Trying to explain Hickman’s Avengers run...

Okay, so like, there’s some demon guy on Mars who is killing millions on Earth with these bombs.

And the movie Avengers try to beat him, fuck up, then get a bigger team then beat him…kinda…he just sort of gives up on Mars.

Then like, this kid gets targeted by this universal force that blows up his college killing every student but himself, and the AVENGERS ARE FUCKING ASSHOLES TO HIM!

Seriously, the Hulk attacks, and Carol Danvers is cracking jokes even though they are standing ontop of dead kid central.

Also, Black Panther sees this woman blowing up an Earth that was heading towards Earth…

And like Iron Man and a bunch of other avengers in secret are blowing up Earths that are heading for Earth…

And then these aliens start blowing up planets and the Avengers leave Earth to beat them

And then the kid the Avengers bullied and demon guy from Mars become Avengers, even though one killed millions.

Also there are like, a million yellow demon guys

And then Captain Universe kills all the aliens instantly.

And then they find out that the woman who blew up planets was like part of an army…

Oh, and Namor commits Genocide by blowing up an Earth full of people…

And then there are like these evil sorcerors who aren’t quite evil…

And then Captain America goes to the future for some reason…

And then the book jumps 8 months into the future where the Avengers are working for SHIELD hunting other heroes, and…

These aliens are blowing up universes…

And the Black Swans worship this guy…

Who turns out to be Dr. Doom…


The only thing I kinda like is Smasher!

Like, she’s the only character who doesn’t seem balls to the wall confusing to understand!

Also, butt shots.

Seriously, I don’t understand this stuff and I can’t help you even if I tried!

Smasher & Cannonball

My first attempt at digital oil painting after a teacher told me in High School I should stick to markers. Her head is dwarfed but I’m kinda pleased with the end result.

Smasher is probably the best Avenger right now (Widow and She-Hulk aside of course), and as a New Mutants fan, I love me some Cannonball. During the Infinity arc, they had this make out scene and it always makes me think it should be a movie and it should have a good soundtrack

Majistor [beginning prev. page]: Are you the Smasher the Empire is looking for?
Izzy: Yes, Majistor. I am.
Majistor:Then rise, Imperial. Rise, a Superguardian.
Would you look at that… Your'e the first Human member of the Imperial Guard, Izzy.

Izzy’s Grandfather [in flashback]: Look at you…buck from Pluto.
Izzy: You don’t look so bad, Grandpa… Dad made things sound much worse than–
Izzy’s Grandfather: Kaff! Kaff! Kaff! Kaff!
Izzy: Grandpa! Grandpa, are you–
Izzy’s Grandfather: Dont’ fuss. It is what it is. Here, a good friend gave this to me and I want you to have it. Kaff! I want you to use it.
[Note reads: Dan–if you ever need anything, call me. Steve]
Izzy: I don’t understand what–
Izzy’s Grandfather: Listen close, Izzy… You got something special in you…something passed down from one generation to the next. You’ve got a birthright, one you don’t even know about. I’m not going to be around much longer, so I want you to remember something>
Izzy: Okay, Grandpa… I will.
Izzy’s Grandfather: Heroes make others believe they can do great things. Heroes make heroes. Now turn that card over. [The other side of the card is a big Avengers A] And promise me… no more cages.

Steve [in present]: The old man would be proud.

– From Avengers v5 #5 by Jonathan Hickman, art by Jerome Opeña

Oracle: Look up…and prepare yourselves for battle.
Izzy: Oh boy.
Bruce: Looks like around twenty heavy cruisers and countless support ships outnumbering the five remaining–[BOOM!]–four remaining Shi'ar super-destroyers.
Izzy: Okay. That sounds pretty bad. Really bad.
Bruce: Then mate you should run…would you mind holding these for me?
Izzy: Okay, sure. Most of the technology is hundreds of thousands of years beyond what we have on Earth. That’s saying nothing of the cumulative influence of the thousands of worlds that make up the empire. I would never run, but how do we even fight something like this? I mean…when facing a endless alien armada, what’s a Smasher to do?
Hulk: Smaasshhh!
Izzy: Well… All right.

– From Avengers v5 #5 by Jonathan Hickman, art by Jerome Opeña

Avengers World #2 (2014) review

1. Am I imagining things, or did Izzy’s last name used to be ‘Dare’?

2. Izzy smash!

3. I am really digging the cyber-organic mash-up style AIM Island’s got going on. It’s pretty cool.

4. And I like that Izzy’s the centre of this story! I enjoy finding out more about her. I hope you guys don’t fuck it up, story or art-wise.

5. Thanks, guys. No, really, thanks a bunch.

Bechdel test: fail; Johnson test: fail.

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Avengers v.5 #5

Besides YA I haven’t read a single Avengers book in a long time. The other day I decided to fix that. I started with Avengers and it’s good (not great), but this page hit me really hard. I’ve enjoyed the issues that focus on a particular character and honestly would prefer if the never departed from that. Plus an Alec bonus, they gave me cannonball and sunspot.