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WHAT UP FALSETHOES, IT’S YA GIRL. Highkey I was talking with @upsettoland and they really kinda pushed me to do this. BUT, I personally feel the fandom kinda sleeps on Trina a little and we really need to focus on her because she goes through some serious growth along our boi Marvin. This would take place from OCTOBER 8th TO OCTOBER 14th. The prompts for the days would be as follows:

DAY 1: Trina + Two colors
DAY 2: Trina + favorite lyrics
DAY 3: Trina + favorite costume
DAY 4: Trina + favorite relationship/friendship
DAY 5: Trina + favorite trope (link provided for a good starting place!)
DAY 6: Favorite Stephanie J. Block moment
DAY 7: Free space! You can do whatever you’d like!

Please tag all your posts with #trinaweek so we can all find them and reblog them all!! thanks!!

Tag Game

1So I was tagged by the lovely @kiaaan to do this. I’ve already done it, so am trying to make it different from the last time, so here we go”

1) What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done?

I’m constantly embarrassing myself all the time. I’m clumsy so I’m the idiot who falls up flights of stairs, or randomly looses their balance.

2) What are you most proud of?

The fact I’m really easy to talk to

3) Who is/are your spirit characters?

Tonks from Harry Potter, Or Kit and Mark from The Dark Artifices

4) What is your greatest quality?

This is the same as what I’m proud of, but the fact I’m easy to talk to.

5) Who do you look up to?

Someone that I know: My mum

Celebrities: J.K. Rowling

7) Heels or sneakers?


8) Are you confident?

I never used to be. Now I am, but still have a long way to go.

9) What was the last song you listened to?

“You’ll be in my heart” But it was the Peter Hollens cover

10) What color are your eyes?


11) Who is your least favorite character?

Manuel Villalobos, Zara Dearborn and Dolores Umbridge. Do I even need to explain myself?

12) Who are you tagging?

@perfectblackthorns @fandom-life-is-for-me15 @huggingkitherondale @alexandraherondaleblackthorn @kitty-c02