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J'aurai aimé être celle qu'on appelle quand ça va pas, j'aurai aimé être importante pour quelqu'un, changer la donne, être celle dont une personne a besoin, j'aurai aimé me sentir exister, ne pas avoir cette impression constante de déranger.


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"He ran into my knife ten times" i'm???? JOLY N O


Javert’s sitting at his desk in the office, rubbing his temples to push back a migraine as he listens to this godawful troop of student revolutionaries sing acapellas down the hall in their holding cells. 

He had detained them about an hour ago for causing a disturbance. He knows each of them by name, and can pick them out of crowd. He’s detained them all multiple times before, both as a group, or individually - and while there are a few that raise absolute hell when they’re detained (mainly the blond one. Enjolras, his mind supplies bitterly), they usually aren’t the barrel of trouble that he makes them out to be. A hassle, yes; a nuisance, absolutely. But they aren’t dangerous, nor are they violent. They aren’t involved with drugs or anything of the like, either. All in all, it could be worse. But Javert still needs to fill out reports on each and every one of them every time he hauls them in, and it’s not the most thrilling thing in the world. They aren’t making it easy, of course. But this is the first time they’ve resorted to singing.

He looks up at the clock in his office with a sense of dread about him. They’re required to stay for the standard 24-hour period; it’s been about an hour and twelve minutes, and he wouldn’t put it past them to work in shifts to stay awake and practice their musical numbers on him. They’re creative in the art of peaceful protest and resistance, and he’s certainly counting this as an example.

Suddenly, there’s a break in the singing; but in the cavernous walls of the holding cells, he can hear the echoes of whispers and a high-pitched giggle. Javert’s pen stills against the paper as he squints suspiciously up at the cracked door. What are they doing? What will they be getting up to next? Or has he finally caught his break, and they’re all going to turn in for a nap?

Pop,” comes the first voice. He recognizes that one - Grantaire. There’s a snort of laughter. Javert lowers his pen onto his desk. “Six,” comes a second. That was definitely Bossuet. Javert’s taken by a feeling of apprehension. He knows who the next one up is, and he’s filled with a sense of trepidation over the completion of the Unholy Trinity. And then, the penny drops - Joly joins in. “Squish!” There’s a giggle from one of the girls, and someone is choking back laughter. “Uh-uh!” “Cicero.” “Lipschitz!” 

Oh, no.

Oh, Lord above, no.

He had it comin! He had it comin! He only had himself to blame! If you’d have been there - if you’d have seen it - I betcha you would have done the same!

The other students are absolutely broken down into laughter, but their little musical production doesn’t stop for a moment. They go on with the song without breaking stride for even a moment; it’s almost too rehearsed. Javert knows that they aren’t breaking any rules; no one told them they had to be quiet, or that they couldn’t sing, or that they couldn’t perform a Broadway musical in his holding cells overnight

He lets it go on for a while, desperately trying to do anything he can to keep his mind off of their little rendition of Cell Block Tango a handful of yards away. He repeats Bible verses to himself, focuses on his breathing or the scratch of a pen against paper, even prays for strength and patience a few times - but that patience runs out a few verses in, and he gets up with a resigned sigh to ask them to stop.

Javert opens the door to his office, an exhausted look about him as he interrupts Joly’s part of the song. For a long moment, everyone goes silent. Javert stares at Joly; Joly stares back. The other students are glancing between them almost cautiously. None of them are sure what’s about to happen - not even the Inspector, really. But then; Joly shoots first.

He slips an arm through the bars, allowing it to hang down casually, cocks a hip, and raises an eyebrow. “Then?” he asked, tilting his head. “He ran into my knife. He ran into my knife. Ten. Times.

Javert isn’t sure how to react to the smallest of the students staring him dead in the eye and reciting lines from a musical essentially about murder and prison, but the other students undoubtedly do.

HE HAD IT COMIN’!” Grantaire and Bossuet finally shout, joined now by  Musichetta, Eponine, Courfeyrac, and Feuilly. The others are too busy howling with laughter. Enjolras has even cracked a sly smile by now, and it seems he’s considering joining in on the ruckus.

Javert gives a drawn-out sigh as he considers asking one of the younger officers for an extra set of headphones and an energy drink.

It’s going to be a long night.

The Joker x Reader- “Without Wings”

Each villain gets a protective spirit, kind of like a guardian angel but…not really. The Joker is a handful, that’s why nobody wants the job. Lucky him you love challenges so you’ll take him under your wings (so to speak since you don’t have any; it just sounds nice).

When the Ace Chemicals incident happened, The Joker’s guardian just left him, fed up with the difficult task of keeping him out of danger so there was nobody watching over The Clown Prince of Crime. You felt the urge to help and stepped in right away because you absolutely love tough assignments.

He almost drowned in that vat but you pulled him out in time. J didn’t see too much before he lost consciousness: just a shadow he assumed it was one of his henchmen (not too much to see anyway since you’re shapeless). You felt so bad about his misfortune – no villain is supposed to be without protection at any given time. You tried to make it up to him by making his eyes a more intense blue and blessed him with a lot of eerie beauty. A guardian spirit is not allowed to change anything about a villain’s personality so you didn’t.

Holy crap, is it hard to keep him out of trouble or what? He’s so reckless, impulsive and temperamental now you realize why nobody wanted him. But you never lost a villain on your watch and you’re not going to start now.

At the present moment you are very concerned about his girlfriend: she was actually sent to assassinate him and he has no clue. For once somebody got under his skin and it worries you. Things are really getting out of hand: she already tried to kill him twice last week.

When she gave The Joker the poisoned grape juice, you tripped him and he spilled it all over his new suit. Man, he had such a fit and it was fun to watch: you always enjoy his tantrums. When she tried to inject him with the toxin in his sleep, you slapped her hand and she dropped the syringe. You broke it to pieces and she was so intrigued: how can plastic shatter like that?!

Bitch, don’t mess with someone under my safekeeping!!

Tonight she will try again and you are so done! You are seriously considering taking over her body, this way you can watch J all the time: he certainly needs extra care and attention. Last time you did this for somebody was about 200 years ago and you recall you didn’t enjoy your mortal adventure too much. Plus, if you decide to do it, you’ll be stuck like that for a year, then you have only a two days window to go back to the Shadow World. If not, you’ll be confined in the body until it dies.

Not very nice options but it’s nighttime and she will make her move soon.

Shit, might as well.

You materialize by their bed and float there for a while, considering all the alternatives and finally determine:


You open your eyes and blink a few times, adjusting to your new status. The Joker senses you’re wiggling around and moves his hand from your waist to your breasts, mumbling something in his sleep.

Watch it, mortal! And you move his hand lower. J feels that and slides his fingers down your tummy, trying to get inside your bikini.

Seriously, human, keep your hands at home. You move his hand away.

A very low growl and he shoves himself into you, opening his eyes for a few seconds. Since you can see in the dark, you have to congratulate yourself: you did such an amazing job on that shade of blue!

“Why are you still awake, Princess?” J yawns, snoozing shortly after.

I just got here, you want to say but you don’t. You never sleep anyway. You turn towards your protégé and carefully remove the blanket off him to admire that eerie beauty you blessed him with a while ago. Yep, you did very good: that pale skin is flawless and all those tattoos amplify the whole ensemble gorgeously.

The Joker is such a light sleeper: you were cautious yet he felt you move the cover and woke up, reaching over to kiss you.

How weird, you back out a bit and he wraps you in his arms.

“What is it, Doll? Wanna go again? I am tired as hell but I can make an exception for you,” he grins, taking a deep breath.

Go where?! It’s in the middle of the night.

“Nooooo,” you mutter because you can tell he needs to rest. Why would he want to get up and go somewhere?!

“OK then, Pumpkin, just let Daddy know if you change your mind, I’m not gonna let my girl hanging,” he stretches, groping you and placing your arms around his neck, this way his head rests on your cleavage.

“U-hum,” you agree, confused, not having a clue what he’s referring to.

He suddenly kisses you one more time and it irritates you: keep your lips at home, mortal! Such a strange sensation; it’s been forever since you’ve been inside a human body. Very interesting, what is it really?! Without even noticing you kiss him back and he moans, groping you again.

“You’re such a naughty girl, Y/N; come on, let’s go again then, you’re making Daddy all worked up,” he purrs, breaking apart from your lips with his eyes closed.

Where does he want to go?! He’s worn out and it shows.

“We can go tomorrow, um… baby,” (that’s how that woman addressed J and it appeared he liked it).

What’s the rush? Just sleep and you can take me wherever you want in the morning.

“Are you sure, Doll?” he nuzzles in your long hair (well, hers), not really wanting to give up on the opportunity.

“Of course I’m sure, we can go tomorrow, you’re exhausted,” you reply, playing with his green locks, completely oblivious at the meaning of his statement. All these things you feel are overwhelming but so far it’s not as bad as you remember. Probably need to get reused to everything.

“You know we will!” he promises, cuddling to your chest while you keep on caressing that green hair and you have to admit you’re happy he’s going to take you somewhere  fun on your first day as a mortal.


He keeps on staring at you all day, intrigued.

“What is it?” mortal, you want to add but decide to skip it.

“Something about you changed, Doll. You look sooooo beautiful,” he licks his lips, enticed.

Of course I’m beautiful since I blessed this body with my presence, duh.
“Did you change your hair?” he evaluates your assets, trying to guess on what it is.

“Nahhh,” you keep on playing with her cellphone, mesmerized. Wow, this is absolutely fabulous! This piece of technology must be the greatest invention ever on the planet!

“Did you change your makeup?” The Joker insists and walks on the street, trying to get in the limo and you follow, scrolling down all those interesting pages on Google, catching up with what’s going on with humanity these days.

“No, baby, I didn’t.”

“What is it then? Drives me nuts! What changed?” J is not even paying attention to the cars passing so close by and he still stands there, keeping the door opened so you can get in.

“Watch out,” you calmly warn, yanking him close to you just in time before a car almost hits him.

“Jesus, that was close!” he cracks his neck and slaps your butt as an encouragement to enter the limousine. “Thank you, Pumpkin.”

“It’s my job”, you admit, not taking your gaze off your phone.

“What was that?” he grins once he gets in the car by you.

“I said no problem,” you repeat, changing your tune. J takes the cell out of your hand and hides it in his jacket.

“Stop playing with it, Princess, and pay attention to me.”

You whimper, unhappy your toy is gone for the moment.

“Tonight you’re in for some special treatment, Doll,” he winks and you lean your head on his shoulder, bored. “I’m in the mood for some crazy stuff.”

“You’re taking me to that place you wanted to go last night?” you innocently inquire.

“Ahhhh, I love it when you tease me, Kitten,” The Joker roars in your ear, biting it.“Daddy will take you to places you’ve never been before,” he slaps your thigh, aroused.

How cool, my human will take me somewhere awesome tonight.

“You swear?” you double check, excited, unaware of what’s in store for you.

“Always,” J pulls on your bottom lip and you move closer to him. “Lemme take a picture of you, Y/N,” he takes out his phone, “I need a new screen saver… … … Hm, I think there’s something wrong with my phone,” he frowns at the image and tries again. “I need a new one,” he puckers his lips, unhappy. “Look!” he shows you the image and you see the dark shadow covering half of your face.

That’s me, silly, you smile and encourage him to take another picture, making sure your ethereal being doesn’t show this time.

“See? I told you there is nothing wrong with your phone,” you giggle and he is very content with the new screensaver of his pretty Doll.


Ohhhhhhhhh, so that’s what your villain meant when he said he’ll take you places: probably an understatement anyway. Wow, that was really wild! It seemed he enjoyed himself immensely and you don’t know where you stand yet; can’t say you disliked it though. I guess something else to get used to in a human body, no big deal.

Your head is resting on his abs, your feet high on all the pillows while you examine all the bites and hickeys on your body, not pleased with what J did.

“My God, Y/N, you were so feral !!! You scratched me quite badly, look!” he proudly shows you the marks you left on his pale skin.

You asked for it mortal; you can’t do that to me and get away with it!

The Joker messes with your hair for a little bit, then you try to get up and he won’t let you.

“Hey, Pumpkin, wanna go again?” he purrs, attempting to snatch you but his left hand is still handcuffed to the bed so he can’t move too much.

“Go where?” you pout, not in the mood to get out of the penthouse.

“I love it when you tease me, com’ere!” J signals you with his finger and you crawl on top of him because he seems to like that along with the kissing thing. “You can take advantage of me, hm? Go crazy, I’ll let you!” he lifts his head to bite your neck and you dodge his lips, annoyed:

“You’ll let me??! I don’t need your permission, mortal!” you snarl at him, biting his shoulder, calling him that out loud.

“That’s a good one, Y/N; are we playing roles? I can be the mortal and you can be…”

“Kind of like your guardian angel, no wings though,” you give him an evil glance, actually saying the truth but he wouldn’t know.

“Oh, goody, yeah, that works,” he moans, too horny to concentrate on what just came out of your mouth.

Ohhhhhhh, so that’s what your villain meant by “going again.” You really need to get up to speed with all this earthling talk that seems way to unnecessary complicated sometimes. As soon as you get your cell phone back, you’re on it!

** He wakes up in the middle of the night and distinguishes your body shape by the window, mumbling words he can’t understand and softly chuckling to yourself.

“Prinnncessss,” J whines, rubbing his eyes, “what are you doing?”

“Nothing, go back to sleep, I’ll be there in a minute!” you urge him, taking a deep breath, not thrilled you got interrupted.

You are actually communicating with another protective entity; I guess in human words you could call IT best friend and IT is assigned to safeguard Jonny Frost.

“My mortal needs me, “ you whisper in the Shadow World’s language not meant for human ears anyway. Your “friend” understands and vanishes, not that anybody can see IT to start with; only you have the ability since you’re the same.

You crack a few bones and go to bed, which is dull because you never doze off.

“I can’t sleep without you,” The Joker grumbles, and you oblige, taking him in your arms and squeezing him really tight. You even have one leg around his waist and you cling to his body like there’s no tomorrow.

I like my human, he gets so needy but he can’t help it, you reckon, placing soft kisses all over his forehead; you know he enjoys this kind of stuff. You hug him even tighter and he chokes, coughing a few times.

“Baby Doll, I can’t breathe,” he complains, half gone, and you loosen your embrace a bit.

“You’re a great villain,“ you praise in a very low voice but he can’t really understand since he’s snoozing.

“That’s nice, Kitten,” he mutters and you crush him in your arms again.

I really like my mortal, you smirk with such a devilish smile he cannot see and protectively watch him like a hawk all night, even if you don’t really have to.


“Watch out,” you smoothly move J with your finger just an inch to his right and the bullet shrieks by his ear, ricocheting in the wall behind.

“What… the hell?!” he snaps at the hostages, pulling his gun out and shooting the rebel officer that dared commit such atrocity. “Anybody else wants to be a hero?!” he screams and has the worst temper tantrum ever during the heist.

Wow, you think, bedazzled.  This is even more fun to witness from so close, certainly one of the greatest villains ever.  

“Y/N, “ he comes in front of you, panting, super pissed from what just happened, “remind me to thank you tonight, yes? We can go as many times as you want,” J winks at you before restarting his rant and wreaking some havoc he makes sure they’ll never forget.

I know what that means, you gasp, proud you learned the difficult subtleties of this planet’s vocabulary.


“Batsy’s coming, we should go right now,” you tell him, raising your voice so The Joker can hear you over the deafening music in the club.

“No, he’s not, he has no clue about this place,” he keeps you in his lap when you alert of the imminent danger.

“Batsy’s here,” you emotionlessly speak, bored to the maximum and you push him on the floor.“Watch out,” and the explosion in the front of the club makes the ground shake, a few pieces of sharp glass falling right on the spot where he sat a few seconds ago.

“Holy shit, Doll,” J gets all startled, both of you carefully creeping out of the VIP room and take the back exit before things worsen. Batsy really raided the place on a tip from an anonymous source but the evasive King of Gotham was nowhere to be found. AGAIN. How irritating!

**Nothing is going to happen to him under your watch, no way!

His impulsiveness and recklessness gets him in trouble very often, but you can manage: you’ve protected worse before.

One year will just fly by, half is already gone. YOU GOT THIS! **


“Check out my new tattoo, Princess,” J uncovers his shoulder and you gulp, taken by surprise. He got two angel wings on top of your name tattooed on his collarbone. He likes to joke you’re his guardian angel because you bring him good luck. Pretty close, but not quite.

“I …I don’t have wings…but I like it,” you stutter, telling the truth, but The Joker believes you’re being funny.

“Since it seems you are my lucky charm, I thought you would appreciate this more than anything else, am I right?” he licks his lips when he notices how hypnotized you are with his new ink.

“Are you going to be ok when I’m gone?” the unexpected question comes and he rolls his eyes, scoffing.

“Bad mood again?” he wants to know and forcefully pulls you in his arms. “Look what I did for you, be grateful! You’re not going anywhere. Got it?”

I have to, my year will be up tomorrow and I don’t want to be stuck in this body until it dies. You really wish you could explain to The Joker but he won’t understand nor is allowed to know anyway.

“Stop talking nonsense, Doll, you’re making Daddy mad.”

“Why do you keep on calling yourself that?!” you inquire, gazing in his blue eyes.

You really, really did a great job with that shade!

“Because I’m your Daddy and you should call me that more often, you naughty little minx,” he kisses you roughly, grossly groping your butt.

The arrogance this human has! But he’s a good villain, that’s his forte.


“Pumpkin, I can’t breathe,” he moans in his sleep and you loosen your embrace again.

You kiss the tattoo he got for you and he squirms a bit, ticklish.

My mortal likes me, you caress his green hair, getting ready to flee the body. She will take over again but won’t remember too much. That woman won’t have a memory of her mission to kill him so J should be safe. Plus, you’ll always watch over him since you are determined not to fail at your task.

“I’m going now,” you whisper and peck his cheek, ready to get out. “Don’t make my assignment of keeping you secure too hard… Daddy,” you softly laugh and he nuzzles in the crook of your neck, growling.

“You’re not going anywhere,” The Joker barely manages to hum.

“You’re awake?” you test the waters, intrigued.

“Nope,” he sniffles because he just heard bits and pieces, being so tired he can’t even wake himself up to properly talk to you.

Batsy chased him for a full hour around Gotham but he managed to escape since you were in the car also. Yeah, strange how he gets away when you are around; a real mystery!

“I have to go but…”

“No,” he opens one eye and since you can see in the dark, you notice.

“Sleep… you won’t even realize I’m gone,” you trace his Damaged tattoo with your index finger and he closes his eye, purring under your touch.

“I would notice…” J yawns, more awake but having a hard time focusing.

“You don’t even know what I’m talking about,” you giggle, amused he’s such a stubborn mule.

“I need my guardian angel,” he grumbles and you squeeze him really hard again, contemplating your choices.

“I don’t even have wings,” you widely smile but he’s in his trance and really speaks without knowing at this point.

“That’s fine…” and then tugs on your t-shirt. “Pumpkin… I can’t breathe…”

Right, you keep on forgetting you hold him too tight. Just being overprotective, that’s all. It’s your job.

I like my human, you grin, wanting to stay because he’s a good villain and I guess won’t be too bad being trapped alongside him in this body.

Heaven knows The Joker needs all the help he can get.

Even if the help doesn’t have any wings.



J'ai toujours été celle qui se souciait du bonheur des autres avant le sien mais aujourd'hui, j'ai besoin que l'on prenne soin de moi. Sauf que je ne l'accepte pas, j'arrive pas à me faire à l'idée que je ne suis plus aussi forte que avant, que moi aussi, j'ai besoin d'amour, d'affection alors je repousse encore et encore. Je sais que c'est mauvais mais c'est moi. Juste moi. Et je sais que certain m'en veulent de ne pas tout leur dire mais ça fait parti de moi, je ne supporte pas l'idée de me montrer faible face à qui que se soit.
—  Nora C.
You Miss Me? Chapter 1 - Session One

I tapped the edge of my clipboard with my pen, waiting for the time to come. Today was my first session with The Joker; The Clown Prince of Crime. It took a lot of convincing to become his regular therapist, but Dr.Arkham finally gave in.

The clock struck 1:30, it was time. I walked down the corridors, going past some of the Nut Jobs this place houses. I reached my final destination.

The words “Doctor Harleen Quinzel” in block letters were on the heavy metal door, and a little “Do not Disturb” sign underneath my name.

I took a deep breathe, exhaling quickly as i opened the heavy door, shutting it behind me.

And there he was in all his true glory.
His green hair slicked back with uttermost neatness, his blue/green orbs met mine as I studied his facial features. A smug evil smile spread across his face, revealing his pale yellow teeth.

I nodded my head at the guards either side of him, both of them left at my command, shutting the door behind them.

I made my self comfortable in the chair at the opposite end of the desk, flicking through Joker’s case file to find the appropriate information for today’s session.

“Sir, my name is Doctor. Harleen Quinzel. I’m a new Psychiatrist here at Arkham and I’ll be taking charge of your therapy sessions from here on out.” I said to the Clown sat before me, my words came out in a fast, but calm manner.

“My dear you can call me Mistah J, sir is simply …. too formal for my liking.” Joker sneered, leaning against the restraints of his straight jacket.

“As you wish, Mistah J.” I sighed.

“Now, well be talking about Desire in today’s session. Firstly, I’d like to ask you some questions.” I stated, linking my fingers together placing my hands on the table.

No words came out from Joker’s mouth, therefore I proceeded to ask the questions I had written down in my notebook.

“What’s your biggest desire in life? Would it be that of the Batman? Killing innocent people for fun? ….” I asked.

A low growl left Joker’s lips before he proceeded to speak.

“Hmm … well the Bat is my main priority, trying to make the city a better place! But oh no, no no no my dear, he simply can’t see help, even when it’s right there in front of him ….” J said.

I raised an eyebrow at his response, but I wanted to know more.

“Continue.” I stated.

“You see, for years I’ve been trying to lend the Bat a helping hand in order to mark Gotham on the map. But no, he refuses to let a felon get in his way.” J continued, growling in anger at the thought of not helping his beloved ‘friend’.

I write down some notes of what he gave as an answer, I could feel his eyes burning into me as I did so, even without having to look at him.

“Anything else you’d like to add to that? Or perhaps there’s other things that you desire to do?” I asked.

“Hmm, I must admit Doc you are a lovely thing” J sneered, leaning against the table as much as his straight jacket allowed him to.

I just half-heartedly smiled at his words, not wanting things to escalate into something that it shouldn’t.

“I must ask, do your friends call you Harley, Harleen?”

“No, I don’t have many friends” I said.

“Well Harley, you’ve got one now.” He replied, smiling that demonic smile of his in my direction.

I smiled a more comforting smile in his direction, to which a satisfied purr left his lips.

There was something about this man, this criminal, that was drawing me in. In an odd way if that, he was beautiful to look at.
Behind all of the crimes he’d committed, the awful, awful things he’s done to those innocent people, there was something beautiful about the damaged soul sitting across from me.

I was seeing beauty through darkness.

I snapped myself from my thoughts immediately to see him again, leaning across the table that separated us. His ruby stained lips pursed slightly outwards.
In the back of my mind, I knew from his actions he’d got me under his 'spell’. He really does desire me.

I sat up from my chair and leaned forward too. Our faces, and lips just a mere few inches apart.

I needn’t wait long before he closed the gap between us; connecting his stained lips with my baby pink ones. The kiss didn’t grow too rough, but was still full of passion.

After what felt like a couple of minutes if that, Joker broke the kiss and moved back to sit down in his chair.
I did the same and moved back to sit down, tucking a stray piece of blonde hair back behind my ear and feeling my cheeks with my hand, they were noticeably quite warm.

Looking up at the clock it was 2:30, which meant it was the end of our session. I pressed the button under my side of the desk which triggers a light outside the office.

The same guards from before came back in with a wheelchair, ready to take J back to cell 0801, the cell he called home.

“Our next session will be tomorrow at 1:30 once again.” I stated.

“Sureee, looking forward to your company once again Doc” J cackled, as he was carted out of my therapy room back down to his cell.
I could hear his demonic laughter bouncing off the walls even from a distance.

25-05-17 05h39

J'arrive plus à dormir. Et bordel je fais pleins de fautes quand j'écris mais mon téléphone me corrigé tout seul comme un grand, putin c'est trop cool.
J'ai trop bu. Et j'arrive plus à dormir.
La tête elle tourne beaucoup trop. Ça va pas des masses là.
Mais putin c'était trop bon de souffler, lâcher prise… Je me sens juste bien et mal en même temps… Je vais sûrement effacer ce blabla demain parce que j'aurai honte ou peut être parce qu'il y aura trop de fautes et que j'aurai la flemme de corriger. En vrai ma façon d'écrire on dirait une gamine de 13 ans qui balance les mots comme ils viennent. Puis personne va lire ça en vrai. Osef. J'fais les trucs pour moi. Pas pour les gens.
J'aimerai réveiller le chéri pour échanger de place dans le lit parce que là je suis au bord mais j'ai peur des monStres parce que je sors les pieds de dessous la couette parce que j'ai trop chaud et j'ai peur qu'un truc m'attrape. Gamine.
Quand je riais dans la rue dans la nuit j'étais juste bien. Je me fous une pression monstre. Tout contrôler. En permanence. Ça faisait longtemps que je m'étais pas autorisé à juste m'en foutre de tout. C'est putin de bon. Voilà voilà. Toi tu vas lire ça ça va être sûrement 8h ou 9h et tu vas me juger en mode “putin elle est grave celle là”
J vous aime Tumblr en vrai. J'vous aime tous. Sauf les blogs de cul et les manipulateurs.
J'suis bien dans ma vie en ce moment. Genre vraiment. C'est fou.


The Joker x Reader *The Memo*

You are sick of seeing the girls working at the club trying to flirt with J. I mean, this crap needs to stop like… this instant. You stayed up all night and came up with some rules.

Finally done. You email your memo to all the parties involved and CC the Joker too. You didn’t even close your eyes for 5 minutes, and now you have to go to an early business meeting with Frost. J doesn’t have to be there so he’s sleeping in.


Mister J woke up a little bit ago and he decides to take a look on his laptop and see if he has any new messages. He brings his coffee with him and sits down at his desk. Messenger’s voice lets him know:

“One new message from:  Daddy’sNauthyPrincess. ”

“Oh, goody.” His face lights up with a pleased grin: you always send him dirty pics when you are away for a few hours. The Joker clicks on the pop-up bubble and instead of some naked shots he sees a bunch of writing. He has to bring the laptop closer to his eyes because he doesn’t have his contacts in. J thinks he doesn’t really need contacts. Yeah…whatever!

“What’s this?” he wonders, beginning to read.

Since you guys are really starting to cross the line, I wanted to remind you Mister J is mine. His sexy ass belongs only to me. Period. (I shouldn’t spell “period” but it’s emphasizing what I am trying to say.) Here’s how it is:

J snorts. This is so…you.

1.     Stop trying to flirt with my Puddin and keep your greasy little mutant hands away from him. I mean, I know your hands are not really greasy, but that’s not the point.

2.     The other day I heard one of you calling him Daddy. I was talking to Frosty but I’m not deaf. Don’t even dream about opening your mouths to utter that word again, ever (unless you’re talking about your own dad, in which case you can say it.) I’m the only one that can call him Daddy when he rides me.

The Joker is drinking coffee and spits it out all over the place when he gets to this. He starts coughing, then a maniacal laughter resonates in the penthouse. He doesn’t remember the last time he laughed so hard. You must be really worked up about the whole situation to come up with this memo. J knows than when it comes to him, you lose it and you can’t think straight anymore. Back to reading, still laughing.

3.     I heard rumors that some of you want to get the same “Property of Joker “tattoo as I have. Get the idea out of your heads. This tattoo is not for insignificant little peasant bitches such as yourselves.

“This is gold!” Mister J snickers, pleased with your work so far. He didn’t even finish and he thinks it’s the best thing he read all year. The funniest, for sure. “Good old Frosty should see this masterpiece.”  He forwards it to Frost, then continues.

4.  Don’t try to sit in his lap anymore. Even if I’m not present, that’s my spot. I don’t go and sit on your dad’s lap now, do I ?!  The nerve you guys have… Completely ridiculous!

5.   Stop winking and batter your stupid eyelashes at him. (-unless you have something in your eye or your contacts scratch your retina, in which case it’s somewhat acceptable, I guess. But try to control it.)

The Joker’s cell goes off. Message from:

Frost: “Sir????”   😳

J texts back: “I know, my Princess can be so…intense.  😏 It’s not her fault she loves me so much. How are things over there?”

Frost:” She’s still inside, sir. Me and the boys are securing the perimeter. Last time I went in, she got us 1 million over the starting price. She might get more by the end of the meeting.”

J : “That’s my girl. 😬 Frosty, spare no expense: order her favorite red roses; I want the penthouse full of them. Get her some diamond jewelry too, like, a box full.”

Frost: “On it, sir.”

Mister J turns off his cell and reads the last part of your memo. My God, it’s been entertaining as hell. Who would have known you’re such a good… writer?                         

6.    Don’t make eye contact with my Puddin for more than 7 seconds, I’m gonna time you. You don’t need to stare at him; you know how he looks like. I mean, if he has a new outfit or something, I’ll will be generous and say you can gaze at him for maybe 10 seconds. But that’s it, don’t push it, hoes!            

7.    Tonight we’re still on for our girls night out, the movie and the dinner and whatever else we planned last week. See you guys at 10pm.          

Wow, that was a trip. The Joker believes he has a new fondness for you. He licks his silver teeth, big smile on his face.

“My girl is gonna win a Pulitzer for this,” he snickers, getting ready to text you.

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- J'ai essayé de me convaincre que je pouvais vivre sans toi, mais tu vois, je ne peux pas.
- Et l'Afrique, tes reportages, que dira Knapp ?
- À quoi me sert de parcourir la Terre pour rapporter la vérité des autres si je me mens a moi-même, à quoi me sert d'aller de pays en pays quand celle que j'aime ne s'y trouve pas ?
—  Toutes ces choses qu'on ne s'est pas dites, M.Levy

Your genome, every human’s genome, consists of a unique DNA sequence of A’s, T’s, C’s and G’s that tell your cells how to operate. Thanks to technological advances, scientists are now able to know the sequence of letters that makes up an individual genome relatively quickly and inexpensively.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How to sequence the human genome - Mark J. Kiel

Animation by Marc Christoforidis

Je crois que je vais bien. Mais je n'en suis pas totalement sûre.
C'est comme si plus rien ne comptait, comme si je ne ressentais plus grand chose. J'ai l'impression de ne plus savoir qui je suis, d'être trop loin de celle que j'ai été tout en étant encore si proche d'elle à la fois.
C'est fou le vide qu'elle laisse la “moi” du passé. Et il reste quoi maintenant ? J'suis un peu perdue.
Mais je crois que je vais bien.

Je me rends compte que je recale encore tous le monde parce que je t'aime encore. Que plus de la moitié des photos que j'ai, c'est celles de toi. Que je rêve encore de toi toutes les nuits même le jour. Que toutes mes phrases d'amour se ramènent à toi. Toi, toi, toi et nique ma race c'est mon problème.

ma chambre est remplie de vestiges de mon adolescence. 
je m’y sens étrangère à chaque fois que je la retrouve,
je redécouvre le contenu de mes placards
et je me rappelle de celle que j’étais.

ces derniers temps, 
je suis obsédée par le tri.
je jette, je jette tout,
les affaires accumulées au fil du temps m’oppressent. 
j’ai arraché toutes les photos de mon mur
qui est maintenant trop blanc
sans aucune trace de moi.