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Slides you two buttons and a piece of lint. How about some Voltron Headcanons? Finger Guns out.

lint and finger guns?? sold

  • lance: “don’t worry guys, I’ll stay behind and protect the princess” allura, visibly eyeing lance’s biceps: “…………….. uh okay”
  • fun party game: guessing how keith got kicked out of the garrison
    • he stole a space craft!! (”okay i only stole parts and i was never caught for that” “wait what”)
    • he called iverson a dirty lying quiznak!! (”i didn’t even know that word back then lance”)
    • he tried to alert the public that the garrison was covering up the kerberos mission!!! (”i didn’t but they were”)
    • to be honest he probably just decked iverson
  • coran designed the space pirate outfits himself
  • *hunk crashes his lion* “well, looks like I’ve hit… rock bottom” 
  • weirdly enough, slav is the ultimate It Could Be Worse guy
    • [something goes right] slav, sweating: “there’s a fifty-two percent chance that this’ll still go horribly wrong in some way”
    • [something goes horribly wrong] slav: “i mean i know we just lost an engine, but on the bright side, at least we’re not in one of the three hundred realities where the cockpit blew up instead”
  • sometimes allura’ll shapeshift herself a mustache so she can stroke it pensively
  • keith: “i hate authority figures” pidge: “you’re an authority figure now" keith: “…shit”
  • [lance’s mission log while stranded alone] “i mean, technically i’m the lowest ranked member of the crew. i would only really be ‘in charge’ if i were the only remaining person… so what do you know?? i’m in charge” 
Wait For Me To Come Home - Sebastian x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - Got myself into the little sebby family mood again. Featuring Isabella as always aha.

Sebastian x Reader - You are completely secure in your relationship with Sebastian, until you start reading some articles that make you doubt yourself. Sebastian gets rid of your insecurities by helping you relive some of your memories together.

Warnings: Fluff and angst  - It’s a long one.

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I love Lance, friendship, and your headcanons. May I request some Lance-Hunk, Lance-Keith, Lance-Shiro, and/or Lance-Allura ones (since you've already covered Lance-Pidge)? Please and thank you, you wonderful memer.

i’m so happy someone finally requested the bros

  • *sleepover voice* “hunk… be real with me buddy….. do you think my ears are ugly”
  • they’re drift compatible
    • have mastered the art of the no-look fist bump
    • “jinx! double jinx!! triple jinx!!!”
    • the kings of spontaneous duets
  • hunk’s skin is so soft and lance is so jealous
  • “if i run and leap at hunk he will most certainly catch me in his arms” “lance wait I’m holding coffee-”
  • hunk has receipts and lance lives in fear of them
    • hunk’s known him for too long he’s gotta know a bunch of embarrassing stories
    • whenever lance gets a little too extra all hunk has to do is give him a look™ and he’ll stop like immediately
  • “hunk can you build me a girlfriend”
  • lance: *that friend that’ll text you at 2am to ask if cacti have feelings* 
    • hunk: *that friend who’ll respond with a thoughtful answer and instigate a 3 hour conversation about plant emotions*
  • their relationship is a weird mix between shaggy and scooby doo, drake and josh, and leslie knope and ann perkins
  • pidge: “why are you guys always hanging off of each other like that?” lance, literally sitting in hunk’s lap: “???? what do you mean????”

“I don’t know. What do you say to someone’s who’s gonna….”

“You say… they have a choice. They can run away and hide from it, or they can face it. You say they need to be around the people who love them ‘cause it’s gonna be the toughest fight of their life and no one should have to do it alone. And then you give them the odds. And even though 5% survival rate is bad, it’s… really bad, you say…. You say….”

Who Is That On Your Instagram?

Jace looked at the photo one more time, a huge smile making his jaw almost ache. He’d been smiling so much more than usual lately and he knew the reason why. Making sure he copied it before he cropped it carefully, he made a small adjustment to the brightness and posted it to his Instagram with the caption ‘there is no stopping this smile’ adding the wink emoji as a secret message.

He hoped it was vague enough to not rile suspicion, Jace wasn’t ashamed, not in the least, he just wanted to keep this bit of happiness to himself for a little longer. Two minutes later his phone was ringing.

“Iz?”, he answered, “Everything alright?”

“Who is that?, she blurted, her voice full of accusation

“Who is who?”

Jace had no idea what his sister was on about now, but she’d always been the nosy one. His mind hadn’t found the connection to what he’d done to warrant her question, that was until she connected the dots for him.

“Who is that on your Instagram?”.

Oh boy, he thought, so much for keeping it to himself. But how did she notice, he was sure he was being so slick. It must have been that caption, he was so stupid and mentally kicked himself. 

“What are you talking about, Iz? I posted a selfie”, he tried to redirect her playing innocent.

“And the arm around you?”, the accusatory and curious tone back. 

Okay so it wasn’t the caption.

“It’s a friend”.

“And you cropped them out why?”

“To be polite and not post their photo in case they don’t want to be on social media”.

“So considerate”, she patronized, and he knew she had to be rolling her eyes. “Do I know this friend?”

“NO”, Jace spoke a bit loud but it was too late now. 

“Oh really, that’s funny because Clary could have sworn that watch your friend is wearing is the one she bought for Simon last Hanukkah. And I’m pretty sure I got him a checked blue button down for his birthday, I think your friend is wearing a similar shirt. How funny is that?”

“Hilarious”, Jace deadpanned although his stomach felt nervous like it was flipping around in his gut.

“Even funnier is that Simon told Clary he was going on a date last night. When she asked if it was a first date he said no, and told her he really likes the guy a lot. Also pretty hilarious is that you’ve been kinda busy lately, and - um - smiling more”, she sounded so very smug in her assessment. 

Check and mate, Izzy knew it, her tone of voice said as much, he knew it too. Busted, no way out now, perhaps it was time for him to let everyone in on why he was so happy lately. It wasn’t a bad thing, he really cared a lot about Simon, he even let himself think the word ‘love’ once or twice. 

“Okay”, he huffed in resignation. “It’s Simon”

The squeal on the other end of the phone had Jace pulling it far from his ear. 

“I knew you were seeing someone, but Simon? Oh my god this is too cute”.

“Can you calm down please, Iz”, Jace sighed. 

“So it is Simon?”, a third voice came muffled over the phone from Isabelle’s end.

“Let me guess, Clary is with you?”. 

“Of course”, Isabelle answered like he was ridiculous.

“Okay so I’m glad you two figured it out, but can you keep it to yourselves for now. I really like him too, and I just want to enjoy this before everyone starts freaking out over it”.

“Too late”, Clary giggled in the background.

“Too late, what? Iz what did you do?”.

“Your notifications are about to blow up. Alright bye love you see you later”

“Iz? Izzy? Isabelle what do you mean?”.

It was too late she’d ended the call, and then Jace’s phone started buzzing and chiming incessantly. He had a bunch of missed texts from Alec, Magnus and Raphael, but his Instagram was going off. 

Opening the app he checked his last post and saw Izzy’s comment. 

Oh fuck she didn’t.

‘Hi Simon, you two are so cute. Congrats big brother you landed a good one’ To add extra emphasis she plastered two lines of different color hearts and the heart eyes emoji .

The resulting comments were his friends and family in varying states of shock or delight, a bunch were congratulatory, some hilariously rude, and then there was Simon’s comment. It was life buoy in a sea of insanity, and Jace couldn’t help but let the smile take over yet again. 

‘Cats out of the bag, huh Jace? Congrats to me, I landed a gorgeous one’ with the kiss emoji following. 

Jace ignored every other comment and only answered one, the only one that mattered.

‘There is no stopping that smile because you’re so damn cute ’

The annoying ‘awwwwwwwwww’ Clary commented with right after made Jace roll his eyes but he didn’t care because he’d be meeting his boyfriend, Simon for a lunch date in thirty minutes. But before he could leave, Jace decided to make another post, this time he shared the full photo. Simon was looking at him with the sweetest look on his face, and that is what made Jace smile.

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I have a Malec prompt for you: Alec returns to the Institute after spending the night at Magnus's. His neck (and deflect rune) is covered in hickies and he can't be bothered to heal them with a rune/is feeling defiant and doesn't want to.

i live for alec not giving any fucks

Alec pretty much figures out what’s wrong the second he steps into the Institute’s front hall. Raj looks over at him from his desk and arches a slow eyebrow, to which Alec scowls as furiously as he knows how. He can feel the heat suffusing through his cheeks as peoples’ eyes track his movements, their gaze falling to his neck where he is pretty sure Magnus has staked his claim. 

“Bro.” Jace says as Alec approaches him and Izzy, regarding him with bemusement. “Are you serious?” 

“No, I’m Alec.” He responds dryly. Izzy snorts and covers her mouth as she looks down at the table, flipping through something on her tablet. 

“You’re not going to maybe…I dunno, cover up your goddamn hickeys?” Jace exclaims. 

“Mm.” Alec hums noncommittally, peering over at Izzy’s tablet and assessing the incoming reports. He’s trying desperately to focus on that, instead of dwelling on how exactly he got those hickeys - 

How he’d been straddling Magnus on the couch, pressing heated kisses along the underside of Magnus’ jaw, open-mouthed and slick, and so very, very filthy in a way he’s only recently figured out how to do; how Magnus had been groaning under him, his hips rolling relentlessly in graceful little circles, teasing Alec with just the right amount of friction, so endlessly good; how Alec had pulled back for just a second to drag his thumb over Magnus’ lower lip, ducking his head and smiling, and Magnus had flipped their positions, his biceps flexing under Alec’s grip as he’d pushed Alec back and bracketed him in with those long legs; how he’d scraped his teeth slowly, torturously down the line of Alec’s throat, and then closed his mouth in an imperfect seal over the angry red marks and sucked, his lips like a brand against Alec’s skin - 

Alec shudders. Yeah, he can’t bring himself to even skim his fingertips over the marks without immediately melting and calling Magnus to just take him home and ravish him; there’s no way he’s pressing over them to draw a healing rune or something. Not happening. 

And it’s - entirely possible - just a little bit - that Alec likes the reminder that Magnus loves him and doesn’t care who knows and that’s - there’s something so infinitely precious about that. He’s helpless in the face of anything Magnus does, reminded all over again that he’s found a love more extraordinary than he thought possible. 

“I used to think it was cute that you’re so gone on him, but now it’s just tacky.” Jace complains, breaking Alec out of his reverie. Alec and Izzy glance at their brother to see him pouting impressively in a way he developed at age ten and never quite let go of. “I don’t walk in with hickies from my boyfriend, and I’ve arguably got more of an incentive to do so.” 

“What?” Izzy asks, amused. “What incentive could you possibly have?” 

“Simon’s a vampire.” Jace announces loudly as Simon and Clary walk out of the hallway and approach the table where the three of them are gathered, engrossed in some conversation. Alec arches an eyebrow as Jace continues, unaware of his boyfriend and Izzy’s girlfriend coming up from behind him, “He has a neck kink.” 

Simon stops and flushes red, his mouth falling open as the surrounding Shadowhunters all look away, blushing, or - in the case of Raj - leer impressively for all of a second before he falls off his chair laughing. 

Lightwoods.” Raj wheezes as Alec rolls his eyes. 

Jace.” Simon hisses, and Jace looks back at Simon cheerfully. 

“Hi babe.” He says, reaching out and snagging a hand in Simon’s shirt, pulling him closer. “Look, Alec’s got hickeys from Magnus. You refuse to let me leave without putting an iratze on my neck.” 

“That is so much more about your sex life than I wanted to know, but good on you, Simon.” Izzy snickers. “Apparently you’re a lot more adventurous in bed than I realized.” Alec shudders. 

“I’m so glad Magnus has his own apartment.” He mutters to himself. Clary laughs at that, and they exchange an exasperated glance over Jace and Izzy. 

“Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn.” Simon says, scowling up at Jace. “He could probably appear right now and whisk Alec away and no one could say anything. You’re just dating a simple vampire.” 

“So what, Alec is allowed to have his hickeys?” Jace whines. Alec groans and tips his head back. 

“When did we turn into a gossip circle?” He sighs. “I’m allowed to have whatever the hell I want on my body because I am an actual adult. Leave off and take your weird jealousy somewhere else private.”  

“Good idea.” Jace says, smiling winningly at Simon, who throws his hands up and mutters something that sounds suspiciously like ‘insatiable’ before he stalks off with Jace in tow. 

“I guess we’ll go on patrol in a few hours?” Izzy asks, laughing as she draws Clary closer. “And you, big brother, can go back to Magnus and ask him to finish what he started on your neck.” 

“I hate all of you.” Alec says, even as he takes his phone out to text Magnus to come and do exactly that. 

(When they go on patrol, Alec has a matching line of hickeys extending from just below his collar to just above the waistband of his jeans. This time, his meddling siblings do not see them.)

I don’t want you (Part 2)

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Jace Wayland x Reader ( Previous chapter )

Warnings : cursing , Pregnant!Reader .

Part 3

     You arrived at London and the first thing that you have done was to search for someone from the Down World to tell you where the Institute was but as nobody told you , you had spent a few days at a motel.

So now after 4 days in London finally someone told you where the Institute was . As you walked quietly to the Institute you thought about a credible story to tell so the shadowhunters will let you in . As you passed trough the gates you know that they will come out to see who tried to get in the institute and they were shocked when they saw just a mundane .

     “ Hi !” you said as you walked closer to the shadowhunters and they were somehow shocked that you could see them . “ Can I please talk to the leader of the Institute ?” you said shyly as their gaze was fixed on you and it was very intimidating . 

     “ You can see us ?” a girl with dirty blond hair and brown eyes said and you nodded . “ I have the sight .” you said and they lead you into the Institute to the leader , whom was a very beautiful man , with piercing green eyes and dark brown hair , his name was Blake and he was really young as you expected the leader to be older , like Alec and Izzy’s parents .

     “ Why did you brought a mundane in the Institute ? Are you crazy ?” He yelled at the blond girl and the red haired boy that followed her . 

     “ I asked to talk with you , I’m (Y/N) , I’m a mundane but I have the sight from when I knew myself . I came here because I’m in danger and you’re the only one who can help me , you and your people .” you said and Blake looked at you stunned by your beautiful (Y/e/c) eyes , he made a move with his hand , and the boy and the girl got out , Blake looking into your eyes trying to figure it out if you are laying about needing help or not .

     “ Well how can my people help you ?” he asked intrigued by your person .

     “ Right now I’m a target for all the demons around .” you said and he looked at you motioning for you to continue talking . “ I got pregnant with a shadowhunter , but he died , he never told me from which Institute he came ,and back in my city everybody knew what happened it was clear that demons were going to find out soon so since I didn’t knew where to go I came here . I know that you’re not forced to help me so if you don’t want to I understand , I’ll just leave and find another Institute .” you said and Blake tried to process all the things that you were saying .

     Normally that he was going to help you , right now you were extremely valuable for all the Shadow World , because you carrying a shadowhunter meant that they are going to regain their forces as the new generation was being created .

     “ You don’t have to worry , you’re under the London Institute and the Clave’s protection , no one is going to hurt you .” Bake said and approached you , his hands rubbing your arms softly trying to comfort you .

     “ Also I want to became one of you , I’m strong , I did martial arts for 6 years and kick-boxing to , for one year I did wrestling , I know that I can do it and I have potential of becoming a shadowhunter , I read the Codex for more than ten times , I know the oath , and I know I can do it. So will you please talk with the Clave about turning me , please ?” you said and Blake was even more mesmerized by you . 

     “ If you can take me down , I will talk to the Consul and ask for turning you next week .” Blake said and you smirked as you knew that you can take him down , and this is how your plan of revenge started . 

     You changed in some proper clothes for training and headed to the training room . You let Blake begin and try to get to put you down so you could observe his moves and it was a very good thing because now you had Blake at the ground your feet lightly placed on his neck . 

     He was amazed and couldn’t tear his gaze from you . “ I can’t believe that you actually put me down !” Blake said as you two were walking back to his office .

     “ Well I have had some great people to train me .” you said and smiled .

     “ We should get a better story for the Clave and the Consul . Let’s tell them that you have been one night stand of mine and you got pregnant and now I got to fix the things , I’m your fiancé and I trained you so you will become a shadowhunter .”Blake purposed and you accepted . He let you go to your room and called the Consul to fix things out .

     “ Guess who’s turning into a shadowhunter next week on Monday .” Blake said and you looked at him from the other part of the room . 

     “ They believed it ?” you asked and Blake nodded , you were so happy that you couldn’t control yourself and you jumped in his arms , your lips catching his in a passionate kiss to which Blake kissed back as passionately as you did .

     “ Alec ! Izzy !” Jace yelled as he entered in the training room , distracting the brothers from training . 

     “ What do you want Jace ?” Izzy said coldly , but Jace was already used to Izzy talking that way to him .  

     “ Get dressed , we need to go to Magnus , he need to help us on a mission .” Jace said and the two Lightwood went to their rooms to get changed . They meet with Jace at the lobby and they left to get to Magnus .

     As they arrived Alec went over and kissed Magnus , before putting his hand around his waist pulling him closer .

     “ Ok , I needed you to come just to be credible , the mission was a pretext to get here . Magnus I need you to track (Y/N) . I wet to her apartment a few days ago and they told me that she sold the apartment and left , I asked everybody if they knew about her , Luke and the pack tried to track her smell around the city but they couldn’t and I don’t know where to search for her anymore .” Jace said as he looked extremely worried but still Izzy didn’t felt any compassion for Jace , it was his fault so he could deal with it by his own .

     “ Didn’t Alec and Izzy told you ?” Magnus said trying to seem innocent even if he knew about Alec’s and Izzy’s plan .

     “ What to tell me ?” Jace asked as he looked at his parabatai and his sister .

     “ I searched for her 4 days ago , either she id dead or she wears a necklace that doesn’t lets magic to get to her .” Magnus said and Jace looked at them in shock .

     “ Why didn’t you told me faster ?” he said as he was now getting angry .

     “ She is just a whore for you , so why you should matter about her ?” Izzy asked , hitting Jace with the words that he told to you  a few days ago .

     Jace dropped on the floor muttering to himself that it was his fault , as he didn’t calmed down no matter what Alec and Izzy would do , Magnus put a spell on him and made him fall asleep . The next morning at breakfast Maryse showed up looking at the three kids that she grew up and at Clary .

    “ So who wants to attend at the ceremony of some mundane who becomes a shadowhunter by Monday ?” She said and all four nodded their head .

     You were in the middle of a room Blake in your back telling you that everything is going to be ok , one hand protectively placed in your tummy . More and more shadowhunters appeared looking at you . Then you spotted him , Jace entered in the room holding Clary’s hand , Izzy , Alec and Maryse following them , you knew that he couldn’t see you from there but as they approached you saw Jace’s eyes going wide as he saw you . 

     “ He is here .” you whispered to Blake as at one moment you told him the truth about how you got pregnant , Blake looked at Jace not caring that he was here , Blake just knew that you are his now , nothing else mattered .

     As the Consul appeared into the room , the first thing that Jace had done was to get up and to held your and Blake’s gaze .

     “ You can’t turn her into a shadowhunter , maybe she knows how to fight but she is pregnant , and it could kill both her and the child if she’s not strong enough . “ Jace said shotting daggers from his eyes in Blake’s direction .

     “ Jace Herondale I’m happy to know that you care about our future generation but this is not your place to choose , it’s (Y/N) and her’s fiancé’s choice .” The Consul said and then Jace saw the ring on your finger , in that moment he felt like killing Blake but he had to stay in control .

     “ She is pregnant with my child and I’m not going to allow something like that to happen to my kids .” Jace said and that’s when Blake knew he had to attack .

     “ Herondale we all know that you don’t like the idea of mundanes turned into shadowhunters but it’s pathetic to claim that my kids are yours when everybody knows that you’re with Clary .” The Clave agreed with Blake and Jace sat down . It was a torture for him to watch you saying your oath and drinking from the Mortal Cup knowing that he wasn’t the one to be here for you .

     As you drank from the Mortal cup you felt heath spreading trough your body and suddenly you felt something changing in you .  Then you got dizzy and lost contact with the world . Blake ran and caught you in his arms before your body could hit the ground . Blake left with the silent brothers holding you in his arms as you needed to get your permanent runes .

     When you woke up you saw Blake looking at you as he held your body in his arms . 

     “ Hi ! You scared us a little back there .” he said and you smiled softly then kissed his lips .

     “ It wan’t my intention .” said and Blake smiled kissing you again .

     “ Maybe we should make this real , not just pretending that you’re my betrothed .” Blake said and you nodded your head .

     Jace was the the New York Institute , on his room , thinking how stupid he could have had been . He was the one who shot you down , who made you leave taking his kid with you but he never imagined that he will see you in another mans arms , being engaged with him and that man pretending that he was the father of his unborn child .

     Jace found himself craving you , craving you two to become a family right when he knew that you didn’t belonged to him anymore and it was tearing him apart , he couldn’t image his kids growing up without him , neither you in Blakes arms . He was fixed on the idea that he haves to bring you back to him , but a long way was waiting for him , full of obstacles who will keep him back from being with you .     

***** Who wants Part 3 ?


Requested: “Bwhahahahaa! After dark requests 🌚. Can I get some sexy Jin action up in here? Jin being turned on/ needy for you. If you could do that that’d be awesome 💓 love your blog!!!! ;)” 

(Y’all are so naughty! What am I going to do with you?) 

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Nothing To Fix (Alec x Neutral!Reader)

Warning: I know Alec is a gay character. But he is just that, a character. Keep that in mind. Please, also note that english is not my first language. I am sorry if there are any mistakes, please feel free to point them out to me I won’t be offended. All credit goes to the creators.

“Y/N, Pandemonium tonight, you coming?” Jace asks, leaning against the wall. “No” I answer, stepping away from him. “Isabelle is sick, Alec and Jace need backup for tonight’s mission. You’re on it” Maryse orders as I pass by her. “No” I answer, going on my way.

“I wasn’t asking!” she shouts, causing people to turn around.

“And I am not going” I shout back.

“If you are not working then you’re worthless in here, you might as well leave.”

“I was on my way to say goodby to Isabelle, now if you don’t mind my plane leaves in two hours and the traffic is quite terrible in New York.”

I can feel his eyes on me as I go up the stairs, and I wish he comes after me, grabs my arm and tells me to stay. But he doesn’t. “Come in” Isabelle says. “Oh, Y/N! I’m so sick, I don’t know what that warlock did to me but I’m pretty sure I already lost weight in just a few hours” she complains. I smile, taking her in. “I came to say goodbye, I’m leaving” I speak. Isabelle looks at me, furrows her perfect brows, tilts her head to the side “what do you mean, leaving?” she asks. “London. Preston called the other day, Jessica is leaving for Los Angeles so there’s a vacant spot on his team.” The brunette gets up from her bed and starts pacing the room, gathering her thoughts. “I have to go, Izzy, I just wanted to say thank you for sticking by my side through everything. You never gave up on me, and it means the world to me. I know I will never have another friend like you, it breaks my heart to leave you behind but I have to go” I say, grabbing her arm. She doesn’t say a word. She stares at me, tears in her eyes. She hugs me tight, so tight that I can almost feel my ribs breaking.

“Don’t do this” Jace’s voices. “He’ll come around, give him some time.”

“I gave him a year, Jace. And you and I both know that I would have given up sooner if it was someone else. He had a year, 365 days. And he did nothing. It hurts me more than it hurts him. I’m a mess and he’s happy. I don’t deserve this.”

“No, you don’t. But you don’t deserve to leave your home because of him. I’m here! Izzy is here! You don’t need him!”

“That’s what you don’t get Jace! I do! I need him! He is my whole life. Was. He was my bestfriend. I already lost a little bit of him when the two of you became parabatai, and know I just-” I stop for a minute, wiping my tears away. “It would be much easier if he was dead. That way I’d know that I can’t have him by my side because he is not here. But he is. I run into him every day. I hear his voice, I hear him laugh, I see him smile and I know that the reason why he is not by my side is because he doesn’t want to be. Do you have any idea how much it hurts when the person you care about the most shuts you out for someone else. He just erased me from his life. I would have been alright with just a little spot in his heart. With just a smile, a text or a hello from time to time. But he decided that I was not good enough for him anymore. And it hurts so much because I tried so hard to fight for what we had, but I was the only one fighting for it. It’s just no fair for me to force him into something he doesn’t want. I’m leaving, but you’re welcome to visit!” I try to smile through my tears.

“He doesn’t deserve you. And I know he knows that.”

“You better be dying, Lightwood. I just fell asleep for the first time in three days” I grumble as I answer Isabelle’s call.

“Y/N-” her voice is shaky.

“Izzy what is it, is Jace alright?” I panic. Is Alec alright? I think but can’t get myself to say it out loud.

“Yes, no. I don’t know. Y/N, Alec is dying. Everyone says he is dying but he can’t die. You need to come, I know you can wake him up. You two have a special bound, you always had. Please, Y/N!” she cries over the phone, talking so fast that I can barely keep up.

“Jace and him have a special bound, you and him have a special bound. Alec and I have nothing, I can’t help you Isabelle, I’m sorry.”

“So you are just going to let him die?” she yells. “You already broke his heart when you left, now you’re gonna take his life?”

“I broke his heart?” I yell, taken aback. “Watch your mouth Isabelle, karma is a bitch and it was time for it to bit him in the ass.”

“When did you turn into a cold hearted bitch?”

“When your brother ripped my heart out of my chest and stepped on it more than once” I answer, hanging up.

I throw my phone on the bed and start pacing the apartment. He deserves a little suffering. I stop dead in my tracks at that thought. When did hurt turn into hate? I take a deep breath, put some clothes on and head for the door. I am not Alexander Lightwood, I don’t give up on people.

“Where is he?” I asks, entering the New York Institute. “Maryse, where is Alexander?”

“In his bedroom. I didn’t know you were coming back” she says, clearly surprised.

“I am not, Isabelle called” and with that I turn on my heels, heading to Alec’s bedroom.

I push the door open. Jace is sleeping on a armchair that looks really uncomfortable, Isabelle is caressing her brother’s hair. I approach her slowly, “Izzy” I whisper. She turns around, a look of disbelief on her face. “You came!” she whispers, louder. “Y/N I’m so scared.” I hug her tightly before turning my attention to Alexander. He looks terrible but yet so angelic. I take a step forward and stop. I don’t know what to do next. Am I allowed to touch him considering the way we parted a few years ago? He’d look so peaceful if it wasn’t for the sweat on his face and his whole body shivering.

“Where is she?” I enquire.

“Idris. She said she had important things to attend to.”

“What could possibly more important than her dying husband?” I roll my eyes.

“He never loved her. He married her name, her status. That’s why she hates you. You’re his world.”

“Stop fooling yourself, Isabelle. If he loves me half as much as everyone pretends he does, he would have fought for us” I bark. “I told him he’d be miserable if he married her, he knew what he was getting himself into. He deserves to be unhappy within this marriage.”

“I get it, it’s a mechanism of self-defense” Isabelle states. “We both know you wan’t nothing but rainbows and sparkles for him. But if hating him makes it easier for you, alright. I’ll play along.”

“What are you expecting from me, Izzy? I don’t have super powers, the best I can do is shake him hard enough for him to vomit and wakeup while chocking on it” I shrug, taking a sit on the bed.

“I was thinking more… Less brutal. Maybe you could talk to him? He loves you Y/N, he just never had the guts to tell you. Or you could kiss him Disney Princess style?” she suggests.

“I am not putting my lips on his. Nope. Not happening.”

As I lay eyes on him I can’t help but feel pain. Memories of all we lost coming back. From the corner of my eyes I see Isabelle wake Jace up and the both of them quietly leaving the room. “Alright, it’s just you and I, I guess” I start. “I don’t know what to say, Alexander. I’m just-” I search my words. “Angry. I’m just angry at you, at the world. I don’t understand how we ended up like this, how you ended up throwing me away. You pushed me out of your life, and I just can’t figure out why. I mean, I suppose she didn’t want me around but I thought our friendship was way stronger than an arranged wedding.” Tears starts streaming down my cheeks. “I don’t understand how you could choose her over us. How you could choose politics over us. I know you are devoted to your family, but still. It’s unfair for your parents to expect you to repair the damage they’ve caused, you have your own life to live, your own mistakes to make” I pause, getting out of the point. “Just wakeup, alright? I’ll be gone before you regain full consciousness, I promise. I don’t wanna cause you any trouble, I don’t even wanna be here but I can’t let you die on me. I’m not like that, Alexander. So, please, open you damn eyes and stop sweating like that it’s disgusting. And why are you even shivering, it’s summer in New York, what happened to those tight black shirt of yours?” I sigh, getting up.

I pace the room, thinking of a way to wake him up without him chocking on his own vomit. Or having a concussion. Or broken bones. Or stabbing him. He’d heal though. I notice that the pictures are still the same as before. He still has pictures of me in his bedroom. There’s a box with my name on it. As I open it I find all the stuff that I threw away. Pictures, teddy bears, his clothes, gifts he gave me over the years, and the necklace. That fucking necklace he saved money for for weeks when he was seven, he wanted to give me a forever gift. I wore it for years, no matter what. This necklace was my direct link to him. I would grab the little heart shaped diamond whenever I wanted to feel connected to him. And God, I almost had a heart attack that one time I didn’t feel it around my neck, only to find out that Alexander had held on to it for me while I was in surgery. Once again, he’d been the one to put it around my neck. When I took it out, a few years ago, it broke my heart. It meant game over, no turning back. The necklace was all I had left of him, taking it off was ripping Alexander from me once and for all. Like a bandaid. I reached for it countless of times over the past few years, only to be reminded that there was no Alec in my life anymore.

I yawn, the time difference hitting me hard. I lay down next to Alexander, one hand over his chest to make sure he’s still breathing.

“Y/N, you’re crashing me, roll over” I hear a muffled voice. I groan, rolling on my side. I feel myself falling off the bed before strong arms catch me. “Oh my God, are you drunk?” the voice laughs. “I’m sleepy, leave me alone!” I grumble. I drift of to sleep.

“Looks like the two of you finally made up” Isabelle cheers. I open my eyes, only to see that Alec’s arm is thrown over my body, his legs tangled with mine. “Great, you’re alive. I need a shower” I say, pushing his body away from mine. I see hurt go through his eyes but decide to not pay attention to it. He deserves pain. I think. Yet, you crossed an ocean to save him a little voice in y head adds. I splatter water in my face, attempting to make my head clear.

“Y/N, Preston is calling!” Isabelle calls out.

“Preston? Preston the jerk?” Jace asks, surprised.

“Hello? No, I’m heading back today. Book me a flight as soon as possible, I can be at the airport in thirty” I speak into the phone.

“No she can’t. You are not leaving, the two of you need to sort things out! This has been going on for three years, enough now!” Isabelle states. “You are not leaving this place before you had the talk.”

“Preston, book a flight. I’ll call you back” I say before hanging up. “Isabelle, I’m only going to say this once so pay close attention, alright? I don’t want to have the talk. I don’t even want to be here. The only reason I came is because you called me and made me realize that hurt has turn into hate. I don’t hate people, that’s just no who I am. So I came, he is alive, now I’m leaving. And next time he is dying, don’t call me. Do everything you can to save him, but don’t call me. He’s already dead to me. End of discussion.”

“I’m right here, you can talk to my face. Thank you for being better than me, by the way” Alec voices. “I never meant to hurt you, I just- lost control. I took things too far and I didn’t know how to make up for my mistakes so I kind of let it be.”

“You kind of let it be? You fucking broke my heart you fucking bastard!” I yell, tears streaming down my face. “You fucking ripped it out of my fucking chest and fucking stepped on it again and again. I stuck around for a whole years. A whole fucking year. You ran into me every fucking day, you never paid attention to me. You never did anything to make things better between us. I hate you Alexander. And I hate that I hate you because you used to be my whole world, I would have done anything for you! But know I feel nothing but hate towards you! And I’m trying so hard to fight it, but I can’t. You can’t fix what you broke. You broke me and you can’t fix me. You destroyed me. I don’t trust anyone because of you. I can’t because-” I take a breath. “I can’t trust anyone because I trusted you with my life and you betrayed me. How am I supposed to give my heart to any other man when the one I loved for years turned his back to me. There is no making things better. You can’t.”

“Y/N, baby please listen to me” Alexander pleads, facing me.

“Don’t you dare calling me that. Go to hell Alec!” I shout to his face.

“Y/N, please! Don’t do that! I’m sorry! Please! I need you!” he says, grabbing my arm as I pass by him.

“Let go of me, Alexander. I swear to God I’ll chop your arm off” I warn, serious. “I needed you, you weren’t here. You should get a divorce, by the way. Your wife is cheating on you with Preston. I’ve known for years but decided that you didn’t deserve to know. Everyone in Idris knows. Everyone everywhere, actually. So much for a good reputation, cuckold” I spat, storming out of the room.

The Institute fades out behind me. I feel lighter. In a good way, because I finally expressed my feelings. In a bad way, because I feel like I just left my soul and already broken heart behind. I feel empty. I don’t have tears to cry anymore. I feel nothing and it scares me. Love, hurt, hate. What comes next? What do you feel when you have nothing to feel with anymore?

Life lessons Pt. 1

So, picture this…….. Alec is working at the institute as an instructor in between missions along with Izzy, Clary, Jace and other instructors. A group of new Shadowhunter recruits have just arrived straight out of the academy.  Four of them are girls. They have been really excited to get assigned to the New York Institute because they’ve all heard stories about Jace and Clary and one of the other instructors was rumored to be gay. They have been hard at work all morning with Alec, Jace and Clary in seraph blade training. Now its lunch time and they are sitting in the cafeteria eating. Some of the girls have gotten together to discuss their morning and instructors.

“So, do we know which ones are Clary and Jace?” one girl asks, leaning in towards the others.

“Yeah the instructor with the red hair. Jace is the cute blonde one” answered one of the others.

“And they are supposed to be together? The ones that thought they were brother and sister? Wow. I heard that he was killed by Valentine and brought back to life by Raziel”

“Yeah, I heard that too. She is so lucky cause he’s really hot” All the while, the girls are taking secretive peeks across the room to the table where Clary, Jace and Alec sat eating lunch and talking.

“the instructor we had was hotter then Jace” one of them said.

“who was it?”

“the tall dark haired one sitting over there with them” all eyes went to Alec who knew full well that the girls were watching them but pretended not to notice.

“Hey, Alec, looks like you have fans again this year man.” Jace said, quietly.

“Yeah I’m aware. Hey, wanna have a bit of fun? Just play along with me ok?” Clary and Jace agreed.

“So do you think they have worked out that Clary and I are together yet?” Jace asked him.

“Yeah, I think they would have. You might want to confirm that for them just to be sure” Alec grinned. “right about now I figure they are trying to work out who the gay one is”

“I think your right about that, bro. Well, let’s put them out of their misery shall we?” Jace turned to Clary and wrapping his arm around her shoulders gave her a sound kiss. While they were still sitting with their heads together, Jace smiled and asked Alec; “so what are they doing now?”

Alec’s eyes flickered to the girls and back again too quick for them to notice.

“Oh I think you just confirmed it for them. Want to know the best part? Magnus is coming in after lunch,  I bet they go nuts when they see him. I’ll send him a message so he knows what we are doing. Hey Clary, can you text Izzy and tell her to come up to me and hug me? Throw them off the scent?” Alec was trying not to laugh. Clary got her phone out and did it. A few minutes later, Izzy came striding into the cafeteria in her gear.

“Whoa, who’s that then?” one of the girls said.

“Well obviously she’s another Shadowhunter, a real badass one too by the looks of it. I hope she’s not instructing. She looks like she could bust you in half!” said another.

“So do you think the hot dark haired one is the gay one?” said one of the girls.

“Nah, look at him! Are you blind? He’s so cute. I bet he’s got a girlfriend some where though.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Hey, I dare you to ask him about it in the questions session this afternoon”

“What? No! I can’t do that! Your crazy.”

“I will! I’m not scared.”

“Hey look!”

They cast secretive looks towards Alec as he sat talking to Izzy who was standing in front of him.

“Are they watching yet?” Alec asked, pretending to talk to Izzy.

Clary went in for a hug with Jace to see.

“Oh yeah. Go for it”

“Do you think you could ham it up a bit Iz? Pretend I’m one of your Saturday night special dates?” Alec asked her.

“Your’e so amusing, Big Bro but yeah. You ready? This is gonna get weird real quick.”

Izzy reached out and ran a hand through her brother’s thick hair while edging forward, forcing Alec’s knees apart with her own.

“I’m gonna need therapy after this.” she said, smiling down at him.

“ No problem, I’m in love with a warlock who can help you with a memory wipe.” he said, putting his hands on her waist.

“Please tell me I don’t have to kiss you? Or I may throw up”

“Eww, no not even a possibility.”

“Can you sound any more girly? Anyway, wouldn’t it be weird for you to kiss someone who hasn’t got a goatee?” Izzy said, still smiling at him while sitting down on his lap. Alec wrapped an arm around her back pulling her closer.

“ Ha ha, but you’re right. I like the way it tickles my lip.”

“Arghh! Too much information!”

So, what’s the general opinion over there do you think?” Alec asked, Izzy who was facing the girl’s table.

“Well I think we’ve pretty much convinced them that your straight. Broken hearts abounding. You’ve done it again” Izzy told him and got up to go. She started to walk passed Clary and Jace but stopped.

“Hey, are you up for something really weird?” she asked Clary.

“Oh no, what now?”

“Just go with it ok? This will really throw ‘em.”


Izzy went to where Clary was sitting and pulling her to her feet, wrapped her arms around her and planted a kiss right on her lips before pulling back to brush back a length of Clary’s long red hair.

Alec had almost chocked and Jace sat back looking at the two girls with a huge grin on his face. Thank goodness he had his back to the table of the now thoroughly confused recruits.

“You are so evil Isabelle” Alec said as she went to walk off. Izzy waved her fingers at him and then at Clary, as she left.

“I can’t believe she did that!” Clary said.

At the girls table confusion was thick in the air.

“OMG! Did you see that? I thought she was with the hot guy, Alec I think his name was. But then she kissed Clary! I don’t get it!” one said.

“Wait, isn’t she with Jace though? they were kissing earlier.”

“I have no idea! This is just getting weird. Hey, it’s nearly time for the question time let’s go now so we can get in front. When Alec was helping to show me how to hold that seraph dagger, he smelt really good. If they are so open at this Institute maybe he’d consider going out with a recruit. Wouldn’t hurt to try at least.”

“But what about that other Shadowhunter chick, the tough one? I don’t think you should mess with her.” one of them said as they started walking.

“I don’t want to mess with her, I want to mess with him.” the girl said, suggestively.

“Ah, look out confused recruits approaching fast.” Alec told Clary and Jace.

“lets sweeten the deal shall we? Throw ‘em a bone?”

The girls started to file past the table  and Alec stood up as they got level with them.

“Good afternoon ladies, heading in for the question session?” he asked, giving them a megawatt smile.

“Y.. Yeah we are.” one of them answered.

“Ok see you in there. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.” he said, giving them a wink.

The girls giggled and scurried out as fast as they could.

“Ha ha, hook line and sinker.” Jace said, laughing after they ha

emeraude: she might or might not fall in love with a vampire

me, knowing damn well she’s talking about sizzy: well damn i didn’t know clary would be turned into a vampire, when the showrunners said they were going to include some twists of their own i never would have expected this i mean i know they are straying away from the books but wow this is a major spoiler i can’t believe they let her say this

Jealousy at it’s finest - Jace Wayland Smut

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Warnings: Smut(unprotected sex) & swearing 

italics is flashback

regular is present

“Jace wait a minute” I called out to him as his steps grew further and further away “Jace!” I yelled he stopped and turned facing me. I exhaled sharply “what do you want?” he spat out angrily “could you at least tell me what’s going on?” I asked him approaching him slowly “there’s nothing to tell” he said flatly “Jace I’ve known you practically my whole life. I can tell when something’s off” I informed him looking up at him suspiciously “well when you figure it out you can tell me” Jace spoke through gritted teeth and left.

This behaviour had been going on for weeks now. I couldn’t figure out what I must have done to deserve this attitude from him.I went my own way to find Izzy.

I knocked softly at her door “Iz?” I whispered “come in” she called out I opened the door and shut it once inside “what’s up buttercup?” she smiled “your brother” I groaned “yeah he’s been acting weird lately” Izzy sighed “It’s just I don’t know what I did” I slumped down on the edge of her bed “Jace has always kept his emotions to himself” Izzy paused “but lucky for you there’s something that can jog your memory” she took out a lotion “I must admit I’ve never tested it out but it’s highly recommended for situations like these” she explained I nodded “okay” Izzy placed a bit of cream on my wrist.

“Y/n would you care to dance with me?” Raphael asked holding out his hand for me to take “sure” I smiled. We swayed in unison as a slow song played in the background. I was in the memory. I looked around for Jace finally spotting him alone seated by the bar,drink in hand while his jaw tightened. He looked jealous which was absurd becaus- I thought about it, did Jace like me? only one way to find out.

I opened my eyes “thanks Izzy I’ve discovered what I so absently missed” I scurried out the door and ran to find Jace.

“Hey Alec have you seen Jace?” I asked the tall brunette in front of me “yeah he’s up in his room” Alec informed me “thanks” I smiled running to find him.

Jace’s door was slightly open I heard grunting and punches being thrown which meant he was pretty angry and letting out his frustration by boxing “Jace?” I spoke softly slipping through the door shutting it after I was in. Jace continued his fighting completely ignoring me “I know why you’re so upset” I paused fidgeting with my fingers “It was that night at Magnus’ party when I dance with Raphael” I ended Jace stopped his movements sweeping his hair back and looking at me “that is why you’re so upset” I spoke moving closer to him.

“I hate you acting this way speak to me dammit” I released some bottled up anger of my own “yeah..” Jace exhaled deeply “it’s just I hated myself for not gaining enough confidence to ask you myself” he admitted “but why though?” I asked “isn’t it obvious? I love you” my eyes went wide “y-you love me?” I stuttered “and I have since the first day I laid my eyes on you” he explained my heart welled up as that sentence left his mouth.

I knocked on the old looking church door completely soaked in rain water a young blonde boy about my age opened the door “Hi” i smiled through my shivering teeth “I’m sorry but I didn’t know where else to go” I admitted the boy was then companied by a brunette girl “Hi I’m Isabelle but you can call me Izzy. Come in we’ll get you settled” she smiled.

I smiled at the memory. “you left me speechless that day and still continue to leave me speechless” he admitted coming closer I felt his faint breath on me “I love you too” I beamed that was all it took for Jace’s lips to connect to mine.

We moved in unison as if our mouths were made for one another,I wrapped my arms around his neck as he placed his hands on my waist leading me back onto his bed. I fell onto his mattress graciously Jace hovered above me unlatching his lips from mine to look down into my eyes “you don’t understand how long I’ve waited to do that” he smiled “oh believe me I do” I mimicked his expression. Jace went back to attack my neck with lovebites and soft kisses causing a moan to slip from me “Jace don’t tease me” I growled palming his member through his jeans causing him to groan “fuck Y/n don’t tease me either” I smiled.

I flipped us over so I was on top,I removed my tank top and bra. Jace wasted no time in kneeling my breasts “my God you’re absolutely gorgeous” he moaned causing me to giggle I rubbed myself into him “fuckkk” he rasped out I began unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down along with his boxers,Jace flipped us again and aggressively removed my jeans and panties in the process.  

He wasted no time fully removing them and slipped himself into me “agh” I was taken by surprise “are you okay?” Jace became worried “I’m perfect” I breathed out pulling him in for a kiss. Jace’s hips began rolling slowly at first then he quickened the pace holding onto his headboard for more leverage “Fuck Jace” I moaned he was going so quick I felt my orgasm begin to grow “faster” I whispered in his ear Jace gripped the bed so hard I thought it’d chip under his touch.

He went deeper in each time “Jace” I cried “It’s okay me too” he let out I clutched around him causing Jace to close his eyes I released onto him Jace gave a few more thrusts before spilling his cum inside me. Our breaths were uneven,our chest heaving a thin layer of sweat on both our bodies “that was-” I paused “amazing” Jace finished he leaned down to kiss me passionately then pulled away to unconnect himself from me and rolled next to me.

I moved on my side to face him kissing his runes gently “God how I love you” Jace whispered causing me to blush. Jace wrapped his arms around me and held me securely in his arms. 

A knock pulled us from our thoughts Jace and I scurried to pull up our underwears and pants. I grabbed the closest thing to me which was Jace’s shirt. Jace opened the door once the coast was clear revealing a smirking Izzy “I see you two made up” she looked between both Jace and I “what do you want Izzy?” Jace questioned “oh nothing just Alec is briefing us on our next mission in 5, just thought you should know” she winked before leaving. Jace shut the door “great” he sighed I wrapped my arms around his torso “at least we don’t have to hide” I smiled “I at least wanted to take you out before the whole institute found out” he blushed “you can still take me out” I peaked his lips “tomorrow night?” he asked expectantly “I’ll be there” I beamed.


shadow-readernwriter  asked:

Unpopular opinion: I really hated the Yinfen story line. Not because it was "racist" like everyone is saying it is, but because it was just really dumb. I think it's because I'm a The Infernal Devices nerd, and I didn't want them meddling around with Yinfen.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I am so sorry for this late reply, pumpkin. It somehow got buried in my inbox. :/

Anyway. If you ask me the damn yin fen story was probably the worst thing that could have happen to Izzy. Ever. Like… I dunno… I expected her plot that season to be finding out about her dad cheating and all (guess this will now be addressed in 2B???) but I most certainly didn’t see coming that they made Izzy some kind of drug addict??? Like…. wtf?! And if that wasn’t already bad enough they pulled Raphael also into this mess. Which was very….ugh….wtf….why? But then the show runners made it look like R/izzy was kind of romantic and they gave them romantic kinda scenes and I was yelling at my screen like….what the hell is this shit???

Honestly, I feel like it is somehow not my position to talk about that whole story being racist and all. But you have to be blind to not see the big problem coming from it. 

I mean… I do get that it is kinda difficult with such a huge cast and all. That everybody deserves screentime and coming up with some plot to do it all right…it is hard. I get that. But who the hell thought that this whole yin fen idea… giving to Izzy of all people… might be an actual good idea??? 

Apart from all of that… I never really understood the whole point of that story. Yes, I got the outcome, thank you very much, but if you ask me… the trigger to actually start using yin fen was not that big enough. If Izzy found out about her dad and she wanted to feel numb and all, I dunno… it would have made more sense to start using yin fen. *shrug*

Besides, Izzy, kickass and badass Izzy, the best forensic in all of New York… has NO idea about yin fen????? But as soon as Alec heard about it… he knew what shit this was? Like… seriously???

I am sorry but that story did nothing good to Izzy except totally destroying that awesome character we all started to love since season 1. It served nothing more than causing artificial drama and if there is one thing I really hate watching on tv… (besides stupid love triangles that is)…. than it is artificial drama. Just no. 

So yeah, I hope this stupid plot is over for good now. Because… I want my old Izzy back, kthxbye.

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