j award

Course my internet stopped working momentarily and so I missed some of BTS on the red carpet, but still squealing over this bit that I did see. :) WOOOO!!!!!

God bless Zach Sang for doing an amazing job of interviewing BTS. He was the first one to ask them about their UNICEF project and actually looked them up before-hand. He didn’t ask them the repeated questions about America like everyone else. This was probably the best interview I have seen all week, here’s the link to his interview:

Guys who watched the AMAs

I have admit this, I have never cried over a band (boy band in this matter)…. But they have…. BTS has crawled into my heart and show me that anything can happen…. I mean that’s history what they just done… No one has EVER flown to America to preform on an AMERICAN award show…. They have and did…. It means a lot how cultures can combine and become one… This night has personality moved me in many ways… I would also like to say, Namjoon, You did wonderful baby and love ya! ❤️❤️, V adorable as ever, Jimin thank you for making me laugh, J-Hope you gave me hope, Suga….. amazing dude, Jin better than ever bro 💪🏼❤️, amd lastly but not least, jungkook you did and amazing and being you! BTS, You Did absolutely AMAZING AND AWESOME PERFORMANCE!!!!! I cannot wait until you ‘whoa’ us again!