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If you say “Where are the other members?” to J-hope or to any other member or to any other different band member please please don’t. I can’t stress this enough that you are hurting them emotionally and it just brings down their self esteem which could impact not only their performance but the other members performances as well. These boys are like brothers, once they see there is something wrong with one another they all get concerned and begin to lose focus.

 You don’t know what they’re going through and how much pressure they’re being put under, so please PLEASE do not say “Where are the other members?” Be glad that they have taken the time to set up a camera and interact with you.

I get that we all prefer a certain member then the rest but that is not an excuse to put down the others just because they are not the ones you find attractive, I see other fans saying this a lot but for some reason the message is not getting through to others. 

Also to the other fans who throw hateful comments to the ones typing the question please do not I repeat do not type those hateful comments, what is even more upsetting then getting asked “Where are the other members?” for the artist is when there are fan wars beginning in the comments.

Please think about how the artist will feel.

I’m sorry for this outburst and I promise you this won’t happen very often, I like my blog to be cute and fun but when people are still not listening I can’t hold back.


💌Fake texts with BTS💌

They find out that you’re a blood donor

BTS Reactions

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His ringtone blared in his ears, pulling him out of his deep slumber. Yoongi muffles a groan as he blindly reaches for the phone. “What is it?” he grumbled.

“Yoongi,” the voice said on the other hand. It was strained and full of sorrow. “(y/n)…she was in a car crash and…she-”

At the mention of her name, Yoongi shot up from his bed as he turned on the lights. “What did you say?” he asked, his heart racing and pounding in his chest.

“She’s gone, Yoongi,” the voice said, barely a whisper.

“No, no, tell me which hospital she’s at!” Yoongi growled in anger as he stumbled around the room. “I’m coming! She’s not gone!”

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BTS reaction- you have a daddy kink

Could I ask a bts reaction to you having a daddy kink?


We all know Namjoon is daddy as fuck. He would use it in public to make you weak. He would love it. He would spoil you and call you babygirl but would of course punish you when needed.

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Hoseok: Hobi would love iiiiit. He would love how flustered it made you when he teased you. Whispering, “you want daddy to fuck you, princess?” And many more.

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Taehyung: Tae would only use this when he really needed to. If you were being a complete brat daddy V would definitely come out. He’d bend you over his knee and spank you.

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Yoongi: SUGA IS T H E DADDY. Yoongi is daddy Yoongi 26/9. He would growl in your ear and grip your hips tight and he knew it turned you on. He’ d warn you to stop being bad before he punished.

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Jimin: Chim chim definitely has a mommy kink but he would be okay with being daddy. He’d love being a mama’s boy but wouldn’t mind being daddy. He would try to compromise with you, asking if you could take turns.

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Jeongguk: Jungkook is definitely hella daddy, i mean… have you seen him? He would pin you down, spank you, and so much more. I MEAN JEONGGUK IS DADDY AS FUCK DONT FIGHT ME.

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Seokjin: He would try it for you and would eventually end up liking it but would only want to do it once in a while. When he was in daddy mode boy he would be daddy as fuuuuck.

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He’s so sexy like unintentionally sexy. Sometimes I’m watching an interview or something about BTS and I like to observe Joonie and every little thing he does is either cute af or goddamn hot I can’t control myself I just want him so bad. Like I don’t want him just to fuck me (of course I want that real bad, he’s my daddy), I also want to take care of him and help him sort his problems out. I want to help him love and accept those little things he doesn’t like about himself. I JUST WANT TO BE WITH HIM OKAY WHY AM I LIKE THIS

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