izzyska took Sam Winchester’s voice and raised the pitch, to sound like Dave Strider. I took the resulting monster and made a bigger monster.

I've seriously been playing this all day

External image

Aidan water u doing

External image

Then some fluffy stuff

External image

Then we all got inside and right away started watching TV… Um…

External image

Then Aidan left and I found him upstairs, well… doing this…

External image

I have a feeling he’s trying to make a woman-kitchen joke in here somewhere… :P

And Oncie’s still just watching TV.





So heres what just happened:

I’m in charge of making dinner tonight, seeing as my dads not home to cook tonight.

So we have this frozen lasagna that we decided to eat.

“Sure, I’ll make that. No problem.”

So I placed the thing on a baking sheet and took part of the film off to vent it, followed all the instructions.

Then I put it in the oven and went back to the computer

5 minutes later:

*BANG* (from the kitchen)

Then walked sprinted to the kitchen and opened the oven…

It was just the baking sheet. It was a little distorted at first, but when it got heated, it went back to normal. That sound was just that.

Fuck you, baking sheet…