Izayoi braved another quick look at his face and not his feet, just for a second. She felt a little jolt of surprise, since he looked very different to her upon second observation. Before he’d seemed much more frightening to look at, more fangy and sharp. Despite his warnings, something in his expression was softer to her now, open and almost pleasant. He was certainly not terrible to look at, sort of hypnotizing the way a storm might be; it was dangerous to expose yourself to it for too long, but all the same you longed to go out and be hit by the force of the winds, the rain, the thunder.

just a Wee illustration from @wreathoflaurels fic Sixteenth Night, they are in Love ok they just dont know it yet,,,, fufufufu

So I’m seriously thinking about writing this as Saphael AU, hear me out, please?

  • So it’s time for a highschool reunion and Simon is kind of frustrated since he doesn’t have anyone to go there with considering that all his friends are couples already
  • He vents about it on his lunchbreak, jokingly saying that he’d even pay someone to play his SO because it would be far too embarrassing not to have anyone at almost like 30
  • After break someone is like ‘I’ll go to that thing with you’ so he’s like wtf and looks up to see his boss, Raphael Santiago and he’s like hella confused now because why???
  • So Raphael explains that in turn he wants Simon to pretend to be his bf at a family reunion thing since his mother won’t shut up about him still being single
  • Simon is ecstatic because this is literally the solution to all his problems and Raphael looks like heaven so he agrees in a heartbeat
  • The next week they meet after work to make up a story of how they met, how far they’ll go at each event (handholding, maybe cheek kisses at the family reunion and some solid kissing at the highschool one)
  •  After that’s settled it’s time for dinner with Mama Santiago

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Clary always assumed she’d be doing art when she was older, but she didn’t realise it would be theatre and film. Her mom had put her in a drama camp one summer, and Clary had been doing it ever since. Acting was there for her to throw herself into when her mom fell into a coma after being hit by a car. It was there for her when some of her close (girl) friends told her they couldn’t hang around with her because she came out as a lesbian, and they didn’t want her checking them out. And it was there for her when asshole father wanted back into her life. Acting gave her a release, an escape, a distraction, and a family. What she didn’t expect it to give her was this: a tough audition, waiting with bated breath, having to immediately start shooting when she found out she got the part, and a crush. Clary immediately clicked with her co-worker and on-screen love interest, Isabelle Lightwood, and their chemistry was one of the best things about the show, that’s what the director told her. Her and Izzy started getting really close when they hung out after filming, and one day, Clary can’t even really remember how it happened, but after a couple drinks to celebrate their show getting renewed, they were kissing. And that’s how they ended up here, pressed against each other, doing a photo shoot that’s also going to be how they come out to the world.

only-1-a  asked:

Weird headcanons: Isabelle Lightwood

  • What they smell like: Vanilla and roses and metal
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Midnight to six thirty, though the schedule isn’t a priority. She sleeps sprawled out on her back with lots of blankets
  • What music they enjoy: Anything she can dance to
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: She can do a shower and basic makeup in 30 minutes, more elaborate looks take a bit more time
  • Their favorite thing to collect: She collects nail polishes in unusual colors
  • Left or right-handed: right handed
  • Religion (if any):  Izzy believes that there is a god, and that he’s basically a benevolent one, but shadowhunters see too much shit to think there’s some guy in the sky willing to fix all their problems and they don’t really do organized religion
  • Favorite sport: Fencing
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): She loves exploring unfamiliar countryside. Like, going on local hiking trails and things
  • Favorite kind of weather: Warm summer days with a few fluffy clouds
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Misunderstanding people. She’s good at getting what people are saying but if she’s the only person who laughs at a joke she panics, or if everyone is laughing and she doesn’t know why
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: She’s the best at pinball

send me a character and I’ll give you one of these

Here you all are, my lovely ladies! I am officially back, so, chapter ten of Seven! Enjoy xx



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SAKDANSKJADSN izzy this is Perfect

that really is what i want though, like, for people to not be able to think of david without remembering how gay he was. how many prayers used by both jews and christians are by a gay man. how much we look up to him. good content

not gonna publish the other picture because Faces but its also perfect and im cherishing it 4ever

cagetemple  asked:

isabelle lightwood

what she smells like: honey and jasmine

how she sleeps: she always has socks on at the beginning of the night, but by the end of it, the socks are gone. are they lost in the covers? are they somewhere on the floor where she kicked them off? did they somehow manage to end up on the windowsill ten feet away? all are possibilities

what music she enjoys: adele and hozier

how much time she spends getting ready every morning: a long ass time. alec would make fun of her for it if he didn’t take even longer

her favorite thing to collect: you know those lipsticks that don’t smudge or rub off? the kind where you have to put the seal gloss on overtop and then that color stays forever? she has a small army of those

left or right handed: right handed

favorite sport: she likes to play softball and she likes to watch football

favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: she’s one of those people that just wants to wander around a foreign city for hours poking at the little shops and snacking on whatever food she stumbles across

favorite kind of weather: bright sunny days

a fear she has: heights

the carnival/arcade game she always wins without fail: she’s ridiculously good at knocking the bottles down. the girl has good aim

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