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Deep Search: Wes Anderson Inspired Looks On A Budget

Next up in my series of pulling shit from closet that kinda sorta looks like it was from a movie is the Wes Anderson catalog. I’ll be pulling from a few different films but today I did a few of my favorites (and the easiest ones for me.) 

The Life Aquatic

Sweater - J. Crew Factory Lambswool ($40)
Shirt - Gap Modern Oxford ($35)
Cap - Red Watch Cap ($8 on Amazon)
Trousers - Levi’s 511 Commuter Trousers ($45)
Shoes - Adidas Samba ($50 plus the cost of modifying)
Sunglasses - American Optical Aviators ($50)
Watch - Orient Blue Ray on NATO ($150)
Book - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea ($8 on Amazon)

Total - $386

This was a very easy one for me. This is one of my all time favorite movies and I’ve gone as Steve Zissou for Halloween more than once. I’m a Scuba Instructor (as is my father) and I’m originally from Louisville, KY so there are a lot of jokes that really hit close to home.

BTW last time I looked that sweater was on closeout for around $20 and they still had quite a few sizes left.

In the film Steve wears a Vostok Amphibian (dubbed the Zissou if you are trying to find one on eBay.) This is probably the best bang for the buck out there as far as automatic dive watches go. This Russian made dive watch  can usually be found on eBay for less than $100. I’ve had one on my wish list for ages but I have not had the chance to pick one up yet.

My wife and I as Steve and Eleanor Zissou for Halloween last year.

Moonrise Kingdom

Jacket - St. Johns Bay ($40)
Shirt - Merona Flannel ($25)
Sunglasses - J Crew Factory ($12)
Gloves - AEO ($13)
Boots - St Johns Bay ($50)
Watch - St Moritz Momentum Square One ($200)
Watch Cap - AEO ($13)
Socks - J Crew Factory ($8)

Total - $361

This one is pretty far from the film. A lot of the looks in Wes Anderson films are hard to pull off because the clothes are extremely bold, distinct and in many cases made for the fim. However I try to match something that gets the vibe right. I wish I had a pair of duck boots to go with this. LL Bean’s are of course back ordered for the next century. However, I’ve found a pair of Sorel’s that look pretty tempting.

Bob Balaban can rock grey sweatpants with white socks. I cannot so I replaced them with trousers. I can definitely see myself hiking around a New England Island in this outfit.

Sweater- Banana Republic ($45 on clearance)
Shirt - Old Navy LS Waffle Tee ($10)
Jeans - J Crew Factory Driggs ($45)
Boots - Clarks Desert Mali ($140)
Socks - J Crew Factory ($8)
Watch - Timex Weekend on Lakehouse Leather Strap ($40)
Hat - Target ($10)

Total - $298

Blanket - Pendleton ($100)
I listed this separately because it’s not really a part of the outfit.

I noticed this outfit in the film because it’s pretty much what I was wearing when I went to see it for the first time. I threw the in because it’s leather strap is the closest thing I have to the shoulder straps and it works well together.

The blanket I consider frugal in that it will be something that I can pass down to my grandkids someday.

Because I'm A Wild Animal: Affordable Wes Anderson Inspired Looks II

Damn, coming up with Wes Anderson looks is harder than I thought. When it comes to the costuming in Wes Anderson movies it’s always very specific and in many cases custom made. What you’ll also notice is that if an outfit is a bit more traditional, let’s say a blazer and trousers for instance, it has very specific details that can make it harder to replicate or even catch the vibe for. Because the outfit (like most of Anderson’s work) is defined by the details. So this is my attempt going forward. This is what I can throw together based on what’s currently in my closet.

Mr. Bunce from The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Sport Coat: Topman ($110)
Shirt: H&M ($25)
Knit Tie: J Crew Factory ($15)
Chinos: Levi’s 511 Trousers ($45)
Boots: Jeffrey Tyler ($75)
Watch: Momentum Square One ($200)
Belt: J Crew Factory ($15)

Total : $485($285 without the watch.)

Whole lot of earth tones in the Fantastic Mister Fox. I actually don’t really wear that much brown so this was a pretty difficult movie to put together. I’m going to watch it again soon so I may come up with another look from that later.

(Not Really) A Fantastic Mr Fox Look

Jacket: J Crew Factory ($50)
Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren ($40)
Shirt: H&M ($15)
Herringbone Tie: H&M ($25)
Jeans: J Crew Factory Driggs ($45)
Boots: Steve Madden ($150)
Watch: Orient Ray ($150)
Sunglasses: $10

Total: $485 ($335 without the watch)

So this is not really based on a specific outfit from the film. It’s more based on the overall feel. But I think it has the color palette and textures to fit into the movie. I can see one of the characters possibly wearing something like this.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Bailey! I've seen that you link stuff from J. Crew Factory sometimes and I work at one and I just wanted to let you and your followers know that if you live near one, try to go there instead of ordering online because the stores always have better deals! I'll see stuff online that's like half of in my store but only a few dollars off online. Just trying to save y'all a few bucks :)

Oh nice!!!! I don’t have one near me, so I always shop online :)

Style Steal: Celebrity Looks for Less

It is 2014, and yet there’s still no such technology that allows you to see someone’s outfit and immediately buy an exact, identical copy. Of course, if it’s a celebrity’s outfit that you’re gunning for, chances are that each individual item is way over-budget for the average woman. We’re going to offer you the next best option by replicating four outfits from stars with notable style that are relatively budget-friendly.

Ready? Go!

Miley Cyrus: Grungy

Top: Nasty Gal Sweet Persuasion Crop Tee
Flannel: Uniqlo Women Flannel
Shorts: Saltwater Gypsy Vintage Denim Cutoff Shorts
Boots: Steve Madden Brewzzer Boot
Belt: Halogen Leather Belt
Body chain: Nasty Gal Fallen Light Body Chain

Alexa Chung: Classic/Preppy

Scarf: ModCloth Mustard Circle Scarf
Dress: Gap Stripe Sweater Dress
Coat: Alpha Massimo Rebecchi Coat
Heels: Topshop Lilli Platform Sandal

Vanessa Hudgens: Boho

Top: Charlotte Russe Long Sleeve Crop Top
Pants: LA Hearts Palazzo Pants
Earrings: Topshop Multi Engraved Disc Earrings
Bag: Charlotte Russe Faux Leather Fringe Tote Bag

Cara Delevingne: Sporty Chic

Top: J. Crew Factory White Button-Down Shirt
Pants: Ann Taylor Petite Draped Ankle Pants
Shoes: DKNY Cindy Perf Wedge Sneakers
Bag: V Couture Bacoli Pipe-Trimmed Duffle Bag
Snapback: Obey The City Snapback

This fashion post lovingly crafted for you by:
Rosalyn L. 
Fashion Marketing Contributor at Wantering
Currently coveting this fresh ASOS Leather Cap

(photos from: 1/2/3/4)

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