j & j's pizza

Inner Circle Pizza Night
  • Feyre: demands the pizza with as many vegetables as possible
  • Rhys: grumbles about wanting meat but gives in
  • Mor: only eats ham and pineapple pizza
  • Cassian: cheese and pepperoni all the way
  • Azriel: doesn't demand any type, eats everyone's leftovers
  • Amren: hoards cheesy bread
Watching Futurama again and I just realized...

Mr. Panucci helped Fry take care of his dog (even after he disappeared), let Fry live in his building when he was homeless, and even introduced Fry to someone who can help him find his narwhal.

Considering that Fry’s family were mostly jerks toward him, Mr. Panucci is the closest friend Fry’s ever had in the 20th century.

J’ai tapé la discut’ avec mon livreur de pizza parce que maintenant à force il me connait et il m’a demandé ce que je faisais comme études, je lui ai dit histoire de l’art, il m’a dit “wesh explique moi pourquoi une fois j’ai vu une toile avec un point vert dessus et ça valait vla les tunes” et je lui ai dit que je ne savais pas peut-être que ça dénonce le prix des petits pois. Je lui ai dit que l’art abstrait c’était pas trop mon truc mais je lui ai montré les travaux de Josef Albers sur mon téléphone et j’ai passé 20 minutes à lui expliquer sa théorie des couleurs en faisant des schémas sur la poussière des vitres de sa voiture. Après il a dit “moi j’aime trop le gars qui crie” j’ai dit “Munch” il a dit “Ouais lui moi si j’avais ce tableau jamais j’aurais été livreur de pizza” et il est parti

Bad Romance//N.M

“Right in front of me, really?“ I say storming into the house. “She was a fan and she is over 18 so I told her she could come with us.” he shrugs. “What if I didn’t want her to come with us?” I ask. “So?” he shrugs. “Whatever, you have been texting her non stop and you just met her yesterday. You laugh when she texts you every time. I don’t even make you laugh.” I say. “So?” he smirks. “Let me see your phone.” I say putting out my hand. “Let me see yours.” he says, putting his hand out. For most girls that is an easy task but for me, not so much. I’m not dumb I know he’s cheating on me so I have to pretend like I’m upset. If I’m upset at him I can’t go to him when I’m horny so I go to Nate. I know he cheats on me with 10 other girls but I pretend that I don’t know. "Umm, it’s not really a big deal.” I say putting my arms down to my side. “Yeah I know.” he says. “Umm, Nate said he needs help with picking out an outfit for tonight so I’m going to help him.” I say. “I’m going to go take a walk.” he says. We both run in the opposite direction. “Hey boo bear.” I say, walking into Nate’s room. “Don’t call me that.” he says and rolls his eyes. “Where is your boyfriend?” He asks. “He went to cheat on me with some girl.” I say, crawling into Nate’s lap. “You’re okay with that?” he asks while laughing. “Yes, I’m cheating too so we’re both benefiting.” I smile. “So are you going to help me with my outfit?” he smiles. “We could always do something else” I say running my fingers through his hair. "But I really need an outfit.” he says. “Come on boo bear, I know you want to.” I say, kissing him down his neck. “Baby stop with the name.” he says while rubbing my butt. His phone starts ringing. “It’s Swazz.” He says. “Awww sorry, your hubby is calling you.” I tease him. “Hey dude.” he says while tickling me. He puts him on speaker. “Aye dude, I’m not coming home tonight.” he says. “Why not?” Nate asks, continuing to tickle me. “Gracie said she just got off her period so I’m about to go hit that.” he says. “Okay, well I’ll be here.” he says and pinches my butt. “Oww Nate, that hurt.” I say then quickly cover my mouth. “Uhh Nate, is that Y/N?” he ask. “Yes, it’s me Swazz.” I say. “What the fuck are you doing in Nate’s room?” he asks. “I told you that I was helping him pick out an outfit.” I wink at Nate. “Yeah whatever, I don’t think screaming is helping his outfit.” he says. “Dude, you literally just got done saying you were about to cheat on me so fuck you.” I yell. “Whatever.” he says. “Dude just hang up.” Nate says. “Nah, I’m going to stay on here.” Swazz says. Nate and I nod at each other then I start to moan. Nate grunts a little and then the phone hangs up.“Let’s cuddle, I’m kind of worn out. "I say.” “So you’re just going to leave me with hickies and then stop?” he smirks. “Kind of, sorry baby.” I wink at him.“You’re lucky I love you.” he says, kissing my head. I start to fall asleep. The only thing I can think about is that he loves me.