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Cat and Mouse pt. 1

Type: Joker X Reader
Plot: J has been more distant and violent than usually, and it finally comes to a point where you have to leave and make him remember why your not to be fucked with.
Warning: A little violence, fluffy fluff.


A ringing sound was heard as you fell to the floor of your shared master bedroom. The white carpet felt soft against your face as you tried to recollect the past couple of minutes. Remembering slowly it started with a argument about J being home late and than him yelling at you to leave him alone. You grabbing him trying to bring him closer to you and hold onto him and lastly him slapping you to the ground. Your eyes fluttered open as you got up noticing a pool of blood filling up by where your nose was. Gripping onto your satin bedsheets and coming face to face with J, you realized you’ve had enough.“That’s it” you spat making blood hit his white rolled up shirt, turning quickly on your hells you rushed into the closet and locked the doors. You didn’t plan on ever leaving J, but you also never planned on getting to this point. “Babydoll, pumpkin, sugar and spice, come to daddy stop being a idiot and making daddy more mad than he already is" the last sentence turning into one of his signature growls. After receiving no response he banged on the door a few more times"Y/n this isn’t fucking cute anymore get your ass out here". Sighing you decided to play him at his own game. “Just give me a second daddy” your said softly and gently, as you put on your black leggings and grey long sleeve and black boots, the outfit you wore when you knew you’d be running a lot. “Almost ready for my daddy”. You moaned softly as you slowly pushed out the box to the Attic and crawled in. By now J was getting impatient and started banging on the door again.“ Cmon sweetims get your ass out her or else daddy’s coming in”. He spoke awaiting your response, much to his surprise it was silent. Little did he know you already pushed yourself out the window down the house drain and was getting into the black and pink Lambo he bought for you when you first started dating. “ Uhm Mistah J, whys Y/n leaving” Frost called from downstairs. Rushing up to only be greeted by a fuming J, a broken door and half your wardrobe gone. “Oh Frost looks like doll wants to place Cat and Mouse”.

This New Years I resolve to not deliver anything to an I.C. Wiener, Pepe Roni, Seymour Butts, Tim Mara, Anita Bath, or Mike Rotch again. Fool me four times, shame on… something.

~ Philip J Fry, Futurama

I doodled this for giggles months ago, but I think it fits for World Kindness Day and just our current situation in general. You should be able to turn to your friends and loved ones if you ever need comfort (especially if they’re shaped like Stimpy and you can use them as a fat pillow to cry into).

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Remy J. Foucault Please Come Home

This post is a spell.

Our second cat, Remy J. Foucault, got out of our apartment the night before last.  We’re doing everything we can to find him, but we’re moving five states away in less than two weeks and it could potentially take longer than that to find him or for him to make his way home.

Please help us bring our beloved cat home safely before we have to leave.

Likes and reblogs charge the spell.

I hit 1K today! I’m so excited, especially considering that I only started this blog sometime right after the release of ACOTAR. Anyway, thanks so much! :) I had a goal of ending up at 500, and now I have double that. I love all of you so much. Big, big, giant wyvern-sized hugs and kisses to all of you!

So, I’ve always wanted to do a tumblr awards, and I figured that now would be a good time to do one. Now I just have to convince people to enter.


  • mbf me
  • must reblog this post by October 1st, 2015
  • must reach at least 50 notes or i will cry
  • must have at least 20% sjm content on your blog (please?)
  • can enter multiple/side blogs

The Thirteen Categories:

  • Erilean Award: Best Throne of Glass Blog
  • Prythian Award: Best A Court of Thorns and Roses Blog
  • Celaena Sardothien Award: Best URL
  • Tamlin Award: Best Icon
  • Rhysand Award: Best Theme
  • Feyre Award: Best Edit/Aesthetic Maker*
  • Dorian Havilliard Award: Best Fanfiction Writer*
  • Lucien Award: Most Dedicated Shipper
  • Aedion Ashryver Award: Sassiest Funniest Blogger
  • Sam Cortland Award: Nicest Blogger
  • Lysandra Award: Most Talented Blogger*
  • The Carranam Award: Best Power Couple Bloggers**
  • Aelin Ashryver Galathynius Award: Best Overall
  • Bonus: The Elide Award: Best Newbie Blog***

*Write in the tags your creation tag or have a page on your blog dedicated to your creations that is easily accessible and visible.
**Send me an ask with your tumblr carranam (bff). (And maybe a cute story of the two of you too?) Both bloggers must send me an ask and enter.
***Please submit to me a screenshot/photo of your follower count. Must have under 500 followers. Please tell me you all understood the reference in the title of the award because you know the Thirteen and then whoa who is this?


  • a follow back from me on tumblr and one other social media platform
  • two promos whenever you want
  • a spot on my future awards page
  • one 750+ word fanfiction of whatever prompt you want
  • if you are a writer: a beta read / a critique / edits for 2000 words of one of your fics (whether fanfiction or your own creation)
  • your very own unique icon (ex: mine)
  • eternal friendship and love
  • help burying up to three and a half bodies
  • the fame and glory and satisfaction of winning a tumblr awards


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