j hon


OMG She is so tiny and alone in these scene, no matter how powerful she is. I am literally crying.

I mean, just check it out, everyone in the Super squad  has some new adventure now. Alex has Maggie, Winn hanging out with James more now, J’hon has the connection with M’ggan. They all seems happy, but Kara? Those old friend will have plans for the night out or in themselves now and the new adventure in her new life? Mon-El is a mess, he can’t do well in either job or personal life; Snapper is still someone she need to earn, and Cat is gone.


Just imagine, if this is season one, when event like this happened, at the end of the episode, it would be either a relieving and encouraging conversation with Cat on the balcony, or a Netflix night with Alex, maybe also everyone else and they’d eat pizza and potstickers. And here we got two scenes of lost and tired Kara. This might be an important phase in everyone’s life experience and it totally make sense that even Kara would feel down at some point. But recently I feel this show is focusing less and less on Kara. Or maybe I just miss Cat and their interaction. Even she did not show up, the end would be much more better if Kara is not depressed because of those boys, one particularly.

Stop playing around writers. This show is called SUPERGIRL, I mean, she is in the title, right?