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Request: INFP Ravenclaw Aesthetic

“Just because I’m not loud, doesn’t mean that I’m not smart. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that again.”


hey, is there anyone around who bought chloe’s last represent #fightlikeagirl tee or hoodie? thinking of getting one for myself, but wanna know how accurate sizes are and if the tee and hoodie are made from quality stuff :) 

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Did something happen between Izzy and his step dad if he had one.

I could find no evidence that his mom ever remarried, so no, I don’t think he has a step dad.
His parents got divorced in 1973 and his dad remarried in 1975, so technically he has a step mom, but I’m pretty sure he lived with his mom and younger brothers until moving out, so he probably hadn’t much to do with her.
His dad and his new wife had two girls, in 83 and 87, so Izzy has two step sisters. I think those are all the ‘steps’ in his life :).