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buzzkill season ” .    nancy wheeler instagram aesthetic , ft. steve , jon , and barb . 

a couple that got extremely rich by doing illegal stuff and now traveling over the entire world 1st class and sleeping in expensive hotels under false id’s, smoking weed and having sex in every corner of the room and police trying to catch them so they die their hair a lot and don’t call each other by their real names in public. and basically just a lot of bad ass stuff.

Dessert study.


Local Losers buy ship, fill it with malcontents, take off in random direction to get wasted in space, post duckface selfie on their Snapchat

I’d add like, an actual title and comic cover stuff on here but I’m not nearly that confident in my ability to add text to an image yet so…here. One of the alternate covers for what would be the first issue of this comic.

Sorry it’s so big I sometimes work on hueg canvases despite drawing so simple *sweats*

nothing will ever be as iconic as clexa…like despite the shit that happened and how everything went down, leading up to 307 was just . so fucking intense. i will never feel what i felt for that ship and it will disgust me every day to know how it truly ended


Chamu and Junji in the back… being bunnies


Ok so ???? Spring day??? like this is my first time ranting on Tumblr but i really feel the need to let out all of this because???? It killed me??? naMJOON wHATs upp??? WHERE MY BABY HOBI’S lineS at??? nut its okay tho like the song’s amazing and all BuT???? THE THEORIES KILL ME LIKE CHILL LEMME ENJOY MY LIFE FOR AT LEAST 5 MINUTES AND 29 SECONDS??? anyways!!!  nam!!!! joon!!! LETS!!!! TALK!!! ABOUT!!! NAM FREAKING JOON!!!! THAT BOY NEEDS TO BE APPRECIATED WTF LIKE N A M J O O N????? SO EXTRA PRETTY ???? anD waDDup MA BOY SUGA??? HIS VOICE!!!! HIS FACE!!!! HIS EXISTENCE!!! and also our jungkook. our golden maknae. i swear to god since the day the’ve debuted this lil cOCONUT HEaD is trying to not only wreck my bias but also my life??? and who gave him the right to look extra beautiful in Spring Day (more like Death and Tears Day) ??? oKAY imma stop- U THOUGHT!!! I AINT STOPPIN THERRRR!! because CHIMCHIMMMMMMMMM!!!! i swear his tiny squish squish hands are enough for me to die bUT the he GOES and SMILES az tHE CaMERA WITH HIS UGH I CAnt (lets ignore the thing with the shoes okay? no one is dead we’re all a happy family with 7 daddies ;) ok im sorry) ANYWAYS EXCUSE ME BUT jIN. Lol tbh i dont think i need to say much because this boy’s looks say more than 197836248403 words if ya know what i mean ;)))))) AND V !!! V!! V!! V!!! V! !V!V!V!V! !V!V!V!V! sUM GreAaAAAT boY he is mmymasss (ok wtf is wrong with me im so sorry) NOW to the last  member that i want to appreciate. my lovely Jhope :) J :) Hope :) suMONE SUE him IT iS nOt OKAY TO LOOK LIKE THAT LIKE I seriously had trouble breathing when i saw him ITS BEEN MORE THAN THREE YYEARS AND HE STILL WONT STOP KILLINg ME 

anyways if anyone actually reads this till the end then im sorry im actually a normal person i swear.



Waldo gets rekt for the 241572th time.

Thank you for the 350+ followers!

I would’ve made an animated one, but this is the best I can do with my crummy old laptop. Thank you guys for following me! It really means so much to me, you don’t know how thankful I am. Now I don’t know if you followed me for my drawings or shitposts, but I promise you guys there’ll be more content in the future.

Once again, thank you very much! May you guys stay hella rad forever~ <3

based off a korean drama. idk which one it is, i just saw my sis watching it.

  • Rain Rehearsal ver.
  • A.V

Imagine yourself in Seoul, when it suddenly starts raining. You run to take shelter somewhere and find this alley, behind a modest building. But when you get closer, you can hear deep bass coming from inside. If you listen closely, you can hear voices rapping along… and damn are they good

My new rehearsal version for @yoongisbf !! A present from your now-not-so-secret santa ♡ (psst it’s only pt 1) 

*listen with headphones and turn the volume up*