Incorrect Shadowhunters Quotes 17/ ? Sex Ed Edition

anonymous asked:

psssst do you think you can give us a list of some Voltron fic recommendations please? wink wink

Well anon you really shouldn’t have asked this because we took it a little too serious and… welp… here it goes :’))

Mod Nayo here, if you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you would know that I am the one who reads the majority of the fics here (not only… E Rated *winks a lot towards Izzy*).

A few clarifications I want to make before I start with my list

1) Because of school and me being a lazy fuck, I haven’t started reading the most recent fics that have been in the tag. I’m actually accepting recs too so if you think i’ll like somethig (COUGHTCOUGHTMERLANCECOUGHTCOUGHT) then just send us an ask or tag us ;^DDD *winks winks*.

2) This is all going to be Klance, so i guess no need to tag which pairings will be in the fic?

3) Izzy is a dirty fuck so all her part is gonna be E rated :^) don’t blame me.

4) Sorry it took so long, it seems that despite being two (functional?) adults, we spent like an eternity in Google Docs just screaming and talking shit. We apologize.


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its funny when people are like “BUT MICKEY TRIED TO KILL SAMMI !!!! he deserves to be in prison” but like apparently in the s6 finale everyone on the show tried to kill frank. they threw him into a freezing cold lake (or w/e) and he was in a comma? or something idk i didn’t watch. but he could have easily died. what do you have to say to that then? put everyone in prison then. not to mention frank has killed a number of people. fuck i hate this show 


Today polish website Antyradio.pl announced that they have got informations, which are 100% confirmed, that Guns N’ Roses are reuniting. They are sure that Slash, Axl Rose and Duff Mckagan are taking part in it. Still don’t know anything about Izzy, Steven or Matt. Their first concert will be in Las Vegas, 6th April 2016. They will also appear on Coachella festival.