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bbopsolo  asked:

Hey! I'm a new BTS fan. But I'm having trouble putting names to faces, especially Jin, Jungkook, and Suga. I can't tell them apart. Can you help me out? Btw I'm an American fan :) Also, are there any videos you recommend me watching? I've seen Boy in Luv, Just One Day, and a couple interviews, and I'm in love. Thanks so much!


Okay first Jin. He’s the handsome awkward one with the broad shoulders. You can’t miss ‘em. He’s the oldest of the bunch. Super Mario fanboy. Nickname’s Pink Princess but don’t be fooled, he’s still quite manly. Cooking mama of the group. Dancing isn’t he’s strong point but he’s been improving a lot. Thick lips. According to the boys he’s also Grandmama. Can get a little sassy. Vocal line.

Then we have SUGA. He’s that rapper that you’d think is all rough and tough “oh he hard” but come to find out, he’s actually a cute soft ball of cuteness that loves Jimin. Papa and Grandpapa. Gummy smile. Doesn’t give a /blank/. He currently has a habit of not keeping his tongue in his mouth. Dangerous. Loves to write lyrics and produce music. Min PD. He will tell a hater like it is(ya’ll know). Second oldest. Rapper Line. My bias.

Next up we have J-hope. And like his name, he is a hopeful ray of sunshine and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that will brighten up your dingiest days. He’s your hope, he’s your angel. The member that says the fans are his girlfriend. Another mama. He doesn’t control his face nor his body. Likes to twerk and werk and twerk some more. He’s an amazing dancer and his rap skills are underrated. Can sing pretty well too. Third oldest. Rapper line, dance line.

Now the leader, Rap Monster. People tend to think the name is a bit much but believe me, he can rap quite a few under a Christmas tree. He may be the leader but he can get pretty cray at times. Like Jin, dancing is not his strong point. It’s RAP Monster not Dance Monster, never forget. Currently obsessed with the word “sexy”. Kim something new everyday. And like SUGA, writes lyrics, produces and he’s really just a ball of cuteness with a dimple the size of a pitfall. Fourth oldest. Rapper line. Sister’s bias.

Now for maknae line:

Jimin. Cute. Cute. Cutie with a booty. He’s the shortest member and also the troll of the group. He loves Jungkook, pretends he doesn’t love SUGA sometimes and has some sort of clique with J-hope. Currently has a knack for gettin’ at Rap Monster. All about revenge. Taeyang fanboy x3. He’s more than his abs(but dang) and his vocals will send you straight to Heaven. Eye smile. Superb dancer. Total cutie. Vocal line, dance line.

V! His real name is Taehyung. He’s supposedly an alien but his home planet is unknown at the moment. So 4D you probably won’t be able to wrap your head around it so don’t even try. He’s rapper line’s fanboy and loves Cypher pt.2 more than the fans probably. May secretly want to be a rapper. Dance skills are underrated, he can get it. Lovely deep vocal chords. Ever-changing hair color. Rocks the eyeliner. Cute in every way. Vocal line.

Last but bet your bottom dollar not least, Jungkook. Golden maknae. Sassy. He can sing like the sweet birds early in the morning. Sassy. At first we thought he was the sane member of the group but turns out he’s just as crazy as the rest. Sassy. G-dragon fanboy x100. He’s got all the noonas in his back and front pockets. If he’s not your bias, he may secretly be your bias. He can rap, dance, sing and errthing. Sassy but really a sweet little cutie. Vocal line, dance line.

As for what shows to watch: Watch EVERYTHING YOU CAN FIND. Watch all the Bangtan Bombs, watch all the Rookie King episodes, watch any interview that shows up, watch all their MVs, watch all their live performances, watch all their dance practices. Whatever you can get your hands on, WATCH IT. Watch it all, watch it all. Then re-watch.

Well that’s about it. Welcome to A.R.M.Y, as you’ll eventually find out, it’s not always easy but it’s definitely fun to love these 7 Bulletproof Boy Scouts.