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Transcription of J Michael Tatum's thoughts on Eruri

I took it upon myself to write up a transcription of J Michael Tatum’s (writer for the English dub of SnK and voice actor for Erwin Smith) thoughts on yaoi Erwin and Levi’s relationship. I thought this way it might be easier for people to read, since he shares a lot of interesting headcanons and analysis about the series in general!

Source: The Attack On Titan Voice Panel Tokyo in Tulsa 2014.

Question: What are your favorite character dynamics, specifically?

J. Michael Tatum: From the show or just in general?

Q: From the show.

JMT: This is going to sound kind of self-serving, but I really like the dynamic between Levi and Erwin— [applause]. Not because I think they’re a couple; I mean I can dream too, but I don’t necessarily think that the text so-to-speak supports that, though it doesn’t say that they aren’t! But regardless if whether or not they have any romantic feelings for each other, which we can argue until the cows come home, there is definitely something— some mystery to their friendship that we as an audience are left to our own devices to infer, which I think is interesting. I love very subtle exposition, you know, that’s like, how is it that Levi was a real bad-ass and for some reason Erwin was the only guy that was able to get him to straighten up—no pun intended—and [audience laughter] I didn’t really mean to say that I think Erwin and Levi—!

I mean, honestly, even as a writer, I don’t quite know what their relationship is because it’s honestly complicated. It may be that they’re just friends. It may be that Erwin was just like, “I see a lot of myself in you, so I’m going to kick your ass because I know what you need to keep from dying at an early age by being a dumbass.” And it could just be that they have this kind of brotherly relationship that Levi himself is kind of bound and obligated to make. I mean, I think it’s pretty clear that whatever else their relationship is, at some point, one of them saved the other’s life and feels a debt to the relationship—whatever it is—for just being alive, and that drives them, constantly.

But they have this weird… like, when they actually talk to each other —and they only share the screen a handful of times in the entire series; they’re not together very often. And when they are, they’re speaking very curtly, and they’re speaking about military maneuvers like, “Oh, what do you think we should do about the She-Titan?” Or whatever. They don’t go, “Hey, remember that time? Like when we were kids? When you kicked my ass?” They never do! They never discuss their past. They never discuss it.

Again, getting back to what I said earlier about all the drama of human dynamics being compacted into this world where, you know, you don’t have time to speak your mind or talk about things that we think really and truly matter in our life, such as feelings, or, “Can we explore this? I’m confused, I want to talk this out with you.” You don’t have time for that when you’re besieged on all sides by huge giants that want to eat you. So if there IS a romantic element to their relationship —and there may be— it’s kind of sad how it can’t be realized, because they simply don’t have the emotional breadth or space in which to do it, because the first order of business will always be survival. So, I like that they leave it unstated, which leaves your imagination to run wild and go: God, I feel for them, because there’s so much they can’t—like, they can’t even have an obvious friendship because they’re moved by this path like, ‘we have to do this, we have to do this’. Their sense-of-self is very precariously balanced by what they have to do, which is just to live another day. And in their case, that their people live another day because they’re in charge of everyone else’s lives. And the burden that puts on them leaves them no time to go, “[sigh]… let’s go grab a beer and talk about getting a puppy!” [laughter]. I mean, it’s never going to happen while the titans are around so it’s making everyone’s—everyone’s—interpersonal relationships much more succinct. Tragically so, because there’s simply no time to be yourself. No time to live and survive and not get eaten. Think about that for a moment: that’s pretty Erwin.

Je réalise la chance que j’ai de pouvoir encore avoir des sentiments pour quelqu’un, ça me change tellement la vie tu te rends pas compte je crois.
J’ai l’impression de plus être la même personne; c'est comme si d’un coup je me remettais d’une cuite qui avait duré genre deux ans, c’est long deux ans…
Je me sens différent, j'ai envie de me lever à l’heure, de me remettre en mouvement, de moins fumer, de moins boire, de plus draguer n’importe qui par peur de la solitude…
—  Rub a dub

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The dub IS amazing!! Everytime i tell someone i only watch it dub (except for the training of the dead ova) theyre always like "but its so bad bluh bluh" whatever, its awesome. I love all might's va, and bakugo sounds just as angry and I WAS SO EXCITE WHEN THEY DUBBED SHINSOU AND MONOMA. MY SWEET CHILDREN LIVE, DUBBED AND IN FULL COLOR.

Ikr?! It’s fabulous and each voice suits the characetr so perfectly. J. Michael Tatum is one of my favourite voice actors tbh and he makes an amazing Iida.

I get so excited whenever i see/hear Shinsou. I scream whenever he gets any screentime XD


On behalf of my dubbing group, Dub Matters, we finally released our comic dub of “Sonic Mega Drive: The Next Level.”  I did the video editing and voiced Amy Rose for this.  Hope you enjoy!  ^^

Free Eternal Summer English Dub: Episode 2
  • Rin to Sousuke: "You sneaky little bastard you got scouted, didn't you?"
  • Nagisa to Rei: "Either go naked or disband the team right? Which one of those seems worse?"
  • Rin to Sousuke: "It's not like it's an official match, finding people would be a b*tch"
  • Haru to Makoto: "The rugrats are coming too?"
  • Momo to Rin: "You're a big liar and I hate your face"
  • Nagisa to Rei: "Sousuke's an old friend of Reenie's"
  • Momo to Gou: "I can cook an egg five ways not poached, that's a pain in the ass"
  • Nagisa (talking about Momo): "They say his backstroke's crazy tight"
  • Makoto (about Sousuke): "He's keeping pace with Haru like an absolute boss"
  • Momo: "Daddy's got to get his freak on!"


the story:

kelsey (jojocujoh) and i were at mtac and waited in line for matthew mercer autographs…kelsey had a hitomi erwin/levi doujinshi she wanted him to sign. she taped it shut with electrical tape like DONT OPEN IT BUT….matt was curious and opened it

and holy shit, jmt was in the room, because the line for his autographs were just starting, and mm goes across the room and shows it to him and they skim it together oh my god (mm: “oh im the bottom in this one” “very nice, very good art” jmt: “now i’ll know if people give this to me to sign"). just. oh my god. we were yelling

today, kelsey brought it back (retaped) but jmt was like nah….i gotta see this….and skimmed it more omf (video) and talked about it w matt (video)




In 1954 Life Magazine dubbed J. Press in New Haven the birthplace of the “Ivy League Look”  

“The Ivy Look Heads Across U.S.” the magazine proclaimed in an anthropological examination of the natural-shouldered suit and its sartorial brethren. They sent photographer Nina Leen to J. Press in New Haven, dubbing it the birthplace of the “Ivy League Look” when it opened back in 1902, to see the original in action outfitting Yale men. There she located the founder’s sons, Irving (Yale ’26) and Paul Press presiding soberly over the premises. 


Guys I’m freaking out about the Free! Eternal Summer Dub! The cast is amazing so far!:

Haru - Todd Haberkorn
Makoto - Johnny Yong Bosch
Rin - Vic Mignogna
Rei - J Michael Tatum
Nagisa - Greg Ayres

Guys…it’s like an Ouran Host Club reunion!
(Tamaki, Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru)