• Alec: I think Magnus is having a crisis
  • Izzy: You're overreacting, he's probably just-
  • Alec: He was drinking water, Iz, WATER
  • Izzy: Well-
  • Magnus: *walks past with a giant bottle of water drinking it like wine*
  • Izzy: Hey Magnus, why the sudden drinking beverage change?
  • Magnus: Oh, Cat called and said I need to drink more water, apparently it will 'cleanse my soul'
  • Alec, whispering to himself: Oh my god, that's why there's so much of it

tbh when any magnus fan (or malec fan we’re all the same let’s be honest) sees magnus’s apartment appear on screen we all sure as hell be dying and being resurrected by each other in hell to see whatever beautiful scene is being put out there for us bc magnus SCREEEECHHHHH


shadowhunters + handwriting [insp.]


[Caption: 7 stacked black and white gifs with text overlay from Seasons 1 and 2A of Shadowhunters, of the show’s main characters.

1. Magnus in 2x08. He’s in his apartment’s rooftop, using his magic to get rid of Iris’s spell.
2. Isabelle in 1x08. She’s in her lab, looking into a microscope.
3. Alec in 2x10. He’s looking around the room, while on the phone with Jace.
4. Clary in 2x06. She’s drawing the unknown rune in the palm of her hand.
5. Luke in 1x13. He’s inside the Jade Wolf. He’s staring ahead, his eyes glowing.
6. Jace in 1x05. He’s in the Institute, training with a seraph blade.
7. Simon in 2x10. He’s inside the Institute, the sunlight coming through the window illuminating his face. He closes his eyes, looking content.

The text reads: “High Warlock of Brooklyn / Best Forensic Pathologist in NY / Acting Head of the NY Institute / Runemaker / Leader of the NY Werewolf Pack / Best Warrior / Daylighter”.]