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#15 with Jungkook “I like to think we’re more than ‘just friends”

#15 with jungkook? * Requested

“I like to think we’re more than ‘just friends’.”


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It burned in you. The rage that started from the very pit of your stomach rushed through your body, filling it with an emotion that was foreign to you.


It was the way she grazed his arm, fingers lingering a little too long against his skin, sending you into this rage. The way she giggled, tilting her head back, and releasing a sound that was almost harmonious, something beautiful..

like her.

You were no one to be jealous. Jungkook wasn’t your boyfriend.. but your best friend, however in the past few weeks, it was almost evident that something was going to spark between the two of you..

It was the way he made you feel..

He gave you that euphoric rush that you had never felt before. The butterflies in your stomach simply by hearing his laugh. The smile.. That would brighten up your day even if it was the down right most horrid day you had ever had.

It was him.

Angrily, you stormed out, trying to order an uber without getting detected that your presence had vanish, but your attempt failed.

“y/n?” he said, breathlessly running up to you. You looked up,tilting your head to the side.

“yes?” you asked, returning to your phone. 

“Where are you going?” he asked. It was too much.. something seemed to click, a sudden rush of confidence that was new to you. 

“i’m going home, I don’t feel like watching you basically eye fuck her honestly..” you said, not bothering to look into his eyes that were now burning a hole into your head. 

“huh?” he asked.

“That girl, she’s all over you, and i’m actually jealous.. silly right? Jealous for what? We are just friends right?” you said. His heart seemed to jump. You were jealous? You liked him? HUH??? 

snap out of it kook.. we don’t need you to be shook right now he thought to himself. 

“I like to think we’re more than ‘just friends’.”  he said. Your eyes shot up immediately. 

“Pardon?” you asked. He took a step closer, tilting his head to the side.

“I said..  “I like to think we’re more than ‘just friends’.”  “ he said, a small smile forming on his lips. 

“You do..” you whispered. He nodded, softly taking your face in his hands.

“I just didn’t think that.. you’d feel the same” he said. You softly tugged on your bottom lip with your teeth, trying to break his gaze,but you couldn’t. 

“i do..” you whispered. 

“I’ve been wanting to hear you say that..” he whispered, closing the gap between the two of you and pressing his lips against yours. His lips were soft, and kisses timid.But he still gave you that euphoric feeling that you loved.

You loved him. 

And in that very moment, nothing else seemed to matter.


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BTS Reaction #1

They said mean things to you via text while they’re away on tour. Not knowing how to respond, you don’t and hear nothing else from him. One day, you hear a knock on your door and get up to answer. Your boyfriend isn’t due back for another two days, so you don’t expect him to be standing there.


Jin stands on the other side of your apartment door, holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers and a bag of takeout from your favorite place. You can tell how sorry he is just by looking at his face and the fact that he brought take out.

“I know I was mean and this doesn’t make up for it, but I’ll make it up to you. I promise.” You smile and take the flowers before wrapping your arms around him. “I’m so sorry, jagi. I really do love you so, so much.”


Yoongi stands there looking shy and maybe a little frustrated. He keeps trying to say something, but stops and closes his mouth. Finally, he just holds out his arms for a hug. Trying not to smile, you give him what he wants and he holds you as if he’s afraid you’d really leave him.

“I love you, you know.” You nod and tell him you love him, too. “Let’s do our thing. Cuddle and nap.”


Hoseok’s crying when you open the door. You’re shocked for a moment, but then throw your arms around his neck and run your fingers through his hair. He holds you a little too tight, but you don’t mind.

“I love you, jagi. I love you so much. Please don’t leave me. I’m sorry for what I said.” You promise you’re never going to leave and tell him you love him, too. After that, you put on his favorite movie and spend the day playing with his hair while his head rests on your chest.


As soon as you open the door, Namjoon’s telling you exactly how sorry he is and how he hopes you didn’t take him seriously and that he loves you more than life itself. He doesn’t give you a chance to get a word in, leaving you with no choice but to kiss him to shut him up.

“Does that mean you’ll give me another chance?” You nod and kiss him again. “I love you, jagiya. Please don’t ever forget that.”


Jimin hugs you immediately and starts planting little kisses all over your face. He doesn’t say anything, but he shows you how sorry he is and how much he loves you with affection.

“I love you,” he finally says as you lay tangled up together on the couch. “I hope you have nothing planned for the next two days because I’m going to spend every second proving it to you.”


Taehyung doesn’t stop apologizing as he showers you with kisses all over your face, neck, arms, pretty much anywhere he can. You have to wait until he finally stops to tell him it’s okay and that you love him.

“I’ll never do it again, I promise. I love you so much. Cuddle attack!”


Jungkook would stand there with a scared look on his face, like he was worried you’d turn him away. You stand there, waiting for him to say something. When he doesn’t, you throw yourself at him, knowing that’s what you both want. His arms wrap around your back as he spins you around.

“I love you,” he whispers, holding you tightly. You say it back and tell him he owes you cuddles for being gone so long. Laughing, he agrees and you put on Iron Man while you get your cuddles, harsh words already forgotten.

Bts reaction to you not wanting to go swimming because of s/o weight

Jin: (bless this boys soul)he has said before that his ideal type is someone with a little weight on their bones and would not mind at all ,he would praise her/him and encourage them to go anyway to have a good time and not worry but if s/o strongly disagreed than they would stay home and cuddle

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Rap monster:This boy would just smile warmly and hug said s/o telling them that is ok and to not be ashamed and if so called fans or whomever had something to say to ignore them and he still loves you no matter what but again if you really don’t want to go he would be ok with it and down for what ever plan B you had in mind

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J-hope:This boy would be so excited to go some place other than the zoo(I-I hate snakue)that he would at first not notice your discomfort and you will end up going anyway seeing as he would be disappointed if you said you would not go but when he invites you into the water and you refuse he would see that you did not want to be their and did not even make a effort to change clothing so he would suggest going to some place you want to go and later asking why you were so uncomfortable earlier

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Suga:He would not be willing to go either and would want to stay home and cuddle and since you did not want to go at first he would not question why but a lil bit into cuddle and movie he would ask why you did not want to go seeing as you had alot more energy that this sleepy Grandpa

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V:He like j-hope would be happy to go but will notice your reluctantsy before you even left the bed he would ask why you were unhappy about it when you were laying in his arms and after telling him he would tell you he could care less about that and other peoples judgement on his wife/husband but still he would not go if you did not come seeing as he would never go off alone when his jagi could be with him

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(stab it)

Jimin: Inoccent baby jimin would send it whilst you two were eating and ask what was wrong ,once you told him why you were not happy about swimming he would reach across the table for your hand and reassure you that their is nothing wrong with your body and that he is just fine with how you look and would love to show you off as not a trophy (did you see my bag)but as his loving s/o

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Jungkook:oh the little makmae would not understand why you were not talking about the trip you and him planned the other day and asked why so when you explain to him why he would not really know how to respond and just stay home with you or go out to eat he would think about what to say all day and later come to you and tell you that it doesn’t matter how other people see you cause he loves you and not their opinions on how his wife/husband should look

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you should shut the door// JK

108 is “you should close the door”


Your mind was a cloud as kookie peppered kisses around your neck, focusing on the spot that sent chills down your spine. 

“Kookie what if someone walks in” you whispered, removing the hoodie that he had on. 

“no ones even home y/n” he said, a smirk playing on his lips. 

“I’m serious.. we don’t know how long they’ll be at dinner and if they walk in- ahhh” you groaned, as Kookie began rubbing the front of your panties. 

“I really hate you sometimes” you groaned. He smiled, leaning down to continue kissing you. 

“hey Kookie we brought you- OH MY GODDDDD!!!” Hobi yelled. Jungkook jumped off you,and the two of you stared at the hyung like deer in headlights. 

“You should close the door!” he screamed, slamming it behind him. Your gaze moved to kook, who had a mischievous grin on his face. 

“where were we?” he said, attacking you with kisses.

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I wanna hear you say it // JIN

number 89 please :)

89: I wanna here you say it

(NO specific member soooo I’m gonna do Jin)


How did you get here? it went from being the absolute perfect night in… Jin made dinner, and you two had ended up cuddled watching movies.. Someone said something.. and now here you both were.. red faced, and yelling at the top of your lungs practically trying to out scream each other. Neither one of you knowing why you were fighting Tears ran down your cheeks as you walked away from him.

“Jin I’m over this!” you yelled. 

“Don’t walk away from me!” he yelled, following behind you. 

“Gosh I wish I could hate you! Then I wouldn’t stick around! But I love you so just shut the fuck up!” you yelled, throwing a picture frame at him. It crashed on the wall next to him, shattering into a million pieces, and what you hadn’t realized was that you had let it slip..That you loved him.

“what did you say..?” he asked, his voice seemingly a million octaves. 

“what..?” you asked, knowing exactly what you had said. He stepped closer, taking your face into his hands, and brushing your tears away. 

“please…I wanna hear you say it…” he said, his voice slightly cracking. Tears continued falling, as you looked at your feet.

“I said I love you.. so shut the fuck up” you said, adding the last part simply to be a smart ass. 

“God.. Jagi I love you more..” he whispered, softly kissing your tears. You softly hiccuped, and he gave you a small kiss, pulling you close to him.

“let’s not fight.. please..” he whispered. You nodded, burying your face in his chest. 

“lets go to bed..” he said.

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