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Shadowhunters S02E05: Dust and Shadows

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it

  • Alec, dealing with his emotions by shooting arrows into the sky and then blaming himself for lots of stuff (admittedly accurate stuff, he didn’t rescue Jace at any point in the last 5 episodes) while shitty loud music plays in the background to undermine the emotional weight of the scene, lest we forget this show is for the #teenz
  • Simon getting a hard on when Clary tells him she was sad that he died. Good god Simon reallyyyyy needs a girlfriend. Or just like a girl to make eye contact with him accidentally on the street
  • “You were dead, but then you came back…what if we can get my mom back?” Clary is the person in every sci-fi horror film that sets in motion the events that gets everyone else killed 
  • “Sometimes there are things you just” *stares wistfully over Clary’s shoulder* “have to accept.” Sounds like Simon is maybe realizing something about himself and Clary … or he just got distracted again by the fact that Clary said she was sad when he died. what more evidence do u need that a girl is falling in love with u?
  • Magnus has the knife that his mother killed herself with on display? I just got a glimpse of a very different Magnus then the one that is usually on this show

You want me to bring your mom back from the dead? … how about a picture instead?

lol fuckin magnus

  • “What does OK even mean?” brought to you by pre-teen melodrama turnt up to 11

look out, Clary ‘Nancy Drew’ Fairchild just entered the building

how much u wanna bet she googled “warlocks who can bring my mom back from the dead” on the giant computer screen in the crowded room

  • ‘Can u really bring people back from the dead?’ ‘Why don’t I show you with this crow that conveniently died just this morning like five feet away’ god these shows are so HOLLYWOOD and FAKE
  • yeesh what is it with Jace and getting shit on by the strong male father figure types in his life? not everyone can be blessed with a Luke… who disappeared immediately after Joceyln died. I guess all dads on this show suck actually


what the actual fuck

  • sidenote for book nerds: isn’t yin fen what Jem was addicted to? I didn’t know it made you orgasm? no wonder he never got out of bed *cue comedy drum sound*
  • Alec, encouraging Clary’s re-animator bullshit & disappointing me for the 2nd time

*gets asked if he’s Clary’s boyfriend*

*warlock lady is vague*

*little girl won’t say hello to him*

ok he redeemed himself

  • Simon moves home and leaves his blood thermos out on his desk. what is this vampire amateur hour? 

“Becky told me you’re keeping blood in your room.”

Blood? what is blood? ha ha ha, he haw ha ha

  • that warlock lady trying to pull a Rosemary’s Baby on Clary and this episode just went off the rails at 1,000mph
  • so like how do you know the difference between when a demon wants to impregnate you and when it just wants to kill you? how are mundanes having sex with black goo swap creatures and not remembering it? HOW DOES WARLOCK CONCEPTION WORK AND ALSO WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING 
Shadowhunters S02E04: Day of Wrath

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it


  • Clary: What can i do to help? Jace: “You can stay away from me. No matter what happens, never come near me again.” O FUK where the shades at because this bitch just got burnt
  • “We’re done here” he said to his sister, who he wanted to touch like a girl who is definitely not his sister. Then he watched as a giant man with sewn shut eyes dragged her away, her protests echoing off the prison walls as he faded into the darkness of his cell, which was a metaphor for him retreating into the darkness of his soul–his demon soul that made him want to inappropriately touch his sister. That’s an excerpt from my fanfic “Dojo Valentine", tell ur friends they’ll def want 2 check it out it’s steamy
  • wow Raj really came out of no where and is already a frontrunner for my least favorite character 
  • “He’s locked up in the city of bones how do you think he’s doing?” the subtext of this is: MOM stop asking about the welfare of your son it makes me LASH OUT to cover up my DEEP DESIRE to touch his dick 

‘move to Idris with me’ 

the Clave is stepping up their torture game

the next step is to get some sharks to go with the frickin laser beams

  • Luke deciding to leave his pack behind at the drop of a hat. he really is like the worst pack leader possible, honestly worse than teen wolf. omg that just make me think what if Stiles was on this show? and all he did was constantly point out how uncomfortable it is when Jace and Clary stare at each other too long? I’m taking this one to the writers 

the many faces of women having to listen to Raj

  • “My mom wants me to go with her. We went through so much to get her back, but I just don’t know…” when ur loyalty to ur mom who you just rescued from being kidnapped is tested at the prospect of leaving your brother/dream man behind #Shadowhunterproblems
  • “No wonder Alec ditched you for a warlock” of course the demon is a sexist dick. or maybe that is just Raj and he’s not really possessed? besides the black eyes i really can’t tell tbh
  • Alec shooting Raj in the leg instead of the head is the first time he’s really disappointed me

ALdertree: “Do you love her the way a brother loves a sister?” Me: o SHIT Jace:

  • how the fuck does everyone know this falcon story
  • life in prison just because he doesn’t agree with the government? somebody make sure Trump never sees this show and gets any ideas
  • i know this is like a teen soap on freeform and all but Jace actually tried to commit suicide over the prospect of facing life in prison this shit is dark af
  • you guys im pretty sure no one can do anything on this show without Magnus’s help. seriously half the characters would be dead already if he wasn’t around 

‘what did i do’

I certainly hope it was ‘kill Raj’

oh sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

now Clary doesn’t have to go to Idris i guess

“just watching my mom get murdered” “just watching myself murder Clary’s mom”


  • Camille is such an asshole how could Magnus ever love her even 200 years ago honestly
  • lol Valentine is mad Jace isn’t impressed with how hard it was for him to break into the prison to rescue him. I’m not sure if ‘perfect dad’ or ‘best dad’ is better here
  • Clary killing a smoke demon with a sword..for when the episode is over in 2 minutes and she’s already holding a sword

Clary needs to be consoled


lol Simon has to get what he can take


whatever your destiny is

                                                                                          y o u.