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So i just read how some EXO-Ls apparently filed a complaint against Bangtan winning the Best Album of the Year award. And I gotta say IT DISGUSTS ME.

I am both an EXO-L and A.R.M.Y and this right here is one of the reasons I am ashamed to be part of this fandom sometimes. Both groups work incredibly hard. They have different backgrounds, but it doesn’t make their efforts anything less than amazing.

EXO gets pushed hard to exhaustion by their company, sure, but they work hard as hell to live up to standards and expectations that we, THEIR FANS, made. BTS came from a dark place, almost starving, wearing cheap clothes, not affording to even shoot a proper mv, but they work hard as hell to satisfy us every single time because THEY WANT TO. Both these groups offer us everything and all we give to each other is hate.

EXO and BTS are friends and support each other so why the hell can’t we, their fans, chill the fuck out and do the same??? Both groups deserve the awards they have received. Just because BTS won that award instead of EXO it doesn’t mean they are not “worthy”. Look at their reactions and tears and you’ll understand. They didn’t even believe they actually won something after 3 years.

And EXO.. they don’t have to win every single award. We have to be happy and grateful to the ones they already have because each award carries sweat, tears, exhaustion, pain, and so many other feelings. We should just love our idols instead of hurting them through this.

Suho: has anyone seen baekhyun??

Lay: well hes probably with chanyeol you know they never leave each others side so I wouldn’t worry too much

Chanyeol: *turns corner* hey where is baek at?


Baekhyun: *walks in room* wtf I’ve been playing hide in seek for three hours and no one came to find me??

Lay: oh we were still playing that? lmao

My highlights from mama 2015

-Chen his highnote
-Jimin grabbing jungkooks dick
-Bts winning an award
-Seungri sitting on Sehuns lap
-G dragon almost crying and looking great while doing it
-Jimin grabbing the jungcock
-Cl slaying that stage cuz she queen
-Baekchen moments
-Bts preforming run
-Jimin grabbing jungkooks dick



EXO's reaction when they see that a member of BTS or bigbang is flirting with you

I hope you guys liked it! 

Baekhyun: “Why is T.O.P flirting with my girlfriend he’s like 6 years older than her (and she’s MY grilfriend)”

Chanyeol: “Who does that rap monster guy think he is?!”

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Chen: “Why is Daesung hyung flirting with my girlfriend??”

Kai: *you’re Baekhyun* “O hello Taehyung, didn’t see you there”

Kris: “Don’t worry Kris, you’re way cuter than Seungri and he’s younger than her so it won’t even be an option for her, and I’m way better of course”

Kyungsoo: *glares at J-hope until he backs off*

Lay: “Why does Jungkook do that? He knows we’re dating”

Luhan: *sees Jin sneakily lay his hand on yours* 

Sehun: *you reject Suga and walk over to him* 

Suho: “What the hell do Y/N and Taeyang think they’re doing?!”


“Wait why is he flirting with Y/N?!”

Xiumin: “Hey Jimin, if you’re fond of your hands I suggest you take them of my girlfriend’s shoulder.”

I hope you liked it, I had a lot of fun with it! Saranghae~~~~

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I know this isn’t about EXO, but I’m still pretty pissed off.
People who have tickets to Got7′s turbulence should know how lucky they are.
They’re getting to meet seven talented young men who try their hardest.
And yet, unfortunately during Miami’s fan meet, one of their members was rudely disrespected.

I’m actually appalled and apart of me really wants to cry because that’s not fair. I’ll probably never get to meet any of my favorite people, let alone idols who put their heart and soul into everything, and yet the people who do get the chance fuck it up so badly and hurt the idols that we love.

I have no idea what was going through that girls head, and on behalf of every fandom, every god damn KPop fan out there, I really hope no one else leads by this girls example and treats every idol with respect, even if it’s not their bias, or their favorite or even a group they follow.

Let’s respect each other and make 2017 the year that fans stop the wars, stop the arguing and start fighting for respect for the people we love.