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People who died in TMI who don’t need to die in Shadowhunters

(this is just my list feel free to add on) 

(I’m putting this under a keep reading bc spoilers and it got really long idk how that happened)

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Izzy how would you react if u was in youtube rewind

Ok, I know it’s u Monto and I would be really happy, but very scared because I don’t know if it’s illegal​.😥😥😥😥🤔🤔🤔🤔

Unknown - Alec Lightwood Imagine

REQUESTED: Yes, another one that was requested!

can you do an Alec imagine where him and the reader are having a secret relationship and one day Alec calls the reader baby or something and the rest of the team is around ?

I loved this one because it just seemed so cute and I could totally see it happening!

WARNINGS: Not really, no smut today!

SUMMARY: You and the team are having downtime. Alec, who you’ve been out with for some time without the others knowing, accidently lets his pet name for you slip and what was once a secret no longer is.

NOTES: Cute and stuff. I should really be working on my Maths this is so problematic.

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Can you make a hc when max gets a gf or bf and how alec izzy and jace would react. Maybe. Please

listen, ive thought a lot about this and I just:

- let’s skip ahead a few years, max is around 15/16 and there’s this person at the institute who he likes a lot. they’ve had rune studies together for years now and max finally worked up the courage to ask him/her out.
- he hasn’t directly told his older siblings yet because they’re too nosy. but they know. he knows they know. there’s no hiding the smile on max’s face every morning and the way he stares off into space.
- alec is still a little bit shocked because listen, how is his youngest sibling dating already? how’d he grow up so fast?
- izzy finds the whole thing adorable and tries to subtly ask max questions about his gf/bf, asking how they met, what they’re interested in, what they look like.
- jace teases him relentlessly. one morning max comes down when he hears jace comment “wearing a bit of cologne there, buddy?” “why? is it too much?” to which jace smirks and snickers, “if your aim was for the whole of New York to be able to smell you then no, it’s never too much. in fact I’d say it’s too little.” max swears he could punch him.
- they’re sitting around for breakfast, when max comes down in a fancy button up shirt. “Max, is that the shirt magnus got me for my birthday last year?” “oh yeah, really appreciate you letting me borrow it, alec.” “I never said you could borro-” Alec’s quickly cut off when izzy elbows him in the ribs.
- they all wanna know why max looks so dressed up. “it’s our 6 month anniversary”. they’re all outraged because “wtf max, how did you not tell us you’ve been dating for that long?? we thought it had only been like a month!! why haven’t we met them??”
- then max gets bombarded with advice. jace tells him to be confident, always keep them on their toes. izzy tells him to always be compassionate and always communicate. alec tells him to just be himself.
- they then start arguing between themselves, max watching amused when all he can hear is “don’t take advice from alec, he would of married a girl if magnus hadn’t shown up” “coming from the guy who thought clary was his sister” “shut up izzy.” “both of you shut up” “who asked you, alec?”
- max does eventually introduce his gf/bf to his siblings. and you can bet that his partner is shitting themselves because all they ever hear about is how powerful and strong the lightwood siblings are and how no one ever wants to go up against them.
- but they’re surprised when they’re immediately pulled into a hug by izzy, jace and alec, getting asked loads of questions, getting shown photos of max when he was little while max sits with his head in his hands because why must his siblings embarrass him.
- but even though max would never admit it, it meant a lot to him that the person he likes got the stamp of approval from his older siblings.

Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Pairing: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood
Summary: Future!Kids react to Izzy making dinner


The texts came at six o'clock in the evening. Ordinarily, Alec wouldn’t have paid any attention to it because he was—ehrm—busy with something else, but his phone vibrated two more times ang the last one signalled a phone call. He groaned and peeled himself away from his husband’s back. He blinked lazily at the screen with the auto-preview on the lock screen.

Marcus James:

Sophia Grace:

Gabriel Beckham:

William Maxwell:


<< An hour earlier >>

“Izz’!” Simons yelled from the kitchen. “I got to—oww, shi—shrimp” he immediately corrected when he caught the telltale signs of the children from the corner of his eye. He hastily removed his apron, dejected because he was looking forward to spending dinner with his kids and his two nephews. Sometimes being a Shadowhunter sucked because he was on-call virtually 24/7.

“Simon?” he heard Isabelle enter the kitchen.

“Hi, baby” he greeted, pecking her on the lips then petting the baby-bump that was already showing. She was carrying their third child and still looked as beautiful as she was when he first saw her in Pandemonium. Granted, he was drunk and pinning on Clary but that was light-years ago. Isabelle Lewis was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life and married.

“Ouch!” he yelped when the stinging pain on his arm registered “Why did you hit me?”

She frowned. “You were talking aloud again.” she said, frowning more that horizontal lines appeared on her forehead. “You only praise me like that when you’re about to say something that I wouldn’t like. So out with it Simon or you’ll sleep in the living room with the kids tonight.”

He paled. “Ehrm, about that… Clary just texted me saying that they’ll need back-up on patrol. So yeah… I might not be able to make it to dinner. Imsorrypleasedonthatemeiloveyou.” He mumbled under his breath and kissed her on the cheek. “iloveyousorryillseeyoulaterdontmakemesleepwiththem” he gushed out and left before she could hit him again.

Isabelle sighed and glanced over at the newly-cleaned kitchen. “Pia!” she called for her eldest. The girl walked in. She was wearing a heavy pair of boots with her overly feminine dress that made Izzy want to hurl. “What are you wearing? I didn’t buy you those shoes.” she pointed with another frown.

“You didn’t.” Pia admitted furrowing her eyebrows. She was eleven now, she can wear what she wanted. “They’re Max’s. I borrowed them.”

Izzy’s eyes widened. “Those are male shoes?”

“Relax, mom.” Pia rolled her eyes. “They’re unisex. It’s a thing. Androgyny is the new thing.” She crossed her arms defensively and huffed. “Did you seriously call me all the way down here to lecture me on my clothes? We aren’t even going out to dinner. Dad’s cooking dinner.” then she paused, peering behind her bloated mother. “Where’s dad?”

“He’s gone to the Institute. Your dad has to help out your Aunt Clary with some demons tonight. He might not be able to make it to dinner.” Isabelle explained with a hand coming up to massage her temples because her ankles hurt, her back hurts, and now her eyes hurt from seeing Pia wearing something so… horrendous.

“Okay cool” Pia said nonchalantly. There was another long pause as her mother’s words sunk in. “Waiiiit” she sputtered. “Does that mean—uh—are you… cooking?”

“Yep.” Izzy nodded. “And you’re going to help me.”

Pia visibly paled. “Okay…” she said with uncertainty her face looked like she was debating on running away or yelling for the others to come and rescue her. “Okay… let me just…” she bolted out of the kitchen screaming at the top of her lungs.


“Call the Cavalry!” yelled Jaime.

“Call Uncle Alec!” yelled Gaby.

Max was pale on the top of the stairs. “Ehrm, can’t we just call pizza?”

“Pia! Keep her from the kitchen!” Gaby yelled, ushering the girl back downstairs.

“Go! Go! Go!” Jaime nodded. “Go, Pia, go!”

The girl was already clutching he phone and pressing speed dial.

“Uncle Alec? Mom’s making dinner. Daddy had to leave for some demon-thing.”


“Magnus!” Alec whined while he shook the Warlock on the bed. His phone was currently nestled against his shoulder and ear as he desperately tried shake the older man wake. “Magnus! THINK.ABOUT.MAX. Max and Izzy’s cooking. Our Max!” he yelled, shoving harder.

Magnus bolted awake at the last sentence. “Shit” was the first thing he said. “Why does the Daylighter even let your sister near the kitchen?” He asked frowning. Nonetheless he started to change his clothes with the mere snap of his fingers. “No, no” he pointed to Alec’s distasteful jeans and ratty shirt. He snaps his fingers and changes it to snug black skinnies and a tank top. “Better.”

“Okay. Okay. Don’t panic–” Alec muttered over the phone. “Keep her away from the kitchen. We’ll be there in…” he glanced at Magnus and wordlessly conveyed his request for a portal. The Warlock shrugged and begun chanting. It was a short-distance portal that wouldn’t take much effort anyway and it was an emergency. “ten minutes. I repeat, keep her away from the kitchen. Don’t—”

MOM’S TURNING ON THE STOVE!” the near-hysterical voice came.

“–MAGNUS” Alec said darkly. “WE HAVE TO GO, NOW. CODE RED. CODE RED.”

Magnus laughed out loud and kissed his cheek. “Right away, sweet-cheeks” he said, opening the portal with his hand like a camera-shutter. Alec quickly gave him a thank you peck on the lips before jumping into the water without another word. Silly little nephilim, it was only mundane cooking.

“Why couldn’t they just order-in pizza?” he asked aloud before following his husband.


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