One thing I absolutely loved though was getting to see Alec and Izzy go on a mission together! And I loved the big guy coming onto Izzy and Alec going Protective Big Bro™ but letting her be in charge and fight her own battle


Incorrect Shadowhunters Quotes 17/ ? Sex Ed Edition

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sorry it jus wasn't specified as just friendship??? and I was frreaking out bc like ??? that would be so fucking gross and I just was really worried that u actually like,,, shipped it

no no no oh dont worry!!!!! ew, no. i thought it was like… obvious but i understand and dont worry, its cool. its all about that third wheeling for izzy. or for alec, when its the quality Bestie time for izzy and magnus, but still!!! all good and platonic!! honestly i could never ship malec with anyone else thats just absurd

its funny when people are like “BUT MICKEY TRIED TO KILL SAMMI !!!! he deserves to be in prison” but like apparently in the s6 finale everyone on the show tried to kill frank. they threw him into a freezing cold lake (or w/e) and he was in a comma? or something idk i didn’t watch. but he could have easily died. what do you have to say to that then? put everyone in prison then. not to mention frank has killed a number of people. fuck i hate this show 


Today polish website Antyradio.pl announced that they have got informations, which are 100% confirmed, that Guns N’ Roses are reuniting. They are sure that Slash, Axl Rose and Duff Mckagan are taking part in it. Still don’t know anything about Izzy, Steven or Matt. Their first concert will be in Las Vegas, 6th April 2016. They will also appear on Coachella festival.