j cole truly yours

J. Cole - Truly Yours 2

01 Cole Summer (Prod. By J. Cole)
02 Kenny Lofton ft. Young Jeezy (Prod. By Canei Finch)
03 Chris Tucker ft. 2 Chainz (Prod. By J. Cole Co-Prod By Canei Finch)
04 Head Bussa (Prod. By J. Cole)
05 Cousins ft. Bas (Prod. By J.Cole/Ron Gilmore) (taken from Bas “QWRM2″ coming soon)
06 3 Wishes (Prod. By Jake One)

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Yeah, truly yours, J. Cole
My mama coulda been a movie star
You know like Judy Garland
I went to St. Johns, I coulda went to Juliard
Cause my beautiful mind mixed with my musical bond
Deep as a funeral line, dawg, I get it from my mama
I used to be embarrassed getting picked up in that Honda
Thought my niggas might play me if they found out that my mama was a white lady
So like gravy, had to cover that
Plus my older brother black but he look white
In an all black school, picture what that look like
No wonder he was under-achieving, not believing in himself
Coming home, just be keeping to himself
Looking back through the silence, he was screaming out for help
Maybe this verse can find the words to get the demons out himself
So yeah, I’m exercising
Right now my record climbing, I’m sort of a stair master
Niggas got there faster, I took the long route, I never been a scared rapper
Boy this ain’t Fear Factor, they tell me can you hear the wrath spilling out these paragraphs
Made the world clear a path
Bet I’ll be on top from now till the hereafter
I’m special, mama told me I was special
Mama told me I was special
You know I love her for that
That’s right, I’m special
—  J. Cole
Chris Tucker (Prod. By J. Cole Co-Prod By Canei Finch)
J. Cole
Chris Tucker (Prod. By J. Cole Co-Prod By Canei Finch)

Only nigga up in first class, old lady tryna be friendly, ay
She think I’m in the NBA, why a nigga can’t have his MBA?
Next time I’m a flip the script, you know, kick some shit that’s gon shock her
You so tall what team do u play for?” No bitch I’m a doctor!

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Puppy eyes when I go, sayin’ “stay with me”
Aw, girl, you bad as hell and yet I’d love to
But see I got a girl I’m really makin’ love to
Therefore I’m feelin’ a lot more guilty when I rub you
That’s why I skip all of that kissin’ when I fuck you
Flush the condom down the toilet then I skate
I had you, but you can’t have me, I never stay
—  J. Cole