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My new mix Mish Mash Mosh Pop

Hit shuffle on whatever platform you have your music on and write the first ten songs that play. Rules: No skipping. Then tag ten people. I was tagged by treesided-triangle (muCH thanks to u friend) (also i have not deleted songs here for a looooong time so i fear the outcome of this game)

1. Free by Boys like Girls
2. Dear Maria Count me in by All time low (this was so long ago why do i still have this??)
3. If I lose myself by One Republic
4. Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran
5. Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day ( I fuxkigns scream i swear if black parade comes up i would gun)
6. Be prepared in the movie Lion King (im crYing)
7. Life Reset Button by….Len Kagamine….
8. Bulletproof Heart by My Chemical Romance (an mcr song…whoop there it is)
9. Love on Top by Beyoncé (praise the heavens)
10. Counting Stars by One Republic(the next was a weeb song…im so so glad this only ended at 10….)

alas my biggest fear that a weeb song would come up happened and i have nothing to lose so i dare tag these ppl to do this too:

stnfordpines say-the-second-letter peridot-mallcop pine-star mentally-unmabel izzyfy cinnacharlie always-for-narnia thetaleofjemimapuddleduck theauthor-of-thejournals

it okay if u dont wanna do it folks

and i tag anyone who’ wants to do this!! 

Tech Love…

This week’s Izzmo Gizmo 

Izzmo Gizmo is my weekly review of something I like in the world of tech. It may be an app, a website, a social tool or an entrepreneur who is doing things differently. This week it goes to Ski Tracks, an android app that is a GPS track recorder used for skiing. It has some really forward thinking features but the main fun factor of this app is that you can set it to measure your max speed down a slope. This week I came back from a stint in Verbier, Switzerland. This was my first ever time to a ski resort and I loved using the Ski Track app despite being a complete beginner. I am naturally quite a competitive person and so like that you can try and beat your personal best whilst letting my more experienced skier friends have a power ski down the back side of oblivion. I can safely say thanks to this app I am now a ski addict, I would just love it if they had a record button that could film you going down the slope..and then maybe an automatic music adding button..and well - next ski season maybe they will develop it further but for now you have at least one VERY happy customer.


Tech Love…

This week’s IZZMO GIZMO is all about making music on ipads. There are lots of apps out there and you can make music out of pretty much any noise but that is not the point. I realised that once I got through the honey moon period of reverbing the sound of a bus bell or looping the sound of a waiter saying ‘would you like parme parme p p p parmesan’ I thought there is more to this, someone must be making professional music using apps. There is another level and I want to explore it. I then found this video which is a perfect example of how people use apps to make professional sounding remixes. I will be interested to see how many people are using these apps on a professional level at 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards in February 2012. For the record my favourite is Animoog for bass.

Tech Love…

SXSW - Interactive

In a jetlag haze I enter the conference centre and float around between the endless isles made up by trade stands. The sun is blazing outside and every corner of Austin’s downtown is decorated by food trucks that smell amazing. I have never seen so many multi-coloured sunglasses and beards, wearing patchwork leggings with 80s faces on seems almost underdressed here. So far, I like Austin a lot. This place is fuelling my ever-growing ambition to learn acoustic guitar.

I was told that SXSW is ‘spring break for silicon valley’ - the biggest brains in the interactive business come to drink beer and network. I have been here for 11 hours (8 of which I slept) and have already met over 20 start ups. Today my filming starts for MLove TV, I will be interviewing starts ups and established players in the world of tech, new media and digital arts. It is officially time to get don my sunnies and get my geek on. Updates here and on MLove’s website: www.mlove.com

Music Love…

Tomorrow night I am going to my first event for GRAMMY week this year. As part of the GRAMMY Glam Squad I have been invited to walk the red carpet and see DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu (aka one of my childhood icons btw) DJ with Salt ‘n’ Pepper’s Spinderella! The party is presented by Covergirl, Olay and Venus and the invite comes especially from The Recording Academy. I am super excited to be going, still not sure what to wear but hoping for some inspiration, maybe this would be a good place to start… On and On by Erykah Badu

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Clearly I find having my photo taken insanely funny, especially when its award winning photographers that shoot for Vogue such as festival-going-camera-holding-maestro Philip Volkers. Some of his photos are pretty out there –> www.philipvolkers.com/pages - definitely a place you could get lost in over a cup of tea 

P.S. Thanks to the lovely Annie Levy who did my makeup, she loves tumblr too Hazarrrrrrrrrr —-> http://makeartnotwars.tumblr.com/ 


Music Love…

New Music

Thanks to my friend Joe for playing this track last night. SBTRKT rules, so cool he doesnt need any vowels.


Music Love…

I LOVE Friends - especially this track. Happy bank holiday weekend : )

Yay! I won a national competition to be Official Blogger for The Brit Awards 

The year’s Brit Awards were off the Richter. I hit the red carpet as the Official Brit Awards blogger, standing right next to Keith Lemon, who was larking about for ITV2.  The stars were out in force – great to see how much time out they took for the patient army of fans on their way in. I chilled with Olly Murs, Rizzle Kicks and Lana Del Ray, all within the same half hour and caught up with Adele who along with Rihanna and Bruno Mars were also at The GRAMMY Awards with me two weeks before. Adele looked stunning and was in good spirits saying ‘tonight its all about the fans’ giving one a huge hug. 

The live performances were spectacular; Blur rocked a reminder of the glory days of Britpop, whilst Adele and Ed Sheeran set out the light up the stage for the new generation. Truly a celebration of the best of British. 

P.S Thanks to All Saints for the rock ballerina esque dress (called Daina in case your wondering).

GRAMMY week - Instagram Diaries 

This year I have a couple of extra roles at The GRAMMY Awards; firstly as a P & G ambassador for Covergirl and secondly DJing at the Official After Party. LA is a busy place. Everyone is in a running around, so this week I fit right in. Coming from London’s snow to LA sunshine has led to chronic smile fatigue, my face needs a massage.

It has been really fun so far, GRAMMY week has officially started and the pace is on. Last night I walked my first red carpet for this year with the other GRAMMY Glam girls and then we went onto party with Erykah Badu, when I say with I mean she was DJing and we were dancing. This is only the beginning bring on the rest of the week. 


Here is the live stream video for tonight’s Apocalypstick starting from 8pm - 11pm


Bath Film Festival is one of my favourite UK Film festivals, it is definitely worth going (and also Bath has amazing cider for those that are partial to the sparkly apple). Thanks to very talented King Monkey Media for making this video!