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Do you by chance know what facial mask Yoongi and J-Hope used in their recent v live?

During a Vlive Suga and Yoongi recommended Beauty Clinic Mediheal sheet masks as they both tried one:

  • Jhope used  Beauty Clinic Mediheal Tea Tree Healing Solution Essential Mask
  • Yoongi used Beauty Clinic Mediheal AirGuard Foilab Mask Waterful

It is also the same brand that Suga used some days ago (He said in the Vlive that he really liked it) 

  • Namjoon: *trips over and unplugs TV*
  • BTS: OH NOOOOO!! you broke it!!!!!
  • Yoongi: *plugs in the TV while the rest aren't watching* I fixed it!!
  • ~
  • Later at an interview
  • BTS: yeah Suga fixes everything, he's a genius!

bts zodiac constellations wallpapers

respectively: aquarius, aries,cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpius, taurus & virgo;

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BTS at the BBMAS
  • (Sitting next to Justin Bieber)
  • Jin: hi, I'm jin. You know anneyonghassayo?
  • Justin: yeah hi..no
  • Suga: dis..(points at Justin's necklace) dis 3 dollar chain?
  • Justin: what! No it's expensive
  • J-hope: (goes a bit too close and whispers) I hate snakeu
  • Justin: ...okay
  • Jungkook: (mouths I love you @ JB)
  • Justin: ....
  • Justin: (looking at Jimin)
  • Justin: you seem like the normal one here lol, what's your name man?
  • Jimin, with the cutest smile on his face: hi ^^
  • Justin: ...(triggered bc Jimin is really cute)
  • Rap monster: I apologize for all this, we're really nervous that's why
  • Justin, not paying attention to RM, still looking at Jimin: ..I'm gay
  • Justin: ...I MEANT IT's okay...

everyone at Namjoon this comeback 


BTS in all-black outfits got me like