Grandpa Harley’s most recent lay was not pleased with him and took it out on her child’s name), Judd, Jami, Jack (no relation to Jill), Jill (no relation to Jack), Jean, Jann, and Jada (no relation to the Smith family, though she is a fan).

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