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I'm rewatching Merlin because I haven't watched it since I was a kid and your blog made me remember how awesome it is, and all through it Merlin keeps saying how the ONLY thing he wants is for Arthur to accept him as he is. Whenever Arthur says "you can't hide anything from me" Merlin always looks sad and goes "wouldn't dream of it". I will forever be confused as to whether he's talking about his magic or his gay

Oh yeah, I have sleepless nights about these questions! Sometimes I ask myself, did the directors of Merlin watch the show together? Did they saw scenes like this one and then…

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Merlin Audio Commentaries MP3 Download Links

All download links are from my Google Drive.

Series 1:

Ep 1: The Dragon’s Call - J. Capps and J. Murphy

Ep 2: Valiant - B. James and A. Coulby

Ep 5: Lancelot - J. Capps and E. Fraiman

Ep 7: The Gates of Avalon -  B. James, A. Head,  J. Webb

Ep 8: The Beginning of the End - C. Morgan, A. Coulby, K. McGrath, J. Webb

Ep 9:  Excalibur  -  C. Morgan, A. Coulby, R. Wilson, J. Webb

Ep 10: Moment of Truth  -  C. Morgan, B. James, A. Coulby, K.Mcgrath

Series 2:

Ep 1: The Curse of Cornelius Sigan - B. James and C. Morgan

Ep 2: The Once and Future Queen  - A. Coulby and A. Head

Ep 4: Lancelot and Guinevere  - B. James and C. Morgan

Ep 8: The Sins of the Father  - C. Morgan, B. James, A. Head

Ep 10: Sweet Dreams  -  B. James, A.Coulby, A.Troughton, J.Murphy

Ep 12: The Fires of Idirsholas  -  C. Morgan, K. McGrath, J. Webb

Series 3:

Ep 1: Tears of Uther Pendragon (I)  - K. McGrath and B. James

Ep 3: Goblin’s Gold - A. Coulby and R. Wilson

Series 4:

Ep 1: The Darkest Hour (I) - K. McGrath and A. Troughton

Ep 2: The Darkest Hour (II) -  A. Coulby and R. Young

Ep 3: The Wicked Day - C. Morgan and A. Troughton

Series 5:

Ep 1: Arthur’s Bane (I)   -  J. Murphy and J. Molotnikov

Ep 2: Arthur’s Bane (II)  -  A. Vlahos and C. Morgan

Ep 3: Death Song of Uther Pendragon - A. Coulby and R. Young

Ep 8: The Hollow Queen -  B. James and A. Troughton

Ep 9: With All My Heart  -  A. Coulby and A. Vlahos

Ep 10: The Kindness of Strangers - B. James and R. Young

Ep 13: The Diamond of the Day (II) -  J. Murphy and K. McGrath

For the first three seasons, @poetryincamelot has painstakingly written down amazing transcripts. I suggest you use these.

A Backstage Story #1

“Jx and the Badwells loves making simple music. We know we are not the best there is, but to be blunt; we don’t take shit from people who think that getting attention is more important than integrity.

 The two people in the front of this picture were former bandmates of 
Jx & the Badwells.  The guy on the right (who is about to break into tears?), tried to use the time slot scheduled for JX and the Badwells at this concert to perform a list of cover tunes…

After they had made their move and gotten comfortable on stage, satisfied with having pulled one over on the rest of the band… JX pulls off his shirt, jumps on stage and plugs himself into the sound system (?!)

He dominated the show with an improv performance.  This story has become something the old people talk about at coffee shops… the crowd was confused but quickly got on board with the shtick, and soon the whole town was laughing, in an uproar over the show.

It only has 57 notes, but it is priceless to us.”