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Albany State University Platinum Divas


Women is Music!

Lioness Hidden Treasures by Amy Winehouse + Femme draprée devant une fontaine antique by Henry Ryland

Stronger withEach Tear by Mary J. Blige + Caroline Paget, Lady Bayly by Enoch Seeman the younger

Yours Truly by Ariana Grande + Julia Louise Bosville, Lady Middleton by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani + Alcibiade kneeling before his mistress Louis Jean François Lagrenée

Music of the Sun by Rihanna + Isolde by Gaston Bussiere

1000 Forms of Fear by Sia + Portrait of Aline Mason in Blue by Raimundo de Madrazo

Come Away with Me by Norah Jones + Jewish Girl in Tangiers by Charles Landelle

Homogenic by Björk + The Love Letter by Auguste Toulmouche

The Fame by Lady Gaga + Magdalene von Sachsen by Lucas Cranach the Elder

21 by Adele + The Sisters by Edmund Charles Tarbell

How I imagine dinner with the authority
  • Seth Rollins: Dad, can I go to crossfit now?
  • Triple H: No, after you finish your vegetables.
  • Seth Rollins: But DADDDD!!
  • Triple H: Now!!
  • Seth Rollins: * Finishes vegetables*
  • Seth Rollins: Now can I go?
  • Stephanie: Yes, but you must take J & J security with you.
  • Seth Rollins: But Mommmmm!!! That's sooo embarrassing.
  • Seth Rollins: -mumbles- * I bet Randy can go alone*
  • Kane: Quit your complaining before I choke slam you in hell!
  • Seth Rollins: - Gets up from the dinner table...then-
  • Randy Orton: -RKO's Seth Rollins through the dinner table- What can I say, it's the season premiere.
  • Randy Orton - Takes butter Biscuit from the bowl-

Faith Evans - I Deserve It feat. Missy Elliott & Sharaya J

A snippet of “Good Time” feat. Problem is the intro song.