j bone art

Bone Carver as Illyrian soldier from a court of thorns and roses

i really hope you guys will like this illustration.  honestly it didn’t turn out the way i wanted, but still uploaded it because so many of you asked me to paint him. 

The story begins with a person who is an orphan; or someone who feels like an orphan, alone, separate, different, and misunderstood. This character has questions about their circumstance (for example:”Why did my parents die?”, “Why doesn’t anyone like me?”, Why am I always in trouble?”, “What will I do with my life?”, etc.). These questions set off the journey.

Menton J Matthews

consider this: cute lil shiba pup hobi looking at you all cutely when you call his name


I may have imagined the horns differently, cause I doubt those would fit in her hood…
@momolady your lady may have stolen my heart, but she sure is a bitch to draw
I give up (I think you can tell by the drawing’s progression  ;-;)

I’ve been imagining Rhys in his tight scaled pants… I’m also guilty of imagining Rhys Peacocking Feyre, so I drew his ‘package’ extra prominently ;) ;) ;).

Stan meets his first alien in the portal, unfortunately he can’t understand the guys trying to offer him a job.