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(3) but i forgive. because he deserves such kindness. if i don’t succeed, if i never make it back, do not write to me. this town is dying; the colours fade and everything becomes gray. i realise this is because i laid my hands on it. i will not lay my hands on you, for fear you will lose the glow that pulls me in. i write this with shaking hands and misty eyes. i do love you lo, and i will try to return so i may will myself to say the words. i love you. wear the hat. -j.j


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if i was the sorting hat, i would be like

“what the fuck are you talking about? you wanna be a ravenclaw? you haven’t even read a book in your entire life! i cant put you there just because the only fucking friend you made on the train is one of them. shut the fuck up and believe me, you would be a fucking great gryffindor”

“omg, seriously? no, you’re not a fucking slytherin. do you even know you at all? bitch, please, you are such a hufflepuff person”

“gryffindor is definitely not your place… no, I don’t fucking care about your family. no no no. go to ravenclaw, you would be much happier there. i mean, this is my only fucking job, i know what i’m doing”

J-World, Ikebukuro

The guys and I at J-World entrance!

Welcome to Sanji’s cafe in J-world. You can hear Sanji’s welcoming speech played in the cafe over and over again, targeting to the ladies only of course. 

Chopper and Kung-Fu Dugong ice-cream!

Main course display available in the cafe.

Thousand Sunny food display. I’ve no idea what kind of food is it though.

Chopper-themed burger patty

Bepo, Trafalgar Law, Portgas D. Ace and Sabo-themed drinks. I ordered the Bepo one and it tasted funny. It’s a mango yogurt drink by the way. 

Zoro’s Santoryu Carbonara Vege Pasta

The Heart-Pirates meal. Trafalgar Law’s Curry Rice with Law’s Marshmallow chocolate drink and Bepo’s mango yogurt drink. I tried the curry and it was really good!

ASL three brothers meal. Luffy’s Strawhat tomato seafood rice, Ace’s orange juice and Sabo’s drink. I forgot what was Sabo’s drink. XD

I got my favorite Nico Robin coaster. It comes with your drink order and you can choose which character you want.

Help!! Captain!!! I’m melting!!! (Sorry, Bepo ^^;)

Thousand Sunny’s Gaon Cannon! Have your friend stand in front of Sunny’s cannon and aim at his face. Franky will instruct you and ask you to wait for his countdown XD

New Kama bar! 

Soul King Brooke’s performance for the carousel in front of it. He will dance and sing. Oh and I just realized that was my friend doing the 45 degree plank by the table XD. He cosplayed as Brooke once.

Chopper’s adventure to save Luffy! This is a very interesting interactive game. You have to listen to Chopper’s story, then follow his instruction to get the ingredients to save Luffy. You will have a backpack with Chopper in it and you’ll have to carry him around, searching for the ingredients he needed. Chopper will let you know if he discovered something!

It was one of the most magical moments in my life, getting to indulge in the world of One Piece as an indoor theme park. I’ll post another post on One Piece Tokyo Tower next!