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Typical spectra obtained in the visible region (alphabetical/TOP—BOTTOM): {a} Molecular hydrogen. {b} Atomic hydrogen. {c} Sodium-vapor lamp (D-lines). {d} Helium. {e} Neon. {f} Lithium. {g} Mercury. {h} Iron. {i} Barium. {j} Calcium. {k} Fraunhöfer absorption lines. {l} Tungsten filament lamp. {m} Fluorescent lamp.
Lab/Data/Illustration: © Bausch & Lomb

so here’s the thing, hoseok got mainly scouted because he’s a dancer, not because he’s a rapper. Obviously he’s going to be incredibly stressed out trying to make this mixtape as good as possible, he said that he’s afraid people wouldn’t be interested in his mixtape at all. The thing with rapper-line is that they ALL three have different styles so we can’t  even compare them to eachother, so pitting them against eachother is actually really useless and unnecessary. That would be really unfair. Hoseok didn’t even really get the recognition he deserved for the Cypher trilogy even though he KILLED it and I’m really proud of him for working so hard and finally feeling confident enough to bring out his mixtape. Please remember that Hoseok works HARD and is probably really nervous & anticipating our reaction, so please don’t pick this as a time to act witty. Please love our sunshine.

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Hey! Sunshine line and yoongi's reaction to you protecting them on the road from a car by jumping in front of them? ( happened with me and my bf, and he fell down laughing because I looked like an octopus high on Dutch weed smh) thank you!!

(”an octopus high on Dutch weed” I’M SCREAMING LMAO)

Jimin: “Yah, what are you doing?”

V/Taehyung: *laughs* “What was that?”

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J-Hope/Hoseok: *cracking up* “You should’ve seen yourself just now!”

Suga/Yoongi: *looks at you weirdly before laughing* “That was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

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