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Today’s challenges may appear formidable. But the fact that our forebears could overcome the greatest hardship of all – that of being enslaved – is cause enough, both for hope and for the strengthening of our resolve, to overcome every obstacle.

The Most Hon. P.J. Patterson, ON, PC, QC, MP, | Emancipation Day Message from the[n] Prime Minister of Jamaica

(August 1, 2005) 

Q. If you could enter another school now, what kind of school would you like to go to?

Isubokuro: It’s part of my school’s rules for everyone to be in a club, and I think that’s strict, so this time, I’d like to enter a good high school where it’s okay not to join a club.

Sou: He’s really realistic (laughs).

Isubokuro: Also, there isn’t a light music club in my school so this time, I’d like to enter a school with a club like that and try being the guitarist.

Sou: I’ve recently been into deep sea fishes recently, so I want to enter a school that does research on deep sea fishes. Even though everyone says it’s gross, but I think blobfishes are cute~ ♥