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Fashion Love…

Retro Icon

Sometimes I have to remind myself to look back as well as peering into the future. Some of my favourite designs or sci-fi films are retro-futuristic and so that’s why I thought it important to have a retro icon as inspiration for more digital musings. This week’s Retro Icon is Bridgette Bardot and her I-don’t-care-beehive. Its super chic and everyone from Lana Del Rey to Katy Perry wants a try. Inspired by this picture I am going to attempt my own version for Wireless Festival on Friday. 


Tech Love…

Future Publishing

There is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than in front of a fire, drinking cider and talking to my friend John. I was so happy to learn about John’s most recent project (as if running QI, writing books and being one of the best fire side-conversationalists of all time was simply not enough) which is called Unbound. Unbound is a revolution in publishing where authors pitch their ideas and you choose who gets published. Any budding authors and book lovers out there should definitely check it out: http://unbound.co.uk/

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My new mix Mish Mash Mosh Pop


Last month’s Apocalypstick was super hot! Thanks to all the smoking musicians that played including James Cook, Kumi Kaze, Chris Difford and Jack Savaretti. I am in love with all of you (equally obviously). 

Here is the video of the night made by the talented and smoking hot director/producer Dom Fisher. 

The next Apocalypstick is Thursday July 7th 2011.