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Sunny Side Up (Pizza Boy / Al’s Of Hampden)

Brewery : Pizza Boy / Al’s Of Hampden
Beer : Sunny Side Up
Style : Imperial Stout / Stout
Variance : Brewed with Oats and Locally Sourced Coffee from Little Amps in Harrisburg, PA

9.5 / 10

Fuck. Seriously. Fuckity fuck fuck fuckery. I can’t believe how fucking good this is. I want to give this a 10 but I’m honestly a bit tipsy and can’t tell if it’s perfect or not and if you don’t believe me just listen to this statement : I looked at a nude picture of Jennifer Lawrence while I drank this and I couldn’t tell if she was just hot or smoking hot. That should sum up my current state because clearly the answer should be smoking hot just like this beer should be perfect but the combination of a 64oz growler of this and it’s 9.5% ABV are just clouding my judgment which honestly I’m fine with. While in Lancaster, PA this weekend I visited a few breweries and bars before my buddy from NJ told me about a spot called The Fridge which is an awesome pizza joint and bar and they happened to have this on tap and I’ve been dying to try it. Not like Roger Ailes dying because that fat piece of human dog shit is actually dead (as he should be) but more like Scott Peterson dying because I have heard amazing things about this beer and all of them are justified. A super smooth chocolate and espresso flavor start things off with some oatmeal and sugar mixing in towards the middle with more rich coffee flavors and bitterness before ending with cream and coffee with a splash of dark chocolate to wrap things up. I would have never guessed that this beer clocked in at 9.5% ABV because it drinks like a stout half it’s percentage but honestly I can’t fill my coffee mug fast enough because it’s that damn good. Regardless of you drinking level, make sure you pick this up as long as you love coffee because this is bold, flavorful, and will fuck you up more than Mike Tyson on a coke binge so make sure you pick up a crowler, growler, can, or just get a pour somewhere ASAP because it’s completely worth it. Also, fuck Roger Ailes. Fuck him right in his dead fucking face.

Written by: Steve B.

Inner Circle Pizza Night
  • Feyre: demands the pizza with as many vegetables as possible
  • Rhys: grumbles about wanting meat but gives in
  • Mor: only eats ham and pineapple pizza
  • Cassian: cheese and pepperoni all the way
  • Azriel: doesn't demand any type, eats everyone's leftovers
  • Amren: hoards cheesy bread

anonymous asked:

what genders are sol/pizza's species anyways? are they male and female like us? nb? alien genders? what r they,,,

Canonically? Probably just …human (save Pizza who’s Zondarian, obvs). GGG is a kids’ show about giant robots fighting evil aliens, developing an alien civilization (Zonder or Trinary System) was unimportant to the plot. Considering Mamoru passed as human the rest of the Trinary System was probably similar.

BUT THAT’S BORING. And since canon never actually specified any information on the Trinary system the fandom is free to make shit up. So here’s mine.

Zonder: As living machines who create more of their kind through infecting hosts, zondarians are sexless and only manifest as different genders based on their original hosts, be it male or female or any other form found throughout the universe, though sometimes they don’t at all.

Trinary System: The System is made up of two different species - Greens and Keshkaliim (native Reds). The Greens were colonizers and settled on both the Purple and Red planets where their descendants adapted to their world and eventually became independent peoples from their ancestral planet. Like humans they reproduce sexually and are male and female.

The Keshkaliim (Soldato J’s people) are native to the Red planet and reproduce asexually, so they are neither male or female (this is why they all look the same). How indigenous Reds are referred to depends on the culture they are in contact with. To Earth he is a “he” because he looks, sounds, and acts ‘traditionally male’ (and they didn’t learn he wasn’t male until much later because J never tells them anything).

Watching Futurama again and I just realized...

Mr. Panucci helped Fry take care of his dog (even after he disappeared), let Fry live in his building when he was homeless, and even introduced Fry to someone who can help him find his narwhal.

Considering that Fry’s family were mostly jerks toward him, Mr. Panucci is the closest friend Fry’s ever had in the 20th century.