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BTS reaction when you suck his bottom lips during a kiss [II]

Requested by anon… considered it as the hardest request till now. (second hardest I just received lol)

Two: Two: three members in each post…

Suga - Rap Mon


You do that to Jungkook and it will be as if you have told him not to stop. It will not be just a kiss but a whole make out session. He will just grab you by the waist closer to his body so that you will be able to feel his body heat as he shows you how a good kisser he is. 

When you both are out of breath, he would rest his forehead on yours enjoying the feeling of your hot breath on his skin. 

You whine as you bury your face in his shirt. 

“What’s wrong?” He asks taken back a little. 

“That was so sudden.” You say as you bumped his chest with your fist lightly. 

“Excuse me!” 

“Shut up, I’m so embarrassed.” 

“You started it.” He scoffs. “Seriously.” 

“I know.” You look at him with pink shades all over your cheeks and twinkles in your eyes. 

Jungkook kisses you again, not able to hold back because you are just too cute.

“You pay for your actions, that’s the rule.” 

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He will freeze. He will be so stiff, He doesn’t expect from you to do something this bold especially that it is your first kiss with him. you will chuckle, looking at him in the eyes teasing him.

“What’s wrong?” 

Hoseok’s eyes move towards you like a robot eyes moving in a stiff figure. “Is that okay?” 

“What is okay,  Hoseok?” You smile, wrapping your eyes around his neck. He gulps, clearing his throat. 

“We just started dating yesterday.” 

“Ah.” You pout cutely as you pull your arms away from his neck. “Was it too fast?” 

Catching your hand, quickly, he smiles at you. “Yah, I didn’t mean…” But before he can continue, you kiss him. 

This will give him the courage to kiss you as deep as he always imagined kissing you all this time.  

“I wanted to make sure you do not mind.”

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BTS Reacts to their s/o wearing their shirt to bed.


Namjoon would pull you to him, running his hands through your hair and gaze at you with hungry eyes. He would whisper a small inquiry of permission before his hands would start to roam down your back and over your hips. He would start at the hollow of your neck and trail kisses down your chest.



Yoongi would look you up and down and smirk, hugging you from behind, and wrapping his arms around your waist. He would walk you backwards towards the bed, pulling you down on him and turning you around for a passionate kiss while holding the back of your head.

“Damn, you look so good jagi…”


J-Hope would freeze in his spot, his jaw dropping to the floor boards. You looked like an angel. You would have to walk over and gently snap him out of it before he would say anything. He would smile sweetly, telling you that you were his everything while pressing soft kisses to your neck.

“I love you jagi….stay with me always.”


Jin would blush furriously, the floor suddenly becoming the most interesting thing in the room. He would mutter small stammered words of how good you looked. You would take a hold of his hands and let them cup your face; a loving smile would curl at the corners of his lips as he places a soft kiss to your cheek.

“You…look radiant jagi…”


Jimin would smirk and chuckle softly, taking hold of your hand and twirling you to him, his other hand resting on your waist. His perfect lips would press softly to your forehead as he rocks you in his arms to an unheard melody, the moment getting more heated as he whispers into your ear.

“You look so cute jagi…but don’t you think it’d look better on the floor?”


Tae would be confused at first, eyeing the shirt suspiciously until it dawns on him that it’s his. A broad smile would light up his face as he rushes over to you, crushing you in a bear hug. He would nussle into your neck and inhale gently, kissing your collarbone.

“Cute, cute, cute, I wanna cuddle jagi.”


Kookie would be a bit concerned, looking over the shirt. When asked what was wrong he would shake his head and smile, kissing the back of your hand. He would pull you into a soft hug and run his hands gently over your back, drawing patterns.

“You’re adorable jagiya…Where are your pajamas?”

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BTS reaction to their crush saying “I love you”

It’s rare that BTS has time off, time to chill, time to see friends, but whenever they did, he would always go and see you. Of course you’d welcome him with open arms, glad to finally have some alone time with your bud without watching the hands of the clock. No matter what you were supposed to be doing that day, you’d blow it off. Got chores? They can wait. Got an assignment? Eh it’s not due until next week, there’s plenty of time. Got work? Pull a sickie. No matter what, you would cancel it to have just one day with him. 

You had been chilling together all day at your place, reminiscing, eating all your food, catching up, ordering take out, making him tell you all about the world of k-pop and all that jazz. 

It was getting late and you were getting so tired, you were literally fighting sleep so you curled up against his side, resting your head on his shoulder. He smiled and put his arm around you, his eyes still on the movie playing so you didn’t see the way his cheeks pinkened at the affection. 

“I love you, you know…” You mumbled sleepily, allowing your eyes to finally close.

Hoseok (aka J-Hope aka Hobi hobi aka sunshine aka J-HOOOPEEEEEEE)

He would freeze at your words, trying desperately to respond but the words wouldn’t form. He was too shocked. He never once thought you’d feel such a way about him. That you’d return his feelings. But you did and he his heart was pounding. Eventually, he found his voice.

“I-I love you too.” He stammered licking his lips. He had expected an instant response but got nothing. Feeling confused, he looked at you to see your eeys closed, lips parted slightly as you breathed deeply. He smiled not being able to feel anything but completely in love as he amdired your peaceful features.


Jimin had been mentally preparing to confess to you himself, it’s all he had been thinking about on the way to your place but the second he saw you, his mind went fuzzy and he couldn’t think straight. It happened everytime he looked at you which is why despite practically falling head over heels the first time you looked his way, he hadn’t managed to confess his intense addiction to you. You were his own special brand of heroine…

Those three simple words that he had been trying to express for months and months to you but you said them so easily as if telling him the time. So simple were your words but his stomach errupted in butterflies and he wanted to hear you say those words for the rest of his life.

He turned to you, ready to spill his guts but found you asleep. His lips curled up into that beautiful, loving smile of his and he kissed you on the head before pulling you closer, planning a romantic date to take you out on the next day so he could return the confession in a way you were sure to never forget.

Seokjin (aka Jin aka puppy aka mama bear)

Jin was always coddling you, making sure you were eating well, sleeping well, healthy, getting enough fresh air and you ALWAYS showed your gratitude. It wasn’t unusual for these words to slip from your mouth as a sign of appreciation. So, at first he didn’t respond. It took him a few minutes to realise that he didn’t feel the same that time. His heart was racing and his face hotter than ususal. He put his hand overhis chest in confusion. St first he was worried he had caught a bug from somewhere and didn’t want you to get it so he moved away. It was only when he was at the other end of the sofa and you had followed him in your sleep to lay your head on his lap that it struck him that the way you said those words wasn’t the same as usual. He looked down at your sleeping features, your words playing through his mind and he realised that you meant them in a different way than usual. His heart raced all over again and he couldn’t deny the fact he felt the same for you.

Jungkook (aka bunny aka STOP THAT WITH YOUR HIPS YOU ARE A CHILD aka why u so young boi u make me feel gross stop)

The second his mind caught up with your words having been preoccupied with the movie he transformed(not so majestically) into JungSHOOK and bolted away with wide eyed, falling onto the floor. Of course this woke you up as you face planted the sofa cushions and you looked at him like he had lost his mind. Which, he had. He had only dreamed of you saying those words(and more but lets keep it PG for tonight kids) for a long time and thought that’s the only way he’d hear them but, no more dream. 

“Did you just, say you love me?” He finally spoke and you nodded slowly. Somehow his eyes widened and you wanted to take a photo, he was such a great face for memes but decided it was not the right time but later though for sure. “Really?” You nodded again. “You love me?” 

“Why would I joke about that?” You asked incredulously. He stared for a moment longer before shuffling over and kneeling up in fornt of you. 

“I love you too.” He replied and it was your turn to grow wide eyed. He smiled at your reaction then mocked your expression by exaggerating it on his own face.

“I know you’re taking the mick but that is literally what you looked like a second ago.” You stated. He tried to slap on a pout and pretend to sulk but was too damn happy and you could see it. So you both smiled widely at eachother before settling down in cute cuddle form his arms wrapping around your body.

Namjoon (aka Rap Monster aka Joonie-kins aka papa bear)

Namjoon was so excited and happy the second he really registered that you confessed to him that he started a cute little speech about how much you meant to him and how he had wanted to be with you for so long and when he was done he wanted to take a photo to capture the moment of your new love life together. So, he picked up his phone and put it on selfie mode, he held it up but he was so overjoyed and shakey that he dropped the device, right onto your sleeping face. You awoke with a shriek, hearing him swearing and apologising profusely. 

“What the hell?” You grumbled straighting up to hold your hand over the sore spot, almost galring at him. “What did you just do?” 

“I was trying to take a photo and dropped my phone.” He confessed with a frown. “Does it hurt?” 

“Of course it hurts!” You moved when he tried to reach out to move your hand so he could see. “Why the hell were you trying to take a photo while I was sleeping?” 

“I’m so sorry, I just wanted to…wait, you were asleep?” 

“Well yeah.” 

“So you didn’t hear any of what I just said?” You shook your head confused. “Okay, I’ll just say it again.” He shuffled to face you better, giving him a second to collect his thoughts before spilling his heart to you in a much more fully formed and articulate way than before. At some point your hand fell to your lap and he could then see the swelling already forming under your eye. 

“Okay, that makes up for the black eye.” You mumbled and he chuckled.

“We should get some ice on that before it does actually turn black.” 

“i hope this isn’t how you always confess your love.” You teased and he rolled his eyes before fetching you some ice so you could cuddle back up and finish watching the rest of the film together.

Taehyung (aka V aka precious boy with the sinful tongue and hands and face and everything aka he kills me)

This little shit wouldn’t let you sleep after that. Not a single chance of it buddy so you can think again. He’d shake you awake and hold you by your shoulders, staring intently into your eyes until you focused on him. 

“I knew I’m your bias.” He finally spoke, the serious look vanishing to be replaced with a teasing grin. You’d roll our eyes and whine trying to curl up to return to sleep. “Ah don’t do that Y/N, tell me how much you love me.” 

“I don’t, it was a joke.” You’d grumble, gasping in shock as his grip suddenly loosened and you fell against the sofa. You’d look at him to see the most heartbroken you had even seen a person. He didn’t even try to hide the hurt.

“You don’t really love me?” He mumbled not giving you the chance to respond. “Because I love you.” 


“I love you.” Your eyes searched his face for a hint of a joke but he was more serious than you had ever seen him. 

“It wasn’t a joke.” You’d confess. “I just thought you were going to tease me.” 

“I was.” He grinned scooting next to you and if you weren’t already in deep with him, it’d probably be uncomfortably close. “But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” 

Yoongi (aka Suga aka Agust D aka precious bby aka what a shit aka bias wrecker right here)

He was close to sleep himself when he heard your words. He thought he had just imagined them but he felt them sink into his skin and he looked at you shocked. You were already deep asleep, you couldn’t help but let sleep take you when so close to Yoongi’s warm body. He was just always so relaxed and chill that a comfortable warm feeling enveloped you and your eyes closed automatically so you could listen to his breathing and block out the rest of the world.

A fond smile lifted his lips and he stroked your hair out of your face to press a gentle kiss to your forehead. He settled back down, taking one of your hands into your own and lacing your fingers together. He hoped that if you woke first and felt your fingers intertwined, you’d understand that he felt the same way for you and when he woke he could use his words to convey his feelings too.

As he drifted to sleep, he was already forming lyrics about you and how he wants your future to be together.

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Hope you enjoyed it! 

Keep on requesting guys!

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BTS Reacts to their s/o being hit by a car. (Part 1)

Good End

Bad End



The two of you had gone out for an evening of fun, catching up after their last tour. He had taken you to a local restaurant and towards the end of the meal he gifted you a bracelet with charms of the two of your first initals. As the two of you made your way back home, you noticed a car speeding in your direction. Your eyes flicked between him and the car rapidly, registering the imminent danger. Thinking fast you throw your hands out, shoving him forward and taking his place, the car slamming into you an instant later. The force of the crash propels your body a few feet into the mostly deserted intersection. The car sits smoking somewhere to your right, and you register the feeling of pain lancing through your bruised body.


Namjoon turns on his heel, his heart slamming against his ribs. The realization of what had happened hitting him almost as hard as the car had hit you. In an attempt to reach you, he clumsily trips over himself, eyes wide with fear. Kneeling next to your limp body, he gently craddles your head with one hand while the other fumbles through his pockets for his phone.

“…no….no….no jagi…why….you can’t….jagi?”


Yoongi whirls around, kneeling next to you in a matter of seconds, anger and anguish colliding on his face. His fingers run through his hair in frustration, his words coming out in a jumbled mess. Tears stream down his face, his jaw clenched and his eyes never leaving you as he screams at the driver. His hands hover over your body, scared to touch you in fear that it would, in some way, hurt you more.

“________! ________what were you thinking?!….stupid….hey! Hey!!!”


J-Hope freezes in his tracks, trying to process what had just happened. His voice would come out choked and hoarse as he shuffles over to you. Desperation and absolute fear would take over his emotions as his hands shakingly cover his face, the palms quickly becomeing slick with tears.

“Why….no…no…don’t leave me…..”


Your name leaves his lips in a panicked scream as he runs over to you, pulling his jacket from his body and gently slipping it under your head. Reassuring snippets flow from his lips, his hands shaking violently as he calls for an ambulance. His eyes lock onto your own, forming an invisible life line while the two of you wait for the paramedics.

“You’re gonna be ok….you’re gonna make it….”


An agonized scream leaves his throat, your name slipping from his lips enough times to make his voice hoarse. Sobs wrack his entire body as he curls in on himself, as if to protect him from the horibble reality right in front of him. Everything around him fades into white noise, nothing mattered but you.

“________! ________!!!! This can’t be happening…”


Tae turns around, screaming “jagiya” as he runs toward you, tears blurring his vision. His hand intertwines with your own, holding onto it as if it would keep you in the here and now. His breath hitches in his throat as he begs you to stay awake, focus on his voice, anything to let him know you were still alive.

“Stay with me….please..please…someone please help! I can’t….can’t lose you….”


Incoherent sentences slip from Jungkook’s lips, his hands curl into fists as he slams them into the nearby car. Anger accompanies his agony as he slumps to his knees, defeated and hurt. Apology after apology pours over your barely conscious form, sobs breaking the otherwise smooth flow of words.

“I’m sorry…so sorry….it should have been me….”

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I love your writing so much!! If possible could you do a jack x reader with 16 or 36? Just if you have time or something! Thank you!

this man

here’s ya request my friend!

prompts; 16 “just let me carry you” and 36 “you’re beyond shivering, just take my jacket”

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(oops, not my gif)

tw; ya get cold and you argue with jack (sounds like a good time though), mentions of alcoholism (and i suppose abuse?) but nothing in full detail

        “Stupid, stupid, stupid” You groaned as you trekked through the rain. You worked a little flower stand in lower Manhattan. Although you technically had a boss, your working hours were really up to you and you have decided to stay open late these past few weeks. It was harder to sell flowers in the fall so you were doing whatever you could to earn some extra cash. Honestly, you didn’t even make enough in the season to buy a coat. You had no idea why you had thought you should keep that idea running today though, as it had been raining all day. It had started as small drizzle (which was probably good for your flowers anyways), but then had turned into heavy soaking rains. You prayed silently that your uncle would be black out drunk so you wouldn’t have to deal with him badgering you about being late. 

        It was becoming more and more difficult to see as you kept having to blink to keep water out of your eyes. Sighing heavily, you turned onto what you thought was your street, only to find more shops, all of which were dark. Now you felt tears prick your eyes. You just wanted to go home to your cot. At this point, you weren’t even that scared of your uncle and his anger, you just wanted to sleep. You leaned against a brick wall and slid down, swallowing a sob. You let out a hard sneeze. 'Great’ You thought, ‘I’m lost and now I’m getting sick’. You curled into a ball, partially because you were now crying and partially to block out some rain. The cold, unforgiving drops of water landed angrily on your back. By now, your shirt had to be see through, but it wasn’t like it mattered. You were lost, and the only other people who were out tonight where drunks and gangsters. 

        Suddenly, you felt a hand on your back. Startled, you looked up at the face of Jack Kelly. Whenever you bought the paper, you always made sure to buy it from Jack. Some days he would stop by your stand and talk to you for a little bit, maybe even buy a rose. Although you two weren’t super close, you would consider Jack a friend. You thought he was kinda cute too. Which only made you feel worse about him catching you like this. 

        “(y/n), what happened? Why’re youse out ‘ere, it ain’t safe?” He asked, concern dripping off of his face. You opened your mouth to say something and ended up coughing instead. It wasn’t too violent, but it still made Jack frown and move closer to you. 

        “I-I thought I’d tried and stay o-open late. Then I-I couldn’t see anything and I-I got l-lost. W-why are you out h-here?” You weren’t sure if you were stuttering because you were cold, because you were crying, or because Jack’s jawline was so damn fine. He brushed off your question and took his coat, his only source of warmth, off. You put your hand up to stop him as he moved to wrap it around you. “J-Jack, I c-can’t take your j-jacket, y-you’ll freeze!“ 

        "Hey, I’ll survive. Look at yourself, you’re beyond shivering, just take my jacket.” He insisted, shaking his head. You hadn’t noticed how terribly you were shaking. You must have started to go numb. You put your hand down and reluctantly let him let him cover you with it. “It ain’t really my jacket anyways, Davey’s ma made me take it. Didn’t 'ave da heart ta tell her dat it was too small for me. Looks cute on you though”

        If you could have blushed, you would have. It wasn’t unlike Jack to drop random complaints on you, but they still made you feel giddy every time, no matter how cheesy or out of place. He blew warm onto his hands and pressed them on either side of your face. His eyebrows furrowed and his hand slipped up to your forehead.

        “Youse skin is warm. I tink ya startin’ ta burn up.” He noticed, wiping away from stray tears. Dread filled you. If you got sick, that would mean at least a day or two of not being able to work. Maybe it wasn’t a huge deal to other, but to you, every single penny counted for something. You shook your head, refusing to believe it, trying to think of some reason as to why your skin felt warm. 

        “I think your hands are just still warm.” You protested, swatting his hand away. 

        “Youse needs ta get home, where do ya live?” Jack said, standing up. With Jack’s assistants, you followed suit. You’re legs were stiff from being in that position for so long and you leaned on Jack for support. 

        “Hawthorne” You mumbled, a little breathless from your sudden movement. Jack looked at you in surprise, almost impressed. 

        “How da hell did ya end up over 'ere? C'mon, youse is stayin’ at the Lodgin’ House tanight.” You felt a surge of panic. Stay in the Lodging House? All night? Your uncle would be furious when you came home the next night, and if he found out that you had stayed with a bunch of boys? You weren’t sure you’d come out of that alive. 

        “J-Jack, I c-can’t, my u-uncle, h-he’ll get mad!” You cried, pulling some of your weight off Jack. Jack raised one of his eyebrows. He had been guessing that something wasn’t quite right with that man. 

        “(y/n), you’ll be fine. He’s gotta understand dat Hawthorne is a good, 45 minute walk from 'ere and I ain’t risking keepin’ you in de rain any long den we hav'ta. An’ he has a problem wit’ dat, den he can take it up wit’ me.” You had to admit that Jack actually had a logical point. 

        “You’ll walk me home tomorrow, right?” You felt stupidly small as you asked him. He nodded with an of course. Then he started reasoning with you again. 

        “But if ya skin is still like dis in the morn’, den ya gotta stay for da day an’ let us take care of ya.” You’d never heard him use a tone this serious. He continued before you could say no, “We’s gotta guy, Davey, you’ve meet Davey before. He’s da one wit’ da lil’ brotha?” You nodded, the one with the nose. “Well, he’s real good at dis type of stuff on a'count dat he reads a lot. He’ll know wha’ ta do an’ you’ll be back sell dem beautiful flowers in no time. Okay?” You had no strength left to argue. 

        “Okay.” Jack bent down and tried to scoop you up but you put a hand on his shoulder. You were tired and maybe sick, but you weren’t broken. You didn’t want to get his clothes all wet either. This didn’t stop Jack as he said, 

        “Jus’ lemme carry ya. Ya tired.” You gave in once more. You laid your head on Jack’s shoulder. It was rather nice to have someone carry you, you decided. 

        “Thank you, Jack. Thank you so much.” You felt him squeeze your arm in response as you drifted off, protected from the rain by the greatest man you’d ever met. 

Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 7 (you wot)

a/n: hiiiiiii *nervously laughs* it’s me again. so… i feel like this will be one of the last parts of this never ending imagine :D but yeah i like this part tbh, i like the storyline and how i’ve written it :) so yeah i hope you like this guys ily

characters: this is new but JOKER, READER, HARLEY QUINN

warnings: guns, swearing, shouting, violence and death

Finally it was the day. The day of our little holiday starting. J had promised me to go on holiday soon and a few days ago, he announced the date. Today. It was finally something different, something I didn’t know I was longing for.  

I was just finishing up both of our packing, as J had asked me to. He was out for business again, saying he’d be back just in time for us to leave. So I was alone with the staff. 

Before finishing up packing, I picked out something to wear now - a simple pink dress with no straps, it ended at mid thigh. It was simple, something I could wear every now and then, so it was perfect for this occasion.

I changed and put the last necessary things in the bags and I was finished. I sighed and sat on the bed, a bit tired. Looking over at the clock, I saw it was almost time to leave. I turned my head back to face the ground and heard gunshots coming from downstairs. I stood up, although very scared and made my way out of the room. I knew it was dangerous, I didn’t know who was down there, but I looked over the wooden railing, only to see Jennifer’s body laying on the ground, blood starting to pool around it. I gasped and put my hand over my mouth, backing away from the railing. 

Loud giggling and footsteps were heard through out the house.

“Puddin’? Is that you?” A female voice exclaimed in a squeal-y tone. Who the hell was that? I daren’t make a noise and just waited for the next thing to happen. The footsteps got closer to the stairs and stopped. “Uh-huh!” The voice said. Oh shit. “I see you, but you’re not Puddin’.” The person took a step on the stairs. “I will come up.” I don’t know why, but I stood frozen, not moving a muscle. Perhaps I was too scared to do anything, so I just stood there, waiting for the person to do something. 

She finally came into my view - it was a woman, a little bit older than me - dressed in a tight costume that seemed to be reminding me of cards, black and red checkered, with a few rhombs here and there and white details around her neck and wrists. Her face and hair were pale, only her pigtails had color at the ends - blue and pink. 

She came closer to me, only a few feet away, and reached out her hand. 

“Hi, I’m Harley Quinn. Who are you and what are you doing here?” She spoke. So she was Harley. But.. J said he had taken care of her. I didn’t answer, completely frozen by the thought that she was the one who killed Jen. “C'mon, speak up.”

“W-well, I’m Y/N, I live here.”

“You live here? But Puddin’ lives here.” She replied with a pout. 

“S-sorry, but who’s Pudding?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know,” she narrowed her eyes. “he’s the one who lives here with you, the one I’m looking for. Mr. J, he prefers also that name.” She explains. Oh. “So, is he here?” I was about to answer, but then I heard the front door open and close.

“Baby, I’m home, we can go now!” J yelled through the house. Oh God, what’s going to happen next? “Oh, my, my, what’s all this? Is somebody visiting?” 

“Puddin’!” Harley exclaimed. She grabbed my arm and put her gun against my temple, dragging me down the stairs to J. A few tears escaped my eyes, I was so scared. Was she going to kill me?

Joker was standing in the middle of the room, his henchmen and dead bodies of the staff around him. I was relieved to see him, but much too afraid of Harley. His stare was with a killing potential, fixed on me and Harley.

“Harley.” He said in a growl. 

“Hi, J.”

“I don’t have much time, so I will get right to the chase. What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I just came by to visit you. Thought a little revenge wouldn’t do any bad. This pretty-faced slut - yours, probably - just happened to be here.” J stalked over to us and put his face close to Harley’s. In one swift motion, he took the gun from her hand and pushed her away from me, punching her in the gut.

Without thought, I ran to him, jumping in his arms with relief.

“J…” I breathed out, feeling his arms go around my waist and I hugged on tightly. “I was so scared. Thank God you’re here.” 

“Don’t worry, baby, this will be settled in a minute.” He growled, holding me close. I pulled back, looking at Harley who was now stretching back up from her crouched position with grunts. J walked me to his henchmen, and they all stood around me. 

Joker walked over to Harley and said:

“Careful. If anyone calls my baby girl like that, they get something bad in return.” He warned.

“She’s your ‘baby girl’ now?” Harley mocked the nickname with disgust in her voice. “Just like I was?”

“She’s different.” Joker growled. “But why should I explain anything to YOU?” He yelled out, slapping her cheek. “YOU should be DEAD!” Another hit to the face. “How did you survive, huh?” He had her against the wall, holding her face. “I blew you up!”

“You obviously didn’t. How am I here, then, baby?” 

“You have no right to call me that!” J said and slapped her again, hitting her in the stomach as well. While Harley was crouched down, coughing blood, he took her gun from the floor and placed it against the back of her head. J pulled her back up straight.

“I would love to torture you, kill you slowly so that you would be begging me to kill you, but… me and my angel have somewhere to go, so I’ll kill you fast.” He said. “Any last words?”

“You will get what you deserve, you manipulative piece of shit!” Harley spat and J fired the gun. He let go of her body and it fell to the ground lifelessly. J had blood all over his face, so he walked into the kitchen and washed it off.

We all heard sirens outside and multiple cars pulling up in the driveway - it was the police. How were they here? 

J rushed over to his henchmen and me, telling them to get our bags from upstairs and other directions. He grabbed my hand and turned my body to his.

“We gotta run, baby girl, can you do that?” He asked and I nodded. Were we gonna die? “We’ll go through the secret door in the basement.” I nodded again. “But whatever you do, don’t look back and hold onto my hand.”

“Yes.” I breathed out. He kissed my cheek and we ran. Down the stairs, into the basement, hearing the police breaking down the front door of our house already. J pressed a button and the secret door opened before us, revealing a long hallway, water at the end of it. Wow, I didn’t know we were that close to the ocean. 

J and I looked over our shoulders, hearing the cops’ voices in the hallway and looked at each other. I smiled at him for no reason and we ran again. With my dress flying around my legs, I could smell the saltiness of the ocean already. This felt so good, running, adrenaline, being with him… I laughed out loud, and he joined with a light chuckle. 

We stopped right before the hallway ended and J looked over at me with a smile. He brought my lips to his in passion, but the kiss was soon interrupted by the police, who were at the other end of the hallway. 

“Baby, we gotta jump before they shoot us.” He said and I looked down at the water. It was dark, crashing in waves, probably cold. I looked back at J and nodded. 

“Together.” I said.

“One… Two… Three!” J counted down and we jumped, holding hands with breaths held in. Our skin was soon met by the freezing cold ocean water, swallowing us up. J pulled us back above the water and I breathed again. He grabbed my cheeks, pulling me close and kissing my lips again.

“It’s freezing, J!” I said, laughing and pulling away. 

“Right. But I want you so bad right now.” He said, looking into my eyes and stroking my cheek.

“I know. But let’s get somewhere safe first.” I said, J nodded.

“There’s a car at the shore, can you swim that far?”

“Well, I don’t really have a choice, do I?” I chuckled and J smiled.

“Let’s go.” He urged. No matter how cold and hard it was, we managed to swim to the shore. We were practically crawling to reach the car, panting. The henchmen pulled us in and drove off immediately.

J felt needy when he pulled me to him once again, kissing me and running his cold, wet hands all over me. I giggled, but kissed back. He was so cold, but weirdly - so warm. He was a man of wonder, what can I say?

“J…” I whispered, pulling back and leaving my hand on his cheek. “I liked that. I was very much afraid of getting killed, but I liked us running away together. I’m so happy you’re here, with me.”

“Oh, baby, what would I do without you?” He asked and kissed me gently. His arm pulled me to his side and I put my hand on his chest, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“You’ll see, baby doll, you’ll see…”



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BTS Seeing You Dance With No Shoes

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Jin: When you explain to him that dancing without shoes gives you better traction on the floor, he just kind of nods along, still confused, his mind a couple conversations back.
“Wait… so… you dance?”

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Suga: He sees you dancing in the practice room in winter, and he’s already cold in a sweater and jacket. When he sees your bare feet, he gasps.
“Jagi, aren’t your feet freezing?!”

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J-Hope: He was actually the one to recommend you take off your shoes when you couldn’t practice the choreography fast enough. When he sees you actually did it he’s really happy you took his suggestion.
“Looking good Jagi!” *thumbs up*

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Rap Monster: When you told him you danced better without shoes, he would try to prove you wrong all the time.
“Yeah, but can you do this without shoes? You can? Well I do it better.”

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Jimin: You manage to pull off really complex choreography, leaving him really impressed with your moves and a little eager to try it himself.
“Wow, that was awesome! Let me try!”

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V: He would be a little put out and pout when you were able to pull off moves that he couldn’t, but then would try your method.
“Ok, so how do you do this no shoe dance thing?”

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Jungkook: After you insisted you could dance better than him without shoes, he changed you to a dance battle. Which he proceeded to win.
“You were saying?”

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The Power Of Love - Part 16

Warnings – SMUT!!!!!!!!!

A.N - Hey guys! I’m slowly getting back into things. So sorry things are taking me so much longer to write my energy levels are practically none existent. thanks for being patient with me :) much love xxx



Your phone goes off as you get in your car, you smile as you see J’s face pop up on your caller ID

“Hey you” you smile shutting the door behind you

-“Hey you, what are you up to?” you relax at the sound of his voice

“I’m just heading home from Jared’s, our folks went home as Mom had her sister visiting later and I decided to give them some family time. How about you?”

-“Oh I’m sat outside with a coffee, watching some kids on their new bikes, talking to the most stunning woman in the world” you blush despite the fact he cant see you.

“J…” you hear him laugh.

-“Ok I’m going to let you get home then we can talk more. I love you”

“I love you too” you were never going to get fed up of saying that

You started the engine on your car, and pulled away from Jared’s, making the short drive home. You see kids out playing with their new toys, you smile thinking you couldn’t wait for Thomas to be the age where you can see him on his new bike.

You turn the corner on to your street to find it full of cars of families visiting each other. You step out of your car hearing kids shout your name. you turn to see your neighbour’s showing off their new bikes.

“Hey guys, Happy Holidays! Loving the bikes!” they shout thanks speeding past.

“Oh Y/n, there’s a guy sitting on your porch!” one shouts as he peddled away

You frown and make your way around your car to see your front porch clearly. And sure enough there was a guy sitting there. Hat pulled down over his eyes and jacket on, but you’d know that smile anywhere.

You run to him, throwing yourself into his arms. He meets you half way spinning you around.

“What are you doing here?” he kisses you quiet.

“I couldn’t be away from you anymore” he sigh leaning into him, you notice he was cold

“J how long have you been out here?” you say pulling him towards the house

“Bout an hour, but I had coffee”  you shake your head pulling him inside.

You rush to put the kettle on to make him a warm drink but he stops you.

“I can think of another way to warm up” you laugh as he kisses you.

His hand slips up your top and you gasp at the sudden coldness

“Jesus J, your hands are freezing!” He chuckled as he drops his lips to your neck

“Not even sorry” he murmured against your collar bone as his teeth graze the skin. He pulls back kissing you soundly.

“I may have broken our agreement” you frown, your stomach dropping slightly. The only thing that kept you from panicking was the look of glee in his eye.

“What agreement Jensen?” You question cautiously

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a long thin neatly wrapped box. You smirked up at him and stepped out of his arms and walked towards your tree, you picked up his gift and walked back to him.

“I guess we’re as bad as each other” you bite your lip

You both sit on the sofa and tear into your gifts. Jensen was thrilled with his watch.  It was one he’d been looking at for a while, it was pretty expensive but the look of joy on his face made it worth it.

He watched you closely as you rip off the wrapping paper, revealing a tiffany’s box. You look at Jensen shocked, had he really bought you tiffany’s jewellery?

You open the box carefully, inside you see a beautiful silver heart shaped locket with ‘I love you’ engraved on the front. You feel tears build in your eyes.

“J, it’s stunning” you wipe a tear away from your eye.

“Open it” he whispers in your ear, you reach down and flick open the locket.

Inside held two photos, both of which you knew were taken by your brother. One was the photo of you lying on J’s chest that morning in Jared’s. The other was one the two of you kissing back stage at the convention.

You can’t help but smile, you reach over and kiss him deeply.

“Thank you, help me put it on?” He took the locket from the box and secured the clasp at the base of your neck. You turn and smile at him

“How does it look?” His fingers reach and trace the silver chain down your neck and chest,  pausing when he reaches the locket

“Perfect, just like you” you blush looking at your feet

He reaches for your face, lifting it to look at him again. He leans in, brushing his lips lightly over yours, making your whimper when his tongue barely touches your lower lip.

“I love you” you whisper to him

“I love you too Y/n” he answers slamming his mouth to yours pulling you onto his lap.

You straddle him, he reaches for your hips pulling you even closer to him. You feel his growing erection pressing against you core, you gasp into his mouth. 

“J…oh god” you moan causing him to groan as you grind against him.

“Fuck Y/n!” He grabbed your hips encouraging you to move again. You comply panting heavily, his fingers burning through the tight denim of your jeans. 

He pulls your sweater over your head and removes your bra leaving your top half bare before him. He drops his head to your breast, sucking on the nipple making you arch into him.

You shove your fingers into his hair pulling lightly at the stands making him growl against your skin.

Jensen pulls back looking up at you, his eyes blow fully with lust. He shifts laying you back on the sofa placing one final kiss on your lips, he pops the button on your jeans before pulling them off a long with your panties.

You reach for his shirt undoing the buttons as he slips off his jeans and boxers. You push the fabric over his hard shoulders dragging your nails down his back as you do.

He moans at the sensation staring at you hungrily.

“Fuck baby you are perfect” he pushes you knees apart licking his lips

“J please I just want you inside me” he nods understanding your need he pulls you to him, bringing you to straddle him once again. He positions himself at your entrance, pulling you down on him fast and hard. You throw your head back in pleasure.

“Oh fuck Y/n, god you feel so good” he pants, kissing the valley between your breasts.

He guides your hips as he slide you along his hard length. Your eyes never left his as you rode him slowly, he wraps his arms around you pressing your chest tightly to his. It was so intimate it made your head spin.

Your eyes never left his as you rode him slowly,  hitting every nerve inside of you perfectly.

“God I love you J” you whisper, he grunts grabbing your hips tightly making you pick up speed.

All coherent thought gone as the sensation of him sliding in and out of you completely takes over your brain, as you slam your hips down on his.

You feel you inner walls begin to tighten around him.

“J…I’m..oh fuck!” you whine in pleasure, Jensen kisses you deeply

“Come for me baby” you fall apart at his words, your head dropping to his shoulder, his name tearing from your throat as you clench around him, milking his hard cock. He follows you into bliss instantly.

“Fuck Y/n, what did I ever do without you?” he murmurs, dropping his lips to your bare shoulder placing a light kiss there.

You both look back at each other panting deeply. He kisses you tenderly. Murmuring 'mine’ against your lips.

“Always J” you reply, automatically.


To be continued…

Part Seventeen

Ten songs on shuffle

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1. Dangerous by Son Lux

2. Adeline by alt-J

3. Freeze me by Death From Above 1979

4. Get It Right by Left Boy

5. Take Jimi by The Wholls

6. Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran

7. Her Life by Two Feet

8. The Underestimation of Denial by The Nick Tree Band

9. Iron by Woodkid

10. Too Many Puppies by Primus

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