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Trans! Damian having Endometriosis (google it) and suffering thru it cos that's how he was taught. Feel free to add batfams reactions I'm just in pain and I need to relate to MY FAVE CHILD

Dick finding Damian in a ball crying trying to will it away and Dick doesn’t understand why. Damian tells him that it’s no big deal, it happens every month, its just normal cramps. Dick gives him a look like those don’t look like normal cramps but Damian just says they are because he doesn’t want to make it a bigger deal then it is. Dick brings him some hot tea and a blanket and goes to find Bruce. He tells Bruce that he thinks there is something wrong with Damian’s periods and maybe he should get Damian checked out just to be safe. Bruce looks in on Damian and sees how much pain his son is in and agrees but they both know they can’t tell Damian he is going to see a doctor for his period pain because he won’t go and will fight them on it. They have to find a way to trick or bribe him to go to the doctor’s but they will worry about that after his period is over because he doesn’t need that added stress.

"Where I come from, generals don't hide in their offices like cowards. They fight alongside their soldiers. They die with them on the battlefied."

By popular demand (ie @byzantinefox), and courtesy of “Bloody Red Tabs: General Officer Casualtues of the Great War 1914-1918,” here’s a list of the 78 or so British and Commonwealth generals who died for King and Country in the Great War. This not meant to attack Wonder Woman (2017), which is an excellent film. This, is for the record.

A. H. Baldwin, KIA 1915
R. B. Barker, KIA 1918
R. B. Bradford VC, KIA 1917
Sir William T. Bridges, died of wounds 1915
R. G. Broadwood, died of wounds 1917
C. H. J. Brown, KIA 1917
C. B. Bulkeley-Johnson, KIA 1917
George Bull, died of wounds 1916
G. A. S. Cape, KIA 1918
Sir Thomas Capper, died of wounds 1915
H. F. H. Clifford, KIA 1916
A. W. G. L. Cole, died of wound 1915
L. W. P. East, KIA 1918
Edward Feetham, KIA 1918
N. D. Findlay, KIA 1914
H .G. Fitton, died of wounds 1916
Charles Fitzclarence VC, KIA 1914
G. B. S. Follett, KIA 1918
G. N. B. Forster, KIA 1918
H. T. Fulton, died of concussion 1918
D. J. Glasfurd, died of wounds 1916
A. F. Gordon, died of wounds 1917
C. W. E. Gordon, KIA 1917
R. C. Gore, KIA 1918
Charles Gosling, wounded 1916, KIA 1917
John Edmond Gough VC, died of wounds 1915
E. J. Granet, died of wounds 1918
H. I. W. Hamilton, KIA 1914
W. J. St. J. Harvey, died of wounds 1916
Julian Hasler, KIA 1915
The Hon. J. F. Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis, KIA 1915
F. J. Heyworth, KIA 1915
G. B. Hodson, died of wounds 1916
William Holmes, died of wounds 1917
Philip Howell, KIA 1918
R. H. Husey, died of wounds as POW 1918
Edward Charles Ingouville-Williams, KIA 1916
F. E. Johnston, KIA 1917
Sir William A. I. Kay, 6th Bart., wounded 1918, KIA 1918
P. A. Kenna VC, died of wounds 1915
Noel Lee, died of wounds 1915
Louis James Lipsett, KIA 1918
S. H. Lomax, died of wounds 1915
Wlater Long, KIA 1917
Thomas Pakenham, 5th Earl of Longford, KIA 1915
A. C. Lowe, KIA 1917
A. D. Lumsden, KIA 1918
F. W. Lumsden VC, wounded 1917, KIA 1918
R. C. Maclachlan, KIA 1917
C. T. Martin, KIA 1918
G. E. Matthews, died of wounds 1917
Sir Frederick S. Maude, wounded 1915, died of cholera 1917
Francis Aylmer Maxwell VC, KIA 1917
N. R. McMahon, KIA 1914
Malcolm Smith Mercer, KIA 1916
H. E. Napier, KIA 1915
N. T. Nickalls, KIA 1915
G. C. Nugent, KIA 1915
V. A. Ormsby, KIA 1917
Malcolm Peake, KIA 1917
L. M. Philpott, KIA 1916
C. B. Prowse, died of wounds 1916
C. G. Rawling, KIA 1917
J. F. Riddell, KIA 1915
A. R. C. Sanders, KIA 1918
William Scott-Moncrieff, KIA 1915
G. S. Shephard, KIA 1918
C. E. Stewart, KIA 1916
J. A. Tanner, KIA 1917
S. C. Taylor, KIA 1918
G. H. Thesiger, KIA 1915
F. D. V. Wing, wounded 1914, KIA 1915
Frank Wormald, KIA 1915

Q. If you could enter another school now, what kind of school would you like to go to?

Isubokuro: It’s part of my school’s rules for everyone to be in a club, and I think that’s strict, so this time, I’d like to enter a good high school where it’s okay not to join a club.

Sou: He’s really realistic (laughs).

Isubokuro: Also, there isn’t a light music club in my school so this time, I’d like to enter a school with a club like that and try being the guitarist.

Sou: I’ve recently been into deep sea fishes recently, so I want to enter a school that does research on deep sea fishes. Even though everyone says it’s gross, but I think blobfishes are cute~ ♥