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BTS 4th army zip magazine unit interview: Suga + Rap Monster + J-Hope (Rapper Line)

Q1: you all have been together for a very long time, sure there’s a lot of interesting stories you can share.
Suga: when it was just the three of us living in the dorm, Jung Hoseok bought so many clothes and I was like “what’s wrong with this kid?”
J-Hope: right, I bought too many clothes at that time.

Q2: is it ture that the three of you composed “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone” ?
J-Hope: YES! we composed this song together.
Rap Monster: I spent nights in my studio thinking how should I write this out and there’s actually two different versions for this song.

Q3: Heard that you guys actually planned to have all ARMYs to stand up and sing along with you all for “BTS Cypher 4″ during Wings Tour concert, so how is the response from your fans?
Rap Monster: kind of nervous actually but sadly we didn’t manage to do this.
Suga: we were supposed to do this on the first day of the concert but after discussing with our company, we decided not to for safety reasons.
J-Hope: worried that our ARMYs might get hurt so we decided not to do this.

Q4: about including Cypher in your albums.
Suga: no matter how many Cyphers I wrote, there’s always this pressure I can’t get rid of.
J-Hope: we just want to write really good songs and thus the mounting pressure we feel.
Rap Monster: Cypher 1 focuses more on our rapping skills and the same goes for Cypher 2 and then we thought “lets do something fun” for Cypher 4, we should start working on Cypher 5 now I guess.

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some things to know about bts

with bts becoming more and more popular internationally, I think it’s good to let people know of bts’s humble beginnings

rap monster and suga both worked as underground artists predebut. J Hope was a street dancer and Jimin studied popping and modern dance.

when suga said that he wanted to become a music artist, he was told that he would cause his family to fail. He performed for audiences of two and barely made any money off of his tracks and struggled to even buy ramen.

rap monster has an iq of 148, was in the top 1.3% of Korea in terms of mock college entrance exams, and received a 900 on the TOEIC exam. he could’ve gotten into a high-ranking college but gave all of that up because music was the only thing that gave him strength.

jungkook failed the first round of super star K but joined bighit after seeing rap monster rap.

v auditioned without his parents knowing and had to get the staff member to convince them to let him become an idol. He also farmed with his grandmother pre-debut.

bts was created because of rap monster.

rap monster is the leader, but he is also the 4th youngest member (which is unusual because it is usually the oldest that is the leader). 

j hope was originally supposed to be a vocalist/main dancer but got put into the rap line instead and had to LEARN about hip hop, how to write lyrics, and how to rap.

j hope taught jin, rap monster, and suga how to dance pre-debut and still stays late with the members to help them practice. BTS’s choreographer even said that j-hope is the one that helps him the most when it comes to choreography and teaching the other members (he learns the fastest). Also j hope often helps to direct bts’s performances

when bts went on vacation once, j hope was the only one that stayed at the dorm because his own family left for their own trip without telling him. Suga left his family for a day to spend time with j hope and bought him chicken so that he wouldn’t be lonely.

Jin used to help his uncle at his strawberry farm and when jin auditioned for big hit, he didn’t know one thing about music or dance. He had to start from the very bottom and learn from scratch.

Jin also drives Jungkook to school. Speaking of Jin, he often cooked for the members. But back then because they were so poor, he couldn’t afford to buy bts meat and had to borrow a lot of ingredients/tools from his mom and brother.

during the hyyh concerts, jungkook jin and suga all broke down in tears (separately) because they felt as if they had never made their parents proud and that when they were performing at the concert, they thought that they had finally become a son that their parents could brag about and because they were so thankful for having such a loving family. 

During HYYH epilogue at the Seoul Gymnastics Stadium, Namjoon also started crying because pre-debut, all of the bts members went to a concert that was held at the same venue. They believed that they could never make it to the same point as the artist holding the concert.

During HYYH epilogue, Jimin called out the names of each member one by one and thanked them. He broke down in tears too. Literally all the members have cried on stage during the HYYH concert series.

also not many of you realize this but 5/7 of the members were raised in far away cities and had to leave their families at a young age to come to Seoul and begin training. Jimin and Jungkook comes from Busan. Suga and V come from Daegu, and J Hope comes from Gwangju. These cities are more rural than the urban life of Seoul, so they had to learn and fit into a completely different society and quite literally learn a different language (all of them spoke in satoori). Jungkook, for example, left his family at the (american) age of 12 and had a very difficult time adjusting to it. In his logs he often said that he missed his parents and had a hard time making friends.

“Home is behind, the world ahead,
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadows to the edge of night,
Until the stars are all alight.
Then world behind and home ahead,
We’ll wander back and home to bed.
Mist and twilight, cloud and shade,
Away shall fade! Away shall fade!”
-J. R. R. Tolkien

Bought these beautiful books yesterday. I love the movies but I haven’t read the books. What are some of your favourite book series? Hope you are having a great day! 💕

Bruce & J Valentines Headcanons

how do you guys think Batsy and J would celebrate Valentines Day because I think it’d go down kinda like this:

- Bruce hasn’t seen J in like a month because the clown has been in Arkham again, but two days before Valentines Joker, Ivy, and Harley escaped from the asylum

- Joker hasn’t been sighted or heard from but Harley’s been seen raiding anywhere that sells fireworks

- Bruce has been super Stressed trying to find out what his clown bf is up to but whenever he’s close there’s always a bunch of thugs there to distract him, so Bruce assumes J is pissed at him for something

- He’s pretty down too because he secretly had a fancy dinner planned but he doesn’t know if thats possible now that J is pissed/missing

- Bruce wakes up on Valentines day to find his dumb clown boyfriend sat on his lap grinning like an idiot

- did I mention the dumb clown is wearing nothing but one of Brucies giant sweaters and heart-covered boxers because thats a thing

- Anyway Bruce is naturally like “how the Fuck did you get in here?” and joker’s just like “Alfie let me in!!!!!” and Bruce feels like he should be pissed at Alfred but dammit his boyfriend’s cute when he’s excited

- Alfred brings up a breakfast of heart shaped pancakes like an hour later and Bruce has his suspicions that the butler has been helping to plan this for a while

- they spend the morning watching cheesy movies and fucking or whatever before its time to go to the restaurant (with J in some fancy ass purple suit that Bruce bought him but unfortunately a lot of makeup as he’s, y’know, a wanted murderer)

- the press are like “Mr Wayne who is that mysterious man you are with are you discussing business plans? haha there’s no way Bruce Wayne is anything but straight :)”

- to which Bruce becomes a blushing mess and J starts screaming about “I’M HIS BOYFRIEND YOU DUMB FUCKS!” and “SHOVE YOUR HETERONORMATIVITY UP YOUR ASSES”

- The two are left alone after that and the date is v cute. J bought - actually bought, not stole (Bruce is proud) - his bf some snazzy cuff-links and bat patterned socks, Bruce got J the previously mentioned suit and a sparkly green wristwatch

- Yea its going great until joker gets a phone call, excuses himself, and then a MASSIVE FUCKING CRASH IS HEARD FROM OUTSIDE

- so it turns out Joker had Harley and Ivy steal a load of fireworks and different colours roses to make what is basically a parade exclaiming his love for Batsy

- Bruce kinda stands there dumbstruck as his smug-ass boyfriend (now in his normal green hair and less fancy suit) is carried along on a bed of roses, waving and blowing kisses

- The bat-signal goes up, only for the commissioner to find its been vandalised to spell out “JOKER <3 BATSY 4EVER”

- Bruce would be impresses and touched by the effort if it didn’t mean cutting the date short to get into the bat-suit and put his dumb clown in handcuffs (it wasn’t hard though, at this point the joker is more than a little tipsy and giggling at his boyfriends exasperated expression)

- Bruce isn’t so pissed off that he would send J back to Arkham though, so after driving for about five minuted he stops the car and tells the clown to go back to the manor whilst Batman tells Gordon that “the joker stole the batmobile and escaped, and is likely half way to freedom by now”

- Bruce gets back to the manor to give J a Stern Talking To which is definitely not what happens when he find his bf sat on his bed, half asleep and watching another dumb rom-com


Rough J-Hope

Requested by anon, and the original request had Jealous!Hobi but I just made it some rough, teasing smut instead. I really hope that’s alright with you. Plus, there’s sort of a set up before the actual smut, so if you don’t want to read the entire thing, just skip to the middle. Short appearance by Jungkook~

Warnings: Language, Bondage, Teasing


J-hope paces back and forth at the bottom of the staircase, impatiently taking glances up to the second floor everytime another slow minute passed.

“Baby, I don’t mean to rush you but can you please hurry? We’re going to be late!” He calls, stopping and propping his hands on his hips. He flicks his wrist and checks his watch for the time.

When he doesn’t get a response, he quickly skips up the stairs, his fingers sliding along the handrail.

“Babe!” He turns into the bedroom he shared with you and leans against the doorway when he sees you, in the same position he left you over twenty minutes ago. You were sat in front of your mirror, every lipstick, mascara tube, eyeliner stick and powder he could imagine splayed out in front of you. “Baby, you don’t need all that make up. You’re so beautiful without it.”

“J-hope, do you even remember where we’re going?” You ask. You don’t look at him and continue brushing pink blush on your cheeks. “It’s a party with your band mates. Not just your band mates, but your band mates and their girlfriends too. I need to look good!”

“Baby, really?” He laughs to himself as he walks over to you. He gently grabs your wrist and pries the brush from your fingers. He sets it down with the others, grabs your other wrist and pulls you to stand in front of him. “Baby girl you’ll be the most beautiful one there, you don’t need to worry. You’ll also be the hottest, because fuck that dress looks good on you.”

“You think so?” You smile and twist your hips, making the short hem lift up even more. “It took forever to pick out.”

“Well you picked the perfect dress. Can we go now? I promise you, you look gorgeous as fuck okay.”

“Okay fine. We can go,” you say and he smiles, leaning forward to kiss your cheek. He lets your wrists go and kneels down in front of you, holding your heels still so you could step into them. “But we’re honestly not that late. We’re just fashionably late if you think about it, that’s it.”

“We were going to be fashionably late ten minutes ago, now we’re just assholes who seem like we don’t actually want to go. Come on.”


Everyone noticed that the power couple were late. Your cheeks were tinted red as you walked in with all eyes on you guys, your arm linked in J-hope’s as he lead you through the crowd. Attention followed as you approached the snack table, J-hope grabbing a glass filled with sparkling wine. He hands it to you and you thank him quietly, before taking a small sip.

“Hey! Y/n right?” You look over your shoulder and see someone you don’t recognize, but you set the wine down and uncurl your arm from your boyfriends.

“Yeah, hi!” You smile politely at the girl.

“Hi! My god your dress is so cute! It’s Neiman Marcus right? I love the lace down here at the bottom,” she says, grabbing the lacey hem of your dress and rubbing it between her fingers.

“Yeah, j-hope bought it for me. It’s nice right?”

“Of course! You look stunning in it!” She compliments. She looks at your boyfriend. “That must’ve been so expensive.”

“You know,” J-hope shrugs with a cocky smirk. “Whatever the Queen wants she’ll get.”

“You two are so cute.”

Fifteen minutes into the party, you and J-hope were called over to the couch to join Jungkook and his girlfriend. J-hope and Jungkook were deep into a conversation about work, speaking in Korean with each other. The other boy’s girlfriend was sat next to him, his arm around her while he talked, but she was on her phone and paying no attention to you at all. You were bored as hell, perched comfortably on your boyfriend’s lap. His hands were on your hips, his fingers idly playing with the material of your dress.

“Baby I’m bored,” you whine, burying your face into J-hope’s neck. He says nothing and only kisses your shoulder before going back to laughing with his friend. “Baby.”

You still had no success in gaining the attention of your boyfriend and without even meaning to gain a reaction out of him, you bare your teeth on his neck and gently bite his sweaty skin. He jumps in surprise, his hands tightening on your hips as his words start slurring together shakily. You smirk and do it again, this time running the tip of your tongue over the tender bitten spot.

“Y/n,” J-hope turns his head and hisses in your ear.

“Sorry,” you apologize innocently and J-hope mistakably goes back to his conversation.

You throw your long legs over J-hope’s lap so it wasn’t noticeable when you reached between your thighs and rested your hand right on top of his semi. His whole body stiffens immediately, his hand grabbing your wrist, but that just makes you kneed him through his pants with so much more want. His fingers go slack around your arm, loosely holding onto it as you softly massage him.

“Don’t resist,” you whisper.

“Jungkook, I’ll talk to you later man,” J-hope grits out through a forced smile and his friend smiles back.

“Sure dude. Babe, let’s go get you something to drink.” Kookie and his girlfriend walk away and you and J-hope are left alone. He instantly turns to you.

“Stop. We’re at a party.”

“A boring one,” you point out. “Just let me have some fun.”

“In the middle of everyone? Do you want to get caught?” He asks, his voice strained. His hand tightens around your wrist again but he never once attempts to pull you away from his hardening crotch. You pull away yourself, shifting your body over so you’re straddling your boyfriend’s thighs, your ass sat right on his hard cock. To everyone around you, you looked like a cute, innocent couple, but you knew what you were doing.

“Maybe I do want to get caught,” you say, tilting your head and challenging your boyfriend to fucking do something already. He just stares at you with unamused raised eyebrows so you start moving your hips against him. His hands jerk to grab you and still your body, but you rock through his strength. You smile at him. “What?”

“Baby girl,” J-hope warns in his sexy voice. “You might not wanna start something you can’t finish.”

You rub your hand up J-hope’s chest, up his shoulder and neck and grab his jaw to force his head back. You push your lips to his ear.

“Oh it’s something I’ll definitely make sure to finish,” you murmur and before you know it you’re lifted off of your boyfriends lap. A large, familiar hand is squeezing yours and dragging you through people to get to the back of the dorm before you even realize your feet are on the floor. “Where are we going?”

“My old room,” J-hope answers you shortly, weaving through the crowd. He pulls you down the hall and around the corner, pushing you into the room before him.

You skip happily over to J-hope’s old bed, he used to share with his best friend Taehyung. You sit down on the edge and wait until your boyfriend shuts and locks the door. Once he does that, making sure nobody can walk in on you, he turns around and walks towards you.

“Baby baby baby,” he shakes his head with a smirk, his hand tugging at the tie around his neck. He pulls it off roughly and it snaps in the air, making you jump. “So so naughty, getting me hard in front of all my friends. How do you think that makes me feel, hmm?”

He bends down in front of you so he’s level with your face, one hand resting on the bed and holding him up while the other caresses your cheek.

“Well if you ask me,” you say, reaching forward and grabbing his cock through his pants. He groans, his eyes fluttering closed at your touch. “It makes you feel pretty excited.”

“Don’t get smart,” he says, pushing at your shoulder to get you to lay down on the mattress. He crawls over you and you reach for him, pulling him down for a kiss. He dodges your lips though and goes to place wet kisses all over your chest instead. Your dress was very generous in the cleavage area, and he was liking it a lot. “Because you’ve been so naughty baby, guess what I get to do. Go on, guess.”

“What?” You ask, watching him with hooded eyes. He lifts his head up and brings his mouth so so close to yours, your lips almost touching but just not.

“I’m going to tease the fuck out of you,” he whispers, your mouths brushing together slightly. You want more, leaning in for it but he pulls away completely and stands up. He walks over to the closet, sliding the door open and peeking inside. “Let’s see…”

“J-hope, what are you doing?” You whine, lifting yourself up on your elbows to see him.

“Remember these?” Your boyfriend’s signature smirk is back as he pulls an old favorite of yours from the top shelf, dangling it from his finger. The fuzzy, pink handcuffs swing back and forth, making your stomach flip. J-hope makes his way back over to you. “We used to use these so much baby..”

“J-hope,” you gulp as your boyfriend crawls onto the bed at your feet. You use your arms to push yourself back, the further away from him the closer he got until your head was hitting the bars at the top of the bed. “Can’t we just fuck really quick and get it over with?”

“No no baby girl,” j-hope shakes his head and spreads his deliciously thick thighs over your chest. “You were a naughty kitten. And naughty kittens don’t get what they want, do they?”

You ritually hold your arms up and he clasps the cuffs around your wrists and the bars, binding you in place. He leans down over your face.

“I said, do they?” He repeats himself.


“Good girl,” he sweetly pecks your nose before sliding off of you. As he slides down your body, he pulls your dress with him.

“Please don’t rip the dress. It did nothing wrong,” you plead, watching him with worried eyes.

“I’ll just buy you another one.”

The designer dress is discarded and you watch your boyfriend stand up.

“What are you doing?”

“Well I can’t tease you with clothes on can I?”

J-hope’s long, slender fingers gradually undo each of the buttons on his shirt. He slides the suits jacket off, and then the shirt itself, dropping them both to the carpet. He was left shirtless now and you drink in the tan skin of his chest and abdomen. Every single muscle flexes as he works on his pants next, popping the button and slowly tugging down the zipper. He pulls his pants and boxers down at the same time, stepping out of them and kicking them away. His cock was finally free and you lick your lips hungrily.

“Baby,” you say but he doesn’t falter his act.

“Yes Princess?” He asks, his own hand wrapping around his cock and tugging. He releases the sexiest moan you’ve ever heard and you whine, pulling on your restraints.

“J-hope please,” you beg.

“Please what baby?” He teases further, throwing his head back and biting his lip as his hand gives his cock another jerk. “Oh fuck yes..”

“Hoseok stop,” you cry out, yanking on the handcuffs and making them screech unpleasantly against the bars. J-Hope pulls away from himself.

“We’ve barely even started baby and you’re already begging.”

“Hoseok please.”

“Jesus, you’re even bringing out the real name,” he shakes his head, crawling into the mattress up to you. “Do you know how hot you sound when you beg me to fuck you?”

He lays beside you, propped up on one arm and rubs his hand over your leg, starting from your ankle and ending at the top of your thigh. He slips his hand down, and rubs over the wet spot on your panties.

“You’re soaked baby,” he whispers, lifting his hand up to his lips. He swipes his tongue over the tips of his fingers, moaning. “And you taste so damn sweet. Should I have a better taste?”

“Please please J-hope,” you look up at him with pleading eyes.

“That’s a good girl. Asking so nicely. I’ll reward you then, how’s that sound?”

J-hope shifts his body down the bed and up again, between your legs. He pries them apart, gripping at your thighs and staring hungrily at your stained panties. He scoots himself up further, hooking his arms around your legs and pulling you closer to his face. He takes a deep whiff of the air.

“You smell so fucking delicious baby, can’t wait to taste you.”

You see his face disappear and then feel his tongue push between your folds, but through your panties. You moan loudly nonetheless and forgetting you had your wrists cuffed, try reaching down to yank on J-hope’s hair. You’re met with no give on the cuffs side and you whimper.

“Fuck. J-hope uncuff me,” you breathe out.

“What was that baby?” He mumbles against you, the vibrations of his voice wracking through your sensitive clit and you buck your hips up.

“Fuck!” You cry out. “J-hope uncuff me. I need to touch you.”

“Not happening baby.”


“I think these need to come off now,” j-hope mumbles to himself as he tugs your panties down your legs. He flings them to the side and ducks back down. “There we go. So much better.”

One long stripe is licked up your pulsing pussy and he flicks the tip of his tongue over your sensitive nub. The breath is ripped from your lungs when Hoseok’s full lips close around your clit and he sucks on it, tongue peeking out and making you gasp.

“Oh fuck,” you moan, trying to buck into his face but his hands firmly held your hips down and kept you still.

You pulled and tugged on the handcuffs with no avail on getting loose as J-hope’s tongue worked wonders on you. He licked between your folds and slurped up every drop of your wetness, sucking on your clit like a sweet lollipop. Your eyes shot open and you almost screamed, almost, when two of J-hope’s fingers slowly pushed inside of you without a warning. You had his mouth sucking on your thigh and his fingers pumping in and out of you at the slowest pace.

“J-hope please,” you whine helplessly. “Please.”

J-hope pulls away, but pushes his fingers deep inside of you.

“Baby we have to get you stretched,” he says, kissing your thighs softly. “We don’t want you to rip open on my cock now do we?”

“I don’t care,” you breathe out, lifting your lower half up. J-hope curls his fingers inside of you and you mewl, almost kicking him in the head. He laughs, pulling away.

“Okay okay baby,” he sits himself up. “I’ll stop now. Sorry.”

J-hope grabs your legs and bends them up to your chest, exposing you to him. He pushes his hips forward, teasing your entrance with his tip.

“Is this what you want baby?” He asks, pushing forward some more and adding more pressure.

“Fuck yes,” you moan.

“Was that a no baby girl?” J-hope pulls back.

“No! No! Please fuck me Hoseok please,” you cry, jingling the handcuffs above you.

“Good girl,” your boyfriend leans down over you and rewards you with a kiss, that you instantly moan into. “You ready?”

“Please,” you breathe between his lips and he pecks you one last time before pulling back up.

He moves his hand from your leg so he can grab and guide himself into you, slowly pushing inside. You moan and he looks up at you, watching your face scrunch up so beautifully as he bottoms out. He leans back down over you, moving to rest his weight on his arms next to your head.

“Baby look at me,” J-hope speaks but you keep your eyes tightly shut. “Baby girl, open your eyes and look at me.”

You finally look up at your boyfriend, eyes clouded with lust.

“I love you,” J-hope whispers, trailing kisses from the inside of your elbow down across your shoulder and up your neck. He pushes his lips to yours in a slow kiss, jerking his hips forward to push in deeper and making you whimper. “I love you so much.”

J-hope pulls away from your kiss and rests his forehead against yours as he finally pulls out and pushes back in.

“Hoseok just go,” you beg, bending your arms. “Please.”

J-hope grants you your wish and starts thrusting the way you wanted him to, pushing in at an angle that made you shake.

“Fuck. Fuck,” you gasp. “Faster Hobi.”

J-hope buries his face into your neck before his hips began moving at a dangerously fast pace, forcing your body up the bed with each push. Your head kept hitting the head board.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine fine. Just keep going.”

He groans into your ear, his hands curling into fists by your head as you squeezed around him.

“You feel so good baby.”

You were moaning, whimpering, whining and cursing as your hips slapped together loudly, J-hope’s cock sliding in and out of you with a delicious friction. The banging noise the bed was making against the wall was probably giving everyone at the party an idea of what was happening, but you could care less when the swollen head of your boyfriends cock was grazing against your sweet spot.

“Fuck!” You scream and J-hope doesn’t try to quiet you, just moves faster and pants into your neck. You cry out everytime he thrusts up, your hands endlessly pulling and yanking on the handcuffs around your wrists. Your skin was probably going to be rubbed weirdly but you didn’t care. J-hope kept slamming into your spot over and over again until your stomach started tightening.

“Hobi-” you warn breathlessly.

“Me too baby me too, it’s okay,” he wetly kisses your neck, his teeth gently nibbling on your skin as he moans loudly. “Awh fuck babe. Fuck fuck. Come on, you have to come first.”

J-hope stops thrusting, keeping his dick buried deep inside and grinds into you instead. He moans in your ear again, suddenly pushing himself up straight and grabbing your hips. He repeatedly slams you down onto his cock, driving himself into you deeply until you’re screaming and tightening around him.

“Oh my god J-hope, fuck!”

You moan loudly, pulling on your restraints one last time as you come on your boyfriend’s cock. J-hope keeps pounding into you, your skin slapping together wetly until he comes too, falling forward on his hands. Heavy groans fall from his lips as he lazily rides you both all the way through your highs. He drops his sweaty body down on top of you and you grunt.

“Ugh, j-hope,” you force out. You look down at your breathless boyfriend on your chest and whine. “Hoseok, get off. You’re fat.”

J-hope laughs but pulls out and rolls off of you, cuddling up to your side instead.

“Uncuff me so we can leave,” you say but Hoseok just looks at you. He reaches up and rubs the tip of his finger over the red, tender skin on your wrist.

“Does it hurt a lot baby?” He asks.

“Yes, it actually does. Now uncuff me. My skin is all rubbed raw.”

“I think I like you all tied up and helpless like this Princess,” he says, trailing his finger down your arm. His hand travels all the way down until it’s between your legs again. He pinches your sensitive clit and you gasp, then moan loudly.

“So fucking sexy when you moan, you know that?” J-hope asks, kissing your bicep.

“J-hope stopp,” you drag out. “Quit before I beat your ass.”

“What are you gonna do about that?” He pulls his hands away like you asked, and points at your neck. “You can’t walk out passed everyone with that on your neck.”

“What?” You look at him with wide eyes. “What is it? J-hope did you leave marks?! Do I have a hicky?”

“Yeah babe. This bitch is huge too, takes up like half of your neck-”


Your scream is cut with your boyfriend’s mouth on yours, his tongue pushing in deep and twisting around your own.

“I. Love. You.” He punctuates each of his words with a peck to your lips and you giggle.

“I love you too,” you tell him and he smiles. “But please uncuff me now. It’s you’re turn to be locked up.”


Really weak smut but please love me. I have to pick my baby brother up in twenty minutes, I had to finish really quickly.

~Admin B
So IndyPopCon.

Oh. My. God. Now that I’ve slept and can write coherently, it’s time to pour my heart out into a massive text post!

Okay so I know a lot of people probably don’t care but, fun fact of the day: I have some pretty intense anxiety around travelling to new places, and meeting new people. Much rather just stay home and chat through social media instead of socialize.

No words can do this justice, but lemme tell u anyways.

This trip was entirely an impulsive “You know what, I have money to spare for this. I wanna go meet some lovely Tumblr content creators. LET’S DO IT™!” and yeah… This was probably the best impulsive desicion I’ve ever made in my life.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO @ghostofpokeninjager​ FOR BEING THE MOST RADTASTIC HOTEL ROOMMATE EVER! SERIOUSLY! Also for tracking down the hotel room in general and being willing to put some level of trust in a random internet stranger lmao. Having a buddy there really helped curb any anxieties I had about this trip. And Poke themself is such a pleasant person to chitchat with and 10/10 would be totally okay with hanging out with them again! Also thanks for letting me hog your Switch and play Breath of the Wild during downtime lmao. Very much appreciate that, you have no idea.

ALSO!!! It was so nice getting to meet and throw hugs at and meander around the convention with lovely people like @xedramon and @mouseonthepiano, who were both such fantastic and friendly people. Not gunna lie though CP kinda spooked me when I first met her cus of all that INTENSE ATTITUDE SHE GIVES EVERYONE. But no, it’s all fake, she’s a huge sweetheart and probably one of the most entertaining people I’ve seen playing solo Mario Kart lmfao.

AND XEDRAMON!!!! One of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time. Has that kind of face you can’t really get spooked by, no matter how bad your anxieties are. Super sweet about everything. Don’t forget to hmu about those drawings I need to do for you to trade for that merch!!!

AND!!! ALSO!!! GETTING TO ACTUALLY MEET AND BUY ART FROM ARTISTS I RESPECT AND LOOK UP TO IN PERSON??? I mean besides Xedra, cus her art is just A+++ all the time but she wasn’t selling so she got her own corner of love. No, this time I’m talking about @alainaprana and @loverofpiggies.

ALAINA!! IS SUCH!! A SWEETHEART!! AND SO IS HER HUBBY!!! and Alaina’s a lot tinier in person than I thought she’d be omg AND JUST AAAHHHH! It was so nice being able to finally get to meet such an inspirational person in my life and get my hands on some plushies and posters! Especially Kohath. That jelly will forever be special to me and nobody can tell me otherwise. Same with the Freshified skellies poster. Ya know why.

And CQ. Goshdarn CQ. Seriously. One of the best people ever. Speaking from personal experience, the fact that she was perfectly okay with me sitting next to her table for most of the con in a Mooching Hobo cosplay, just doing whatever was already great. Watching her interact with her fans and patrons really melted my heart since so many of them came up just to say how much they love her and her work, or how inspirational she is to them. And thanks for quintupling my love for AfterTale. <3

And BOTH OF YOU! This definitely marked the first time I actually WANTED to meet some people in person. And y’all are definitely the most awesome people ever! It was a nice learning experience just sitting around watching customers come and go, and helping tear down the booth on Sunday. 10/10 would do it again, so look forward to more help next year! ;) ;) ;)


Safe Now

warnings: violence, domestic abuse

Word count: 1,146


He was coming tonight.

You call your boyfriend, Dylan, asking him what time he would be home. You were anxious about him coming home at the wrong time.

“About 10 tonight, why?”

“I was just wondering when I should get dinner started,” You lie, knowing he would just come home drunk again anyways.

You hang up after telling him you love him and to be careful coming home from work. He doesn’t say I love you back. He never does.

But J does. It took him a long time to be able to spit the word the ‘love’ out, but eventually you got him to do it.

You and the Joker had been seeing each other for about a year now. No one knew, as you were in a relationship and if Dylan found out you were cheating on him, you’d be dead meat within seconds. So you and J just decided to always meet in private at your house while Dylan was away.

You only got to see J once every two weeks or so. He was always so busy with his work and crime business, and you were almost always way too anxious to even get out of bed or talk to anyone. You loosened up sometimes, just for him.

It was about 3 in the afternoin, and you were getting ready for J to come over. You had taken a nice long shower and picked out a beautiful red, skin tight dress to wear. It was a little risque, but you never got to dress up so you went a little all out. You dug out your jewelry box that you hug in the back of the closet. It contained all of the beautiful jewelry J had bought you over the past year. You chose a beautiful diamond incrusted choker and a pair of silver hoop earrings.

You decided to go start making the dinner for you and J. You were sure to make enough of each dish to set back out for when your boyfriend got home, in case he was hungry.

You set up your kitchen table with a beautiful table cloth and a few small candles. You placed a vace with some flowers in the center to spice it up a bit.

There was a knock on the door. You quickly checked your hair and makeup in the hallway mirror, and you opened the door without checking to see who it was.

“Who are you all dressed up for, bitch?” Your boyfriend spits, pushing pass you and into the house. You almost fall over from fear. J was on his way and you had no way to tell him to go back and not show up.

“For you, darling.” You shut the door and walk into the kitchen. Dylan had collapsed into the chair sitting at the table. He began to eat at the food yoh had set out for J.

“Go take that shit off your face, you look like a clown.” He says as he stands up and walk over to you. He wraps his finger around your choker and yanks, breaking the clasp in the back. He throws it to the ground.

You sigh, and go into the bathroom and change into the bland clothes you were wearing earlier. That’s all Dylan will allow you to wear. You wash off the makeup you spent hours on, and brush the curls out of your hair.

You slowly walk back into the kitchen and sit in front of Dylan at the table. He doesn’t even look up at you from his plate of food.

“What brought you home so early?” You ask, pretending to eat what was on your plate. He doesn’t answer. You sit in silence, and when he stands from the table and stumbles into the living room, you begin to clean up. J will be here any minute.

Your hands shake as you wash the dirty dishes. You know somebody is going to get hurt, and someone is going to die. Whatever happens, you pray J will come out of this safe.

You hear someone walking up the walk way. They’re right in front of the door. They knock. You don’t move. They knock again.

“GET THE FUCKING DOOR!” Dylan yells.

You still don’t move. You stay standing in front of the kitchen sink, your hand gripping a knife under the soapy water. Dylan walks to the front door. He opens it. You hear J’s raspy voice.

“Who is this dirty pig?” He asks in a low voice. He knows good and well who Dylan is, and he knows what Dylan does to you. You hear the front door slam

“Who the fuck is this at the door?” Dylan walks into the kitchen and right up to you. You just look at him. “I said who-”

“I know what you said.”

Dylan’s eyes flare with anger and his hand goes straight for your neck. The force from his hand pushes you to the floor, knife still in your hand. He holds you down with one hand, and punches you in the mouth with the other.

The pain is unbearable, and at this point, you don’t cry when he hits you anymore. You do your best to attempt to scream for J, but it comes out as more of a gurgle.

You swing the knife in your hand at Dylan and it slices his bicep. He hisses, but doesn’t stop hitting you.

J busts through the door and runs into the kitchen. He grabs Dylan by the back of shirt and yanks him to his feet. J punches him hard enough to knock him out for a few minutes.

“Princess,” He purrs as he rushes to your side, carefully touching your busted lip. “I’m sorry. I should have come earlier. I could’ve kept you safe.”

You don’t say anything, you wrap your arms sound his neck. Then the tears come.

“Kill him.” You whisper into J’s ear. “Hurt him like he hurt me.”

“Oh, doll, I can do much more than that to him.” He kisses your forehead. “I’ll make him pay.”

You were now back at J’s penthouse. He had run you a nice, warm bath and you were relaxed, for the first time in forever.

J had his henchmen carry Dylan to his warehouse, where he was now tied up. J was waiting for him to wake up from blacking out. J knocked on the bathroom door and asked if he could come in.

He opened the door and looked at you with the saddest eyes ever. He said nothing as he stripped down and climbed into the tub with you. You leaned against his chest while he ran his fingers through your hair.

“Don’t worry, kitten, you won’t be hurt anymore.” He purrs in your ear, knowing it’ll calm you down. “You’re safe now.”

Cheater!Joker x Reader

Warnings: Self harm, strong language, stupid decisions…. 

Y/N  was grateful she didn’t accept the offer to move into J’s house. She was glad she still had her apartment to go to in times like this. Not that this has ever happened before.

When she came home from work early she caught them together. Harley and J. She always had a feeling he was cheating on her, she just didn’t want to believe it. And she didn’t think it would hurt this much. Her and Harley had been close too. Y/N would’ve considered Harley her best friend before this.

Y/N opened the door to her apartment, throwing her bag down and sobbing as soon as she closed the door. Her phone was going off, Harley texting her a thousand times and only one missed call from J. He probably would have ordered her to come home with how demanding he is. She took the phone and threw it across the room, realizing her mistake she hurried over to see if she broke it. Cracked screen. Great… She contemplated calling batsy and telling him everything. But that wouldn’t be fair. To batsy of course.

…Months later…

J hasn’t contacted her, and that relieved and angered her at the same time.  Y/N was currently sitting in a bar after a long week of work. She was thinking of taking a vacation next week when a gunshot caused her to drop to the ground. Oh no. Covering her head, she heard screams and a familiar laugh. Oh no. Please no no no no no. Risking a glance, she looked up and saw Frost walking up to her with an almost apologetic look on his face. He helped her up and moved to the side when a voice rang out.

“Oh there’s my pumpkin! Come to Daddy.” J purred. Y/N stared at him with disbelief. Did he think that would work? Now everyone was staring at her, making her feel uneasy.

“What the hell are you doing here?” O-k I guess we’re going for bravado. Mr. J made a ‘tsk tsk’ noise and walked up to her, grabbing her chin.

“Watch your tone, young lady. You had Daddy worried.” Anger flared inside Y/N, giving her courage. She yanked her chin out of his grip.

“Bullshit! You’re the one who cheated on me, you asshole!” J’s eyes darkened. His hands suddenly grabbed her face, making her flinch.

“So you think you could just walk away? That I’d just let you go? That I’d forget about you…” His eyes glanced at her lips then looked up at her eyes slightly shaking his head.

“You’re mine, Y/N. You belong to me. Now just come home with Daddy, I’ll make it all better.”  Y/N shook her head, tears running down her cheeks that she desperately tried to keep back.

“Oh, fuck you, asshole. I don’t belong to anyone. You have Harley now so stay away from me. I hate you. Do you hear me? I fucking hate you!” Y/N cursed herself that she couldn’t come up with a better comeback. And that she couldn’t hold her sobs in as she shoved him aside and walked out the door. Surprisingly, J let her go.

…Before the bar… J’s POV

J was sitting in the middle of room, knives and guns spread out in a circle all around him. He put roses on the outside of the circle, and had a picture of Y/N pulled up on a laptop. Sometimes if he was drunk enough, he could pretend she was really there with him. That she was listening to how his heists went wrong, that he could have pulled it off if she was there with him, that he was a total screw-up, blah blah blah…

He was currently holding one of the knives, blood dripping off the tip as he inspected his new masterpiece. He carved Y/N’s name into his arm, the pain making him forget what he lost. That’s how Frost found him, covered in blood and rambling.

“Until death do us part…… In sickness and health…. I do…. Do you? Do you do?…Hehehe” He trailed off in mad giggling.

“Uh… boss?” J aimed a gun at Frost. Now in a sitting position, slightly swaying from blood loss and being drunk as hell, he growled,

“Where is she?”

…Present…Y/N’s POV

By the time Y/N got home, her tears have stopped. Leaving her exhausted so she just went straight to bed. She awoke when she heard a crash downstairs. Grabbing a gun J bought her (that she needed to get rid of) she walked towards her living room. Noticing who the intruder was, she put the gun away.

“J you gave me a heart atta-” J stumbled over to her, pressing a finger to her lips.

“Shhhhh” He dragged his finger down, pulling at her bottom lip.

“J you need to leave- J please would you- J!” He wasn’t listening though, the whole time she was talking he kept muttering  “pretty pretty pretty pretty.”

He shocked her by grabbing her hand and placing it around his neck. He took her other hand in his and wrapped his arm around her waist. Swaying back and forth, he started humming.

“J, what are you-”  Her voice caught in her throat, the lump not letting her speak. She didn’t know how he did it, how he could make her love him again- not that she ever stopped. “J please I can’t-” He shushed her again and rested his forehead against hers.

“I can’t help fallliiinng in looooove with yooouu” Y/N giggled at his terrible singing voice, tears making their way down her cheeks.

“LIKE A RIVER FLOWS” Y/N laughed and shushed him.

“J my neighbors will call the cops.” His eyes snapped open.

“Can they call a priest?” She furrowed her brow.

“Why would they-” He captured her lips in a kiss, and almost toppled over as he leaned forward. As she helped him regain his balance, he dropped to one knee. Tears clouded her vision.

“J stop- this isn’t funny, J please. You’re drunk. Y-you don’t know what you’re doing-” His head snapped up and he grabbed her hand and kissed it.

“I know what I’m- I know what I’m doing. I do. Heh, get it? I do? Do you?”

“J what-” He pulled out a small box.

“Do you take me- wait no that’s not the words.” Y/N couldn’t help but laugh.

“J. Yes.” He looked up at her with big eyes.

“Really?” Y/N made an unpleasant noise. Something between a laugh and a sob.

“Yes, you asshole.” He blinked, still shocked.

“Why?” She just shook her head and pulled him to his feet.

“Let’s get you home, so you can regret your choices there.”

“Wherever you are- It’s home. Is that how that goes?” He slurred, having to wrap his arm around Y/N to stay standing.

“J shut up or I’m taking you to batsy.”

indigo la End

アリスは突然に (Arisu Wa Totsuzen Ni) - indigo La End

My mom recently came home from Japan and got me indigo la End’s newest album, あの街レコード(Ano Machi Record). Thought I would upload some because I’ve only seen two or three songs from the album on tumblr. This is the last track on the CD and my all time favorite one next to Enon’s acoustic song :)

omg so i was eating lunch and my boss came in and asked if i made my kimchi

which i did, and i asked if she wanted any

and she’s like ‘yeah, I’d better taste it and make sure it’s authentic’

I forgot she studied in korea for a bit and i was kinda nervous on what she’d think


she approved :) and she wants a jar

7. Please… just leave me alone.

J didn’t think anything of the bad things happening whenever he brought Y/N with him for something. He just charted it off as a coincidence. When he was alone, however, most of the time everything was fine. But bringing Y/N just caused everything to go to shit. It wasn’t that she did anything specifically, she was just like a bad luck charm. Of course he was angry about it but now he just found it hilarious. She was so good, he found it amusing for her to cause so much destruction. When Batsy caught her one time and she rode in the batmobile, it just so happened they were parked where a high speed chase was directly headed for them. The criminals crashed into them and she was able to escape. That was the only time her bad luck did something good for her.

One time J was at one of his clubs and waited for Y/N to bring him a drink. He saw one of the dancers ask her something, and Y/N, being the good girl she was, politely nodded and smiled. She came back and sat in his lap while he placed a kiss to her throat. Things were going well until the dancer Y/N talked to started to dance on the pole. Somehow the pole came loose from the ceiling and fell over with the dancer still hanging on it. J died laughing.

“Y/N STRIKES AGAIN!” He yelled. Y/N angrily left and made him sleep on the couch.


“Mister J, please.”  Y/N had her head in her hands as he clutched his stomach laughing, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“How- HAHA- How did you” He drew out the word while wiping his eyes.”- manage to do that? You? HA!” Y/N rolled her eyes and groaned.

Please….just leave me alone.” He didn’t of course.

“Did you see that? He tripped and- HA!” He broke into laughter again, falling to his knees as he started wheezing. She would find it amusing if she didn’t feel terrible.

J took her on one of his business meetings to meet some new guy he started dealing with. While they were walking to the club to talk business, with Y/N walking beside the new guy who had his gun drawn, he tripped and shot himself in the head. J found it absolutely hilarious and had to clutch Y/N to stay upright. She, however, was mortified.

J got his breath back and sat beside Y/N who had her face buried in her hands.

“Aw, doll, you’ll be the death of me.” He said, still catching his breath. “Literally.” He started laughing again, leaning his whole weight on her as he smacked her shoulder. He saw her lips twitch.

“Can you just drop it? I’m never leaving the house again.”

“Oh no, you’re not bringing the destruction here.” He wiped his eyes once more before wrapping her in a hug.

“You’re my little bad luck charm.” He kissed the top of her head. “Were you ever cursed? Met any witches? Any black cats cross your path?”

“I hate you.” J laughed and kissed her cheek. There was a knock on the door before Frost entered.  The door came off its hinges and smacked him on the head, making him stumble back in surprise. He almost drew his gun in shock.

“What the hell?” He exclaimed, actually showing an expression other than the glare he always has. J was once again on the floor laughing as Y/N started to cry.


The next day Batman discovered their safe house, a henchman shot himself in the foot, Frost got a concussion from the door and had killer headaches, and J fell down the stairs. It was a rough week for everyone, even Y/N, who J had used as a shield when Batman came close.

“Careful, Bats! You come near her and a lightning bolt will come out of the sky and zap you!” Instead of a teasing tone, he actually sounded concerned for his frenemy.

As an apology, J bought Y/N flowers. Frost had to go to the hospital because he had a severe allergic reaction to them. Y/N cried while she visited him, and Frost assured her he didn’t hate her. Now everyone in Gotham was terrified of the Queen, and when she was mentioned on the news J started laughing. Y/N didn’t find it funny and actually started to cry. Again.


One time they were speeding through Gotham after a night at the club. J didn’t know how to tell Y/N the news without her freaking out.



“The brake is stuck.” Y/N’s eyes widened.


“The brake doesn’t work. Don’t get angry, the car might catch fire too.” She ignored his taunting.

“J, there’s batsy! Thank god.”  J smiled as he saw his ‘friend’ pull up behind him. Unfortunately, batsy jumped on top of their car. J groaned.

“Seriously, bats? Now we’re all dead!” J shook his head and saw that they were heading toward  a railing with a lake below. He grinned at Y/N. “Last minute sex?”

“No! Batsy is right outside.”

“He can join.”

“No! And I thought I told you I couldn’t swim.” J rolled his eyes and reached over, pulling Y/N on top of him.

“Hold your breath.” Y/N nodded and clung onto him, and J made it out of the car as it sunk to the bottom of the lake. They were able to get out but unfortunately Batsy was waiting for them.

“Hey, bats.” J smiled and held Y/N close to him. He quickly pulled a smoke grenade out of his pocket and threw it. It must have been a dud because it didn’t go off.

“Well… this is awkward.”

They were both taken to Arkham. While they were both in their cells, a control must have malfunctioned because every cell door was opened. Every cell door but theirs, of course.

“Are you kidding me?!”