izzy lawrence

I’ll be forever amused of the fact the patron of Weston is Saint George, aka, a big martyr. 

It all comes together on the Weston Boys swallowing up the teachings of their school and wanting to be the martyrs of their story, only to realize they fucked up because martyrdom, in the end, involves persecution by standing for a cause. Holding the perfect prefects play could made them suffer, but behind the comfort of their power, they were fake martyrs and the narrative “punished” them for that and turned them into real martyrs, because that’s what they wanted. They were then persecuted. 

For that, they still see themselves as martyrs. Even when their cause was flawed.

That is why it is not a surprise they felt again with brainwashing teachings. It is because they really haven’t learnt their lesson. Even Gregory Violet, who seems to be conscious of the evilness of the cult, is still trapped in the martyr narrative, which is why he stands everything the cult brings to him because ‘that’s how he will save/protect his teammates’. 

Needless to say, that won’t bring anything good.  

If the Weston Boys don’t learn to think for themselves, they will be trapped forever, the chain is their old teachings; the bars, their stubborn beings. The chains can change, and you would think they did, but not really, they still think of themselves as martyrs. They haven’t changed that much since Weston, and that’s so sweetly painful, considering everything they been through and everything they’ve seen. 

Ah, when will they think for themselves? 

Fashion Love…

Retro Icon

Sometimes I have to remind myself to look back as well as peering into the future. Some of my favourite designs or sci-fi films are retro-futuristic and so that’s why I thought it important to have a retro icon as inspiration for more digital musings. This week’s Retro Icon is Bridgette Bardot and her I-don’t-care-beehive. Its super chic and everyone from Lana Del Rey to Katy Perry wants a try. Inspired by this picture I am going to attempt my own version for Wireless Festival on Friday.