izzy straddlin

If gnr were 5 year olds:
  • Steven: happiest kid alive. A ray of sunshine. Everyone loves him
  • Duff: knuckle head kid. Little sassy, but makes everyone smile. Secretly gets into the alcohol cabinet
  • Slash: cutest bundle of joy in the world. Everyone always plays with his hair. His big gooft Smile is contagious. Always around the ladies
  • Izzy: non interactive kid. Usually stays in his room away from everyone. First word was no. Never learned any other words.
  • Axl: rebellious child. Always getting into trouble or looking for trouble. Plays out as a hard kid, but at heart, he is the sweetest.
If GNR had instagram in the 80s/90s:
  • Steven: @xxxpopcorn
  • Description- i love pugs and play drumns and cowbell for Guns N Roses.
  • Follows Slash, Duff, Axl, Izzy, and porn stars/strippers
  • Duff: @DuffMcVodka,
  • Descriptions- bassist for GnR..fuck off
  • Follows- gnr guys, strippers, and some other musicians
  • Izzy: @IzzyNo
  • Description- i say no alot..soo
  • Follows- gnr guys and people that say no
  • Slash: @ $!@$/-/
  • Description- I fucking drink a fucking lot and say fuck a fucking lot. axl rose is my fucking friend. Im drunk....i need to get the fuck off this..how do i fucking do it?
  • Follows- strippers, gnr guys, every musician ever
  • Axl: @Axl
  • Description: N/A
  • Follows: no one