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i don't know if you have done something like this before but who are your favorite degrassi characters of all time and why?

I love this question! So much because I get to talk about all my favs. Also this may get kinda long… sorry…

  1. Johnny DiMarco - All. Time. Favorite. Ever. Haha kinda random right? He is the embodiment of character development. He was introduced as a bully and the guy who watched JT get killed and almost everyone hated him. It isnt until Bust a Move when I saw him at the Red Pines camp with Darcy that I realized that even one of the most hated characters on the show at the time was in fact very human and just a teenager. Throughout season 8 and 9 we see him fall in love with Alli because for once in his life someone actually seems to really care about him and thinks he is better than the asshole that he acts like at school. But still he makes mistakes and loses her but he comes out of it a better person than he was before. When we see him in season 10 at college he has finally matured into the nice man that I saw underneath way back in season 7 and I am so proud of everything he became. I could literally talk for days about my love for him but I won’t.
  2. Cam Saunders - My sweet sweet sad puppy. Too good and pure for this world. I have never fallen for a character as fast as I have for Cam (literally I knew he was my favorite character by just watching the Bite Your Tongue promo). He just wanted to be happy but he just didnt know how to get help. His smile was the brightest thing I’ve ever seen. And his relationship with Maya was so cute. Dylan Everett did a fantastic job portraying him and managed to leave such a huge impression on me after not even a full season on the show. 
  3. Maya Matlin - She had such a beautiful and logical character arc. In her first few seasons I was pretty indifferent to her because she never really had a deep heart wrenching plot until Cam died. It was her experience with grief and anxiety and depression that drew me to her because she struggled with this mental illness that was triggered by Cam’s suicide for not just a few episodes after he died but for YEARS after. It became an essential part of her character that stayed with her all the way until DNC s4. Degrassi has rarely done an issue like that that spans over seasons but with Maya they did and it was handled so well. Also her drive and her dedication to chasing her dreams on being a musician is so inspiring to me. Her relationship with music was so lovely and it’s incredible that she never lost sight of her dream and the music always came back to her.
  4. Sean Cameron - MY BOY. He has seriously been a favorite of mine since the very beginning. The “bad boy” with a heart of gold really is my type. He is so caring and kind and would do anything for the people he loves. He always felt like he was never good enough and watching him grow up and mature into such a responsible man makes me so proud. His relationship with Emma was a defining characteristic of the show and the way he loved her and became part of the Nelson-Simpson clan is one of my favorite things. He was so brave and loyal and even though he made mistakes he always owned up to them. I miss him everyone and would literally pay for them to bring him back for a guest spot because lets be real his final episode was total BS. 
  5. Craig Manning - Craig was so complex! He was charming and handsome but from the moment he was introduced he had a lot of really hard stuff going on in his life. He struggled with an abusive parent and was diagnosed as bipolar and managed to make it in the music business only to then become addicted to cocaine. But still he managed to “make it through” and be all the better for it. He would do anything for his friends and family. God he is just so swoon worthy! 
  6. Alli Bhandari - From her first moment on the show she stole my heart. Sassy and confident and smart. She was always such a great friend to Clare and Jenna. Even though she made A LOT of stupid mistakes over the years due to her immaturity and her naivety she grew up so much over the years and managed to make it into Cambridge to go study science. Her love of school and science I always related to and it was so refreshing to see such an outgoing confident beautiful girl who had guys chasing after her be seen as this smart intellectual. 
  7. Zig Novak - He may be a fuck boy but he’s my fuck boy. Zig has always been a huge idiot with a heart of gold. That boy always loved with everything he had and when he crashed he crashed hard and somehow he always found a way to get up again. He has done a lot of stuff over the years that I didn’t necessarily agree with but after DNC S4 he developed into a man that I am proud of. He was always there for Maya when she was going through stuff and whenever she failed he was always there to help her pick up the pieces. After falling into a gang and being kicked out by his parents before Grade 10, he managed to turn out all right. Plus, have you seen those arms?!
  8. Holly J Sinclair - Literal. Goals. Yeah she started out at the spawn of Satan and the Paige Michalchuk wannabe, but she grew into this confident and independent woman who would stop at nothing to achieve her goals. During s10 she sort of lost that spark that made her so iconic but season 9 Holly J was LEGENDARY. 
  9. Emma Nelson - How could I not love the the girl who started it all? I love her so much because after growing up with Emma she practically feels like family to me. Her struggles were my struggles and her triumphs were mine. Yes I am still bitter about how badly they wrapped up her character. It was disrespectful and rude. But despite that I love Emma to death. I hope one day she leaves Spinner for Sean and manages to save all the endangered animals and dying rainforests. 
  10. Lola Pacini - MY BEAUTIFUL BUBBLEGUM PRINCESS. To be honest in s14 I hated her. She was annoying and whiney and a waste of space. BUT Degrassi Next Class changed everything. Each season made me fall more and more in love with her. In seasons 1&2 she became the funny friend who did stupid stuff but you still adored. Her masturbation plot is, to this day, still one of my favorite plots of all time. In seasons 3&4 though we saw her go through some really serious stuff involving a lot of emotions and I was so proud of her for still having that sunshine like personality about her. She is a fantastic friend and beautiful soul. I would be so lucky to have a friend just like Lola. She inspires me to be the best kind of friend I could possibly be. 

5. There’s No Stopping a Naked Nyle

Nyle’s been toward the back of the pack so far in the competition, but all of that is about to change. It starts out with an invitation from Lacey to “chill” in the Tyra Suite. I like how she thinks she can just make up sign language to convey the message to him, like pointing at the ceiling means Tyra Suite.

Hey, unlike some of the others in the house, at least she’s trying. Nyle must have taught her how to say “sexy” in real ASL, too. It’s an important word to know, I guess, when you have a hot deaf friend.

Last week, there was a moment when Kelly Cutrone seemed to quietly fall in love with Nyle after she asked to see his (bare) waist. She clearly liked the view because this week she’s asking for a repeat performance. When Nyle tugs at the bottom of his tank top, Kelly’s like, you might as well take it all the way off, then. Hmm… might as well?

Kelly can’t control her excitement when he strips it off. It’s interesting that Kelly suddenly sees model potential in Nyle now that she knows she can make him take his shirt off whenever she wants. She names Nyle the challenge winner “simply be”cause mamma like, mamma like.

Nyle’s confidence carries over to his photo shoot, where for the first time, Yu Tsai is impressed with his posing. Separately, both Devin and Bello curse over the fact that Nyle might be bigger competition than they thought.

Tyra loves the picture; I think she meant to say “Fifteen Chapel,” though. To be honest, I don’t see why this photo is any better than the others. What I do see is probably the real reason Tyra is enamored — and it’s the same reason she was enamored with Keith: a big old crotch. There is an unmistakable penis bulge at the center of that photo, and I don’t have to tell you that the judges want to see more.  

For what it’s worth, Nyle seems happy to comply. Soon after, Tyra awards him Best Photo and congratulates him for being a “pimp daddy.” Remember - Ramon has to sign that to him. Whatever they’re paying Ramon, it’s not enough.

It seems like Nyle and Lacey will have an extended stay in the Tyra Suite, so look out, Lacey’s hymen! Also be sure to lock the Tyra Suite doors if you don’t want a surprise visit from Kelly Cutrone in the middle of the night. I doubt that Kelly’s childhood friend taught her how to sign “I want to fuck you, Nyle,” but given that Kelly’s facial expressions have already communicated that much, I’m sure she’ll find a way to get the message across.

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 6


2. The Final Runway Show

Look at Tyra conducting her final Top Model symphony. Good to see that she’s cheesy all the way to the last runway show.  It’s also good to see that Kelly Cutrone is continuing to stay true to her goth/witch roots by refusing to wear the white gloves supplied to the entire audience.

Here we are at the Walt Disney Concert Hall for a runway spectacular. Like a true professional, Tyra’s going to do everything she can to make the night about herself, but we’re supposedly here to see the contestants strut the runway. Usually, the first person to walk is the previous cycle’s winner, but this year, Miss J gets the honor.

Admittedly, I’m no runway coach extraordinaire, but is that really how you “own” a runway? Miss J - who I will miss dearly - looks ridiculous. How does he get away wearing shit like that on a show all about fashion? “Who are you wearing, Miss J?” “This quilt dress was designed by Berta, a cashier at Michaels Craft Store in Louisville.”

The other models come out pretending to play string instruments as they walk. All the while, the show generously employs sound effects of thunderous applause and wild cheering from the crowd. It might be a nice touch if you couldn’t clearly see the crowd watching in complete silence. Nice try, though, editors!

There is one model worth clapping for - our resident ham, Devin. “Forget feminism,” Kelly Cutrone declares, as if Devin could singlehandedly kill a social justice movement by stepping in front of Hadassah. Miss J chimes in with a better comment:

After Miss J’s reference to party drugs, Tyra Banks walks out right on cue, with her breasts on full display. She tries to make it sound like a big deal that they chose Los Angeles as the site of the runway show for the first time, even though we all know it’s because they didn’t have the budget to do it in an international city this time. She also shouts out the quintet behind her, saying it’s the first time they’ve had live music at a runway show. Either that’s a diss to 2NE1, the Korean girl group that performed at the show last year, or Tyra’s memory isn’t what it used to be.

Now it’s time for Keith to walk and he’s never looked handsomer than while wearing a gold spike face mask. Okay, I made that up, but clearly they can’t give this guy real clothes. In his next outfit change, his manaconda already wore out the crotch.

Actually, none of these models are wearing real clothes. They’re all wearing absurd, artistic outfits inspired by ANTM. To be honest, I think they’re kind of interesting to look at, but each time someone refers to the getups as “clothes,” I have to snicker.

For example, this is a safety hazard, not a party dress. Hadassah is liable to pop a boob!

They try to edit around the fact that Courtney can’t walk in heels, but she looks nice and strange peering out from behind plumage.

Did Tyra give Stefano a DNA test that found Mexican and Scottish heritage? Because Stefano looks like a piñata in a kilt.

I don’t know what the fuck that is either, but Lacey almost makes it look good, which is to her credit.

OF COURSE they saddle the mullet girl with the most atrocious outfit of the night. I personally think you’re a sweetheart, Ava, but I think we can officially say that Tyra hates you for whatever reason.

Justin, Hadassah, and Bello all sport their ANTM best. Can I mention once again how great it was to not hear a single word from Bello? Seems like the editors realized he wasn’t the fan favorite they thought he’d be and ignored him in the later episodes. Bello just gets in the way, as exemplified in his big scene of the night:

And then we have our finalists. I especially didn’t expect Nyle to win when I saw how lame his costumes are:

Getting caught up in red tape is an expression, not a fashion choice!

To borrow a phrase from Tyra, Mamé looks “fierce” on the runway, but her outfits are laughable. First she’s a human feather duster, and then she has a sparkly gown with a giant, creepy face on it.

If you’ll recall, earlier in the cycle, she wore a swimsuit with a similar face. What is that about? Are faces on your stomach on trend? Or is this some weird Illuminati shit I’m not familiar with?

Still, neither finalist is as good as Devin. Devin pulls his patented “bird of paradise” pose on the runway and I love him for giving this nonsense runway show even more nonsense. I’m sorry for ever doubting you, Devin. If I were a modeling scout, best believe you’d be signed to a seventh agency.

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Finale

3. Heard It Through the Vine

Before we get started, I owe Tyra an apology. Weeks ago, I teased Tyra for being a men’s right activist since her knowledge of the wage gap seemed to extend no further than that male models make a lot less than female models. In this episode, Tyra talks about how women earn less money in other fields. Clearly, she has a better understanding of unequal pay than I realized. So, Tyra, let me say it in ASL:

I’m sorry.

Beyond that, though, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on whether Vine videos are a good medium for addressing the wage gap.

For the challenge, the models arrive at a high school where girls, most of whom are far too young to attend high school, are sitting in a science lab. Miss J briefly acts like a mad scientist before asking the models if they know what STEM stands for.

Smize Those Eyes, Models. Sexy Tyra Entices Most. Nope - it’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Math - and it’s the models’ job to convince these young girls to pursue these fields since they tend to command RESPECT, POWER, and MONEY. Before the models can do the challenge, though, Miss J gives them on-the-spot wardrobe makeovers so that they’ll look “smarter.” Indeed, none of them are smart enough to recognize that Miss J is basically insulting them.  

To communicate their message, the models will record six-second Vine videos. “Vine Star” (which is to say, not actually famous) Brittany Furlan is on hand to give them advice. Full disclosure: I don’t follow the world of Vine… because it’s shitty. And, yes, I watch ANTM, so that just goes to show HOW shitty Vine is. As far as internet humor goes, Vines are like a kid’s first joke book - none of it is actually funny, but it’s cute that they keep trying.

I’ve never heard of Brittany Furlan before, and with any luck, I’ll never hear of her again. I checked out her page to see if there was something impressive about her and minutes later (hey, that’s a lot of six-second Vines!) I can confidently conclude: NOPE.

I’m with Nyle on this one. Granted, he seems to think his lack of understanding is due to his deafness, but hearing the videos doesn’t improve comprehension. Nyle thinks a good Vine can be achieved without any words at all:

That or he’s found a politer way than I could have thought of to express that Brittany should just shut up.

All of the models do well enough at the challenge, aside from the doomed trio of Courtney, Bello, and Devin. Bello accidentally deletes his group’s Vine two minutes before the challenge is over, but he still blames the team’s failure on Courtney for being a poor actor. Sounds like someone’s jealous he didn’t get to the play the role of powerful woman in the Vine! The fact that Bello can royally screw up the challenge and still defer responsibility speaks to his lousy character.

Finally, the young girls watch and score the models’ videos. I imagine the girls have learned an important lesson about staying in school and pursuing a STEM career, but that’s no thanks to the Vine videos. No, I think that lesson was best conveyed to the girls indirectly after spending the afternoon with a bunch of vapid, wannabe models that will never be successful in the fashion industry. It’s a cautionary tale against abandoning intellectual dreams and humiliating yourself on reality television. Thanks for being so inspirational, models!

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 8