Shadowhunters Hollywood AU   (1/3)

Based on:

STARS WILL SHINE      (AO3)      Rated: Teen And Up Audiences       WIP

Alec and Isabelle Lightwood rose to fame as child actors on their hit show ‘Hunters’. Now with the show finished, they’re living out their dreams as two of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors. But with fame and privilege also comes the added annoyance of the paparazzi, something that Alec could do without. He has a secret to keep, after all.

Enter Magnus Bane, rockstar extraordinaire and everyone’s favorite gossiping material. Also, incidentally, the most attractive person Alec has ever laid eyes on.

Looks like Alec’s secret might come out after all.

(OR: A completely gratuitous celebrity AU complete with lots of Malec goodness, Lightwood sibling bonding, and other shenanigans.)