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Imagine watching Teen Wolf with Clary, Izzy, and Alec.


Fandom: Shadowhunters

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“Why the hell are we watching this?” Alec grumbled as he sat in-between Izzy and I and with Clary sitting on my right.

“Shut up Alec.” I told him as I placed my finger in front of his lips in a shooshing (that is not a word, but I don’t care) way.

“This is the best part,” Izzy says as the both of us ogle a shirtless Theo on the TV screen.

“Even though he’s a bad guy he still looks like a god.” Clary says as she shoves more popcorn into her mouth looking at the screen intently.

“You guys are unbelievable.” Alec sighs out as he crosses his arms.

“Yeah, but don’t deny that you can’t look away.” I told him and when he was about to retort I just shoved popcorn into his mouth to shut him up. “Just enjoy the godlike qualities of a mundane actor and shut up.”


@raedmagdon was kind enough to gift me her novel Fur and Fangs (that I had been dying to read). And I am in love with these characters. 

It has a little of everything I like: supernatural stuff, dorks being attracted to each other and falling in love, characters written realistically, etc. If any of that sounds up your alley, you should definitely check it out, I can’t recommend it enough (it’s like 2$) :D


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Series: Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, Teen Wolf, Skam, The Vampire Diaries, Shadowhunters.

Song: Beggin’ - Madcon, although this is an audio from Vine

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beyond scared.

summary: you think there’s something coming after you so you go to the counselor to get some help. she ends up introducing you to a new world turning you into a fearful hunter. getting to know the members you realize you’re not alone.

love interest: unknown x y/n

note: this will have chapters / parts.

Walking down the hallways of Beacon Hills High, which your hands attached to the handles of your backpack. You were walking to the counselors office, the halls were empty. After what you witnessed you scheduled an appointment immediately. You were at the hospital one night getting an emergency inhaler. Being the wanderer that you are, you found yourself in the morge – which is pretty morbid if you think too much. Some voice in your head was telling you to open the tray. Your feet glided toward the voice calling you. Sending off a little prayer, you opened the tray. A being was laying in the metal body fridge. The skin looked raw, blood must’ve stained. There was no face shadows, just flat.

All it was doing was laying there, but your heart rate increased. You couldn’t do much about the situation. The creature endured so much fear in you, you were in shock. A small tear ran down your face. A older woman in scrubs rushed inside, trying to take you out. “Miss. Y/LN, you shouldn’t be in here.” The woman closed the tray. “What the hell was that?” You stuttered, struggling to cope with what you saw. The woman had a gorgeous aging face buried in dark waves. “Something you shouldn’t have seen.” The woman pushed you from the room.

After she pushed you out of the morgue, you’re inhaler was ready.

After that thing you saw, you couldn’t sleep. It’s like you saw it everywhere. The dark skinned woman in front of you nodded understandingly at what you told her. Your fingers tangled with eachother, as you told your story. “I have a proposal for you Y/N. That scary thing you saw – there are more of those. There are a lot of scary things and Beacon Hills. And we can fight back.” She persuaded, touching your arm. You wanted to revoke your arm from her touch, but it seemed too natural. It seemed as if broken puzzle pieces were coming together. This could be your way of getting closure for what you saw.

Leaving the office, your eyes were locked on the moving tiles. Your hands roughly clenching the nearly full notebook from your chemistry class. A body strongly collided with your, causing your dramatic thud to the floor. Scrambling to your feet you were frantic. Bones racking from the exposure of eyes. The stares. Everyone’s looking. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t watching were I was going.” A nervous boy about her age, handed her journal back. His maroon long sleeve was wrapped around the top of his wrists like a glove, covering most of his large hands. Your eyes blanked for a bit before you answered. “I - It’s my fault. I wasn’t paying attention neither.” You brushed a piece of your curly hair behind you ear.

Brushing pasts the boy, a smile rested shyly on your lips. Not nearly forgetting when his soft hands met yours. His lips were small but dainty. Wide optimistic but hurt blue eyes. It was like electricity ignited between your fingers, sending off waves of emotion. Lots of things are coming to Beacon Hills, but only one of them is highly unwelcome.