j boy adams

@sleepinthegardn: Dear best man I know. Another year by your side is an adventure beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for loving me. Supporting me. Guiding me. Dreaming with me and creating with me. I promise this year and for all to come I will do the same for you. Happy birthday my love. (photo by @tearintaren )

The Raven Boys as the Marauders works so well tho
Blue : Lily, awesome, strong, wicked funny, out of the group in a way (Muggle born/not at Aglionby)
Gansey : James, cute hair, teachers favourite, super mega priveleged
Ronan : Sirius, the bad boy, aloof, a bit evil, very clever but pretends not to be, will break your legs
Adam : Lupin, outcast (wealth/werewolf, feels he has to prove himself, delicate creature who is so clever and underestimated
Noah : Peter (I’m talking before he was a dick), is over shone by the rest, sticks with lily/blue, wants to be like the other three boys

Also, wolfstar/pynch. Bluesey. Tragic HEARTBREAK FOR THE MAIN TWO NO OKAY