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babarpeerzada Pizza patch - @halfadams

Inner Circle Pizza Night
  • Feyre: demands the pizza with as many vegetables as possible
  • Rhys: grumbles about wanting meat but gives in
  • Mor: only eats ham and pineapple pizza
  • Cassian: cheese and pepperoni all the way
  • Azriel: doesn't demand any type, eats everyone's leftovers
  • Amren: hoards cheesy bread

Once Jasmine gets home, it’s time for the birthday party to begin! Guests include their friends–the Bratfords, Sophronia, and Dahlia the pizza girl–and whatever customers happen to be on the lot at the time. (I seriously need to find this family some new friends!)

As a small party favour, the ticket machine is turned off for the first time since installation. 

Frances the Fortune Sim: *eye twitches at lost revenue*