j holiday fall

J. Holiday

J. Holiday - Fall

Every day I get up, shes on my mind
I can’t get enough & I don’t know why
But its more than a crush
I can’t believe its getting deeper
All the time I wanna see her

But it wasn’t suppose to go this way
She was suppose to be another game to play
And I can’t figure it out
I don’t know how she did it
But she made me fall, fall, fall

Have you ever met someone
That you thought was for the moment
Then they came & stole your heart
Before you knew that it was stolen
Took you by surprise
Cuz you never saw it coming
And now I can’t deny
That baby girl you got me fallin

I miss him. I think about him all the time. Whatever I’m doing, he is always in the back of my head, and my only real thought is “Why can’t I be with him right now?”. I know why. And knowing why makes me realize that I will probably never be with him, which only makes me miss him even more.