izzy redrust

Ran into Hisalla yesterday. More out of luck than anything else. Just kind of stumbled into her while I was walking in the direction of home, just outside the Dwarven District. Said she’d been stalking me, but think it’s more likely she had some other kind of matter of business on the outskirts. Ended up spending a good while talking. About what’d happened the day before, to start off. Wondered if she might’ve had some idea who was behind the shooting. Didn’t, as it turned out, or didn’t have any idea she was wanting to fill me in on at least. Were a lot of possibilities in terms of who it could’ve been. Someone who had a problem with her, or with Strahm, or wanted to get at Izzy for some reason, either on account of Lumenar or the Sigil. Hell of a lot of possible grudges there, really…kind of a wonder I don’t find myself having to watch out for snipers more often, all things considered. Guess there’s one more potential grudge out there now, what with the whole Lunarfall situation. Hisalla’d heard about it. Didn’t seem all that surprised we’d wound up in that situation, somehow. Guess we have often wound up acting more like soldiers than humanitarians…anyway, we dropped that subject after Izzy showed up. Kinda just joked around for a bit, after that stage. ‘Bout Hisalla stalking the two of us, her secretly living under Izzy’s floorboards. Speculation about her taking looking at this new armour of Izzy’s to get a look at her rear end. Guess the same sorts of topics as we wound up joking about what that Flameforge woman, come to think of it. Still, it was pretty good. Good way to unwind for a bit, get a couple laughs. Kind of a shame it got disrupted the way it did.

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