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vampire!perc’ahlia AU

so for like a couple of days now @alienfirst​ and @fastandfuri0sa and i have been screeching at each other about vampire!perc’ahlia on Twitter (go check out amanda’s twitter for her reply sketches coz omg????) and this ficlet happened oops

“Percy…” Vex sighs, reaching out to touch his cheek, and the look he gives her tightens the squeeze around her heart, “Darling, you aren’t taking anything from me that I’m not giving you willingly. You understand that, right?”

Percy’s eyes close, and he nuzzles a little into her open palm, as if savoring the warmth of her against his cold skin. “I wish you didn’t have to give me these things,” he says a little wistfully, smiling sadly at her, “I wish I didn’t make you feel like you had to give me these things.”

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i cant wait until im in law school and i come home from classes and court appearances late at night to lay on my girlfriend’s lap and read statements while she writes or plays with my hair and helps me solve murders and i’ll pick up her favorite food on my way home and we’ll have our own little apartment full of books and music and posters and she’ll read me poetry sometimes while i make her coffee, and we’ll make goofy snapchat stories in the morning while we eat breakfast and maybe one day she’ll help me make sure that my text posts arent all run on sentences with bad grammar and we’ll be in Love and nobody will be able to bother us or threaten to kick us out and we’ll be happy im j ust s o g ay



Grandma Gabby (Darius’s Mother): Fleur and Lily opened a lemonade stand and I helped them out.  Just look at my pose yawl.  It’s mainly to get the attention of that old geyser cooking up the hotdog Micah.  I’ve been hinting and flirting with him for a few months now but still comes up dry.  And don’t judge me I’m still very much alive no matter what my obituary say!”

Grandpa Micah (Mia’s Dad): Just keeping busy with the grill, trying to avoid Gabriella. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy her company when she’s not trying to get into my pants, but only one lady had the privilege of getting into these gym shorts and that was my Lillian.  And that is how it will remain until I go join her. Point.”

Lol, I have seriously tried to hook these two up as it’s the easiest option but Micah want nothing romantic to do with anyone.  I even tried when he was an adult with various ladies but all failed.  

deanandhiscas  asked:

oKAY Angel With a Shotgun may be the Destiel anthem, and it's obviously from Cas' perspective, but have you heard Old Number 7 by Devil Makes Three?? It's from Dean's, and it 'S J UST SO P ER F E C t ???/ /? ?

Thank you Jack Daniel’s Old Number Seven
Tennessee Whiskey got me drinking in heaven
Angels start to look good to me
They’re gonna have to deport me to the fiery deep 

Thank you Jack Daniel’s Old Number Seven
Tennessee Whiskey got me drinking in heaven
I know I can’t stay here too long
‘Cause I can’t go a week without doin’ wrong


(i told myself i wasn't gonna gif this but i completely lost and fucking giffed this)

me: ugh it’s so unfair that gay marriage isn’t legal. i mean really, it doesn’t make sense! i wish people would just get over themselves and let gay people have rights, like god, it’s 2012
sister: ummm why do you care so much?
me, sputtering and avoiding eye contact: it’s!! j ust,,, importan t.., for the sake of, fairness,..! i care about, justice, for all