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Some cool kit for the new #Lantac promo video coming soon… MTEK Flux Carbon-V in Multicam Black.

On Helmet Lighting:

Core Survival HEL-STAR 5 IR LED Marker.

Surefire HL1-A Helmet Light with IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) Beacon. Mounted via Kinect MLok Rail & Tango Down Rail Adapter.

Surefire Mini Scout with KM1-C Vampire IR Head.

Video Capture:

MOHOC IR Elite Ops Camera System. 1080p, 12MP IR Sensor.

Headset and Mounting:

TCI (Tactical Command Industries) Liberator II Headset for Thales MBITR 2 Communications System.

UNITY, MARK (Modular Attached Rail Kit) & SARA (Sordin ARC Rail Adapter) Headset Attachment System.

Night Vision & Thermal

Night Vision:

Armasight Inc AN/PVS14 Gen3+ White Phosphor MNVD (Monocular Night Vision Device). Mounted via, Wilcox L4 G24/ G70 NVG Helmet Mount with Low Profile Breakaway Base, 3 Hole Shroud & Retention Lanyard.

Wilcox AN/PVS-14 J Arm with NVG Interface Shoe.


Safran Optics 1 AN/PAS-29A COTI (Clip on Thermal Imager). Counterweight:

TNVC / EOG Mohawk Mk1. Helmet Accessory Storage and Retention System.


You all gotta believe that if BTS members are having a problem opening a jar they ask Jungkook to open it.

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they call me baepsae 

(or as i like to call it, the result of a drawing tablet and too much free time)
152 frames, ~18h
please don’t reupload in any way without credit or permission

Joker Imagine - Please forgive me

Anonymous said:  Could you do one were you and Mistah J fight and you get scared and he goes to apologise on his knees hugging you legs/lower stomach looking up at u 💜

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Your P.O.V.

Once again I was fighting with Joker, my boyfriend of two years now.  He got mad after I shot a dancer from his club. Why? She threatened me and said she’d take J away from me. Joker didn’t seem to believe me. 

‘’You can’t just do that Y/N!’’ ,he growled loudly, pacing around the kitchen, He was obviously pissed off, making me angry because he cared about that filthy dancer. ‘’Well she said that she would take you away from me!’’ ,I defended myself and crossed my arms. Suddenly J grabbed a knife from the counter and gave me an angry look. ‘’So what? That means that you obviously think that I would cheat on you!’’, J yelled loudly and started walking closer.

Now that he held the knife, I shut up and backed away. He really scared me when he was angry, but the knife made things ten times worse. ‘’J..’’, I whispered while leaning against the fridge. I felt uneasy in my gut as he just came closer to me. ‘’What the fuck were you thinking about doll?’’, he breathed out raspily and then stopped right in front of me. I was so scared that he’d stab me so I started trembling. I squeezed my hands into fists and clenched my jaw so I wouldn’t start crying in front of him.

Crying was a sign of fear and fear was a weakness.

‘’Oh..is regret starting to kick in?’’ ,He asked me while placing a hand next to my head, so he was leaning against the fridge. ‘’No! I just don’t want a knife pierced through my body’’, I pushed the words out of my mouth. Then I wiggled away from the situation and walked towards the living room. Hopefully he wouldn’t fucking kill me. ‘’Y/N!’’ J called out my name as I sat down on the couch and hugged a brown cushion. 

‘’I wasn’t going to stab you’’, he said as he found me again. That’s when tears started running down my face. I tried to ignore him, because I was so frustrated. ‘’Oh baby..’’, he pouted and walked closer. ‘’Go away’’, I snarled at him. This fight had been a complete waste of time besides he already scared me to death. Instead of actually listening to me, J did the complete opposite. He got down on his knees and then wrapped his arms around my legs. ‘’Please forgive me darling, I would never hurt you’’, he begged and looked up at me. I bit my trembling bottom lip and tried to keep an angry look.

His icy blue eyes were big and he looked at me like a puppy. ‘’You really scared me J’’, I admitted quietly. ‘’I’m so sorry’’, he whispered and then climbed up so he was hugging my lower stomach now. His arms felt good around me. ‘’But you need to believe me J. I didn’t like her attitude so I shot her’’, I added and then put the pillow aside. He nodded against me and pressed a kiss on my stomach. ‘’I know..I was just worried..Now please, pretty pretty doll forgive me. I don’t like fighting with you’’, He sighed and seemed to really regret it.

Who could be angry at Joker for long? I knew that I couldn’t.

‘’Fine..’’, I gave in and then watched as his red lips curved into a big smile. ‘’Ah I knew you’d melt darling’’, he purred and then picked me up. I screamed because it startled me. He let go for half a second and then hugged me tightly. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck so I wouldn’t fall. ‘’The only thing I would push inside your body is myself’’, he whispered dirtily into my ear and it made me giggle. Funny how he changed my mood like a lightswitch. ‘’You dirty pervert’’, I chuckled playfully and then took a deep breath. At least we weren’t fighting.

First Christmas- Joker X Reader + Daughter

Request…Joker and Reader have a daughter who is six and when she goes to school she hears how wonderful Christmas is and really wants to have a Christmas but Joker and Reader have never had Christmas and have a hard time coming up with how to do it properly.

First Christmas

Warnings- None, Fluff and cuteness everywhere :)

Y/D/N- Your Daughters Name

The snow was falling gently down over the streets of Gotham. You walked down the sidewalk. Your hand interlocked with your little girls. Her curly H/C locks bouncing as she skipped. You smiled down at her. J wrapping an arm around your waist, planting a kiss on your cheek. Suddenly your daughter comes to a stop, her blue eyes wide and bright. She tugs at your hand.

“Mommy, Daddy there’s a Christmas tree!” she exclaims letting go of your hand and running. You rush after her worried. You didn’t like her running off from you as there had been so many threats out there, even if those threats knew better than to harm you and the Jokers baby it could still happen.

“Y/D/N, baby get back here!” you call after her. J following you looking around. You spot her standing by a shop window gazing up at a large decorated tree. You get over to her quickly and crouch down. “Y/D/N, you can’t run off on us like that” you tell her softly, wrapping your arms around her. She wraps her arms around you, not looking away from the tree.

“Mommy, it’s a Christmas tree” she says smiling

“Yeah…what about it?” you question, clearly confused on why she was suddenly making such a big deal over the tree.

“Tara has a Christmas tree, so does Danny” she tells you with a small pout. “Why don’t we?” she asks tilting her head. Joker makes his way over and looks to you two. You didn’t know how to even explain the idea of Christmas, it wasn’t exactly a holiday you and J had celebrated. You looked up to J, standing up, taking Y/D/N’s hand. “And why doesn’t Santa Claus come to me…? Danny told me it was because I’ve been bad and shouldn’t get presents” J looks down to her then to you.

“Seems like our baby has a little bit of a curiosity about Christmas” you tell the green haired man, wrapping your free arm around his neck. His eyes go to your daughter.

“Please, daddy?” she begs, jumping a little. You giggle at her enthusiasm. You knew neither you nor J had a choice, you both always found it hard to tell your princess ‘no’, especially J.

“You want a Christmas, baby?” he asks her, lifting her up into his arms and starting to walk, you following a small smile on your lips. Your little girl nods, holding onto him and giving a hopeful stare. J chuckles and nods back. “Alright, mommy and I will give you a Christmas” he replied kissing her forehead and setting her down on her feet, taking her small hand in his. You walk closer, an arm wrapping around him and your eyes meet his. You both were completely clueless on how to do this whole thing in the first place but really. How hard could it be?

The next couple days you had done nothing but read up on the different traditions people do on this holiday. Y/D/N had been at school while you and J went out to get a tree. Although your companion was set on killing the man helping you and just steal the tree, you had pleaded for him to remain civil. Now in the living room, you sitting at the couch, drinking your coffee in peace as Joker set up the tree with the help of Frost of course.. You looked to him and gave a small smile, looking to the tree, tilting your head when you notice it’s crooked.

“Pumpkin” you call. J looks to you, his arms crossed over his chest, an eyebrow raised. “I think it’s a little crooked” you point out, motioning to the tree.

“I’m sure it’s fine” he assures you.

“No, J, it’s crooked”

“Could even it out with those things you put on it”

“Ornaments and lights? Honey, it could even it out but putting too many on one side could tip it over” you explain. He sighs and takes your advice and fixes the tree, Frost smirking a little. He found it funny seeing the man doing this kind of thing. “I have no idea what to get her. What would she want?” you ask. He opens his mouth to speak but you stop him mid sentence, getting to your feet and going over to him. You wrap your arms around his neck. “No, and I mean ‘no’, weapons” you state.

“Oh now you’re just sucking the fun out of it” he states frowning slightly, but soon a smile makes his way onto his lips. You peck his lips and look to the tree.

“Still crooked” you giggle, pulling away and walking off to the kitchen. You hear him growl and turn back to him and mimic his inhuman sound. Smiling you turn away again and make your way into the other room.

The week after that consisted of buying presents. You were out at the mall, looking around the stores occasionally glancing at the other moms there who were looking for gifts for their own daughters. Dolls, clothes, even some fake child make-up kits. You were confused by the normalness of it all. You couldn’t help but think that maybe Joker had been right and you were sucking the fun from it all, mainly because you both weren’t the kind to do ‘normal’. You walked around the store grabbing some clothes for Y/D/N. All you wanted was for this Christmas to be good for her. You would do everything you could to do that.

The day was finally here. You were curled up in bed, your arms wrapped around J. Your head nuzzled to the curve of his neck. You stirred a little and looked up at him with tired eyes. His eyes were closed, you pressed kisses to his neck and up his jaw and finally on his lips. He groaned a little out of sleepiness.

“Wakey wakey, baby” you cooed. He turned over making you giggle silently. You looked around and realized what today was. You got up quickly, grabbing your silky robe and exiting the room. You enter the living room where the tree was, surrounded my gifts. You headed into your daughters room. She was curled up in bed, hugging her teddy bear. Crouching down you kissed her head and whispered to her, trying to wake her. You were honestly very excited for today, though you don’t think you would admit it. “Y/D/N, sweetie, guess what’s under the tree?” you asked, brushing her hair from her face.

“Mommy…” she giggled happily, clearly awake but also drowsy. She rubbed her eyes, looking to you with her blue eyes, reaching for you. You smile and wrap your arms around her, picking her up and taking her out to the living room. You looked to her and were happy to see her eyes light up with excitement and wonder. You set her down on the couch and headed in to make coffee. When you returned she was gone. You raised an eyebrow and heard laughter coming from your room from your little girl. You wandered in and saw her hopping on the bed. “Daddy, get up, Santa came! I was good!” she cheered, landing and shaking him a little. You walked over. His eyes opened and looked to the two of you. You leaned down to him.

“Yeah, Santa came, she wants to see what she got” you smiled, playing with his hair as your daughter ran out of the room with happiness.

“Do I have to get up?”

“Ain’t startin’ without ya” you say pecking his lips. He sighs, and sits up, pulling you more to him and kissing you. You smile into it and soon pull away, heading out into the other room where your daughter sat at the floor in front of the tree already holding a box in her small hands. J followed you in and smirked when he saw the box she had. You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Alright, babygirl, open it” he said sitting on the couch in the space behind her. You lifted your coffee cup up and took small sips from it. The tearing of the wrapping paper filled your ears. You turned away for a split second  and then heard a box being opened followed by a squeal coming from the six year old and then the three dreaded words came to your ears making you freeze in place.

“It’s a gun!”

“Joker!” you yell and turn to him. The madman grinning at you.

“What, wasn’t gonna let you suck the fun out of it” he states getting up and going to you, pressing a kiss to your head as you growl at him lowly only making him chuckle as the two of you watch Y/D/N open up the rest of her gifts.

If they had removed her other glove, they would have seen a second tattoo on her right arm. The twin to the other. Inked last night, when we crept out, found a priestess, and I swore her in as my High Lady.
Not consort, not wife. Feyre is High Lady of the Night Court.“ My equal in every way; she should wear my crown, sit on a throne beside mine. Never sidelined, never designated to breeding and parties and child-rearing. My queen.
—  Sarah J. Maas (A Court of Mist and Fury)
Nightmare (Fluff)

Don’t look back, just keep running.  I was sprinting as fast as I could but I knew it wasn’t fast enough.  I could hear them chasing after me, I didn’t even know who they were but it was clear they wanted me dead.  Seconds later I was on the ground feeling the cold metal of a gun pressed to the side of my head, my arms being bound behind my back.

“Please don’t kill me..” I whispered to the man in a mask.

“Too late.” He pulled the trigger.

You bolted upright, panting hard as you tried to catch your breath.  Immediately you felt J’s arms pull you against his chest.  You sat there with him gently rocking you back and forth as you reasoned through what was happening.

“Shh shh it was just a nightmare.” J whispered in your ear.

You slowly pulled away from him to look into his worried eyes, tears accumulating in yours.  You took another deep breath before replying, “I’m sorry I woke you up again, I don’t know why this keeps happening.”

For the past few weeks you had been having recurring nightmares and unfortunately you tended to act out your dreams, which included punching J awake on numerous occasions.

“It’s okay, you only kicked me in the balls once this time.” J joked trying to make light of the situation.  Even though you were awake and understood that it was all just a dream now, he still knew that it affected you.  The only way he was able to cope with real emotions was by trying to make you laugh.

You showed him a small smile, appreciating his effort before lying back down with a sigh.  The sheets were damp from your sweat and your skin was still sticky.

“Will you take a bath with me J?” You asked, feeling hopeful.

“Doll, it’s three in the morning.  I’ll shower with you in a few hours.” J grumbled before lying back down next to you.  He had just started to close his eyes again before he felt the bed shift and you stand up.

“I’ll be back in a bit then.” You said as you started to walk to the master bath.

“Y/N get back in bed!” J called after you but you entered the bathroom and closed the door behind you.  Seconds later you heard J growl in frustration and the door re-opened.

“Good choice.” You said with a wink as you turned on the bathtub faucets.  You both stripped out of your pajamas while you waited for the water to rise.  

“You get in first, I wanna make sure the water isn’t too hot.” You told J, giving him a cheeky smile.

“Yeah, kick me in the balls in your sleep, wake me up at three in the morning, force me to come bathe with you when I should be sleeping, and then tell me to get in the water first to see if I burn.  Perfect, doll.” J mumbled to himself as he stepped in the tub and sat down.

You rolled your eyes at his grumpiness.  He always got frustrated when he wasn’t getting the sleep that you knew he needed, but you also knew that you were worth it and he loved comforting you even if he wouldn’t admit it.  You stepped in the bath and sat between his legs, lying back against his chest.  His hands reached out of the water and started to stroke your arms and gently rub your shoulders.

Your eyes closed and he knew you were getting sleepy, “Don’t even think about falling asleep right now, Y/N.  If I have to be awake, so do you.” J said half joking half serious.  You opened your eyes and let out a small giggle.

“You better do something to keep me awake then.” You smirked.

J flashed his silver grin and you felt his hands roam over your body, cupping your breasts.  You immediately swatted him away, grabbing his hands and holding them in yours.

“Not like that.” You said, looking back to see J roll his eyes in disappointment.

“Well then what the fuck do you want?” He was getting more annoyed by the minute, but you always thought his late night tantrums were cute.

“Tell me a story.” You replied.  J wrinkled his nonexistent eyebrows, contemplating your request.

“Ok….” He thought for a moment before speaking again, “Once upon a time I was at the club doing some business when this total hot piece of ass came up to the VIP area….”

“J!” You shouted at him, “I don’t want to hear about your time with some whore at the club!”

“But doll it was so long ago and it doesn’t even have to do with me! Just listen,” J continued, “So it turns out she was fuckin’ around with not one, not two, but THREE of the boys! And-”

“J I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!” You exclaimed.

“Oh come on doll, it didn’t involve me and it was hilarious! You should’ve seen the looks on their faces when they realized-”

“JUST PLAY WITH MY HAIR AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH.” You cut him off and grabbed one of his hands, placing it on top of your head dramatically.

J just cackled, obviously amused by your jealousy, but he obliged and began running his fingers through your hair softly.  Your eyes shut once again at the delicate, soothing feeling and you settled your head in the crook of his neck.

“We’ve gotta get out of this tub if you’re gunna fall asleep princess.” J whispered, kissing the side of your head.

“Carry me.” You whispered back with a smirk, keeping your eyes shut.  You knew he was probably rolling his eyes but you felt him wrap his arms around you and pick you up before carrying you back to bed without drying off.  He placed you down gently on the silk sheets before getting in on his side and pulling you back against his warm, wet body.

“Go back to sleep now doll, I’ll see you when the sun is up.” J whispered in your hair as you were lulled back to sleep by the sound of his heartbeat and the safety of his arms. 

Goodbye, For Now Pt. 2

Part 1: http://jokose.tumblr.com/post/154133260343/goodbye-for-now


No. You thought to yourself.  I can’t let him win this time. You considered telling Frost to turn around.  You could just jump out of the car and run back into J’s arms, but you were too angry and he needed to learn a lesson at some point.  If you really meant more to him than just a toy, he needed to treat you like it.

“Where would you like to go, Y/N?” Frost asked glancing at you in the mirror.

You hadn’t thought that far ahead, “Um..” You took a shaky breath as a few tears made their way down your cheeks, “Just take me to a hotel please, Frosty.  I don’t care which one as long as it’s downtown.”

Frost looked back at the road and sped into the heart of Gotham.  You knew he would probably tell J where you were and even if he didn’t it would only be a matter of time before J found you on his own.  No matter how brief the alone time might be, you needed it.

About twenty minutes later you came to a stop in front of one of the nicest hotels in the city.  Frost got out and opened your door, extending his hand for you to steady yourself with as you stepped out into the cool air.

“Do you need me to come in with you and help get the room?” Frost asked with a sympathetic smile.

“No thanks Frosty, and thanks for the ride.” You replied softly, looking at the ground to hide your tear stained face.

“For what it’s worth Y/N, I know he really cares about you.” Frost said before getting back in the large black car and driving away.  You grabbed onto your bag and entered the hotel; luckily no one seemed to recognize you.  A few minutes later you walked into your room.  It was much smaller than you’d  become accustomed to in J’s massive mansion, but it was good enough for the time being.

You tossed your bag onto the floor and flopped down on the bed, exhausted from the past twenty-four hours.  Looking at your phone you had no messages, no missed calls, nothing.  Even though you were angry with J, you still hoped he would chase you.  Maybe he’s over us too.


A few hours later you opened your eyes.  You didn’t remember falling asleep, but you weren’t surprised.  A glance at the bedside digital clock told you that it was 8 PM.  You stood up from the bed and went to look out of your window, seeing all the people still wandering around the city.  Some fresh air could do me some good.  You grabbed your phone and headed out the door.

You had never really walked around Gotham before; there was no need to since J always drove you in his Lamborghini or the henchmen took you where you needed to go.  It was a nice change and even though the temperature had dropped significantly it was still a pretty pleasant evening.  You took out your phone to check the time. It’s already midnight? Wow, I better head back.  Looking at the street signs you realized you didn’t know where you were, or how far you’d traveled from the hotel.  Guess I’ll just go this way.  You thought, taking a turn down an avenue.  It didn’t take long for you to realize that you’d made a poor decision.  There wasn’t much light emanating from the seemingly abandoned buildings full of failed businesses and most of the street lamps were broken.

Suddenly you felt an extreme amount of pressure slam into the side of your head, knocking you onto the ground.  You were on the edge of consciousness but you managed to roll over onto your back and catch a blurry glimpse of two men in all black.

Your breathing was staggered, “Please….don’t hurt me….” Your plea was immediately met with blows to your ribs and a pair of hands around your neck.  Your eyes were rolling back into your head, all air escaping your body.  This is it.  You thought to yourself.

“Listen up pretty,” One of the men started speaking.  He continued to talk but you couldn’t make out what he was saying.  Your body was quickly shutting down.  After all the near death experiences you’d been through with J, two random guys on the street were going to take you out.

Your vision was fading to black for the final time when you heard gunshots.  Just before you lost consciousness you could’ve sworn you saw green hair.


You woke up to a pounding pain in your head and aches all over your body.  Sitting up slowly you took in your surroundings.  You were back in your shared master bedroom at J’s mansion and if it wasn’t for the immense pain you were in you would’ve thought it was all just a dream.  The sound of the door opening caught your attention.

“Get out.” You said quickly before J could even step all the way into the room; even though he saved you, you weren’t going to give him a free pass.  He ignored your request and shut the door behind him, walking over to the bed.

He took a deep breath and held out some pills and a glass of water, “Princess, we have a lot that we need to talk about, but the only thing that matters to me right now is making sure you’re okay.”  He sat down on the edge of the bed as you hesitantly took his offerings.  You said nothing.

He tentatively placed his hand on your leg but you shut him down, “Don’t touch me.”  His hand immediately retracted and he looked away from you, defeat and sadness showing all over his face.

“Did they hurt you?” He asked softly, but you didn’t reply.  J’s patience was starting to run thin, “Look doll, I already know the answer to that question.  Who do you think changed your clothes?”

You looked down at yourself and saw that the only thing you had on was one of J’s favorite purple silk shirts.  You sighed, “I’m fine J.”

“No you’re not,” He replied looking back at you, “If you saw the bruises covering your body you would agree with me.” His eyes were full of anger.  They were always one of your favorite things about him because they truly were the windows to his soul.  You could tell how frustrated he was, most likely with himself.

Deciding to give him a break you spoke up, “Will you help me get in a bath please?”

A smirk fell over his face, “Of course, princess.”

He stood up off the bed and gently pulled the bedding off your legs.  You grabbed on to his hand and made an attempt to stand when pain coursed through your entire body.  J noticed your grimace and picked you up, holding you close to his chest.

You tensed, upset that he was helping you even though you needed it, “I can walk you know.” You said curtly.

“I know you’re angry with me, and you should be.  But please Y/N, just let me help you.” He replied softly, stepping into the large master bathroom.  He placed you down gently on the steps leading to the Jacuzzi tub and turned on the water, running his fingers through it to make sure the temperature was right.

You unbuttoned the shirt from your body and attempted to stand to look in the mirror when J stepped in front of you, setting you back down.

“J, I just want to see what I look like.” You said sternly trying to stand again but giving up when you felt a sharp pain in your ribs.

“No.” J replied.

“What do you mean ‘No’? This is part of our problem, J. You’re so-”

He cut you off, “I don’t want you to look in the mirror because you’re so much more beautiful than you’ll think you are if you look right now.  You have a lot of bruises, but they’ll heal soon, and I don’t want you to worry.  Those guys tried to rough you up good, but you’re still the most perfect thing i’ve ever seen.”

You didn’t know what to say, J was never this emotional with you.  Maybe he really took some time to think.  You thought to yourself with hope.  Luckily you didn’t have to respond because the bath was ready.

“Time to get in.” J said to you softly, placing his arm around your waist to help you as you slowly stepped in, wincing with every movement.  “I’ll come back in a bit to help you get out.” J said sounding disappointed.  He would always join you in baths even though they weren’t his favorite thing.  He would do it just because he knew you liked him to.

J turned and started to leave the bathroom when you spoke up, “Wait, J,” You called after him, “Will you get in with me?” You asked nicely, giving him a break.  After all, he was being good to you.

Without saying anything he just turned around and stripped off his clothes, climbing in behind you.  His arms wrapped delicately around your body, trying not to hurt you.  It felt so good to be so close to him; moments like this were exactly why you had fallen for him in the first place.

His fingers traced gently over your arms, “Does that hurt?” He asked, not wanting to cause you more pain.  You shook your head to tell him ‘no’ and he continued, “I don’t know where to begin doll face,” He took a deep breath, you could feel his chest raise against your back, “I’m sorry for not treating you how you deserve to be treated.  I’m sorry that I only ever mess things up.  I’m sorry for the trouble that I put you and your heart through.  I’m sorry for pushing you away.  I’m sorry I fucked up and I’m sorry I can’t fix it.  I love you and I’m so sorry for making your life harder because of that.”

You couldn’t believe the words he was saying.  He had never truly apologized to you before for anything; in fact, you can’t remember him ever apologizing to anyone.  You glanced over your shoulder to look into his crystal blue eyes.  The tears welling in them broke your heart, “J….” You whispered before he interrupted you.

“I knew you needed some alone time so I didn’t want to break you out of that hotel right away, that’s why I didn’t call.  When one of the henchmen said they saw you going for a walk I knew we needed to keep eyes on you.  We hacked the street cameras and the second I saw those two men try to take you from me I jumped out of the van and ran as fast as I could down those streets to get to you.  No matter what happens between us, I’ll always protect you Y/N….” A tear slowly rolled down his cheek.

You immediately brought your hand up to wipe it away, tears of your own falling into the bath water.  “J, we have a lot to talk about and a lot that we need to work through.  But when I was lying on the ground thinking it was the end, all I could think about was how I wished I was back home with you.  I wished I was by your side feeling on top of the world.  I wished I was laying in bed with you watching some stupid movie while you complained about all the gushy romance,” You giggled and stroked your fingers through his hair making him look at you, “I love you, J.  The moment I left with Frost I wanted to turn back around, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have issues to work out.”

“I know we do doll….” He replied taking a moment to think before a smirk appeared on his lips.

“What’s that look for, J?” You questioned, a smirk of your own gracing your lips.

“I really wanna kiss you.” He said with a cheeky grin.  You leaned forward, his lips pressing gently and lovingly against yours before pulling away.

“You taste like Heaven,” J whispered against your lips, “I love you, YN.”

“I love you too, J.”